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  1. Thanks, appreciate the reply. So the £50 is a good offer. As I said though, I can get one cheaper elsewhere even with the £50 discount. But that's neither here nor there as long as what they've offered is correct then that's good enough for me.
  2. Now I'm just confused. I've been googling but can't really find an answer.
  3. Thank you. Really appreciate it. To be honest I can get something of the same spec elsewhere cheaper even with the £50 off. So I'll just tell them no thanks and buy elsewhere.
  4. Hi, Just after some advice. I bought a mattress online which came with a 5 year guarantee. The springs have gone at the start of the last year of the guarentee. I contacted the company I bought it from who asked me for pictures and to confirm it had been rotated regularly and used with a protector. Which it had. A few hours after sending the pics, they called to say the manufacturer had agree'd to replace under the guarentee but since they no longer make that specific mattress they wouldn't actually be able to replace. Instead I was offered £50 discount on a new mattress i
  5. Thanks to all for the replies, have emailed the cedit department today with the page of my credit file showing the o2 default and stating if it's not fixed within 14 days I will report them to the ICO and put in a claim with the small claims court to ask for compensation for the time I've wasted trying to fix their mistake.
  6. That was my thinking. But when I emailed the CEO I included the page with the default and when I replied asking her why she couldn't send that information to them why I had to waste more time she replied saying she had but they wanted me to send me credit report. I think I'll just send the relevant page. I can't think of any reason why they would need more.
  7. Apologies, one last question do I need to send them my entire credit report or just the page showing the default from o2?
  8. So what do I do if they don't sort it? ICO or small claims?
  9. Thanks. Not really sure how to word the email to the credit file team. The reason I never ask for compensation in these matters is because I don't want to seem like some money grabbing chancer. But they have annoyed by now by saying they would sort it. Admitting the mistake. Then not an hour later emailed to tell me I need to waste get more time emailed the credit department for them to 'look into it'.
  10. Apologies if I came across as dismissive, it's not that compensation wouldn't be nice, it's just right now the credit file is more important. I'm in the process of getting santander to transfer my mothers mortgage to my name, the entire thing has been a nightmare (santander, not the o2 thing) and if there's a recent mark on my credit file it wont help any. Right, I emailed the CEO yesterday, they called me this aftrernoon, I posted this before they called because to be honest customer service had been so awful I didn't expect them to actually do anything. She said they would sort it
  11. Thanks both for the reply. I don't care about compensation I just want them to rectify the mistake they have made. I did say how long it's been going on for, since January. I took the contract in feb.
  12. I took out a refresh contract with O2 in December. Device arrived and a few weeks later I called, paid off the device plan and requested cancellation of the airtime. Received letters stating it had all be cancelled etc. Fast forward a few weeks and I start getting emails saying I had early termination fees. Each time I would call and explain it was a refresh contract and they would say yes sorry, sent in error. Then a week later I'd get another email and would call again. After 5 calls these stopped, only to be replaced by emails telling me my bill was late as I'd cancelled the
  13. As above. The first default was listed on my credit file April 2014.
  14. In the Argos account summery? I have no idea to be honest o have no access to the account. I've not had statements for years and have no way to access the account online.
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