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Found 20 results

  1. I don’t know if this will be of interest, hopefully for people in the same circumstances it will be. The history of this is a little personal but I feel it needs to be said. In 2005 I had a breakdown, I had a MBNA credit card with £7000 credit limit when I went on a spending spree and in the interim I applied and got another MBNA card with £6500 limit. During the time of my illness I ran both cards up to the max and I was struggling to make the min payments as I also had several other cards at the time. got these cards by simply applying for balance transfers they were throwin
  2. hello, not long ago I thought I'd get myself a second job and thought doing pizza delivery wasn't such a bad idea seen as I'd be getting free pizza's every night (sad i know) So I went and got my CBT, purchased a bike got it taxed and bought courier insurance to go along with it and away I went. A few weeks back I was involved in a head on collision with a van, it decided to cut in front of me from the opposite lane to turn into a side street with no indication as I was doing about 30mph thus I ended up smashing into his bonnet at full speed and straight onto the ground knocking me o
  3. Same price - exactly same size box but minus 2 sachets. Cappucino - box on left from last week - box on right from today You can hear the 8 sachets rattling around in the box - so I guess that will be reduced in size in a couple of weeks! Coffee.pdf
  4. Elon Musk moving on with energy technology http://uk.businessinsider.com/why-im-buying-a-tesla-solar-roof-2017-2 http://uk.businessinsider.com/tesla-solar-roof-photos-features-2016-10 http://uk.businessinsider.com/elon-musk-says-tesla-to-offer-solar-roof-on-cars-2016-11
  5. i started in a company at the beginning of December 2015. They have 33 days annual holiday (after a qualifying period). Their year runs from 1 June each year. So, when I asked about holiday pay at Christmas 2015, I was told I wasn't there long enough to qualify for holiday pay (I had been there three weeks). I knew this was "strange" but didn't want to rock the boat in a new job. On the first day back in the new year, everyone got their floating holiday entitlement, I queried my entitlement, and was told to ask again in June. Again I asked at Easter, and was told I had accrued 4
  6. Hello. I am new to this forum. I wish I had joined ages ago. Please bear with me because the full explanation of my situation is quite lengthy. The mortgage start date was 24/01/2008. No payment was missed until 07/2011. I had gone to university in 2009 as a mature student to pursue an undergraduate degree. I was working around my studies when that contract ended, it was difficult to find other employment due to the recession. I was only able to get two short-term contracts during the whole three year period. A repossession order was issued in Jun
  7. Hi I have read and re-read thread after thread and am now looking to see if I understand! I have received a claim form out of CCBC, relating to a credit card debt, to which I've responded with the AoS. I am considering a Statute Barred defence. The last payment I made was in November 2009 and I have not acknowledged anything since. I have the credit card statements from November 2009 to March 2010. The outstanding balance on the March 2010 statement is the exact amount being claimed. The only entries between November 2009 and March 2010, apart
  8. Hi there, I am new to this and would kindly welcome some advice if anyone could help? I'll keep it brief and to the point. Work for global corporation, my head office based in UK. Employed by this company for nine years, no complaints at all. Had various directors, regional managers and line managers over these 9 years. Company was restructured late December 2014, I inherited a different regional manager and line manager in January (both who work in a different division and have no knowledge of the job I do, regional manger been there for at least 7 years, line manager
  9. Earlier this week I did something really stupid, I attempted to get out of paying for a train and what's worse I did it on the way back as well. I have read as much information as I can on this site and another and don't hold out much hope. I got through the first time but on the way back I was stopped by a Revenue Protection guy and was found out and even more stupidly told him that I was on my return journey. What I am really worried about is my folks finding out since I live with them and have no where else to go. which would probably mean homelessness. I am disgusted with fear, can'
  10. Firstly a big thank you to anyone whom helps. Going back now some 12 years I used to use a style card which was a store card with a silly high APR that in my youth a had loads of charges on for late payment and I believe also PPI. The card was owned by then RBOS and the card no longer available and hasn't been for some years around 2008 Am I still able to claim for the charges after this time? To whom would I write to requesting details and charges to my account? Many thanks
  11. Happy 2015 to everybody. I receently received a letter from a company called Watson Hope & Co regarding a debt I have. I'm reluctant to divulge full details regarding the debt (medical) but was hoping a few general answers could be provided: 1) Are these a legitimate company? The letter arrived dog eared, tatty, and actually open at the bottom of my garden? I have read other accounts online of the letter arriving in a similar condition. I've been to their website and they look legitimate.. .but a cat can look legitimate these days. The letter itself
  12. Just had a very tatty letter delivered today from the above. It looks like it has been opened and taped shut a couple of times! Long story short, we borrowed some money from a friend on the understanding we would pay it back when we could. That time is hopefully almost here and we intended to pay it back with interest. It's about £7.5k. We received this letter saying they are instructed by their client, our friend, to collect the debt that has "been outstanding for far too long"! it's pay up now or we will issue a writ, their words, now I know
  13. People with arthritis have been offered fresh hope after patients were effectively cured using a revolutionary electronic implant. Doctors used tiny pacemaker style devices embedded in the necks of patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis to "hack" into their nervous systems. The implant - whose effects were exclusively demonstrated to Sky News - fires bursts of electrical impulses into a key nerve that relays brain signals to the body's vital or
  14. There's a Code of Practice for dealing with cases of "misdirected" payments, where just typing in one wrong digit when transferring money results in it going to a stranger. Trying to get it back, though, is nigh on impossible. But now the Nationwide, HSBC and First Direct have made a change in its customers terms and conditions that will allow them to deal swiftly with "misdirected" transactions. From November, if you accidentally transfer money to the wrong account, you might actually have a fighting chance of getting your cash back. http://www.theguardian.com/money/20
  15. Hi all, I was on my lloyds tsb online banking and I accidentally transferred the money to an old nationwide account i haven't used for a couple of years and was £222 overdrawn. I rang Lloyds straight away and they said there was nothing they could do and I should contact Nationwide. I rang Nationwide and they said as it was £222 overdrawn it's now £78 in credit and they can't do nothing for me despite it being my holiday money for 3 weeks time which i've now lost and the fact it was an error. I didn't type in the details it was an existing payee which i used once around 2 y
  16. Hi, Received a PCN by post. The date of contravention is the 14th of March 2013. The date of issue of the notice is 6th of August 2013. Is this not out of time? Can I appeal on this ground? Secondly, the PCN is in my son's name, who has never owned my car. This is certainly a mistake by Newham Council. Any and all help gratefully appreciated.
  17. I cancelled a standing order payment to them over a month ago. They have still taken money from my account! Anyone else any experience of them? How can they do this? I will be contacting them and my bank about this. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had to deal with them.
  18. I have been making payments on a catalogue debt of £554.72p (Great Universal) since 2008. I made payments via order postal order of £1.00 a month to Geoffery Parker Bourne Solicitors. in November 2009 I had a county court judgement against me, and this is where it gets confusing, H L Legal & Collections working for Intrum Justitia on behalf of their client Phoenix Recoveries I was told to make payments of £1.00 a month to H L Legal and I did this again via postal order. in December 2010 I arranged a standing order for £1.00 a month to be taken from my ba
  19. Hi all, Just to let you know there is light at the end of the tunnel. At my worst, I was paying around £700 per month to Payday loans (3 loans). I have now cleared 2 of them (Lending Stream and Payday Express) and have a repayment plan for Speed Credit of £100 per month for the next 3 months (clear just before Christmas). I know some of you will know the relief felt by this freedom, and want to let those of you who feel like you are stuck in the mire that there is a way out
  20. What is it about these people. I phoned them today to see if it would be possible to maybe pay less off my arrears this month. I normally pay £140 off per month (total arrears left is £600. You would have thought I had asked for their bank account pin number! First I was threatened with agreement cancellation, then a mortgage review inc credit check which I refused. "Well, we can't help you then" was their reply, "full payment and arrears or we go to court" So there we have it, nice friendly sympathetic folk that they are. All for £70 I hate to be like this, bu
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