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  1. Thanks rebel11 for your suggestion . Actually , the laptop is with my wife and she is in UK now. So I can only transfer the warranty once she is back . However, me and my wife have discussed with the DELL technical support staff several time . Each time time they are reluctant to help us and demanding some more money . Last they have demanded £150 for the LCD screen . I am getting really irritated . The laptop is totally unusable now and she has to sit idle . I think I will have to wait till the warranty period is over and have to pay the penalty price. At least we can use it .
  2. Conniff, I have emailed to the above mentioned email id . Yes, Its a penalty Charge they are asking for . Initially they demanded £60 , but suddenly they have increased their demand to £130 .
  3. Hi rebel11 , I bought the product on 27 th May 2013 and now it is 24th April ,2014 . So it is still under the 1 year warranty coverage . I replaced the Hard disk , as it was damaged . The media part of the hard disk became corrupted . So I have made a call to the DELL and they have replaced the Hard disk . I replaced it on around December , 2013 I am not able to see anything on my screen now. It is totally unusable now . Please suggest me what to do now .
  4. Hi porkyp1g , The top most part of the laptop is white and also some black spots are also coming on the screen . And how can I invalidate the terms by replacing the hard disk ? It was within warranty period.
  5. Dear Dell Customer care , On 27th May,2013 I bought a "DELL INSPIRON 5521 Base (Service Tag : xxxxxxxxxx , Express Service Code : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)" at Peterborough,United Kingdom . Unfortunately, your product has not performed well since the very beginning . I am disappointed because I had to replace my faulty hard disk within 4 month of purchasing the laptop . Now before completion of 1 year , the LCD screen has turned into white and I am not being able to see anything on the screen. I have already communicated the same to the customer support centre of Dell care . Please note, my Lap
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