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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I have credit card debts that are unsecured. They are with debt collectors including Cabot, Robinson Way, Moorcroft etc. I cannot describe to you how down I have been. I can hardly lift my head. I don't answer my mobile they keep phoning. A family member may be in a position to assist but she wanted to know how much in total would be required for a full and final. If we paid, would that be the end of it? These debts are years old and my bank account (basic) shows my balance is very low with missed payments. What is the minimum % they will accept? Do
  2. I am going to make full and final offers to my creditors since a relative will lend me the money , when I send the offer in do I have to name the creditors or can I do creditor a .b . c etc showing their share and also what is a good starting point I was told start at 40% of the total
  3. Although the information here may in some way apply to my circumstances, I am hopeful that the discussion will prove useful to others. I am attempting to ascertain the rules/law regarding the receipt of offers by a bank (or other financial institution) both before and after a default is registered on an account. So some questions that will hopefully help with the discussion: If a bank is sent an offer from the debtor for monthly payments on a debt that is not in default, with the first payment attached via a stapled cheque made payable to the bank, and the bank removes and ca
  4. BOOKIES OFFERS ODDS ON WHO'LL BE CAUGHT ...........ON ASHLEY MADISON London 19TH august: Members of adultery website Ashley Madison will be shaking in their stockings after hackers reportedly released data containing their names and personal details. With cheating spouses on red alert, Paddy Power has opened up the betting on who might be nabbed for a naughty night under the sheets. The bookmaker offers 1/10 for a Premier League footballer to score an own goal and be named, while it's 1/4 for a MP, or a regal 5/6 for a mischievous member of the Royal Family.
  5. People with arthritis have been offered fresh hope after patients were effectively cured using a revolutionary electronic implant. Doctors used tiny pacemaker style devices embedded in the necks of patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis to "hack" into their nervous systems. The implant - whose effects were exclusively demonstrated to Sky News - fires bursts of electrical impulses into a key nerve that relays brain signals to the body's vital or
  6. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/oct/06/royal-mail-parcel-promotion-bigger-gift-christmas
  7. Hello Everyone. I was made redundant 2012 - stopped paying all my bills - first time in debt and a big mess, I wrote to everyone when mum died and i was given a few thousand pounds, I offered small ffs offers to everyone based on calculations i found on this site - only one who accepted was a debt collection company on behalf of flybe credit card they accepted 25% of balance - the rest ignored me or said no they wanted full payment. I went into deep depression and never communicated again with original creditors until last month I contacted them all agai
  8. The Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest are offering borrowers a three-month mortgage repayment holiday for people affected by the floods. The bank will also send specialist business support teams to affected areas to help small and medium-sized businesses with short-term financial problems, to help them as they carry out urgent repair work and deal with loss of trading income. More: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/news-and-analysis/mortgages/rbs-offers-flood-victims-three-month-mortgage-holiday/2006568.article
  9. Hi, long story short on here, i took out a loan with CFO back in September. I realised that i couldn't afford this so set about a repayment plan, eventually sourcing one with them (with much pain!) Since then i have been continually sent various text messages and emails from them. 1. Offering me more money!! 2. Threatening me with phone calls to my office and home (even though i have arranged a plan!) 3. Offering me a CFO Resolve loan/ repayment plan( which obviously i already have) I'm not sure the best course of action here, i'd like to raise this to a higher level as this is i
  10. Can I just get somebodies advice on what to do next, I have used the information on the forum to get this far. I have had a number of loans through Barclays Masterloan over the years starting from 1990. I requested a SAR on the 1.03.13 for 9 separate accounts, I received back on the 12.04.13 copies of 4 of the accounts, two I had not even asked for, as I had no record of them. With this information I put together a PPI letter 17.04.13, for a total of 11 separate accounts, mixture of SAR and copies of original accounts. I received letters all in separate envelopes and separate
  11. This is my first post and I am looking for some advice. I owe more than £30k attributed to various unsecured debt accrued before 2003. The debt has been been sold on to Debt Collection Agencies. They have been in touch through out the period and at some point I was paying a £1 nominal fee to them. I have come in to some money and have offered them full and final settlement offers. Some of them have agreed to it and I am still in discussion with others. As the debt is older than 6 years it is no longer on my credit file. If they agree to full and
  12. But what happened to Asda ? http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2012/116-12 Eight supermarkets have agreed to a set of OFT principles to address concerns over special offers and promotions for food and drink. Aldi, Co-Op, Lidl, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose have agreed to adopt the principles into their own policies, following constructive engagement with the OFT. The principles clarify the OFT's view on how promotional claims should be used so that consumers can rely on them being fair and meaningful regarding the value of the produ
  13. New MBNA customers can now transfer funds from their credit card accounts to their current accounts interest free for 22 months. The firm is offering its 'longest ever' period of 0 per cent interest on both balance transfers and money transfers through the MBNA Platinum credit card, beating its previous best offer by two months. MBNA is one of very few credit card providers to offer money transfers, and the only to offer an introductory 0 per cent interest rate through its various cards, which includes the ones it provides through Virgin and AA zero cards. Read more: http://www.dailymail.
  14. Hi, through a variety of things, ive managed to get my (and my partners) debts of 15K down to just 1900 I was just typing up my letters of payment offers after doing some research on here. Only £400 is priority debts which I am attempting to pay off with sizeable payments, so i have £1500 in non priority, I have worked out i have £20 pm available for non priority and have sorted this out pro-rata Ive had offers refused before, alot of thses accounts have been open for 4 years with lots of offers and no payments, theyre all for little amounts so they dont seem to
  15. I recently took advantage of online offers on Asdas home page. Felix cat food was showing as boxes of 12 pouches, 2 boxes for £3, this was a huge saving, I buy this all the time for my 3 cats. I ordered 36 boxes = £54 plus delivery. I ordered these on 7th Sept and arranged delivery on Monday 10th. Delivery arrived and I noticed the invoice showed £110, I realised what had happened so rejected them. Asda Terms & Conditions show that if items are marked at a different price when picked they will be charged at that price and a box had to be ticked to show this. I ticked th
  16. Hi Im not completely new to CAG, had and account and with help managed to claim £1300 back in charges a few years back, but forgot my login details and had to change email accounts due to being hacked! I now need some new advice, in total im about 10K in debt and have considered Bankruptcy, but due to a small windfall im in a position to make settlement offers, I have two secured debts(3rd and 4th charge) and several small unsecured debts. My current position stands like this - In December 2007 myself and my then partner bought a flat on a shared Equity scheme,
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