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  1. I was suspended on monday on full pay, I have now been invited to a diciplinary meeting on friday however this is my day off and i had plans, so i contacted them to say i am not avaliabe but am avaliable any time sunday to thursday the manager replied back saying he had been in touch with hr and because i am suspended on full pay i have to attend is this right, As i am not on pay on my day off
  2. I have been suspended from work and have a disciplinary meeting for Gross Misconduct on Monday to discuss it. The charges are trumped up, some are absolute lies. I can prove some are true but not others. Either way I'm fairly sure they want me out and they have enough evidence to do it. I don't care about losing the job but I really don't want a sacking on my record. I have adequate savings so I'm not worried about not getting job seekers. I know I'm innocent of it all and so do the people that matter so I'm not worried about proving anything really. Is it better to resign? I've been told my company just give a very basic reference i.e 'he worked here from x date to x date' Would I have to do it with immediate effect on Monday morning? Thanks in advance for any help/advice. This is a horrible time.
  3. Hi guys, please advise. Friend of mine was pulled into the office and told he is having a disciplinary. One lady took notes as the manager and my friend spoke. It was simple. My friend was accused of harnessing the 3rd party in store tea lady. Harassment was of sexual nature. My friend understood it as flirting. Now my friend is very clear he has not and will not flirt with that lady. Nor has he spent any longer with the exchange with her then anyone else ordering a coffee. This came to him as a shock and out of the blue. He was given the paperwork of the disciplinary same day. Many months have passed and nothing has happened. Same thing happened to him few weeks later. He was pulled into the office, out of the blue and was told this is another disciplinary. This time he is being accused of being rude to a customer. Infact customer was told to either spend more money or go else where. Again my friend 100% disagrees that this ever took place. Again all the paperwork of the notes and signatures were given to him. No further word of any disciplinary have been uttered. No follow ups. No further meetings etc. both were first level disciplinarian. Am I correct in thinking these can be used against him if he was up for promotion into management? Also was he not supposed to be given a warning, letter stating in 7 days you have this and that go seek legal help? What is the correct procedure? What can he do? Both of them are now close to 2 months old. From my basic knowledge the way both hearings were conducted are illegal. Now that his wife is pregnant, they need to move to bigger house and hes in a position where he can request SIM and move to another store, he is worried. He works for one of the Dixon retail stores.
  4. Here's the deal... I made a mistake, not denying it at all. First actual mistake i've made at this employer. It turns out this same mistake has been happening for years, I believe the root cause is their database/system, which takes no action to mitigate against such mistakes and actually in this particular case encourages mistakes. The root cause is defined as the non-human element that would have absolutely prevented the error if removed from the equation. So for example, if you were told to cross a narrow foot bridge and fell off because there was no hand rail, where does the fault lie?? hmmm? What's annoying is that there is no willingness to fix the problem, what's more annoying is that it's happened so many times with different people that you have to wonder why the bloody the problem (which it turns out has been complained about multiple times) has never been identified. As a former quality engineer I find this extremely frustrating....... The company has a pretty toxic blame culture, it's always "who" not "how" or "why", people try to cover up mistakes and push responsibility down onto someone else, every now and again someone gets sacrificed to the blame gods so that a certain person can appear as though they are doing their job. Some people even go so far as to establish an email chain before doing anything they're asked to do by this person, in the misguided belief that this protects them from blame, when in fact they're not the only people with access to said emails. My mistake was basically in forgetting a screw up had occurred when I got back into work on Monday, having had barely any sleep due to a constantly screaming 3 week old baby which has had to be put onto medication for severe reflux (i hate mentioning that, but it's relevant to explaining my tiredness). Should well designed, robust systems and processes fall over as soon as someone comes into work sick or tired? I think not. So here we are, facing a disciplinary for a minor mistake (which is being trumped up into something bigger), knowing full well that had they investigated previous mistakes properly and implemented corrective actions, it wouldn't have happened at all. The primary "complaint" is not the cost of the mistake, but the "personal embarrassment" caused, which i'm finding it very hard to not say "well suck it up snowflake, fix your sh*t and stop blaming people who fall into the cracks".
  5. Hi there first time posting so please be gentle! I’ve worked for my current company for 10 years now and have a really good non sickness record and have never been in any disciplinary trouble. However on 27th April my employer stated and investigation into me and the team I was leading, after 2 investigation hearings I was suspended on 8th May. The company suspension policy recommends 5 working days suspension however I was suspended a lot longer, finally on the 17 working day The stress got to much for me and contacted HR and asked them for an update, 2 days later I got an invite to a disciplinary. The day before my disciplinary I finally cracked and called the sick line with work related stress and got into my doctors a few days later who signed me off for 2 weeks. My employer emailed me to ask if they could contact me yesterday and that call never came despite me looking at my phone all night however they have called tonight. My emplyer asked how I was but then quickly started to put pressure on me by wanting to know when I would be fit to attend the disciplinary, I stated I have the doctors tomorrow and I would keep him updated as per the absence policy which I have followed to the T but stated I didn’t feel mentally ready at the moment to even look at the evidence against me and I felt I needed to be in a better state of mind to fight this accusation (Gross misconduct charge). I want to fight this and don’t want it dragging on any longer than need be but I have only been off sick less than 2 weeks surely they can’t be pressuring me like this without even getting a occupational health report on me? Sorry for going on but my questions are. 1) Can I be dismissed while off with GP’s note through work related stress? 2) Has my employer acted reasonable in all of this, given the amount of stress it has put on me? Many thanks Bob
  6. I received a written warning at work without any hearing or evidence or disciplinary meeting... just the warning based on what some colleagues said. I raised a grievance as I felt this warning discriminated against me as I work in an all male team, I felt the complaint wouldn't have been raised if I was a male on the team. I also feel that the process would have been dealt with differently if I was a male on the team. They then dismissed me 2 weeks later after I submitted my written grievance. I'm trying to get an understanding of whether disciplinary action can actually be discriminatory or not? I've already put my claim into the tribunal.
  7. Please could someone give me some advice. I have been doing petty cash for my company for about 5 years, the duties come with a card which does have my name and the company name on and the statements do come to my private address. In October last year my then Team Leader (my line manager) told me that he was taking me off petty cash duties and another colleague was going to do it and to give him the card. I did query the fact that the card has my name on it and the Team Leader said he was getting it changed over to the colleagues. The Team Leader left the company in January this year and apparently phoned the new one taking over that the petty cash may be £200 adrift. Its been checked now and is actually £480 out and I have found further proof that the TL was putting receipts through in clients' names and the client have not been given the money by him. Money has been taken out of an atm in his hometown on Friday nights. There has been an investigation and now, yesterday, I was phoned to say I have a disciplinary on Weds (21st) because I gave the card to someone else. There is no question of my honesty in all this but I feel it is unfair as I was following instructions from a line manager. I have not received a letter about the disciplinary yet. In the years I have been doing the petty cash I have let colleagues have the card when I have been on annual leave or clients would not be paid their bus or train fare and they are on benefits. There hasn't been a problem until obviously a dishonest person has come along and now he has left for another job. Thanks for any help.
  8. I work for a large national company and am facing a disciplinary due to absence. The company policy is if you are off 3 times or more or off for 3% or more of your total work days in a 12 month rolling period it triggers a disciplinary. I have been off on three separate occasions and a total of 20 days which equates to 9.85% of my total days. On each occasion I have gone through the correct reporting procedure and obtained the relevant doctors certificates where necessary. I have been informed this morning that I will be invited to attend a disciplinary hearing and it could result in a formal warning. I've no idea if this is allowed so I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable than me can give me advice. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  9. I went off sick from work mid Feb 2017 following several meetings with my managers regarding increased workload (we had a mass increase in patients - in the hundreds!), not enough manpower or hours to cover the workload etc. I was also prohibited from working overtime and so were my staff (I am a Practice Manager working in a GP Practice for the last ten years with an unblemished record) and eventually I started slipping behind in my work as I was unable to keep up with increase and very little was being put in place to support myself or my staff. Hence I could not cope with the stress and went sick. However, prior to going sick I had taken the petty cash home with me (I often take work home and my managers are aware of this, although they aren't always aware of what exactly I take home but I'm trusted to do so on my own judgement). I still had it with me when I went sick but then returned it to the Practice and advised that I had taken it home. I heard no more about it and as far as I was concerned, that was that. However, I went for my return to work interview almost five weeks after going sick and was given most of my personal belongings by the covering manager prior to the meeting and when I questioned why I was given my belongings in the meeting, I was asked to leave the room. When I returned I was suspended (on full pay) for an allegation of suspicion of theft. By all accounts the petty cash was down. However, during investigation it was all accounted for, and it was found that no money was missing at all. So... they changed the allegation to potential theft as I'd taken the petty cash home without prior authorisation and it was escalated to disciplinary (there is no policy in place to seek authority to take it home; it was, however, common practice for me to take work/work things home frequently and my managers were aware of this). I attended for disciplinary and recorded the meeting with the consent of everyone present. During the meeting, it was clear that my manager hadn't paid a great deal of notice to the investigation as they were questioning me on things that had been addressed at investigation, but weren't aware of the answers I was giving. I practically had a rerun of the investigation, to the point where my union rep had to intervene and stipulate that the investigation meeting had already taken place. My manager also threw lots of irrelevant things at me and tried to make me feel like I'd been emotionally manipulative in the past as I'd become tearful on occasions when I'd felt out of my depth with the increased workload that they were more than aware of. The outcome took two and a half weeks to be reached and I was given a final written warning on the basis that no such work should be taken home in future without explicit authority (by no means will I be taking any work home from now on after what I've been put through!). However, when I questioned when I would be expected to return to work, I was told that it hasn't been decided yet and that they need to discuss my return to work with my union rep, which I thought was rather odd. I assumed that since an outcome had been reached and I was in receipt of this in writing, I was no longer suspended and should return to work at the next available opportunity. My other issue is that I feel this was orchestrated from the start because not only was I pushing for extra wages for the staff (they are on minimum wage and have huge stresses and responsibilities for patients), but also extra staff hours to meet the demands of the increased workload. On top of this, there was conflict between myself and one of the partners (has been for some time now) and her conduct towards me. She often goes over my head, undermines me, speaks rudely to me, speaks down to me, shouts at other staff members which I've had to address, has interfered with recent job interviews that I've had in order to ensure I didn't leave the practice (leave them without a manager; not because they didn't want to lose me particularly). They even offered me more money and a position to manage another practice as well in order for me to stay, although neither came to fruition. This resulted in me trying to address the conflict formally with my other managers and we had to have a mediation meeting just a few weeks prior to me going sick. I'd also formally requested that they review my wage to reflect my role and duties as I've verbally requested this many times in the past and it hasn't been done properly. While being off sick, they managed to find cover for me in the form of a retired practice manager who gave up a full time job elsewhere to cover me initially for four weeks. This has obviously rolled on but has made me think that now they realise they can find someone to replace me and they won't be without a manager in post, they are now keen to get rid as opposed to keeping me (and the likelyhood of the covering manager pushing for extra wages is very slim, not to mention being 'fresh blood' in the practice so no animosity between her and the partner I've been having issues with; therefore being less of a nuisance to the Partners). Prior to the disciplinary meeting, I also requested access to my work emails because I felt that there were things that would be pertinent to the disciplinary meeting, which was granted under supervision (naturally). However, when I got there, I was already logged on (the interim manager had my login details NOT provided by me and without my knowledge) and some of the emails that I was looking for had been deleted, and the deleted folder completely emptied. She had also been using my email account despite having her own NHS email account and instead of my "out of office reply" being amended to contact her email address in my absence, it was taken off completely so there is now nothing to say I am not in work. I work under the NHS but in a private practice and I've attached part of their email misuse policy: I also thought that this may be contravening the Computer Misuse Act 1990, attached info: On top of this, I am also a patient at the same practice and while I do not generally see one of the partners, I am in the process of joining a different practice as this is a huge conflict of interest. However, I have been alerted through an appointment with another clinician there that my records have been accessed many times by the Partners (my managers) after me attending the surgery to see either a locum doctor or a nurse. I don't think this is acceptable as I feel they were checking what I was saying to the clinicians and trying to preempt what, if anything, I was planning to do about the conflict with one of the partners. So my questions are: 1. Am I to assume that I am no longer suspended? 2. Should it just be as simple as returning to work or will there have to be further meetings to move forward? 3. I feel that this has been blatantly blown out of proportion in order to try and get rid of me now that they have someone else in post on a lesser wage than me who will be less of a nuisance to them. Am I in a position to do anything about this? 4. What should I do about the email situation? Do I report it to the NHS or the data commissioner or someone? 5. Should I report the GP's (my managers) for accessing my medical records for employment reasons (or rather, no clinical reason)? They had no reason to look at my consultations and had they not been my employers, they wouldn't have had access to do so. I have been offered a conditional offer of a post elsewhere, pending references,which I have accepted and I am planning on telling my new employers what has gone on (this all happened after I was offered the post so I didn't NOT declare it at the time of interview). However, I cannot hand my notice in until I've received an unconditional offer and I know the new job is safe. Once this is in place, I will be handing in my notice. One thing I've learnt is that loyalty and dedication to the job counts for nothing these days; we are but a number on the payroll, a bum on a seat. HELP!!!!! Save Save
  10. Hi, I have a disciplinary meeting coming up for not abiding to a particular policy. However I have witnessed many people (in the presence of managers etc) do the same. There has been no meetings to say they will be cracking down etc Basically my employer and I had a disagreement over one thing, suddenly I'm being investigated for a couple of things, and straight to a disciplinary for others. So I wondered if I can ask for my disciplinary meeting how many other staff have been disciplined for the same reasons? Would that be appropriate? It does feel like they are looking for things to have a go at me with.
  11. Hello Friends, I have been working a my current firm for last 1 year 3 months at one of the top financial firms. I have to work very hard and extended hours to meet the business objectives of firm. My boss is being very unkind and dishonest with me. He basically wants to throw me out and bring in an old colleague at a lower salary. I came to know about his plan from one another colleague. Last Monday, there was a without prejudice meeting with firms solicitor where the boss started making false and flimsy allegations that my conduct has not been right in that I did not follow his instruction. He is citing just two occasions in a matter of one week. I have been able to prove one of the allegation as false and for the other my colleague can help me to prove wrong. He has no evidence of having given any such instruction of work though as it was communicated verbally. He is saying that he can get a few witnesses, who are again his friends from management side. What is best for me. Should I ask for evidence of such work having been assigned to me . Today again there was a without prejudice meeting with the manager and the firms solicitor, who is calling a case of break of trust and confidence as I have been performing poorly. Again this is a baseless allegation. I will come to this aspect later. My company handbook has a disciplinary processes which lays down that disciplinary matter is sorted in four stages. I want to know if the firm is contractually obligated to follow the disciplinary process. I am worried that if thrown out on basis of misconduct and poor performance, then PPI will not cover my mortgage and my career will be ruined. Can someone please advise me on this. Thanks
  12. hi all new here and ina state of panic and anxiety. I worl for an organisation using various files for various staff and client files. the files are in folders called 'cofidential to (department name) staff' which I have access to. Over a period of time I accessed others personnel records such as appraisals folders labelled private and confidential and alsthough I was stupid and had no need to look at them I did (which I regret) which left an audit trail to me being caught accessing them. whilst I was stupid and admitted being stupid when suspended I did mention that although I was in the wrong like my files I put in this folder that I password protect surely having access to these records and them not being protected or stored in inaccessible folders was a breach on the company and the individuals storing them there I know I am in the wrong and am awaiting my disciplinary and worried I will of course lose my job and even if I keep it my relationships with people are burnt. Should the worse happen would I be better off offering my resignation to get a reference for potential new employers? Also are the company at fault for not having personnel files locked/encrypted and accessible (I am not ecusing what |I done|) thank you regards very worried
  13. Hi I am asking for advice please. My husband who has worked at a company for 5 years is facing disciplinary hearing on Monday (I have been allowed to be his companion at this hearing as he is disabled). He had an exemplary work record up til 2 weeks ago and is due to retire in January. He felt he needed to bring a grievance against a colleague and attended a meeting with his line manager for an informal chat about this. His line manager came to the meeting with the HR person and together they bombarded/interrogated him about his grievance. Can i say at this point he had not slept for the previous couple of nights due to serious health issues. He did tell them he felt unwell and was indeed asked if he would like to adjourn the meeting. He declined that offer as he wasn't going to feel any better anytime soon. The interrogation continued and he flipped. He didnt swear or direct his anger towards anything personal but shouted No, No, No and banged his fist on the table. His line manager immediately burst into tears and left the room and in fact left the building for the day. Fact finding statements have been taken and a disciplinary hearing is arranged as I said for Monday. What i would like to know is does this constitute gross misconduct and would be a sackable offence?
  14. Good morning all. Just after a quick bit of advice. I have been off work for the last few weeks after finding out something horrific that had been happening to my 8 year old son. I informed work what had happened and that obviously I would be off work as needed time to not only help my son through it but, also to try and deal with all the emotional things I was going through. I went to see my GP and obtained sick notes to cover me for the time I was off. I even attempt to come back to work sooner but after a few hours there, I was an emotional mess and broke down in tears so obviously wasn't ready. Anyway, I had my welcome back interview and my manager didn't ask how me or my son were doing just simply kept stating how much pressure my time off had placed on my colleagues and, as I was off on Feb for 2 days with sickness I will now be having a disciplinary meeting. I appreciate they are just following company procedures buy just feel the way it has been handled, knowing what I was going through, was very unsympathetic. Anyway, I have seen something about time offf for dependants this morning and was wondering if this is something I might be to have instead of having it as sick even though I provided sick notes? Many thanks
  15. Looking for some advice, Wife works in a primary school and has been late on a number of occasions 15 in total since Nov 15. most of this has been due to our daughter now 2 having problems with nursery attached to the school she works in. Headteacher pulled her into the office about it and gave her a management instruction and told her if she was late again it would go to a disciplinary. She explained to the headteacher that she was actually waiting to speak to him about the times. she said someone had been altering her signing in times on the fire register giving and example of 9.01am being changed to 9.07am with someone altering the 1 to a 7 making it appear she was later than it actually was. She also pointed out that some times had been altered showing she signed in before 9am her starting time to show after 9am. At first she thought it was a mistake but after seeing a few of these she though she better speak to the head as the office staff didn't seem to know anything about it. She stated to the Headteacher that this was possibly fraud and he said well that is a bit harsh I wouldn't put it like that. But I think I know who has been doing it, it was the office manager but in any event the management instruction still stands and that's the end of it. My wife is thinking if getting her union in for a meeting as the head seems to think it's acceptable for someone to alter a legal document?
  16. Hi All, Just a quick question. My partner recently went through a disciplinary at work. (Large retailer) During the process, my partner was not allowed to see any of the evidence at any point. Partner is a union member and the rep said that he could view witness statements, interview notes, etc, but that he could not reveal anything to my partner. Consequently, at the final disciplinary hearing, my partner just had selected "snippets" read out by the store manager and asked to comment on them. There was no indication how many statements there were, or whether evidence from all statements was used. Partner was not dismissed thankfully, but it appears that this is company policy, as other colleagues have experienced exactly the same thing. After reading up on ACAS, there were a number of other questionable things going on during the investigation/disciplinary process, but this seems to me to be a biggie. Just how big is it? Thanks.
  17. My husband has a disciplinary meeting next week. Another worker claims he was rude/bullying. Since her complaint, her boss has claimed she witnessed a similar incident "about 6 months ago" but didn't do any thing about it at the time. He has received their statements, however, they have not taken a statement from his colleague who was there nor have they requested CCTV of either incident. They are saying it could be classed as Gross Misconduct but he has not been suspended. Can they use a statement from someone with no evidence other than her recollection of something approx 6 months ago that was not reported at the time? Should they have asked for a statement from the other person there? Can my husband ask for this to be done before the meeting?
  18. Hi there I recently screwed up at work, and ended up with a disciplinary from a manager who has been waiting for this I made a change to a live system without an appropriate Change Control in place (That being said, I wrote the Change Control Process and its been completely ignored since January this year). We never lost any data, and everything was back to normal in the morning. I got hauled to a meeting where I was told that "this will go on your permanent record", at which point I asked "will I lose my job", and the response was "no, but you will get a written warning".... fast forward to 16 days later, and the post arrives to tell me that I have a meeting this week. I already have evidence to prove that the disciplinary process isnt being applied fairly (someone else made a change recently and whilst it screwed with some systems it was completely ignored, and the manager that has raised the disciplinary has already managed to down some systems when he was upgrading things during the day without telling anyone), how do I proceed? Recently the manager thats raised the Disciplinary has been *really* and I mean extremely micromanaging me, and has also tagged on a complaint about a completely unrelated item which was only added right at the last second in the "investigatory" meeting - which I was not told was an investigatory meeting at all. I have the relevant parts of the ACAS Guidelines which state everything should be fair. Thanks in advance...... JA
  19. Hey all, my Brother-in-Law went to an interview today with Company A. He is currently suspended pending a Disciplinary at Company B (over an accident in the workplace that severely injured my Father-in-Law). At the interview the manager conducting it said they would not be able to offer him the job because they know that he's under investigation at Company B, and went on to say he knew of it because he knows someone that works at Company B. Is he allowed to do this??
  20. I've got some issues at work, for months now i've been experiencing problems with various other employees causing hassle for me, spreading lies, giving me the cold shoulder and encouraging others to do the same, as well as certain individuals sabotaging work and generally trying to make me and 3 others look like we're not doing our jobs. I'm not one to stand by and let someone do that to me or my colleagues, so I took a stand, I made some noise, nobody wanted to know, nobody wanted to upset the apple cart. On several occasions i've told my direct supervisor about how this is affecting me in a negative way and undoubtedly affecting my work too. The last time I spoke to my supervisor (on a Monday), the very same day my manager went digging into weeks/months worth of my work and picking out faults, resulting in a disciplinary action made up of dozens of small errors. He claims he found a single fault on that Monday, BUT instead of bringing this fault to my attention, having a quiet word and sorting it out, he let me make the same mistake again several times over the course of 3 days, before putting together a huge report and taking it straight into a disciplinary action. All the time knowing full well that I'd already made it clear that I was under a lot of stress. Then we get a pre-disciplinary where i'm told what to expect, i'm told to bring supporting evidence, I questioned that I can't get any evidence because i'm not allowed to access that area of the database, he explicitly tells me that "you know you can, we all know you can and you could if you wanted to". Disciplinary day, I get a whole load of stupid little issues thrown at me, I discount more than half of them with my evidence, but it's clear the whole thing is biased and that whatever I say wasn't going to make a difference. He then starts questioning me on how I got my evidence, the meeting ends and now i'm being investigated for misusing the database.......... This is utterly ridiculous, it's clearly a personal matter, he's mad that I was making noise and standing up for myself, etc. He knows i've been under a lot of stress and he's wasted company time and resources by turning this into a witch hunt when he could have resolved it on day one. It's really p!ssing me off, this guy was investigated for bullying another colleague before he was promoted years ago, i'm sure everyone can see what he's doing, HR, his own manager, etc. I don't know how these people can sleep at night and I don't understand how they can think someone like that is good for the business! So now im in a situation where I know he's watching every move, I can afford to make a mistake, but i'm so stressed by all this that I can barely think straight and it's taking me nearly twice as long to do anything!
  21. Hi All, I am looking for advice for a family member of mine who out of the blue has been handed a disciplinary hearing letter today to attend the hearing on Monday at 10am. Ok so let me tell you all the story so far - This lad has just turned 19 years old and has been employed by a financial advice business as an administrator since September 2014. He was taken on with the promise of further training to further his career in the finance world - as yet no training whatsoever. This Monday just gone out of the blue they had a new lady start with the business - it is a small business with around 6 employees in total with approx 3 in the office at a time including him but typically none of the management are in the office as they are out visiting clients. There have been numerous times when he has been left on his own in the office with nobody doing any lone worker checks throughout the day to see if he is ok and not hit his head and in need of urgent medical attention. So the new lady started Monday and has been for the whole of this week telling him how she wants to learn all of his work he does and he had no idea so has been happily showing her what it is he does - so basically training her in his role unbeknown to him. Then today as soon as he walked in his boss took him outside and said to him that he had a letter for him and it was very very very serious - bit of scaremongering thrown in to the mix here - obviously thinking because he is young he might get scared and just hand his notice in. Anyway he has opened the letter in front of his boss and had a bit of a chuckle and said you cannot be serious etc and told him to his face the answers to each charge on the letter. He remained at work for the rest of the day. So the content of the letter goes like this - I am writing to inform you that you are required to attend a disciplinary hearing on Monday 27th of July (Less than 48 hours notice given) at 10am at blah blah (names not shown for obvious reasons) The purpose of the hearing is to consider whether disciplinary action should be taken against you in respect of the alleged misconduct or gross misconduct. The allegation is that - You failed to turn up for work until 11.30am on Wednesday 14th of July and you did not notify me or anyone else of your absence You were asleep at your desk when I came in to the office on Thursday 15th of July I understand that following an alleged assault on you last week you took money from the assailant in return for withdrawing a statement to the police. You were then seen counting rolls of cash at your desk during working hours. (He was assaulted outside of the work place - at the weekend and nothing to do with work and the lad that did it offered a good will gesture of £200 if he didn't go to the police as he was on bail at the time of the assault. No proof of cash changing hands as he has done nothing and left it to the police - the money he had was his birthday money which was the day before this alleged incident which he was counting during his dinner break at his desk) You have on numerous occasions fabricated information which has led to various problems including invoices being unpaid I have previously spoken to you about comments you made to blah blah (former co - worker left the business 3 months ago) that were deemed inappropriate You have been seen on numerous occasions visiting non business websites during working hours. In particular you were warned about this on 29th of April and 05th of May If there are any documents you wish to be considered at the hearing please provide copies as soon as possible. If you do not have those documents please provide details so that they can be obtained. The hearing will follow the disciplinary procedure which is attached. If you are found guilty of misconduct we may decide to issue a written warning or a final warning or dismiss you with notice, or pay in lieu, however if you are found guilty of gross misconduct you may be dismissed without notice or pay in lieu of notice. Now for me I would say they are cutting costs and just going straight for gross misconduct. The case they have is pretty pathetic and has no real substance. This appears to be an underhand tactic to get rid of him via gross misconduct on Monday. I have his responses here to the allegations and will await a response to the initial post before posting his response. It is key that you all know that not once have they advised they are investigating him nor have they given a verbal written or any form of warning to him. they have had an informal chat nor addressed any of these issues they have been investigating with his knowledge. Thanks for your input
  22. I was treated very badly by a major UK supermarket. To see more of my story, to help me and to find out which UK supermarket I am referring to, please see this link where you can watch a very short video (1:46 minutes long) and fill in a short form (less than one minute). Please fill in this form and share it with your UK contacts. https://docs.google.co In a nutshell, my story is that the supermarket appears to have destroyed evidence that would have proven that it breached my contract and that it has made claims to have addressed the issues I raised but has never shown me any evidence to support its claims. The human resources manager (in training) that I was instructed to see for further information about a forthcoming meeting openly declared on his personal Facebook page that he is "fluent in buls""t and sarcasm" The supermarket has still not answered some important questions. The supermarket still insists that it did not breach my contract. My case has been brushed under the carpet and the company has denied even the things that are written on paper. The company seems to be pleased that I have so far not been able to do anything about the matter. I feel forgotten and feel that I can easily be mistreated by big companies with near impunity. I feel my life has been a joke.
  23. Hi guys looking for some advice. My wife has works for a large UK supermarket and has worked there for 26 years. She was off for a day last week, with a sickness bug. She received a letter yesterday inviting her to attend a "disciplinary meeting" to discuss her absence as she has been off 3 times in the past 9 months. On one of these occasions she was admitted to hospital for 3 days My understanding is that the meeting should only be an informal meeting to establish the facts and if appropriate then arrange a disciplinary meeting She is taking along a colleague to the meeting , but should this be a "disciplinary meeting". When she has been off from work she has advised her work before her shift and has received the relevant return to work interviews
  24. Hi,after some advice please,i was involved in an incident at work on 12/06/2015.on monday 15/06/2015 I went to work at 8am,after being there for 10 mins or so the production manager appeared and said he needed a word with me about what happened friday. he asked me to go into the kitchen with him to discuss this.I told him what happened.he said he wouls write down what I'd said then look at the evidence,and would be in touch,he told me I was suspended until then.on the 17th I had a letter from him saying I was guilty of gross misconduct and my dismissal was immediate.and that I could appeal the decision.the date on the letter he'd sent was 15th.I wrote to appeal stating I didn't think they'd followed procedures,not informing me of my rights,investigation and decision being made by same person.not providing me with any witness statements to defend myself.Had an email today iviting me to a disciplinary hearing 01/07/2015.don't understand this if I'm already dismissed.
  25. Hey all, hoping I can get some more experienced views on some things. My Father in Law was involved in a very serious accident at work a few months ago. He survived, although he may not recover full use of an arm or leg (he was at risk of loosing them). He was dragged into a machine and crushed while trying to clear a jam. He's now received a letter from his work saying that their internal investigation has concluded and that he will be invited to a Disciplinary Hearing (date to be arranged). Government Health and Safety officials were there on the day, however he hasn't heard anything from them since. Is this normal? He was called by another member of staff on his day off and went in to help as this person was working alone and he knew how dangerous a jam like this could be (and indeed was). He was stood on a tiny platform with no guard rail and had to put his head and shoulders in the machine to poke at the jam until it came loose. While doing so the pole he was using was grabbed by the machine and he was dragged into it, then being crushed by the rubbish that was previously jammed. He's very angry that he's now got this hearing as he feels they're to blame for poorly designed equipment and unsafe practices (one person on their own). They have put a stop to the machine ever being worked alone since this happened. I'm trying to let him know that the hearing will just be a meeting to establish what, if any, responsibility lies with him (and the other worker). What are the likely outcomes though? Should the work be waiting until H&S have even spoken to him?
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