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  1. not even to confirm start an end dates of employment? Thanks I will do.
  2. Letter received today in regards to my request for the release to be put in writting: 'Further to your email I can confirm your P45 is in the post to you. This will confimr that your employment with ???? has ended. This should suffice for benefit purposes.' I was under the impression this P45 could not be generated until final wage had been given for this to be included within the P45 calculation, this too me seems that they are not going to pay me monies owed is this allowed by law? I worked 2 weeks and was due 1 weeks notice and any holiday pay? Thanks.
  3. Hi there was no social media policy, there was no contract ever given or anything every signed for to discuss matters like this, ill look into the aspect of the statement as said we where never given anything in there within the two months timescale or even upto the point of being released. Ive asked for the release in writting and so far nothing has been actioned by them they are also not providing a reference to a potential new employer and are ignoring my calls, are they allowed to do all this? Thanks.
  4. It was may facebook account not a company, the comment has been removed etc, they never gave ne notice but did say they would pay us 1 week, its due end of the mth an with this going on i feel i wont get paid at all, whats the statement of employment all about? Thanks
  5. I have taken it down i stated i wont apolgise for it, there a small company who on a day to day basis had debt companies chasing them so i feel its a scare tactic but its not worked on me as im willing to go the full hog, they may be able to afford lawyers but the fact i cant is the main concern why take sum1 to court when u wont get ne money outa it from me knowing i cant pay solicitor bills etc makes this laughable to me as it seems pointless, i never left tho they released me with no reason so have kind of chose the wrong person to use as an example as im bound to be reathing from being rel
  6. thanks for the replies again. the managment are ****houses comment is in regards to them not supplying a reason and pussy footing wrong the release, they wont reply to my request for the release to be put in writting or an explanation so yes they are ****houses and hiding coz they avnt got a reason. I wont be apologising as I stand by my comment 100% my opinion of the managers is they are ****houses and its not just an apology there after damages etc, it was an employment law advisor who advised they need to prove me right there UK based? I seem to keep getting conflicting informatio
  7. This is the statement, I have blanked out the company name but this was showing on original post via facebook I have been previously advised that as they are making the claim they need to prove it too be false not me proving it right is this correct? I can provide evidence of there lack of knowledge, poor after sales, complaints etc... oh well nice early dart from work as ive been sacked, yes sacked form ???? the place where the management are full on ****houses, too become a manager you need to know bare minimal about the overall job role and just wing it, customer service is not in ther
  8. Hi any information will be much appreciated the scenario is this: Called in to the office on Fri 5th July along with another employee, manager says to us 'sorry its not working out the way we planned where going to have to let you go'... Ive been there for only 4 months and no contract was ever drawn up. There was no prior warning of this lay off etc, they have hired two ne members of staff who began the following Monday so its not down to being over staffed. I called up the office latter that Friday to request for this to be put into writting, I was advised this would be done,
  9. Help required, I sent the letter requesting some time to gather my ingoings (as of yet my income is not confirmed still awaiting recalculation using my MAY wage slip) and also expressed that once again my dealings be done in only writing, I have had triton call me on numerous occassions so I wrote once more raised a complaint about the calls and also the missing data details. A letter received back from natwest reads ' I am unable to agree with your request to remove your number from our/or Triton records' I was under the impression that If I requested removal it had to be
  10. ill get that sorted 2moro, feels good to finally get things moving and feeling in control, this site is amazing, all of your advice has lifted a good weight of stress from my shoulders, thanks
  11. Thanks all, Ive completed a letter advising Natwest of my current position and requested for 6-8 weeks as a timescale to get my ingoing's sorted and benefits recalculated etc, do I send this also to the solicitor or capquest or JUST natwest?
  12. thank you, all of your help has been greatly appreciated and eased my stress levels thanks.
  13. Thank you, my CRA is awful so i suppose like you say that can work in my favor, i hope that once my benefits are recalcualted i will be in slightly better position so can try start repaying, is there a way in which i would prioritise debts i.e. highest amount first? all the debts are either credit cards, store cards, loan (non secured) or would i simply offer them each the same amount? my debt with natwest is 17k (loan and 2 overdrafts) so is the biggest of them all and the most worrying one. Thanks.
  14. thanks i will look them up... Ive got sar details for me natwest debts (minus credit card details) no charges have been applied and no interest is being added just now need to get meself sorted finacially and start reducing the debt. Santander Credit Card now with Drydensfairfax have yet to return an agreement that was acknowledged back in August so I assume they havnt got it as they have made no further contact. Capital one credit card now with Fredrickson International, they completed the CCA request but not had any further correspomdance since Jan 20th 2013 Few others ha
  15. Thanks, i was only going to use the budget planner for myself to make an informed offer to them but at the moment i don't know what i can or cant afford, if i don't have to sing to there timescales then they can wait and i will review it once all my money is back on track. I was in a iva but that failed due to payments being 200+ i couldn't keep on top of it now im going alone but what is ndl or payplan? Thank you so much for your advice
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