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  1. Hi there, Bit of Background Both parents have died in the 15 months, and the Estate is effectively the house they lived in, to be split between myself and my 2 brothers. Both of my brothers live in said house ( one is mentally handicapped and the other is his carer ). My father left debts of around 66k ( one a equity release mortgage of 56k,which we have cleared. ) So we are left with the remainder of debt that has come from (so far) 3 accounts that Philips and Cohen are handling . I am the Administrator of the estate, and ideally do not want to sell the house as it w
  2. UK first: Parents who lose a child entitled to bereavement leave READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-first-parents-who-lose-a-child-entitled-to-bereavement-leave
  3. I have discovered your site investigating what to do in this case and would sincerely appreciate your help. I will offer feedback and donate for your time and energy. I really need your help. I used my mums oyster after losing my wallet and needed to get to a wedding over a weekend. When returning into London, the high value pass obviously flagged things to the inspectors who were waiting at the station. I had all my details taken. The inspector understood I'd lost my wallet and I didn't answer any further questions. I was sent a letter with a fine and a conviction if i
  4. Was stopped by an inspector for using parents freedom pass a year ago. Provided ID and name etc. Driving license I showed had a previous address so all correspondence was sent to this wrong address. At the time when the inspector requested ID I did not provide updated address as this was not on the license. I now regret not giving current address but at the time I simply provided my ID and did not think of this. Name and DOB given were correct. I have now recently received a 'Further steps notice' letter with court fine of almost £500 and discovered that this case
  5. Hi, I'm disabled and live with my parents. I claim IR-ESA and PIP, my mum gets Carer's allowance for looking after me my dad is approaching retirement age - he's on contributions based ESA, and receives a private pension from the job he was medically retired from. My question is - when I eventually get moved over to Universal Credit, will my ESA amount be affected by my dad's income? I don't think it should be, as it currently isn't I'm under the impression your parents' income has no effect on your entitlement. Hope someone with better knowledge can he
  6. Hi I am hoping for some advice on how best to help my elderly parents (late 70's). I have just recently discovered that they (mainly in my fathers name) have around £25k in credit card debt. They have been managing to make the payments (mostly minimum ones) using their savings! These savings are coming to an end and they will be unable to make the minimum payments on all of them soon. My Father is a proud man and it has taken a lot for him to confide in me as he is devastated and embarrassed that he has allowed things to become so bad. Financially neither my sister
  7. The facts are as follows: 1) I owe MBNA some £10k that has not been paid since November 2016 (so recent) and I imagine is about to default. Its a combination of balance transfers from cards that were used to fund my foreign studies. 2) Until now my parents have been transferring money to my bank account which I then forward to them as minimum payment. This is not sustainable for any of us and I am just barely paying the 28% interest. 3) I have lived abroad for a long time, but kept my UK accounts as they were useful but the situation has become critical. I did not infor
  8. I couldn't believe I was reading this ? Surely there is a mismanaged budget if things have got to this point. The Head Mistress has also asked for stationery supplies to be sent in. Toward the end of the article it mentions that the school had recently been raising funds for 3rd world schools. Whilst this is admirable, should charity not begin at home ? As for this statement Staff should provide their own tea and coffee, shouldn't they ?
  9. Edit, sorry, I was changing the title and hit enter by accident, the title should read. No contact ffom loan company about deceased parents secured load. --------- Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer some for of advice. My mother passed away in 2012, she had a secured loan on the house, not huge, it ws 7k and at the time she passed there was 3.6k remaining. Being disabled she didn't have a massive income and her insurance policy covered her funeral and that was it, she has £70 in her bank account and no other money or assets besides the house. The loan company (
  10. Hi. In recent years I have been using my dad's address for mail as a "care of" address. Mainly because I've moved around a few times and didn't have a fixed address for long. I fell out with my landlady, long story. But she has got a CCJ for rent arrears in my absence, and they have traced my to my dad's address. I do not, and never have lived there. The letter is from the Sheriff's office, and is a high court writ. I am taking steps to sort this matter out, and applying for a DRO. But in the meantime, they have said they'll be around and given next week as a date on the no
  11. Hi all, We have someone living with us who is estranged from his parents and is 17 years old. He was born in South Africa but his dad is a UK citizen and mum South African. He has dual nationality and HAD a UK Child passport. He now needs to apply for an Adult passport and has no current ID. How do we proceed from here? The birth certificate will be in South Africa, His parents wont speak to him although they both live here and he can't get in his house to get his child passport or the South African passport This cannot be the only time that this has hap
  12. Hi all. My friend's parents would like to start proceedings to take out some kind of restraining order on their son to stop him ever visiting their premises or sending them letters. He has not threatened them although he does have a history of violent outbursts and seven months ago was issues a restraining order by the local court to stay away from their other son. Please can I ask if there is any advice anyone can offer them before they go to a solicitor tomorrow? Thank you in advance. B
  13. I am a Plusnet customer myself and recommended the company to my parents when they wanted to change Internet provider away from the Postoffice. However they have had one delay after another. I am trying to get them some help by chasing up their connection date but because I am not the account holder I cannot do anything. I think they are being fobbed off continually and they have been waiting over two months for connection. They have already paid 2 monthly payments but are not connected. I have tried looking into the problem but Plusnet will not deal with me and will not look into this on m
  14. Hi, Just found out that my parents are in a lot of credit card debt - more than I thought. High tens of thousands. It's at the point where my Dad is drawing cash from the cards to pay the mortgage and the cards, whilst his income goes on food and bills. I want to help them onto a DMP in the first instance via StepChange and then look at CCA'ing the accounts afterwards. I have some questions that I can't find the answers to conclusively: 1. DMP followed by CCA requests - is that the best order? I think so. All accounts were opened late 90's/early 00's.
  15. I have been getting lots of calls ( recorded message ) to my cell phone , lots of emails & a text message to my phone informing me of a substantial discount offer from MMF over the course of about 4 months now , none to which I have replied as far as I am concerned I have no debt , checked my credit report & there is nothing on there either , but today they called my parents home phone ( how they got that I don't know ) again a recorded message along the lines of press 1 for a home visit etc , etc , now my parents are in there late 70's & in a fragile w
  16. My mum has severe mental health difficulties, which have a big effect on her financially. She's incapable of working but also of not spending money, so she had trashed her own credit rating long before she had kids. When I turned 18, I got my credit file for the first time and realised that she'd taken out a lot of debt in my name. I managed to get most of this written off, as I wasn't 16 at the time. I don't know how she managed it. She was even using a main bank account in my name, with an overdraft. My uni financial advisor recommended using an account like Littlewoods
  17. Ok I'm going to try to make this as short as possible. I'm 18 and in full time education. I don't live with my parents due to domestic violence (mostly by my father). I live in accommodation provided by a homelessness charity and claim housing benefit and income support while I am in education. So my problem is the following: My 6 month review was today. She asked me if I'm still estranged from my parents. I said yes but I now talk to my mum on the phone sometimes. She made a HUGE deal out of this saying that it's not allowed and that 'estranged means estranged, not talking on t
  18. Hi, I'm hoping somebody can help. A bailiff company has tried to contact my brother who lives with our parents in their home with regards to money owing to the Tax Office for unpaid income tax we think. Quite frankly, I'm really angry with him for bringing this to their home as he has had the means in the past to deal with this but hey we all make mistakes right? he is now a single parent to a disabled son and they both live with my mum and dad with no possesions of his own. Everything is owned by my mum and dad apart from the clothes he wears. My mum is be
  19. Hi all, Got a call from my mother today saying bailiffs left a letter through the door saying I owe them over £600 for two penalty charge notice(parking tickets from about a year ago). I live at my parents house and have been unemployed for the last 6 months and not claiming JSA. I have no money and no longer have the car. I phoned the bailiff to explain my situation and to see if he would send the debt back to the court but he wasn't having any of it. I know he can't take my parent's possessions but he said unless they can prove what they own he can take them.
  20. Hiya, My mum and dad have just called me stressed as a baliff has turned up for my brother ( he was not in at the time ) They know what the amount is for and who it is from but when my dad said he was not in the baliff did not leave any paperwork and just left. They have the court order so will the court know which baliff company is being used, both my brother and my mum suffer ( and have medical documentation ) of severe anxiety and depression and so my mum is already stressing massively about this My brother had already offered a monthly repayment but this has obviously b
  21. My parents used a local estate agent when we moved into our last property in 2007, deposit and rent was paid in cash which we still have the receipts to. In 2009 he was prosecuted on 5 counts of fraud his company went bust too and he was given a suspended sentence my parents received nothing at all I have since learned that this man is now working full time and living back in the area and is using social media showing pictures of him enjoying foreign holidays etc to be honest it makes me sick when my parents are both pensioners i am wondering if there is any way my parents can get their money
  22. hi there I'm very relieved to find this website as now I don't feel alone My elderly parents have for the past 2 months been harassed by a company called LOWELLS phone calls - usually one at least per day, and letters - one per week they claim that my brother owes £12,000 in debt - but my brother does NOT, he doesn't have any loan etc and he left home over 7 years ago so why are they sending these letters and calling my parents? how do we get this to stop my poor father is dreadfully upset and he wants to know why this debt is at his address, etc he
  23. Around 165,000 middle class parents miss child benefit deadline Child Benefit Penalties Faced By Thousands
  24. Can this be moved to relevant forum please. A builder has spoofed my parent of their savings by building an un-certifiable new build house and doing a bunk with the money. I live about 300 miles away so was unaware of the problem but now find they have no money left and the house is not really fit to live in. On top of this the builder has had goods delivered to my parents address using their name and not paid for them. The company that supplied the goods has it on record that the builder ordered these goods (drain pipes soffits etc.) for their house but they have n
  25. The OFT are writing to 29,500 state Schools asking them to remove restrictions. Where parents are forced to buy from specialist suppliers. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2223168/Parents-lose-52million-year-uniform-costs-state-schools-force-spend-169-skirt.html
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