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  1. Hi All, I have a BTL property. I was in arrears of months. Today I have recd a letter for formal demand to pay full mortgage in 1 week. I have cleared the arrrears as of this morning. I am bit surprise no notice or anything during this 4 months except letter of arrears. I was wondering what are my options? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Bill
  2. Hi, I bought a voltage converter from Amazon to use for an American TV. While using it the converter started buzzing really loudly, suddenly overheated, and killed my flatscreen Samsung TV. Since I bought the product there are some very bad reviews on the product that include a person whose item exploded as a result of the item being faulty, so its not just me. I've been trying to get in touch with Amazon complaints department as I wanted to log a formal complaint about the converter and the TV, and I did this over a chat with Amazon's complaints department (- apparent
  3. Having so many Pay day loans (different thread already) and gambling I took stupidly on the same time unsecured Loan – contract with TM ADVANCES LTD. The interest its huge but when you are gambling you don’t think about now I need a help. They didn’t ask for Bank statement and I can see searches on my Credit file so was very clear how much debt I had already but I am not expecting that this one will be easy
  4. Hi again guys, been having great success so far with these debts (will try to find a link my other post which is about over a year old to give you some context) So the quick back story Lowell owned the debt, bpo was acting on their behalf sent a CCA request bpo passed it back to lowell after not responding, lowell have then ask their legal team (phahaha) lowell solicitors to start court proceeding, rang them for abit of fun informed them that no cca has been sent, they have now supplied me with the request but it is unreadable (will update this post with
  5. I was caught using a child's ticket by TFL (although my friend who is 2 years older wasn't stopped at the same station...) after received a letter about it, telling me to write back to them and tell my version of events. I wrote back a pathetically grovelling letter of apology and have received a letter in response telling me I will receive only a formal warning if I pay £254.90. An extortionate amount, but I can pay (thank you student loan) and my question is - would a formal warning show up on a criminal record? I study PPE and hope to possibly enter t
  6. Looking for some advice. I've got a first formal attendance meeting coming Tuesday 3rd November unsure if this is actually a stage 1 meeting at this point or just a formal meeting. As I work for the NHS I'm above the Trust's 3.5% threshold over the last 12 months. my sickness stands at 4.7%. I was off sick in April for about 2 weeks putting my sickness to 5.5% from an earlier episode that had my just under the 3.5% cut off point. The Junior sister had a back to work meeting on the 7th April but because it was 5.5% had to refer this to the Senior sister. this can sometimes t
  7. I'm new here so I apologise if I'm posting this in the wrong section. My wife and I purchased a business a few years ago that we closed earlier this year. The seller tricked us into buying the business by inflating the figures and we fell for it. Anyway.. we have lost our entire life savings trying to keep it going and earlier this year when we had no money left we had no choice but to walk away as we could not find a buyer after trying so hard to sell it for over a year. We have a business loan for £45k with Lloyds which we have personally guaranteed (I've been told the PG is w
  8. Hi, First time posting/reading the forums here and I'm in need of some advice. I have an outstanding balance with Barclaycard for around £2,500 (credit card - no ppi). Due to loss of job back in 2013 I went in to a debt management program, since then I've been making payments for the last 18 months or so but at a rate under the minimum amount (agreed with my Debt Management Company). In my first year of debt management I made a very small payment £100 or so to my DMC and they paid my creditors. This year my financial situation had improved somewhat (new job et
  9. I have received two letters today for "formal demand for payment made in accordance with the Practice Direction - Pre-Action Conduct of the Civil Procedure Rules". These are for an HSBC overdraft and Credit Card that I know are statute barred. Should I reply now with the SB letter or wait for the claim forms?
  10. Hi, hope all are well. Got a few fires burning at the moment, this one has failed even before it started. Summary as follows: Family member, financial problems. Defaulted. Token Payments being made. I sent a C.C.A. Request in April, should have received something start of this month. Nothing arrived. Made a Formal Complaint to the CEO's Office including a 'Account in serious dispute' letter, complaint ignored. Now 2 weeks overdue. Gave them a deadline to reply by. Complained on twitter, they've replied, but they are delaying the situation. [They'll probably figure out who I
  11. Hi i am looking for advice i just read this letter when i arrived back home on friday night from a debt recovery company for a bill for the previous occupier of the property but its got my name on the debt recovery letter. the bill in question was £155 for between the dates of 01/08/2104 - 14/12/2014. I was in the process of moving into this property and set up a account with e on on the 15/12/2014. The letter from the debt company was made up on the 20/04/2105 and it says i have 7 days of receipt of the letter to pay the bill i have sent a e
  12. Well I contacted wonga when the whole FCA thing came out saying that they had lent me money when I couldn't afford it and they had defaulted me and sold my debt on. I asked them when they defaulted me, who owned the alleged debt and that they should take the default off. The default is registered on callcredit still under Wonga and under Experian it says "Not recorded"! I got back a few automated emails, then another one generated saying they were looking into it. I left it for a few weeks and then prompted them, didn't hear anything back. Two months later I sent them a formal compla
  13. Good Afternoon I am looking for some helpful advice on my situation. I am currently signed off due to stress but am expecting a disciplinary on my return to work towards the end of January. I have been with my employer almost 5 years and I am a member of a union. In Oct 2012 I was disciplined for being insubordinate and reacting unreasonably to an email request, my first offence. My punishment was a 6 month warning (expired may 13). Since then I have not had any further issues until recently. Over Christmas we had lost a family member and so I was not myself at the end of Decem
  14. With formal notice from Ofgem in relation to an investigation of BES, it is considered reasonable to make the following information public; It is with some satisfaction I can finally reveal that a major London law firm has now agreed to look into BES with the intention of starting a group action. At this stage, anyone reading this that has received a 'gagging order' in theory will still be able to bring their case to the group action as evidence - any attempt to stop you doing that will be taken very seriously, and is almost certainly perverting the course of justice, so
  15. So today, I was pulled aside in work for an informal meeting regarding alleged misconduct, some notes were taken in regards to the incident and I was told that I would be updated as soon as possible - Two hours later, I was pulled aside again and informed that I would be suspended with pay, HR would be in contact via mail with full details, and I would be invited to attend a formal meeting. Alleged misconduct; It has been alleged that I was in possession of illegal drugs in the workplace, nothing was said about the use of said substance (herbal cannabis). After work, I had changed in
  16. Having no one to talk to, I thought I could post here. I have spoken to my manager at least four times about a member of the team I work with who never even acknowledges me whilst at work, this person seems to be angry at everything, my manager has not done anything apart from the fact she says she will talk to him. Today whilst on holiday I receive a letter to attend a Formal Investigatory meeting because this person has raised a formal grievance against me, no details have been given apart from my alleged behaviour towards them and my percieved attitude, no other detai
  17. In June, I initiated a formal complaint with Virgin Media as they came and installed a media cable onto my property without my requesting it (eg they basically came to the wrong address!). In doing so, they drilled several holes in my front garden wall, damaged a plant, etc. Whilst they have since returned (after I brought the mistake to their attention) and removed the cable, I still expect them to restore my front wall (which is fairly new) to its original condition and pay compensation for the inconvenience, recorded delivery, phone calls, etc. Despite an exchange of letters in wh
  18. Hi peeps, I put in writting a formal grievence to my employer and gave them 14 days to respond, (this is after they had 3 months to respond informally to a enquiry) and basically I keep getting told it's been shown to this person then that person but nobody has got back to me. I've been told a manager intends to arrange a meeting with me but they haven't as yet contacted me, 5 days after my deadline. Do these notifications of who it's been passed to count as a response? What are my options now please? Many Thanks
  19. I am to start the process of reclaiming my bank charges against Barclays on 2 accounts I currently hold. I know which template I am going to use but first I am hoping some of you kind folk can help before I start. 1/ Whats is the best address to send my letter to. 2/ Do I have to send £20 because its to cover 2 accounts. 3/ Have far back can I claim to 4/ Can I reclaim their £22 daylight robbery reserve account charges. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Hi all, I just wanted to ask a bit of advice. Today I received a Formal demand letter from Past Due Credit Solutions stating that they have been appointed to recover an amount of a couple of hundred quid owed to Bristol Wessex Billing Services. I don't know what the debt could be and I certainly don't think it is mine. There is no other information about to what the debt relates or when or where it was incurred. The remainder of the letter just states how I can pay them which I will not be doing without significantly more evidence that I actually owe this amoun
  21. Just need a little bit of advice really, i have a disciplinary meeting soon for 'high sickness absence' My employer has a strange sickness policy, it is a rolling year sickness that has no set start date?!?! So they pick and choose presumably what date my sickness started for that year. I always thought it was january to december then i thought they changed it to april to april and now it seems its a random rolling year. So firstly, has anyone heard or had experience with this type of sickness? I have been employed for 5 years with this employer and probably taking 10 days sick
  22. Hi I had two accounts with Natwest and both had overdraft facilities, I fell behind with these accounts and ended up in a Insolvency agreement along with other debts however this failed and i have now been served with a formal notice of intention to file a default if payment is not made or an agreement is not arranged to pay these debts back, one is for £1545.57 and the other is for £2109.62 along side these is a loan with Natwest balance being just under £14k, there is no way i can afford much to pay towards these as my circumstances have not altered,
  23. Hi, I have received a letter from Buchanan Clark & wells titled Formal demand on behalf of their client aktiv capital this is a an MBNA debt from late 2011 it already has a default registred from MBNA on my credit file Is this a statutory demand? which could lead to bankruptcy, i don't have a job or any valuables to say the least since i was made redundant in 2011, but i am worried nonetheless , the letter goes on to say that they are unaware of any legitimate reasons of not paying and they may recommend legal action and to contact them immediately any advise on how to respond
  24. Hi I recently requested a CCA from Link Finance regarding an Abbey Loan. The request was initially made on 10th February 2009 and follow up letter was sent on 16th March 2009. I received a letter back from Link Finance saying the account had been put on hold for the time being. Last week I started receiving calls again from Link Finance, I didn't answer, they requested I call them, which I didn't. This week I received a copy of what appears to be the CCA, it is an extremely bad copy of what looks like itself to be a copy. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what to
  25. Hi I am new to this site although to date my friend who is a member has beenhelping me. Due to circumstances, my friend is no longer able to help so I amnow going alone. I have an outstanding debt with Barclaycard and i stopped paying lastAugust. I wrote asking for a copy of my agreement in September and received aletter from Barclaycard saying they would answer me shortly. However to date I have not had a reply, only letters from Mercers and manyphone calls from Barclaycard which i have ignored. Today, I received a Formal Demand for Payment letter giving me until friday8/
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