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  1. Hi, I've had my grievance with my very large employer upheld in full (shocked!) The grievance related to a number of issues which they bullet pointed as Refusal to implement Reasonable adjustments in relation to my disability , attendance and welfare procedures not followed at all Treated unfairly and differently to other employees by my senior manger. Incorrect information given to me which caused me to fear for my job. And confidentiality issues by my team manager. I'm delighted that the investigation was done properly and they took my evidence seriously. The company has said they will be issuing retraining to people involved and making company wide learning points. During the investigation meeting i was asked what outcome I wanted if it was upheld, I requested an exit package as I no longer felt comfortable working with my manager and senior manager. However the grievance letter says they feel mediation is more appropriate. Where do I stand in refusing mediation? I've told my employer that I feel the relationship has irretrievably broken down and even if I moved teams the senior manager would be the same. I feel mediation is not appropriate as they are such a senior manager they hold all the power in the situation and that it could not be a balanced mediation. To be honest I've lost all trust in her and my team. I just want to start again, I'll never forget the horrible things she has done and said. If they insist on mediation and I quit my job do I have ground for constructive dismissal. Ive been off since this started with stress, early conciliation has ended, I have 3 weeks left to make a claim if needed but i dont know if I can or should. i just want to hide under a rock and cry:( can anyone help
  2. I received a written warning at work without any hearing or evidence or disciplinary meeting... just the warning based on what some colleagues said. I raised a grievance as I felt this warning discriminated against me as I work in an all male team, I felt the complaint wouldn't have been raised if I was a male on the team. I also feel that the process would have been dealt with differently if I was a male on the team. They then dismissed me 2 weeks later after I submitted my written grievance. I'm trying to get an understanding of whether disciplinary action can actually be discriminatory or not? I've already put my claim into the tribunal.
  3. I lodged a grievance against a colleague. A thorough investigation was carried out and my grievance was upheld. There were a number of recommendations made in the report in Oct 2017. One of the recommendations was that me and the colleague attend mediation. It also recommended that if she did not engage in mediation action should be taken via breach of Code of Conduct and/or Dignity at Work Policies. She is saying that her husband is not well so she is not able to participate in mediation at this time. My employer is saying she is not refusing but is delaying. Other recommendations around my line manager reminding her of expected behaviours, her responsibilities and pointing out possible consequences have not been completed. I have continually chased my line manager and HR around these recommendations as what was a bad situation has now got worse. My line manager finally met with my colleague yesterday for half an hour. Following that my line manager met with another colleague and asked her about my mental health. She told my LM that she has concerns about my MH caused by the colleague. I then met with my LM. She said that the colleague, who I lodged a grievance against, had told my line manager that I'm the problem - I'm clearly mentally unwell and am paranoid. My LM obviously believes what she is saying. I reminded her that the investigation had proved the opposite! My mental health has been negatively affected by all of this and I am struggling to attend work. I've met with our Wellbeing Manager to develop a plan to manage my stress levels but she's advised that until the grievance outcome recommendations are carried out nothing I do is going to make any difference. Other than hand my notice in, and I cannot afford to do that as I'm a single parent, I'm at a loss to know what to do next. Any advice greatfuly received!
  4. Hi My partner his off sick from work. A few months ago we started a new business together for when she is finally sacked/leaves etc. She is joint Director and shareholder like me. We have not even done any work yet, all we have done is put money into the business. No wage has been taken out, no dividend taken out, no money at all has come out of our business bank account. The fire service who employs her says you must have permission for another job but nothing about being a director of a company, especially a dormant one. She has had lots of problems at work and put a grievance in finally 2 weeks ago then alas this disciplinary letter turns up saying she works for this company. However she doesnt she owns it with me. They now want to see her asap. Should she take copies of all accounts, share certificates, bank statements etc to prove no wage has ever been drawn. I am also a witness. Thanks
  5. Hi, this is my first post so I hope it's in the correct place. Quick history, worked for county council for 10 years, have suffered from a diagnosed mental health disability for the whole time for which I take medication, work are fully aware of this. I reluctantly took out a grievance for disability related issues against my line manager, head of department and a senior manager. The grievance was investigated at the first stage over a very extended period and nothing was found even though I had given them a load of facts which they seemed to ignore so I appealed. In the interim my line manager has been promoted and the senior manager has retired so HR have said there is no point in investigating the grievance any further. Can they do this, as it is totally against what is said in our extensive grievance policy and to be honest it has totally messed with my head Thank you
  6. Hi, My daughter has been working for a relatively small firm for 8 months. In all this time she has felt as if she was being bullied by one of the managers. It got so bad that she raised a grievance against him. In her letter documenting this she included examples of bullying and she also got statements from other members of staff which showed she was being treated differently/unfairly. She received a letter on Tuesday saying the grievance wasn't being upheld. No surprise there, the manager doing the bullying has been there a long time and is friendly with the owner. She was advised she had 7 days to appeal the decision which she was going to do. She went to work this morning and was told 5 minutes before her finishing time that she was sacked. She has to wait on the official letter stating this but was told it was because of absences and arriving late. She was spoken to about the lateness in December and was told if it didn't improve she would be disciplined, she hasn't been late since then. Another reason given was the sending of joke emails to her co-workers but everyone in the office did this. They were all spoken to about it and nothing has been sent since. Can she just be sacked on the spot or should they have to go through a disciplinary process? Is it a case of her only working there a short period of time so they can do what they want? Any advice welcome.
  7. Hi all, I had cause in January of this year to raise a grievance about a colleague. To explain, I work alone on a long shift and take over from a person who has worked an identical shift during the previous night (ie we cover a 24 hour period) When I arrived, and he eft, I noticed that he hadnt performed the work that he was supposed to do. This had happened before, but on this occassion, I decided to complain about him, and took photographic evidence to suppport this. When my manager interviewed me, which was about 4 weeks later, he viewed the pictures, and also cctv footage, which I also had a view of, showed the person who I was complaining about, performing an act which would be described as theft. I wont go in to what the incident was, as it is not pertinent, but I upgraded my complaint of harrasment and bulying, due to him leaving me to do his work, to an allegation of theft. The manager did not interview the other employee until July, with no explanation to me as to why the timescales for grievance procedures had not been adhered to. Following the interview, the manager came and 're-interviewed' me in Septemeber. At the start of the interview, I asked if the other person had admitted to my allegation and the manager confirmed that he had indeed admitted it. When I claimed that this should surely be all that he required to make a decision on the incident, the manager said that it wasnt because the other employee, during the interview had made counter allegations about me. These included me allegedly holding him against the throat and threatening physical injury. He also gave the manager a number of random covert voice recordings of competely unrelated conversations between the other employee and myself. the manager said that even if they were damning towards me, that they could not be used as evidence. Since that date., I have sent three emails to the manager requesting a copy of the notes of this interview, and he has complately ignored all of them. Whwether it is pertinent or not, the other employee brings in a lot of revenue to the company by way of issuing ticket enfocement notices on cars. My question is, what can I do as an employee who works alone, and is not in a union to get a resolution to this issue? I have worked there for just over two years now. thanks for reading this
  8. Hi there Can an employer refuse to investigate a grievance on any grounds?
  9. Hi there, I am new to this and would kindly welcome some advice if anyone could help? I'll keep it brief and to the point. Work for global corporation, my head office based in UK. Employed by this company for nine years, no complaints at all. Had various directors, regional managers and line managers over these 9 years. Company was restructured late December 2014, I inherited a different regional manager and line manager in January (both who work in a different division and have no knowledge of the job I do, regional manger been there for at least 7 years, line manager only promoted to line manager in January 2015, previously same job spec as mine only different division). Was given a complete new territory in January unannounced (had been consultant for a different territory for over three years and built up good trust and sales with these customers). Regardless, went out and done my job, hit my sales target in January despite the whole territory being new. Two weeks into February had a conversation with my new line manager who was enquiring why the mood was so low in our team ( a team of ten consultants) and I had offered a suggestion that "maybe the constant negativity wasn't helping" . I said this as we had all received a barrage of negative emails and phonecalls from said line manager, and everyone was moaning about it, seen as we were a new team that had been put together in January, me being the longest serving employee out of the whole team said what I said. The day after, at 7.30pm I received a friendly txt from line manager asking if I could meet him the following day to have a chat about figures, I agreed as didn't think anything of it, went to the meeting location the next day, was invited into a room by line manager, next thing regional manager walks in (unannounced) asks me "do you know what youre here for" when I replied "it was my understanding I was here to have a chat about figures with line manager, he said "no, youre going to pick your way to leave this company". He said "you can either resign, or I will make your life hell and make you leave". You have until Tuesday the following week to decide. I told him after a barrage of abuse from him, I wasn't resigning. The next morning the abuse continued, wont go into detail just now but will if anyone wants to know the details, just want to get the main points out just now. The next day I met with HR as I was disgusted at what had happened and told HR everything that had been said and proposed etc. HR (after hearing my side of the story), two days later, they wrote back saying they had spoke to both concerned and that they had all agreed that they would all meet with me to have a discussion. I was horrified at this, I had been duped into a meeting were it was a 2 vs 1 scenario, no witnesses, was totally bullied and intimidated, no witnesses, and HR wanted me to meet with them again under the same set up, ( HR are supposed to be impartial but in our company they are not). Before this week came around I was that ill after the original meeting, had nearly crashed my car on a busy motorway after suffering a severe panic attack, more followed, that my GP signed me off work and prescribed anti anxiety medication. To cut a long story short, I raised a grievance, it was heard by same HR I had spoken to initially and another manager who offered me a "new position" when accompanying me down in the lift out of the meeting room once the grievance had been heard, I said nothing. It took them 5 months to conclude the grievance stating time out of office and work commitments. When the notes came out it was clear that both managers had colluded, also my notes were missing, when I asked about these, they then sent a diluted version of my notes, when I asked them that I wished them to be amended to what I actually said, they thanked me for the ammendum but stated it wouldn't change anything. They also added parts to my grievance which were not included, to absolve themselves I guess. My post was on a recruitment site straight after (I know this is not against the law but trying to give an insight). None of it was upheld. The two investigating, made the conclusion. In between the grievance conclusion and me stating I wished to appeal, the person I raised the grievance about was promoted. The Grievance appeal was heard by same HR person and finance director, was cut short as they had a flight to catch. I was then sent the notes of said meeting, it was so heavily diluted that anyone who didn't know about it would have a hard time working out what all of the fuss was about, my witness emailed their notes, after that, although a conclusion was promised by the end of last week, straight after my witness submitted their notes I received a "without prejudice" email asking me to accept a paltry amount of money. I would gratefully accept any advice on what to do next, if anyone has any questions please ask, I just tried to keep this post short (ish) and to the point. Thanking you all in advance.
  10. my work contract states that I have no fixed contracted hours but I have been doing the same pattern of 48 hrs per week for over a year. I am being paid holiday pay based on my last 12 weeks average hours, which is less because of christmas day and new year closure and also some reduced hours for christmas eve and new years eve. I believe I should be paid holiday based on 48hrs per week which is my normal weekly hours, can someone advise me of the correct holiday calculation that should be followed.
  11. Having no one to talk to, I thought I could post here. I have spoken to my manager at least four times about a member of the team I work with who never even acknowledges me whilst at work, this person seems to be angry at everything, my manager has not done anything apart from the fact she says she will talk to him. Today whilst on holiday I receive a letter to attend a Formal Investigatory meeting because this person has raised a formal grievance against me, no details have been given apart from my alleged behaviour towards them and my percieved attitude, no other details. Its shocking because I have tried to deal with this by speaking to my manager when it was clear there was a problem. How do I now deal with this and this has now ruined the rest of my holiday I feel sick to my stomach ??
  12. Hi everyone,hoping for some help and advice if possible? I returned to work after holiday to be told "somebody has put a grievance in about you, we will have a meeting now to sort it out,you'll need to get a witness" No notice nothing in writing.Went to meeting to be given an envelope which contained five screenshots from my facebook profile.some of them mentioned about how unhappy I was at work. I asked them to tell me what I had done wrong? they couldn't answer me as to what I was specifically being questioned over.no social media policy is in place at work,my workplace is not mentioned or used anywhere in my profile,and only some family and some close friends know exactly who I work for. they suspended me on full pay while they investigate.had a letter 3rd oct saying a disciplinary meeting was set for 10th oct,to answer to a gross misconduct nature allegation. I wrote back and asked for all evidence,statements etc to be forwarded to me by return post.as of now 16.45pm still not had any response. what do I do now and what should I do at the meeting?
  13. Hi and thanks for any who can help. I raised grievance for bullying, and periodic aggressive attacks on me by secretary (relation to owner). last straw was when the owners "secretary" said she was giving my admin work of home office stuff and staff files to senior care assistant. she is studying her NVQ sorry now QCF level 5. my roles are admin and Activities as per my contact. I have had attacks on me since 2011 but was unable to do grievance until now as 1. did not have employee handbook until 2012. 2. because of aggression 3. changed of matrons' who did not want to deal with my concerns or who were being bullied their selves. The care assistant has been gradually taking over most of my admin work , i have had all good feed back in the past and now, so apart from care assistant just starting her QCF, i dont know why, she relabeling, she's auditing "my" staff files' and even tried to publicly critise.even nurses are asking care staff member to do forms for them, so am unsure what they have been told too. Anyway i raised grievance, yesterday the owner asked to speak to me, she said it;s informal chat , then started asking me questions which relate to the grievance, said i would like you to focus more on activities and anyone can do admin, then said she did not know anything about the grievance/ meeting due next day today... the person who wanted to take the notes is also related but yesterday denied any knowledge of the arranged grievance hearing* when last week he called me over and said the grievance letter it.s no biggee we can sort out, perhaps we can have meeting next thursday or friday i will do a letter I said next friday would be better for me, whilst he walked passed meyesterday he told a staff member that he would not be in tomorrow. So in the end the owner said she would be coming in to the initial hearing. Today 1 hour at 1pm ish before hearing she had bad head and headed off to hospital, i was asked to put meeting back later to 3pm. at 2.46pm she rang , said she was at hospital having blood tests, i asked about our grievance hearing as the home manager who was to take the meeting was on annual leave after today. she said are you in on monday i said yes, she said it's only a grievance , i can do it on monday without the home manager.. so now im worried. firstly she tried to have informal chat in the middle of process, she is the owner and she would be the person who i would need to appeal to after the home manager has done his investigation. Now she wants to hold herself without the home manager being present..she's broke our own employee handbook policies and procedures with regard to grievances. she did ask me if i wanted to do an NVQ, i feel she's trying to sweep under the carpet. what do i do when she calls for an informal chat to deal with a formal grievance monday. grateful for advice, thanks so very much all.
  14. Hi all, I could do with some advice because I've no idea what I'm doing. Last week, I resigned from my job due to a "hostile environment" - I did so in writing giving the required 30 days notice. I also thanked them for the fantastic opportunity I'd been given at their company. My problem/query is that I am leaving because of one rather toxic staff member but I haven't stated any names in my resignation. I've always been quiet and tried to avoid trouble etc. Unfortunately, I haven't got the confidence to put a grievance even though others have (I'm not the only one). To be honest, the whole thing has made me feel anxious/sick so I'd rather just leave quietly. Anyway, tomorrow, an area manager is travelling down to "talk to" me. My role is not easy to replace and I know that management hate recruiting so I'm assuming she'll want to discuss why I'm leaving/give an exit interview etc. My query is this: What's the minimum amount of information I can get away with telling the area manager without offending her? Also, if I do not "spill the beans" - can they stop my final wages? I feel so nervous. I know I sound cowardly but I don't want to mention this woman's name. She's already on a last warning and I'd feel terrible if she lost her job because she would struggle financially. On the other hand, I can't take her bullying anymore either. Thankyou for your time - Tina x
  15. I am looking at starting grievance procedures at my work due to discrimination but just wanted some advice as to what discrimination is it and how strong my case is? I have been at the company 6 years now and have always worked flexible since starting (4 long days 7:30-6 in the office and on 5th day at home although still doing work on laptop etc but a lighter touch, contracted hours 35 hours full time and do 40 hours plus every week) I had 1 child when I started there (now 6) and have had 2 children whilst working there (4,1) I had maternity leave for both but only 3 months each. I feel due to my flexible working I am overlook for pay increases, fair comparable bonuses and promotions and here is why. When I started standard bonus % for the level I was at was 12.5% but I got them to agree to 15%. At the end of 1st year even though on same salary as colleague with 12.5% bonus we received the same bonus( my performance was rated 4 this year, higher than expected so no reason to receive same bonus as someone on a lower percentage than me) Following year when at salary review bonus time my boss informed me that I would receive 100% of my bonus entitlement but the amount he came out with was only 69% of my entitlement (I was on maternity leave for 3 months of the year previous that the bonus related to and he had incorrectly work out the deduction for this ) he also said I would not be getting a pay review as had received one the year previous. I complained about this but he said there was no further action I could take Following this he accidently (what a fool) cc'd me on an email to his boss saying that I wanted to see him as I was unhappy with my bonus calculation and that I failed to appreciate the benefit I get from flexible working compared to my peers and colleagues. When I confronted him about this (he was sweating) but said that flexible working is part of my benefit that others do not get and this needs to be taken into account as part of my package (I still work full time and consistently receive higher than average reviews) In February this year a promotion opportunity came up with another area of the business which I was basically doing a similar role in my current position so decided to go for it as my current role and package was below market value for the tasks and my skill set. I had an interview set up with the CFO for the new role and had to cancel the day before due to my 3 year old being taken in to hospital with an infection. Whilst I was rescheduling the interview with Hr they asked me, "this is a full time position is that an issue?" I replied "no as I currently work full time but I do work flexibly is that an issue?" They informed me (although this role was based between 2 locations splitting each week between the 2) that i would not be able to continue my flexible hours in this role. I emailed the CFO and said how I could make the flexible hours work that I consistently delivered in my current role (that was very similar) and recieved 4's in my yearly reviews and flexibility works both ways so can be available in evenings,weekends, Fridays when needed and I could deliver the role 125%. He replied 2 weeks later saying that they didn't need to interview me as they had found another candidate, and although my flexibility was an issue it was not the deciding factor. How can they say this when they didn't even interview me and I had an interview set up prior to them finding out about flexible hours? March this year salary review and bonus time. Received an overachieved objectives level 4 again but no salary review and only 87% of my bonus. Again my boss told me my flexible working is my benefit! Another promotion pop comes up in April and I go for it. I get down to final 2 against a lady who has the same role as me in the same dept currently ( but she is full time) our boss says to her whoever doesn't get the promotion does not need to worry as he will make this a win win situation so whoever gets left behind will not lose out. He will not replace the leaver instead he will increase level and package of role of person left making them his deputy. I didn't get the promotion but my boss just said to me let's see what happens in 6 months time and nothing will be done now! I believe it would have only been win win if the other candidate didn't get the role and stayed behind but the same does not go for me due to my flexible working. I have handed my notice in due to this as fed up of being overlooked even though I still work the same hours as everyone else and delivered above targets set for me
  16. Hi everybody, Around 10 months ago I quit work to move to another employer. I didn't wish to do so but after 6 months of appalling treatment at the hands of my manager I felt I had little alternative. I, like 3 other staff in the organisation, had complained to his manager about him but this hadn't solved the issue. On what turned out to be my last day I was verbally berated in a humiliating and demeaning fashion in front of other staff, which was then followed up with an email in which I was accused of lying and being deliberately disruptive (with choice sections highlighted in bold for emphasis.) I left immediately, having been advised by HR first that I should consider seeing out my notice on stress related sick leave and then being told to just go and that they'd pay me for my remaining time there. Having left, that same day the manager in question called a team meeting (knowing that everyone in the team had seen his behaviour and that it would be investigated) to repeat the lies told about me in an attempt to justify his behaviour. He also ordered my desk stripped (I had had to leave in such a rush that I didn't get a chance to clear it) and decided himself which possessions of mine to return to me. My grievance was almost entirely thrown out upon initial investigation, because the organisation refused to allow me to source emails and other electronic evidence that vindicated me. Of 13 allegations, they upheld only one with a further partially upheld. I appealed and 'won', in as much that I received a letter stating that this individual had now been found guilty of multiple breaches of the organisation's dignity at work act and had been disciplined accordingly. However they refused to say what they had done. Considering the complete lies spread about me around the organisation which were dismissed by the investigators as 'we can't stop people from talking', the damage to my reputation and the financial loss I've sustained (I did resign voluntarily but ended up in a less well paid job for a year), and particularly that I now know someone else has raised a formal complaint about him at the same organisation, is there anything else I can do or is it too late? I've lost money, my reputation is damaged and my sense of what's 'right' has been well and truly infringed by this cover up. I'm willing to throw money at this but is there any point? I don't want to spend and drag it all up again if I don't stand to end up financially up as a result. What a world! Thanks!
  17. Dear Dell Customer care , On 27th May,2013 I bought a "DELL INSPIRON 5521 Base (Service Tag : xxxxxxxxxx , Express Service Code : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)" at Peterborough,United Kingdom . Unfortunately, your product has not performed well since the very beginning . I am disappointed because I had to replace my faulty hard disk within 4 month of purchasing the laptop . Now before completion of 1 year , the LCD screen has turned into white and I am not being able to see anything on the screen. I have already communicated the same to the customer support centre of Dell care . Please note, my Laptop is still under warranty period . The damage caused by the electronic failure and not caused by any external pressure , still the Dell customer support centre still wants a fine of amount £130 for the repairing of the LCD screen . To resolve the problem, I would appreciate if you kindly repair the LCD screen without any fine considering that the laptop is still under warranty period OR refund the entire money to my HSBC bank account as I do not want to face any other problem with the laptop. Enclosed are copies of my records : Order confirmation . I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and will wait until 17th April before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at the below address or by phone : Mail id : Ph no : Sincerely, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  18. Hi all I'm looking for some impartial advice as I'm currently really emotional about the situation. I work in the public sector and I'm a union rep but I deal with union learning so not really familiar with personal cases and such. I've worked in my current role for almost 3 years and for 18 months ot was fine, cue staff loses and increased workloads and I started making silly mistakes, at which point my new manager decided to make things difficult for me. I ended up off sick for over 3 months with work related stress due to bullying, however my management have always maintained that it's been due to my union work. I can 100% say that it's my union work that kept me sane and gave me abreak from tthe pressure of the office. Since I returned to work ive made no mistakes at all, however the new senior management has taken issue with my union duties. They have never taken into account my facility time when giving out work so I've always done the same amount as my colleagues despite the fact I'm out of the office at times or have other pieces of work to do do sometimes I have to play catch up. They took issue with how my union time was being recorded and were asking me to use special leave and click out of flexi for any emails or phone calls I took that were union related. This was against the union agreement with hr. Hr became involved and an email set out exactly what I should be doing and specifically stated I should not use special leave. I got a job in anothrr department and I'm due to move there in 4 weeks. However since I got the job things have gotten much worse. I've been forced to used special leave for attending our agm. They question any update I put into flexi for union time. On Friday things came to a head when I had emailed giving advanced notice that I had union work to do and would be out of the office for two hours in the afternoon to get it done. This was agreed. On Friday morning my manager phoned the branch chair to find out what worl I had to do and stated she was going to ask that I do it another time as she had given other staff time to do things and would be short staffed if I went. This was the final straw so I approached our full time rep and was extremely upset at this point an didn't tell anyone where's I was going. The rep told hr where I was and that as I was upset and uncomfortable with the situation I wouldn't be going back until it was sorted. Later I went to pick up my bags, got taken into the office and had strips torn off me and reduced to tears for not telling anyone where I was by my senior management. I explained hr knew where I was but that made no difference. Senior management are obviously backing my manager as I expected. I've now spent the whole weekend in tears and taking panic attacks when I think about having to go into work tomorrow.The rrelationship has broken down so much between management and myself that's it's not repairable and I genuinely think working with them over the next 4 weeks is going to be detrimental to my health. I've thought about raising a grievance but is there any point when I'm due to move on in 4.weeks and if I do will they just make life hell for me until I go? Any advice would be welcome
  19. Wonder if anyone can help me, I have been employed with the same company for 5 years, in the last 2 years we've had a couple of managers promoted from a very low level with no managerial experience. During this time period i have been subjected to what i feel discrimination, bullying, intimidation and general unfairly treated that also some colleagues have picked up on and notified me also. It has taken me to a point where im now off with work related stress and depression which is a living nightmare. After 2 years of this i have decided enough is enough and lodged a 7 page grievance on the managers. Now the HR department is very one sided, i have seen it from a outside of the box perspective ie from previous colleagues who have had the similar treatment to what i am receiving and i will not get a fair investigation of my claims. All claims i know will be refuted and dismissed of. I am aware this will happen. The last time i went to work was in a meeting where a manager clearly and blatantly lied to cover himself, later after this meeting i had a huge anxiety attack and my doctor advised i need to take off work before something more serious happens. I have been off for 3 weeks. Recently i lodged a grievance which actually i have been writing and adding bits to it for over a period of time (few months). Now i am asked to attend a hearing which i feel in no fit state of mind to do so. I desperately would like to attend in the hope something can be done and i can get back to work and work happily again. However i really feel uncomfortable to attend at the moment. So my question really is, where do i stand on this? this is the first time ive ever had to raise any concerns in this manner in my lifetime and i do not know the system with regards to this. Could i ask the employer to reschedule? if they do not agree to can i ask them to investigate without my presence? Thanks alot
  20. Hi I have a question in 2 parts hope you can help? I have written a Grievance Letter to Employer, relating to a Sex Discrimination (Maternity) issue, as well as a second letter asking why I was suspended (no grounds given I was just escorted from the building), received no reply in more than a month, just sat at home Then chased it asking for communication.. received a 2 line reply saying lawyers would contact me but that the employer would reply in their own time First part: How long should I wait for a reply from my employer before it is reasonable to complete and submit an ET1 after issuing the initial Grievance Letter? and What is the deadline for completing and submitting the ET1 - is it 3 months minus one day after I issued the Grievance Letter? Second part: If my Holiday and Maternity Leave (that should be received, not clear whether the employer intends to pay them) fall within the window, would I still be expected to comply with Grievance procedures and attend Grievance meetings during Holiday / Maternity times, or would the deadline for submitting the ET1 be extended and those things taken out of the time equation? I hope these questions make sense. I am concerned about there being a 'time out' on my ability to take my employer to a Tribunal.
  21. I am tempted to raise a grievance with my employers as a result of being sidelined following maternity leave. I work in a senior management role and prior to mat leave my role was to run a big team with big budget. Since mat leave I've had a much lesser role, endless promises of a better one but nothing yet materialised or likely to in the near future. Where I think it is perhaps grey is that my employment contract just calls me senior manager in department x (rather than head of x line of business) and says something about being flexible and undertaking activities as allocated. However in reality since maternity leave, due to no longer having a 'proper' role, I now have less status and less opportunity to achieve well this year in terms of review, pay rise etc. which just doesn't seem fair. Essentially my career has been de-valued quite considerably in my eyes. FYI - I took AML as well as OML. My previous role does still exist and is being undertaken by the person who covered it while I was off. When I returned (in summer) and wasn't put back in the role I didn't protest because I was promised other even better roles (which is what hasn't materialised). Resolving the situation also doesn't seem to be a high priority for those I work for, based on some recent events. Any thoughts, anyone done similar? Should I just resign and leave on relatively good terms rather than put myself through the pain of a grievance? The outcome I would want from raising a grievance is either a decent role or an exit with some form of settlement agreement.
  22. Hi, I'm preparing everything for a disability discrimination tribunal and I wondered what should normally be in the bundle. Is it all the evidence to help prove my case or is it something standardised? Thanks for any help.
  23. Hi all, Just looking for some advice on my situation. Basically I was subjected to 6 months of bullying/unreasonable treatment by a new boss (won't go in to details on that but several incidents, some witnessed, some not.) Several staff on my team including me complained to his boss, to no avail. All I got was mediation where he acted like he was the aggrieved party (surprise!) So I decided to get a job elsewhere, which I did, although I never wanted to leave. With two weeks of my notice left, I was called in to his office and berated in an aggressive and extremely abusive manner, all over nothing. I was immediately instructed to leave and told I'd get my last 2 weeks paid, which my employer did. However I later found out that the day I left, after I was gone he called a meeting stating I'd left as he'd caught me out lying, I had refused to work etc. He'd emailed me to say this that same day as well. Weeks later I heard from a former manager that it had got to her (the other side of the organisation) that I'd gone for deliberately sabotaging and falsifying documents. A grievance is being worked through. Ideally the result I'd like is the following: - An upholding of the grievance itself (although sadly it would appear from reading this forum that bullying rarely does get upheld no matter how many witnesses/incidents?) - The defamations to be retracted. - A charge of gross misconduct against my old boss for repeated and unfounded defamation of character in written and verbal format and the bullying. - 'Some form of redress' for the fact my whole career and life have been knocked sideways by this, when previously I was one of the best performers in the company and had won numerous awards to that effect. I won't go in to details but it's cost me thousands as a result of this. Anyone have any thoughts on whether this is likely to end up as a letter sent to me saying 'sorry no case to answer' or 'sorry we're going to work on his behaviour, bye', or whether I might actually end up with what I would consider just from this? I'd have thought they can't deny the email I have from him which is insulting, the various witnesses to defamation and the repeated complaints about him to management previously? Thanks Jeff
  24. Hi There, I'm seeking some advice on an issue I'm having with my employer. I have been off sick with anxiety and depression since march - in this time I was also made homeless which my employer was aware of. Occupational Health services advised my employer at the end of June that as long as they created a supported return to work and followed their recommendations I would be ready for a phased return to work by the end of July. The subsequent meetings with my direct line manager was a conversation about why he feels I'm not ready to return back to work, some of the reasons being that 1) Conflict might cause me to breakdown 2) Not enough has changed in my personal life to support my return back to work 3) My reasons to return to work cannot be financial (specifically in regards to me being homeless). My line manager has also shared my fit note with one of my colleagues who has then asked another employee what the address on my fit note was to me (basically trying to see if I was lying about being homeless). I have since raised a grievance and advised there have been serious breach of my mutual trust and confidence with the employer and as such it would be impossible for me to return to work. I have advised I am seeking to resolve this with a compromise agreement which I feel would be fair at a 12 month settlement. Unsurprisingly - my boss's line manager has come back and said that this is unrealistic. She has advised me that if I didn't want to come back to work (not that they have offered for me to come back) that they would be looking to offer me redundancy and the legal minimum - she has advised at a stretch they might extend this to 3 months. During the grievance process - I have not been asked at any investigation meetings to define my grievance. I also feel they are going to try and say I have created a "consipracy" with other members of staff in regards to the breach of my data protection rights. Does anybody have any advice at all? I don't believe they can offer my redundancy instead of a CA? Especially since my role is not redundant - they have someone covering me as a secondment at the moment. I also have had no disciplinary issues and have always been high achieving - is 12 months salary unreasonable? Thank you for help here
  25. I raised 4 important issues with the Chief Officer during the redundancy process on procedure and suitable alternative employment but she chose to ignore dealing with them so I followed it up with a grievance during the redundancy process to her boss. The day after i raised the grievance I was made redundant so i put in a second grievance to say i had been unfairly dismissed. I was told that if i raised the grievance before the end of the consultation period and my my notice period which was one week after my dismissal notice letter they should halt proceedings until my issues and grievances were dealt with - is this true? and where will i find the info in print for my ET case. On my termination letter they made a presumption and said they assumed i was going to take redundancy without calling me in for a final consutation meeting, they did not put on my letter the date i was to be made redundant and they did not put i had the right to appeal. 6 weeks after the grievances were raised they said that i had to treat it as an appeal against selection for redundancy but these were never my issues - i was only advised of the change of title 1 working day before the meeting- i saw a free solicitor and had advice from ACAS and everyone said it was a grievance because they were raised prior to me leaving the employment - i am now going to a tribunal and need some advice in writing to back up my claim as ACAS do not keep notes and the free solicitor also doesn't unless you decide to employ their services which i cannot afford. Everyone legal i have spoken to say i have got a good case
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