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  1. Good evening...... I had the pleasure of a member of Resolve Calls team visit my home this evening with regard to an old debt of an unsecured loan taken out with Northern Rock in 2004 - last paid via debt management in 2014. Cabot took up this debt in 2015, I sent them a CCA request in Jan 16 but from memory only received a standard response. I have two questions i could really do with some advice on 1) Should I write to Cabot reminding them of the outstanding CCA request or resend the request? From memory i think they sent a generic response effectively saying they were 'looking for it' . I know i should have kept this info, however the original signed agreement was definitely never provided. 2) Is there a letter or anything I can communicate to prevent these people just turning up at my door? They wrote to me months ago informing me of Resolve Calls involvement but i assumed it was fairly generic. The guy was very polite and non-threatening, I gave him no more info than he could find from the electoral roll, his objective seemed to be to get me to call his office on my doorstep at 7.30pm in the dark. At this point i politely told him that wouldn't be happening so he gave me a card with details on to call. I work away fairly often and do not want these people turning up when my partner and young son are at home alone. Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. nhs contracts? Hi all, i am now working in the nhs as part of the theatre department and in doing so signed the usual contract agreeing to working on calls, late shifts and weekends etc, the problem is that some staff are not taking part in this arrangement because of various reasons ( my cats scared of the dark or little johnny wets the bed) sanctioned by the managers and therefore the remaining staff are having to work extra shifts to compensate. My question is, are we all being treated equally and do we have any basis for taking action against the management. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  3. Hello everyone. Im new here, so I hope I am in the right place. I really dont know where to begin. I was paying my credit card off at a reduced rate until around 3 years ago when my debt was sold to Cabot who more than doubled my payments. It was too much for me to afford with no job, recently divorced and a young family to support. So I defaulted. Other than one letter from Cabot asking me for full payment of my debt, I have not received any further payment requests nor notifications of home visits during this time. I have lived at the same address for 6 years. I am in Northern Ireland. Last week I received a home visit from Resolve Call debt collection agency. He said I would have got a letter giving me 7 days notice of his call, but I honestly did not. He was very rude and really frightened me. He said various nasty things and made some threats of court action, bailiffs and being made homeless if I failed to pay in full. He also said that he will keep coming back until I pay up. I have been terrified to answer my door for almost a week. I really dont know what to do or where to go from here. I dont have the money to pay them and they wont listen to reason. I did query the account with him when he tried to push his way into my home by attempting to walk straight through me, but I did not admit to the debt. They want the full amount or they will take me to court. My original debt was for £15000 and with my previous payments it now stands at almost £9000. Any advice would be deeply appreciated.
  4. Signed a solar panel maintenance Contract in home for 3K (deposit paid on CC), with no mention of 'cooling off' period. in Contract. So how how long do I have to cancel the Contract & recover my deposit (s75)?
  5. Frankly I feel that it's probably a bot. I don't know if there's a real Katie Chamberlain or whether they have simply picked some name out of the blue and I can't see what it has to do with smile cloud services Anyway, here's the recording of an unsolicited call. call_16-52-49_IN_01130859953.mp3 Internet searches seem to show that this is not an isolated case. If anyone has further information as to how it works then please post it here. This call was recorded automatically on an android mobile phone. Read our customer services guide
  6. A friend has been charged £27.56 in service/ call charges when applying for PIP over the telephone. I am aware that Esther McVey had been challenged regarding call charges with 08 numbers and I see that the government website has been changed to 0800 numbers now. However, I cannot see when the website was updated. Is there any chance of claiming these charges back from DWP/PIP as they are extortionate for vulnerable people who do not understand the implications of service charges on top of call charges?
  7. Having just inherited an iPhone 5, I am feeling my way around it and (sort of) starting to get used to it. But, unlike Android based cellphones, the iPhone (even the later models, I am led to believe) will not, as standard, record a conversation. So third-party Apps and/or workarounds are de rigueur and widely used by those of us with such a need. Unfortunately, I am: A) Skint B) An Apple OS novice:oops: Has anyone else had this issue? Has anyone reconciled it? We wonders. Aye, we wonders.
  8. Home Secretary launches Windrush compensation scheme call for evidence READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/home-secretary-launches-windrush-compensation-scheme-call-for-evidence
  9. Hi everyone. My father in law has a bumpy ride with One Call Insurance. He decided on the online quote online. Please, tell me if we being overdramamtic over the dociments request? He send them copy of driver licence which they said they can’t recognise and asked him to contac DVLA for the code. They asked for insurance No, is this common thing? He is not the young bloke and stress about all af this as this going on for over two weeks. He thought to cancel it and find easier way to insure his car but I wonder if he will be charge fines as the 14 days cancellation period is gone now. Please, advise what he should do. Thanks Agy
  10. Sent my appeal off with some brief details of why i was appealing , Had a Letter from DWP confirming that they received my appeal, and about how much ESA i will get until it's heard, But so far over 1mth since requesting the full written statement of the Atos wca Form IB /ESA85, But so far i have not been sent it, The person that i recently spoke with from DWP ,Confirmed that they could see that i had previously requested it, but could not understand why i had not yet received it, What can be done to force them to supply this info,(assuming it actually exists) ?
  11. After his retweet of Britain First videos and attack on the PM and British values [sent to the wrong Theresa May], there are increasing calls for him not to come here. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/nov/30/evil-racist-how-the-uk-reacted-to-trumps-theresa-may-twitter-attack https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/30/britain-demand-apology-trump-cancel-state-visit-theresa-may
  12. Hi, I received a call earlier today from Lowell group in regards to an old o2 debt around £900.00 in total. I disputed the debt was then told the court had proved in 2013 I owe the debt which Lowell group purchased from o2. I told Lowell I would not be paying a penny I asked that all future correspondence is stopped, Lowell said my mobile phone calls will stop I will Start receiving letters as I am responsible for the debt I told him not to make any contact at all but Lowell did not listen he said a ccj was given against me and it was proved in court in 2013 I need to pay the debt. After a long chat I decided to telephone o2 and ask for any previous accounts that may have ended up in arrears. After a thorough check with my details and address the o2 representive said I have no outstanding debts on previous accounts and nothing is showing up as being sold to a debt collection company. I was advised to ignore Lowell group I wanted the o2 rep to do one more final check which showed up a business pay monthly account in arrears. Which matched my first and last name I have never held a business pay monthly with any mobile provider the o2 rep said not to worry it could be someone has used my details or they are mistaking me for somebody with same date of birth and name but as far as the o2 rep was concerned I do not owe o2 any money and no account in my name is showing up in arrears besides the business account I was told to ignore the debt collector's Lowell group. I wanted to ask should I ignore as advised or can I take some action which will get Lowell group of my case? I apologise if I've posted in the wrong section. I also have recorded both calls. Thanks in advance to any help and advice received I appreciate it.
  13. Wifes car was run into last week so rang Hastings to register claim which is going through ok as they admitted liability. However realised today due to a big phone bill the call was charged at 41.75+vat. I am completely shocked at this especially as it wasnt our fault. I've registeted a complaint with Hastings to try and sort this out as this seems totally unacceptable to me. Has anyone else had similar issues? Who is the best ones to turn too if no luck with Hastings?
  14. I rang the GP surgery due to having problems with the online booking system, this particular bad mannered receptionist talked down to me in a demeaming manner, telling me to use the online booking system at 7.45am in the morning. I tell her the online booking system is showing the next 3 weeks as not available to book an appointment and question her why? Her response to use it 7.45am in the morning or ring for an appointment at 8am. I tell her I can't because I'm travelling to work that time, she responds thats the only option and she gets more and more agressive during the call, like she's on a power trip. I tell her I'm making a complaint. I ring back after a few days, its the same receptionist, she takes my details (d.o.b), I ask to speak to the Practice Manager, she tells me 'We don't escalate calls to the practice manager. you have to put it into writing'. She keeps on repeating this over and over. I feel I'm getting no where and she's looking for a verbal confrotation after realising its me who and she asks "is it about the complaint against me?" I say no, but she asks "so whats the complaint about about you want to tell the practice manager or is it about not getting your appopintment within the 3 day time limit (I was given it 3 weeks later!!!) She asks "is it about the complaint against me? or about your appointment in 3 weeks time" I tell her its neither, but she keeps interrogating me over and over. Her tone of voice is aggressive, she talking loudly and I can hear her colleagues in the background. She tells me "I can't give you the practice manangers details, put the complaint in writing" and she's questioning me time and time about what issue is about (she's trying to find out why I want to speak to the practice manager, so she can pre-empt and try to cover her tracks before the practice manager receives the complaint. I can hear her colleagues in the background and tell her, she's breaking confidentiality/privacy by talking loud about my matter in from of her colleagues (she's buzzing of the power trip in front of her colleagues". She tells me I'm breaking confidentiality by talking to her in the presence of my family because she can hear them in the background!!! She tells me the call is recorded and we are not getting anywhere and she will end the call. I say her attitude towards me is bad, she's not professional and she's now talking over me, interrupting me constantly, then she slams the phone down. My health is not good at the moment and this effected my health....what can I do now to put her strong complaint in and get this receptionist dismissed because of above and she's openly discussed my issue with her colleagues and she went through my notes when she took the call, trying to find out if she could find out why I wanted to speak to the practice manager. Please help.
  15. Inside the TalkTalk 'Indian [problem] call centre' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-39177981
  16. I didn't know where exactly to share that. So i thought I'll place it in the forum relevant to the situation that made me to write it. 2 ladies from consumer complaint service hunged up on me saying they won't talk to me if I won't switch off recording (yes I tell everyone at the beginning). So instead of changing my ways, I did that. I won't be saying witch mobile provider it was as I finished dealing with them now but wanted to share if someone is in the same shoes as me. It's open for edits as it was done in some 30 min.
  17. Hi all! A long story short ( i have touched on it previously some time ago) im happy to expand on the details if you want. I have a charging order on my property, there is no CCJ and its not from a financial institution. Ex landlord who i rented a shop from and business collapsed. He wanted £15K from me i said no way so he got a charging order attahced in 2008. i paid a small amout of money each month but then stopped in 2009 and had last contact with him in 2010. Now he has suddenly had his solicitor write to me stating if i dont pay they will push for sale of the property. he wants £20K inc interest. even though he has a charge against my property is there a limitation on how long it can be chased? ie 6 years? i have heard that the court feels 6 years is enough time to chase? is this correct and would that tie in with why i have suddenly heard from the creditor? i thought there is a 12 year limitation on secured but would like clarification. There is no equity in the property - perhaps £5k but after fees etc there would be none so it seems pointless he is chasing all of a sudden? Is it a coincidence that its 6 years almost since last contact?? I have recently had a welcome charge removed from the property could they have looked and now think there is the equity available? there is no CCJ, im thinking maybe the order is interim? Help!!
  18. Hi all, I am a driver with a major high St retailer, about a month into the job but have already thrown out my lower back, it is a job that requires frequent heavy crates . I also have some foot issues so can't stand for long periods. My Doctor has signed me fit for work providing I neither lift, nor stand much, which rules out doing my job, unless I act as a pure driver for one of the guys. My ideal outcome here is that I'm sent home as sick, on full pay, until my back is diagnosed, treated and strengthened - however long that may take. My contract stipulates I work from my local store so I don't see any danger of them sending me to sit at a desk in Head Office in London, and they probably wouldn't want to retrain me as a Cashier (which I'd really not want to do). Nor could they could send me out on the shop floor, which obviously would involve a lot of standing. Bear in mind I'm in my probationary period, I've just passed the 4 week mark where, if they want to terminate they'd have to pay another 4 weeks, so it would be a tad uneconomical for them to terminate. I guess this comes down to two questions... 1) Do I call in sick, and state I can't do my job? I had a brief chat with a guy who knows an awful lot about it and his advice was get the Doctor's note, and call in sick. 2) Should I put my negotiating cap on and maybe strike a 'buyout' deal of some sort?
  19. Company directors could be fined up to £500,000 if their business is behind nuisance phone calls, under government moves to clamp down on the problem. The law is to be changed in Spring 2017 to make directors personally liable for breaches of regulations. At the moment only firms can be fined for ignoring rules on cold calling, but many declare bankruptcy - only to open up again under a different name. The change will mean the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) would be able to impose combined penalties of up to £1m on company directors and their businesses for breaches of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-37743001
  20. Complaints from people bombarded with spam texts and nuisance calls have today helped the ICO fine two companies a total of £100,000. Separate investigations into Omega Marketing Services Ltd and Vincent Bond Ltd were both triggered by complaints about nuisance marketing. Now the firms have been fined £60,000 and £40,000 respectively. The ICO receives around 13,000 complaints about spam texts, emails and nuisance calls a month. It is currently investigating 167 cases. Report nuisance calls at ico.org.uk/calls.
  21. I recently (again) applied for a credit card to do a balance transfer. I was knocked back, which I found surprising so I decided to signed up to checkmyfile to see what had happened. I had applied for some credit cards a year or so back and thought perhaps it was my credit rating, so I did various things to improve it. I have not had any defaults ever or any late payments ever. It turns out Wonga had wrongly report on 25th of Jan 2014 that I had defaulted. Ironically when Wonga had their issues with sending threatening letters from fake lawyers I didn't think this would affect me. Furious I got in touch with them and they have now accepted it was a mistake on their behalf, I am however also chasing for compensation as this blemish has directly affected numerous applications. They replied with this The amount I borrowed £1096 which was paid in full by direct debit at the end of the month with the ridiculous interest (around £1337). Our report to the credit reference agencies Dear Mr Sl***, I am writing to you in response to a query about your credit file. We are sorry that the default was added in error for loan number 00009509****. We can confirm that a request has been issued to Callcredit and Equifax to update your credit file and show the account as settled on 27/07/2013. Any default related to this loan will be removed. Please allow 10 - 30 days to reflect on your credit file. Please be advised that we are not responsible for how lenders who use the reported data make decisions in relation to credit scoring. Other lenders set their own credit policy that we cannot influence. Should you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team on 0207 138 8330. Kind regards, Customer Care 0207 138 8330 Wonga.com Wonga.com is a trading style of WDFC UK Limited. Registered in England and Wales. Registered Number: 6374235. Registered Address: 88 Crawford Street, London, W1H 2EJ. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 671454. You can contact us in relation to all queries at To me it seems like they are trying to weasel out of the dues I am owned. I read another thread on here which lead me to believe that highlighting the following points is a good place to start? 1. Failure to inform me (via a Default Notice*) and provide me with a means of correcting the decision; 2. Failure to ensure the accuracy of their data, per one of the Information Commissioners principles; I am grateful for any advice. Thanks, Ryan
  22. Just had phone call from DWP telling me my ESA is ending today(8 weeks after my medical)??? I had my medical on the 1st July 2016,which as usual I have received "0"points! They have told me I have to make a claim today (so that I get a continuation of benefit??) Can somebody please tell me if they can do this with no warning? And will this cause problems with my housing benefit/council tax(which happened to me before, whilst waiting for my appeal and took months to sort out(but lost out on a lot of benefit) so now i'm terrified that its going to happen again!!!! Any advice would be welcome Thanks
  23. My wife has had a long standing dispute with Vodaphone A few months ago during a long phone call a vodaphone rep agreed to cancel her contract and close the account with nothing further due to pay. We have now started getting letters from a DCA, claiming she owes Vodaphone just over £800. which is the remainder of the 2 year contract plus the cost of the handset involved. after talking to the DCA they claim the above call "never happened" and are now harassing her in the usual way for payment Can we force Vodafone to supply us with a copy of the recording of the phone call? maybe with a SAR ? I can prove the call happened as it's on my itemised BT phone bill but not what was discussed. TIA Mat
  24. Hi. In recent years I have been using my dad's address for mail as a "care of" address. Mainly because I've moved around a few times and didn't have a fixed address for long. I fell out with my landlady, long story. But she has got a CCJ for rent arrears in my absence, and they have traced my to my dad's address. I do not, and never have lived there. The letter is from the Sheriff's office, and is a high court writ. I am taking steps to sort this matter out, and applying for a DRO. But in the meantime, they have said they'll be around and given next week as a date on the notice of enforcement. I've told my dad not to let them in under any circumstances, and to let them know that I don't live there. But it has me worried, as I don't want them hassling him, and worry that they may try to take his possessions. I know they're not allowed to, but the onus is on the debtor to prove who owns what. And even if he doesn't let them into the flat, he has a garage outside that he keeps his tools in. He is a mechanic by trade, and his garage is full of tools he uses for his job. If the garage is open, which it often is when he's working outside it, they can gain peaceful entry? And then can they take his tools? The garage isn't linked to the flat by a door, but it's part of the same block of flats. What is the best course of action to take here? Should I call the bailiffs myself? I don't want to give them my new address until the DRO is in force, as they could come around here and try to take a vehicle that I use for work. But I really don't want them hassling my father, what can I do?
  25. How exciting. Those nice people at Rock Law who have been so nice trying to contact me from a Birmingham number - 0121 6152941 finally spoke to me today. Very strange because when I tried to call the number, it wouldn't ring. They were really keen to talk to me because they had been calling me repeatedly although strangely each time I answered there was silence. A loose connection I expect. Anyway, we finally spoke. Very nice guy called Gavin with a Welsh accent and he told me that he was in Swansea even though his number came from Birmingham very clever of these people to be able to do that and to be in two places at the same time Swansea is a very nice place I know because I've been there and he told me that I had some PPI which needed to be reclaimed and he also told me that every loan ever made by any bank in the last 25 years had PPI embedded in it and could be reclaimed. Wow and he was from Rock Law Rock like the stone and law like the police he said and he laughed because I think that it was meant to be a joke and he was going to send me an email to get things going but he wanted some personal information first and he really tried to persuade me to give him the information even though I said that I was worried about handing personal details over the phone to someone I didn't know but he was very nice and I nearly trusted him but not quite and so he said that he couldn't help me if I wouldn't tell him my birthday and I wouldn't so he went. Rock_Law_Gavin-2.mp3 And those people at Rock Law are very busy but they still find time to be very worried about my finances because they even phoned me again Rock_law.mp3 Call number one recorded on a Samsung mobile phone using the automatic call recorder app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appstar.callrecorderpro&hl=en no processing Call number two recorded through Skype using Amolto call recorder http://amolto.com/ no processing
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