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  1. I don't understand how AIC make their money... I've explained to iSupply that I'm signed off and in receipt of ESA and PIP, so have a very limited income. I'm also classed as a vulnerable person. I don't see how AIC are making anything off this? It's a very strange system, I suppose they get results from people they manage to harass into paying out?
  2. Just an update... I am now getting letters from AIC(Allied International Credit). It seems that it has been passed on to another debt collection agency. This seems to be a familiar pattern, I've had this in the past when a debt just goes around different agencies. Strangely enough... I also had an email from Shakespeare Martineau asking me to get in touch about the same debt. I blocked the email as recommended here, as I've already asked for everything to be sent by post. Can anyone answer this - the original dispute was in 2016, when I got my DRO and they took the w
  3. They have my correct address, that's for definite. Like I said above they wrote to my home address. I've also been to visit the new tenant and given him my contact details should they try to write to my old address. I don't know why the address is the issue here, I'm really looking on advice on how to deal with them chasing me.
  4. Well I've definitely informent them. They just don't seem to care. Just pushing on demanding money, not understanding that they're trying to get blood from a stone. I don't want another CCJ as it'll set me back years, and I'll also have to deal with bailiffs.
  5. Put ismart to strict proof? What does this mean? Yeah I can see the advantage of getting all of the data to see what they have on me. When is the debt from? That's the tricky part... I had a DRO in 2016 and they wrote off some of my bill from the meter reading I gave... but they took the wrong reading. So I contested it, and they asked for photos of the meter after several weeks. The problem of course is that I can't go back in time and take pictures of the meter. I left the property at the end of 2018, and owe them money up until then. So would the debt be from w
  6. Ok, but they're writing to my home address, how would this help? I've asked them to do everything in writing from now on... just want to know what next steps they might take, and what can help me?
  7. What does that have to do with anything? They're posting to my address and threatening me, what would a SAR do?
  8. Ok, an update on this situation. The solicitors have wrote to me at my current address. They have claimed that iSupply are still claiming the full amount unless I can provide a photo of the meter reading on the date I took it. Obviously this is impossible, as I don't have a way to travel back in time. They have also said that I was offered a payment plan but didn't have any money. Where do I stand here? As far as I'm aware, my financial circumstances are supposed to be taken into account, and also that they are supposed to offer a payment plan, instead of demanding
  9. DX - why do I need to write everything? Can't I email them? That way there's an electronic copy of everything? Is there a reason to use post? I haven't done it yet, been putting it off but need to deal with this. Haven't heard anything from them yet, also checked post at my old address the other week and nothing.
  10. Hi, I hope someone can tell me where I stand here. A couple of weeks ago I was stationary in traffic, when a van drove into the back of my bike. It was a non fault claim and my insurers(MCE) put me onto a company called Plantec Assist. Plantec dealt with my claim, picked my bike up and dropped off a hire bike. After a few days, they told me my bike is now a Cat B write off. It was valued at about £2500 and they have taken out payment for about £300 for the salvage value. They say this is what the bike is now worth as salvage. They seem to expect me to
  11. Hi, it's iSupply. I've tried emailing back and fourth but they refused to budge on their position. They say the meter reading was correct and that I owe that amount in full, and asked me to provide a photo of the meter on that date(which is impossible as I don't have a time machine). They also say they record calls when you ring them, but couldn't provide a recording of my call when I gave the meter reading. They have also added late payment charges, and I asked them to provide details of these(what it cost them) and they haven't. Generally they took a couple of
  12. Yes they do. I emailed them after recieving a letter at this address, as I wanted to explain that I couldn't pay.
  13. Yeah it did seem like they're trying to coerce me. The email ended with "we look forward to payment in full", after I'd told them about my dire financial circumstances. I was worried as they seem to be a solicitor firm, who don't usually mess around. Haven't come across them before so wanted to know what they're like. Thanks.
  14. Hi, thanks for the reply. I've not spoke to them on the phone at all, I emailed them so that I could keep a record of all responses. May I ask why you say to do everything by post? Surely email is just as good or better, as I have a record of everything? they have to send me a PAP letter before they can take me to court? That's good to know. I'm very worried about this as I just can't afford to pay them, and don't even have enough money coming in to pay my bills. Thanks.
  15. Hello. I have Shakespeare Martineau chasing me for a debt at the moment. I have looked them up and can't find out much about them, has anyone here had experience in dealing with them? The debt is for electricity from a previous property. I had a DRO, they asked for a meter reading and I gave one. They wrote down the wrong number, and didn't write off all the debt. I have been in touch several times, and even asked for a recording of the call to prove they wrote down the wrong number, but they didn't have it recorded and refused to acknowledge the problem.
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