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  1. Firstly I want to mention I am ashamed of what I did. I was using a 16+ oyster and got caught by a ticket inspector. It had my name, and photo, however, the inspector began quizzing me about my D.O.B. of course, I stuttered because I was panicking. I got it from a friend of a friend, someone I never met. I was stupid for doing it I know. And no excuse will absolve me of my wrongdoing. I was told I would receive a letter from TFL. I am so afraid I will get a criminal record. This is my first time doing something so silly. I saw a similar post about this from November however I don't know what action was eventually taken against the person. I am really worried, and I am afraid it will affect my career and academic prospects if I receive a criminal record. I am still yet to receive the letter from TFL. I want some guidance on how to respond. And whether anyone has been in a similar situation and what the outcome was. Will I have to show up to court? And if I do will I receive a conviction? I will have to plead guilty, and I plan to. Also, will how long I've used the oyster card affect whether or not I will receive a criminal conviction? What should I include in my response to them? Is there anything I should avoid writing. I would be so grateful for any guidance and advice. After some browsing on other forums, it is likely I will have to pay a fine. What else can I expect to happen? Should I ask for an out of court settlement?
  2. Hello lovely people, I am creating a new thread as that seems to be the done thing around here. I am seeking some advice on how to respond from a scary TfL letter in regards to fare evasion. I honestly just thought I'd get sent a fine, especially with this being my first offence for such a thing but apparently not. like many others on these forums I have been caught using the wrong oyster on a TfL bus. I was in a rush and I grabbed my brothers student Oyster (it has his photo on) instead of my own (plain blue Oyster linked to my railcard so does have a slight discount) and shoved it in my purse. It was the morning, I was tired and in a rush and they were both on the same table and they do look the same from the back. I tap in on the bus, after which I realise I have his card. I panic slightly but am already running late, so just go and sit down assuming it'll be fine as the driver didn't say anything. that moment later a ticket inspector comes onto the bus. I admit my mistake right away saying I’m sorry I took my brothers card not my own, he takes my name DoB and address. As he’s printing out the receipt of him confiscating the card I realise I have my contactless card on me and offer to tap it in, he says no its too late for that. He also explains it will be quicker for my brother to purchase a new oyster than to try and get the confiscated one back from TfL as this could take months. He doesn’t say anything about a fine or prosecution, I just assumed I’d get a fine through the post. on Monday 28th (yesterday) I receive a letter stating what many others have also been through: In order for TfL to deal with this case correctly, please return the information requested on the reverse of this letter... 1. If you deny committing an offence, please explain why.... 2. If you accept committing an offence, please provide any exceptional reasons including pre-existing medical conditions that you may feel are relevant and evidence to support this, as to why TfL should nor proceed with a prosecution.... The way it is worded makes it hard to know which of these two I should go with, but based of what I've read from other experiences is to accept your wrong doings and give your side of the story. I have drafted out a grovelling apology in order to try and get this settled out of court. I really cannot afford a criminal record especially now with a child on the way (I am seven weeks pregnant) I am currently between jobs and to have an offence flag up on every application will make the process much more difficult. I just wonder what chances I have with getting an out of court settlement. I also wonder whether it is worth noting my pregnancy - it has made me feel notably out of sorts and could well have attributed to the carelessness of taking the wrong card? Or will this embellishment just seem unnecessary to TfL. Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to help out, I really appreciate it.
  3. I purchased fake Oyster card I have emailed soo much tfl seem to continue with the prosecution should I plead guilty and appear in court or plead guilty and let court settle
  4. i got the letter today informing me that tfl intend to prosecute and i can either plead guilty and not come to court , plead not guilty and come to court or plead not guilty and attend a trial. They have charged me with the following: On (date), you did enter a compulsory ticket area without having with you a valid ticket. Contrary to byelaw 17 (1) of the Transport for London Railway Byelaws Made under Paragraph 26 of schedule 11 to the greater london authority act 1999 and confirmed under section 67 of the transport Act 1962. The situation was that when i tapped my oyster card at a station without a ticket barrier, I didn't realise the red light flashed and the sound played differently, and I rushed onto the waiting train. I arrived at my destination and I realised I had insufficient funds on my oyster card when I was unable to exit. It was a genuine mistake, with no deliberate intent to evade the fares, but TfL are still intending to prosecute. I'm a regular commuter and a university student, with a pristine oyster card history, so I am worried about what to do now. Any help or guidance, or sharing of experiences will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Let me start by saying I messed up and i know that i'm completely dishonest and in the wrong…is there any getting out of this?? i went into the station the other day using my brothers under 16 oyster card as i was really struggling financially and wasn’t getting paid till the following day. I am a student and had to travel that day as I had an exam and I had missed previous days of college because I didn’t have the money to top up my own 18+ student oyster card. After i tapped in, i was walking towards the platform until i was stopped by an inspector. He suspected that i had a child oyster which he must of heard when i tapped in as it makes a different sound and i clearly didn't notice him standing there. I panicked and showed him my own oyster student oyster card which obviously wasn't valid claiming that was the one I used. I denied having the child oyster card as I panicked and thought my brother would also get into trouble. He then called the community police officers who were at the other entrance to the station to search me which they did and nothing was found. The inspector then took my details, cautioned me and asked me a few questions. I am over 18 and this is my first offence and i have no previous convictions as i have always been on the good side of the law until this silly mistake. This was the first time using my brothers oyster card. I know that I should have been truthful and regret it but I just panicked and didn’t want my brother to also get into trouble for my mistake. I did not realise that you could be prosecuted and given a criminal record for this which would just be disastrous for my future career hopes as I am a student with hopes of getting into dental school. know that I don’t deserve any help on here but I was just in a desperate situation financially which is why I did this to begin with. I have received a letter asking for my version of events. What shall I do from here and is there any chance to avoid court and conviction??
  6. Was stopped by an inspector for using parents freedom pass a year ago. Provided ID and name etc. Driving license I showed had a previous address so all correspondence was sent to this wrong address. At the time when the inspector requested ID I did not provide updated address as this was not on the license. I now regret not giving current address but at the time I simply provided my ID and did not think of this. Name and DOB given were correct. I have now recently received a 'Further steps notice' letter with court fine of almost £500 and discovered that this case had gone to Magistrates court in my absence. Should I make statutory declaration as I was unaware or will I be questioned for not updating the DVLA of my address?
  7. Hi all A friend came to me as I work in legal but this is outside my expertise and I have read some good advice on this site so hope someone might be able to help. My friend was caught without a ticket on a Cross Country train. They took a copy of his ID and said he would receive a fine in the post. Two months later he has only received this letter. From reading previous posts I had advised him he would receive a letter asking for his version of events but nothing else has come through yet. Is this the normal process? Any advice or pointers would be gratefully received. Many thanks Letter.pdf
  8. my son used his girlfriends student oyster card and was caught. He received a letter asking him if he wanted to appeal and if he did not to ignore the letter so he ignored the letter as knew he had done wrong. he did not hear from them again for around 6 months, and moved house in December. this month he had an attachment of earnings and £390 taken out of his wages. When querying this he was directed to a debt company who said that TFL had written to his old address in November (when he still lived there) to say they were taking him to court. He lived in a bedsit and often did not receive mail that I sent him. they say he owes nearly £500 and will take the rest from next months wages. He has always been happy to pay the fine, but has never been contacted about it by email or phone, and has only their word that they sent a letter. He also does not know if he now has a criminal record. We don`t know where to go or what to do next-can anyone help please? thanks very much
  9. Dear Sir, Last week I was travelling from west drayton (west london) to shepherd bush station I was caught by the Revenue Inspector at the shepherd bush station as I stupidly used my tesco club card to touch out instead of oyster card as both were in the same pocket. I also forgot to touch in at west drayton as I was getting late and ran to board the train as there are no barriers. I apologized the inspector and then I showed him my oyster card, he looked at the history and found out the last time I used the card was 6 months back. I told him that I mainly work from home and don't come to city too often. He then grilled me for 15 mins, took all the notes about name, contact number and address where the oyster card is registered etc, read out my rights, get the notes signed by me and let me go out without giving me any penalty fare. He said they will communicate further and I will get copy of these notes as well. Later on I realized that my oyster card was registered at the OLD address (moved to new address 6 months back) wondering when they will write to me, it will go to the old address. I then called TFL customer service and got my address updated and explained them the whole situation. They advised me that if I was caught then I should have received the penalty fare there n then and if they let me go out without PF there is nothing to worry and I should simply ignore the incident, which I don't think is a great advice. Now I did bit of googling and really worried after seeing so many people have been criminally prosecuted due to fare evasion by TFL. I have not received any communication from the TFL as yet. Please advice me 1. What are my options about the above incident and how can I avoid criminal conviction and do out of court settlement as Criminal record will severely affect my current career and any future job prospects as I work in financial sector? This is the first time that this has happened to me and I am extremely stressed about the whole situation. I could not sleep, eat and work properly from last one week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks.
  10. I was caught using a child's ticket by TFL (although my friend who is 2 years older wasn't stopped at the same station...) after received a letter about it, telling me to write back to them and tell my version of events. I wrote back a pathetically grovelling letter of apology and have received a letter in response telling me I will receive only a formal warning if I pay £254.90. An extortionate amount, but I can pay (thank you student loan) and my question is - would a formal warning show up on a criminal record? I study PPE and hope to possibly enter the realm of politics so that wouldn't bode well for me. if anyone could help and tell me whether this would show up on a check, that'd be great.
  11. Hi. Today I did a bit of a daft thing. This morning I bought a return ticket from my local station in Wales to Bristol Templemeads. I then feel asleep partway through the journey and awoke in a bit of a fluster just before the train was about to leave the platform at Bristol Templemeads. Hurriedly I gathered my things and left the train. Part way down the platform I realised I'd left my outward ticket on the train. Now, I've done this many times before, I realised I'd have to pay the inevitable fine (£20). Knowing my bank balance needed topping up, I decided to walk up to the ticket counter and ask for a single ticket from Filton Abbey Wood to Bristol, knowing that this would be less than the £20 and I could escape the station. Conscience wise I felt this was OK, as I'd already paid for a return ticket and I was now handing over more money than the journey would originally cost and as a heavy user of railways I think it's right people that don't actually pay for a ticket at all get caught. This is where things started to go badly wrong. When asked why I didn't buy a ticket from filton, I made a cock and bull story up about the platform being busy and not having enough time to board the train. At this point the ticket person called what I think was a Revenue Collection Officer, who introduced himself and informed me our conversation was being recorded. When he started to question me about what station I'd got on etc and why I hadn't bought a ticket etc, I kept to my simple story. It was only when he said he'd need my personal details and that he'd need to check CCTV that I cracked. I came clean and explained I'd left my ticket on the train from Cardiff and was just trying to lesson my inevitable cost. At that point he started using words like fraud and proceeded to read me my rights. I got a bit confused at this point and quite cross at myself for getting in to this situation. I gave him my personal details nevertheless. He then informed me that he wasn't an officer of the law and that he couldn't detain me. To be honest I found this a bit odd and daft given he had just read me my rights, I chuckled a bit and said "well in that case I'd like to leave and go to work please". At that point he took my return ticket off me, handed me an excess ticket to get home with and let me through the barrier. Having replayed things back in my head, I'm now not sure where I stand, nor what outcome I can expect. Having read up on the matter, I'm concerned that there might be court proceedings and a conviction, which has knocked me for six a little. I'm more than prepared to pay whatever fine comes my way, for being stupid enough to continue the dubious charade, but I certainly don't want to go to court and risk getting a conviction. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?
  12. Dear all, Today I received court summon for attempt to travel without paying fare and with intention to avoid payment. Contrary to s.5 (3) (a) of the regulation of railways act 1889 as amended by section 84 (2) of the transport act 1962 and section 18 of the british railways act 1977. In the beginning of April 2016, I was commuting by a train from my university in Brentford to Vauxhall. It was my regular route. Unfortunately, on that day I was in a rush and boarded departing train without touching in my student oyster card. I should add that Brentford train station doesn't have ticket barriers and i didnt want to miss the train by spending an extra time on touching in my oyster card. My intention was to touch out oyster card in Vauxhall in that case I would have charged the maximum fee, something around £5-6. I have done this already several times unintentionally when i forgot to touch in oyster cards on stations without ticket barriers. When arrived to Vauxhall my oyster card did not work I approached ticket inspectors to check the balance and it turned oyster card balance was negative. I was going to use my contactless debit card instead of oyster card to leave the station but ticket inspector did not allow me leave the station. He kept my student oyster card and started to intimidate me suggesting that he knows that I came from Southampton. I panicked and told him that i travelled from the next station up (doesnt big make any difference in terms of fares). After taking all my details train inspector opened barrier and let me leave the station without paying any fee. Afterwards train operation company representatives contacted me several times in order to arrange interview with me, however I stupidly failed to attend any of them, I informed the train operation company that I am leaving the UK for entire summer and will be in touch when i come back. Of course, i completely forgot about this incident as I could not have imagined it could lead to criminal conviction. Could you please advice if I stand any chance in court? Can I negotiate out of court settlement at this stage, or it is too late? Thank you very much for all advices!
  13. Hi I have been caught evading my fare on the trains several times over the course of the past month. I am certain the train company will start legal proceedings against me with a criminal prosecution. I was wondering what I could go to convince them to give me an out of court settlement. 100% my fault but a conviction would mean the end of my career and I will become unemployable. Does anyone know any good solicitors that might be able to help me? * title should read 'criminal prosecution'
  14. Hi All Firstly I would like to say thanks in advance for the help and advice i hope you can give me. I had to run for my train last Friday which resulted in me not getting a ticket for my journey, when I arrived at the station the ticket inspectors was there so I had to ask if I could buy a ticket from my start station to which the inspector asked me why i didn't have a ticket for my journey and i proceeded to tell him i had to run for my train and it was a complete error on my part this had happened to me previously about 3 months ago where i got a £20 fine he then told me he would have to submit for a bye law report this morning i received this letter asking if i was the person who travelled etc. i am guilty of travelling without a ticket for whatever reason and was wondering if anyone is able to give me advice or help me draft a letter how i go about this not going to court and hoping to get a settlement out of court. Would they take into consideration that i use to travel to and from this station every day and i can prove i have had yearly/monthly passes in my name for the past 23 years and never been fined prior to the previous few months would they take this into account ? I obviously don't want to get a Criminal Record as I'm in the process of applying for a mortgage so I would much rather be able to settle this outside of any court hearing. Any help greatly appreciated on this matter Thanks Scott
  15. First of all, I feel so ashamed of what I have done, I have developed a massive anxiety issue and am finding it hard to eat and sleep, let alone step foot on public transport. Im absolutely terrified of what might happen so any help will be truly appreciated. I graduated from University two years ago, although getting good grades I have struggled to find a job, I'm in massive debt and am still stuck in my overdraft. Despite this I plan on working and taking a masters so I can proceed with a career. Im also doing fundraising for charity which I love, and need to travel to other countries to complete my sponsorship. I know if I get a criminal conviction all this will end and my life will be over. Im so upset, please help me. So ill start from the beginning. My boyfriend has epilepsy and has a freedom pass which he never uses I started to borrow it about 5 months ago, although I didnt quite realise how bad it would be if I got caught. I also carried around a normal oyster card for the days when he would need it. I entered the underground and swiped his pass, when I got off the tube I was stopped by the officer, when he asked to see my card I then gave him the normal oyster. He said it was invalid, in minus credit and had not been used for several weeks. He took my details, card, where I got on the tube, and asked how I got on. I just said I walked through. I couldn't even understand what he was saying and had a full blown panic attack. I do suffer badly from asthma and did forget to take my medication in the morning which led to me feeling light headed and short of breath which really didnt help. I have now got a letter from TFL asking if I want to make any comment on the situation and that I could be summoned to court and face a criminal record. I have never done anything wrong in my entire life and always try to help others. I don't believe how stupid I have been and it now looks like I have destroyed my life by doing what seemed like such a small thing! Once again, Im so scared of what might happen and Im such an idiot! Please help me x
  16. Hi , I need some help in how to go about this , the story is earlier today my son got on a tfl bus forgot to swipe in 2 stops later a inspector comes in and asks for his oyster card he gives it and they say he did not swipe in and they then asked for his name and address by this time he is thinking of his job and a criminal record he was so flustered that he gave right name but wrong address and wrong date of birth they called someone on the phone ,I presume to check his details. They got off the next stop as this was happening he says he was so terrified of the consequences that he run away from the inspectors. I dont think anyone gave any chase though. I had a go at him and insisted that he go hand himself to TFL or relevant authority and opologise and pay the fine and hope they understand. How would I go about this ? any help would be appreciated.
  17. Hello I am applying for Tier 2 visa in two days and just found out that I am supposed to mention in the application if I ever had any fare evasion case. Actually 2 years back i was convicted of train fare evasion and i pleaded NOT guilty and wrote back when I received summons from the court, after which I also went for a hearing and they asked me for proof whichI was unable to provide so I paid the penalty to get rid of the issue and not to carry on the case in that case i had to plead guilty and pay. Now I am not sure if this is a criminal offence and should I mention this in my visa application form. Please help me out if possible. Thanks
  18. First of all I only want advise I done something foolish I know shudnt have not in this day and age but basically I was running late last thursday and i modified my network rail pass - it was out of date on thursday and i cut and glued the date from another pass (I KNOW STUPID THING TO DO!!) basically i had to get to birmingham international from birmingham new street and when I was coming back I got stopped at the barrier by a london midland Revenue protection officer He asked for my details which I gave and some ID i gave him my driving licence and then he cautioned me i.e. anything you do say may later be used in court and evidence etc I answered guilty to the intention to not pay as I was in a hurry in the morning and I would have paid otherwise I havent been in trouble with the law in my life and he also checked my record if i had previous convictions which came back negative after taking the details to the questions he asked me and saying that if you say your guilty and be honest your making things easier for yourself - and he also noted that i was reasonable and cooperative overall after this interview he took my defaulted travel pass and said I would get a letter from the prosecutions services in 3-4 weeks Now I am worried I dont want a criminal record at all I would rather pay the fine but when I asked him is the fine going to be like £1000 etc he said no not that much and said you will have to reply back to the letter that is sent out to you I am worried and I do not want to get into any further trouble I know what I did was stupid and foolish but what can I do to get out of this problem, i did say i was guilty and didnt argue and was honest during the interview process I have asked a few RPO's in around new street and they have said 90% it wont go to court etc as long as I comply with standards and reply back and show remorse But I am worried as I know its intention to not pay, he did a MG11 report etc and I know it could end up in court after reading various forums on the internet I just dont want a criminal record I can pay the fine and get on with it but what do I do Sorry for asking for advise I dont really know who else to ask I know I have made a mistake and a stupid one we all do and no one is immune to mistakes I am sorry if i have offended anyone and show fully remorse of this I have never been on the wrong side of the law and have paid all my tickets in the past without any problems and always the full amount when required I Dont want a criminal record I am more than happy to pay the fine + administration fees and just want to clear my name I have made a mistake and I am deeply remorseful and understand now the consequences.
  19. Hi, this is my first time on this forum. I really need help. Around 4 months ago I was caught using my dad's oyster card which had a monthly season ticket to it. Until the ticket inspector told me that day that it was not transferable I had no idea about it. I realise now how stupid and ignorant that sounds but I really didnt know, I was under the impression that only photocards were not transferable. Luckily I have never used my dad's card before as he always had it with him at work etc when I go out. But unfortunately on this day i used it as he was off from work. Recently I have received a courts summons asking me to plead guilty/not guilty etc. I am really panicking right now and have around 2 weeks before I have to send the form. I have read about out of courts settlement but I'm really not sure what to do and can't think straight. I've always tried to keep out of trouble for everything and can't believe that I might be getting a criminal conviction because of a foolish mistake. What do I do now, do i ring them up? or write a letter? Also if I am to write a letter, how should I write it? I am so worried about my future, university offer etc etc right now! Any help would be great!! Thanks in advance
  20. Hi All, I have been in situation. In March 2015 my wife was travelling on the bus to drop my son to school. By mistake she take my brother's weekly travel card and when she been inspected. The weekly travel card been retained by the officer. Now we are in receipt of a Legal Notice for Single Justice Procedure. they have given us 3 option: 1: Plead guilty i don't want to come to court 2: Not guilty i want to come to court 3: Please not guilty send me the date of my trial. Summary of incident: My wife was travelling along with my son (4 years old) to drop him off to school of 9th March. In hurry she took my brother's weekly travel card. As they are in same color wallet. Over and above the bus driver let her in without looking her pass as she usually travel at same time everyday, i assume he knows her by face. So she hasnt check her travel card at that time as well. Unfortunately an officer board in and start checking the passes; she handed over her pass without knowing that she has my brother's pass. The officer retain the pass. We have received the letter to which she responded and tell the whole circumstances. Now we are receipt of letter from TFL under : 71B using a pass issued to another person. and intending to fine upto £125.00 + fare cost of £1.50 As my wife is not employed and is housewife we are really worried about the cost and the criminal record against her name. Can you please guide me through what shall i do to avoid both fine as its not an intentional mistake and criminal record against my wife name. Your help is much appreciated. Looking forward to hear back from you. Kindest regards, s_alimran
  21. Hi! (I have literally just joined this site so apologies if I do anything wrong!) I will try to keep this as concise as poss - I recently got into trouble on a bus when I accidentally used my boyfriend's 16+ zip Oyster instead of mine (I have an 18+ student one). Like most people, I got v worried about this after googling what could happen - I'm a medical student so prospect of a criminal record is v v v scary! Got the standard letter asking for an explanation - sought advice from head of my faculty, turns out this has happened to many students before, and she suggested going in to hand in my response letter in person, and try to speak to them in person and halt the investigation in its tracks. I did so today. Spoke to a lawyer at TFL HQ, he said he believed that it was an honest mistake (which it truly was!!) and he referred me on to the investigator in charge, who thankfully offered to settle for £300. Although this seems a bit steep, I am glad I am no longer facing a criminal record. However, in the email he sent me, he said this: 'Please be aware that a guilty plea in court could result in the fines and costs being lower than an out of court settlement as they would take into account the individuals mitigation and means.' I spoke to a friend who recently did the same thing as me, and he ended up pleading guilty via post and paying only £120 - and got no criminal record from it? This confused me, as I thought that going to court and pleading guilty = criminal record!? So, my question now is - obviously the prospect of a lower fine is desirable (I'm a student with no income other than student loan/grant!), however, won't I get a criminal record from going to court and pleading guilty?? If not, should I go to court, get the lower fine, and try to not get a criminal record (if that's possible can somebody please explain what I need to do?) or should I just pay up the £300 now? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!
  22. Earlier this week I did something really stupid, I attempted to get out of paying for a train and what's worse I did it on the way back as well. I have read as much information as I can on this site and another and don't hold out much hope. I got through the first time but on the way back I was stopped by a Revenue Protection guy and was found out and even more stupidly told him that I was on my return journey. What I am really worried about is my folks finding out since I live with them and have no where else to go. which would probably mean homelessness. I am disgusted with fear, can't sleep, and need help. I feel I have no option but to admit guilt but I am really hoping that I deal with only the fine and not the prosecution, as I have been unemployed for a while now (not collecting benefits) and with a conviction don't hold out much hope. I am currently dreading the mail coming through the door and what it might say. I am not looking for sympathy as I deserve none, but want to know what my options are and the likely outcome. Seriously anybody who is thinking about dodging the collectors forget it, it is not worth it. I am currently looking at prosecution, a fine, and a criminal record (which while I feel is over the top is what it is) My intention is to plead guilty, as I don't see any option (please correct me if I am wrong) As for what I want if somebody knows anybody or has a contact (phone number or e-mail please pm me) in the prosecutions department please let me know, as I am desperate. Also what is the likely maximum amount of money a 1st timer (yes I know I tried to do it twice in one day) would likely pay, as I am currently living off the money I do have. Please don't do what I have done.
  23. I purchased a 16-25 return ticket to destination B from A, via an actual person at the window - even they looked at my travel card. It wasn't until my return journey I looked at my rail card, to find it was out of date.. (Haven't used in around a month). The date was printed "18 APR 2015" (I've just checked this online) The 18 was very faded with the 2015 being only slightly visible.. . My instant thought was "oh no, I'm going to get in some serious trouble for this", I stupidly decided to get a pencil from my bag and change the year to 2016 (only visible numerals) Upon ticket inspection, the inspector questioned the year, to which I just put my hands up straight away - of course he took details.. I admitted to this via a statement and made my sign this admission statement, whilst taking my railcard/ticket etc. I know I'm in trouble and I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm just trying to establish the LIKELY course of action.. . I presume they will write to me asking for my account of events? My questions are: 1) The best possible situation is out of court settlement - ADVICE FOR THIS PLEASE? How do go about asking this? What would make them want to pick this? Do I await correspondence and then send a letter with apologies and an offer (should I make an actual offer or let them propose such)? 2) The scenario of them looking to prosecute for fraud - what's the likelihood of this? I understand what I've done is fraudulent, however I haven't replicated/manufactured a ticket or pass in order to evade completely, somewhat mitigating? IF it did go for this, what would be the probable outcomes? Again, thank you all for your opinions and feedback - you all seem to have a much more educated understanding of this sort than most, so I look forward to more input..
  24. Good evening, thank you for taking the time to read this. Any advice would be very gratefully received! In what is probably a familiar story for the regulars on this forum, I have come seeking advice having been stopped without a train ticket. I was interviewed under caution and having spent the day reading the internet in a panic am now expecting a summons in the next few weeks. I hope I've understood the usual process, but would be grateful for confirmation. To provide a little detail, I had been to the dentist in the next town over and dropped by car, but needed to get back to the office. A train arrived whilst i was queueing to buy a ticket so I got on. This is not uncommon in this area where buying a ticket on the train is often required, and trains are infrequent by London standards. I enquired of a conveniently placed member of transport police if this train was going the right way and sat opposite another (you'd think that might have nudged me out of my stupor) I didn't attempt to find the guard. Jumped off train 4 mins later and with no further thought headed towards my office. At which point I was promptly stopped & read my rights by another chap by the exit (no barriers here). Assuming I was about to be fined on the spot, I was polite and accepted that I had no ticket etc. I didn't attempt to run, talk my way out of it, or offer to buy a ticket. Instead he interviewed me under caution (PACE I assume) and sent me on my way. I now see that my existing understanding of how ticketing processes work in practice, is somewhat different from the legal situation. Today i was (very) stupid rather than malicious, but that is no defence and if this reaches court I would inevitably have to plead guilty. I am saving for a house, so even a 1000 pound fine would not be a complete disaster as I could pay it from savings. As ever, the criminal record is the big problem for future employment & mortgage. Would you suggest that i 1 - do nothing now except await the inevitable letter 2 - but then be ready to immediately send a grovelling letter and offer to settle out of court should I receive a summons Many thanks in advance for any advice (sympathy neither required nor expected), will happily provide any other useful details if required. Cost of journey was practically nothing & I have no previous record or penalty fares, speeding tickets etc.
  25. on Friday the 17th April I was caught with my little bothers 11-15 Oyster card which is free for him I told the inspector that it was mine but he said I looked to old. I tried convincing him I was 15 but it didn't work out. I know it was wrong of me. I'm 18 but I have a 16+ Oyster card because I'm still in sixthform my travels are free for me I lost my 16+ oyster weeks ago and that's the reason why I used my little brothers Oyster card I told the inspector all of this as well and he took my details in a notebook and asked me to sign it ? I received a letter from Tfl asking me to fill in my details and to comment on my side of the story, they said In the letter I was caught with no valid Oyster card and I could be prosecuted. In the letter I replied back that it was wrong for me and that I was on my way to my aunts who just gave birth and I was desperate to visit her which is why I used my brothers and that I'm sorry aswell as telling them I tried to order a new Oyster card to replace my lost one but it wouldn't work. what I want to know is what actions could Tfl take could they fine me or take me to court even though I have a 16+ free travel valid for myself ?? Please help
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