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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I'm new to the forum, looking for some advice on putting in a complaint about a solicitor. Essentially the issue lie around them repeatedly misunderstanding instructions and failing to pass on information that has a detrimental effect on children and myself. I was in an abusive relationship with ex partner. we split late last year (2015). He was extremely manipulating and would always be gaslighting situations. Now although we have split up, he still continues with this kind of behaviour, and it centres around access with the children. his solicitor keeps forgetting to pass on information or takes responsibility so as not to bring her clients behaviour into question when it comes to attending court. unfortunately though, the most recent event is one of many, and surely a solicitor shouldn't be making so many mistakes or misunderstandings. Between the solicitor and the ex, they have both caused significant upset to children and then to me. When I try to defend the children or myself, its all just brushed aside and put down to me overthinking a situation. I want to put in a complaint, because somewhere along the line someone is lying and these lies are detrimental in the court case. has anyone ever done this, or have any experience in putting forward a complaint about a lawyer who isn't acting for them specifically. thanks Shelly
  2. I've been repaying my MBNA Credit Card account via Stepchange for some time now, and MBNA were happy with the amount I was paying and, in that respect, my account was up-to-date On the 19th August I received a latter that stated "We are writing to give you notice that we are ending your MBNA credit card agreement in accordance with Clause 18 of the terms and conditions. This will happen on 22/10/2016 The letter then goes on to say that if they sell the debt to a 3rd party, they will tell me "as soon as is reasonably possible" I get home today, 14th September, and my latest statement from MBNA is on the doormat. I open it to find that they have already sold the debt, and this was done on the 8th September. My question is, having given me notice that this wouldn't happen for another month, and they would tell me ASAP if it was to be sold, are they within their rights to do what they have done? eg terminate the account a month early and sell without telling me first? Just seems very underhand to me. Being in debt is stressful enough but behaviour like this just makes it worse... Out of all my creditors, MBNA have been the worst by far!
  3. I have given my car for a full service on 5-Mar-2015 at around 9 in the morning. There wasn't any specif problems I had,just given it for the annual maintenance service. They called me back in the evening at 16.52 to let me know that they have some major issue with my car, and they want me to drop by the centre to know more about it. When I went there, they said "while trying to remove the old spark plugs, one of it got broke and stuck inside the engine. We tried for more than 2 hours to take it out but couldn't. We tried our best, but sorry we couldn't take it out." I asked them, "I gave the car in morning in a proper working condition, now you have broken it and say sorry". They said, "No we didn't purposefully break it, while trying to remove it broke." I also asked them, "If you have tried for more than 2 hours, why you didn't bother to call me immediately, when you see a problem". For which they said, we dont want to panic you. Which doesn't sounds right me. And finally when I asked them how to fix it, they said it is difficult to fix. And they gave me two choices: 1) Scrap the car 2) Spend £1500 to fix it. When I asked them, "You broke my car which was in a proper working condition and expecting me to bare the cost of your mistake", they claim that "It's not our fault". It all sounds very rude for a customer like me, who just gave the car for annual service and in the evening expecting me to pay £1500 for the mistake they have done. I wouldn't expect such an irresponsible response from a reputed company like yours. The centre manager/staff very word as "you have to scrap your car", had put me at emotional trauma and stress, that made me tow the car and put it in my garage. This is very unfair service towards any loyal customer like me.
  4. I recently bought a second hand car from car giant. But I am so disgusted and stressed out by their attitude. 2 weeks ago I went to pick up my vauxhall car from them. ist I was refused to go in as i did not have sales invoice but when I paid over the phone nothing was issued neither was sent by email to prove, after collecting the car found out car boot not opening. asked me wait till car is repaired by their work shop but in the end agree to pay the cost if I take to the vauxhall garage . nearly 3 weeks I have not had time to go the garage and take the hassle time to get it right. then I was given only 1 set of key instead of 2 which was promised during sales and later sent the 2nd key by post. I want the admin fee fee paid £98 to be returned. please support my view
  5. Good Afternoon I am looking for some helpful advice on my situation. I am currently signed off due to stress but am expecting a disciplinary on my return to work towards the end of January. I have been with my employer almost 5 years and I am a member of a union. In Oct 2012 I was disciplined for being insubordinate and reacting unreasonably to an email request, my first offence. My punishment was a 6 month warning (expired may 13). Since then I have not had any further issues until recently. Over Christmas we had lost a family member and so I was not myself at the end of December. Without going into too much detail my job can be quite stressful and at the end of 2014 we had a skeleton workforce with makeshift management cover. The person in charge of our section that afternoon was not in a particularly cheerful mood and did not like my joke "should've gone to specsavers", replying "shut up ***". She then began to pester me for updates on various issues I was looking at, using an authoritarian and condescending tone. At first I dismissed the issues as being a storm in a tea cup and answered her politely and respectfully, however she began to raise other issues quite vocally and it became obvious that she was trying to make it clear to the senior manager sat close to her that she was the boss of the team. As she continued I made a tongue-in-cheek remark "she's being a bully again' to let the senior manager know in a polite way that I wasn't happy with her behaviour. The situation escalated over the next hour as I asked her for assistance (as she was the only other person with experience of that product), however she simply asked me to send her the details on email, which I did, and on receipt she simply replied "that's wrong". I asked her to elaborate and she was reluctant to do so, making me feel like I was foolish for not having worked it before. I explained that "I haven't done one of these *** before" and so I required further assistance. She asked me to send her a second version which I did, and again she found fault with it pointing to some "grey areas". I spoke to another member of staff on the phone who verified that the details I had included were correct, which I told her. She still disagreed an beckoned me round to her desk. I asked her "why didn't you tell me that the first time?" She replied that it was a matter of procedure to check everything, but I pointed out that "that field wasn't previously populated so how would I know?" She then accused me of being 'aggressive and bang out of order", and foolishly replied "With my family troubles? I don't think you know what aggression is. Let's take this out (of the office, in private) and I can show you what I mean". She then accused me of threatening her and told me to "sit down". I told her not to "tell me what to do" and then after speaking to the senior manager I left the room. I admit to overreacting but surely both parties are at fault here and so her formal complaint is only one side of the story, although unfortunately she was the same person involved in 2012. Please help (I welcome any constructive criticism). Thanks
  6. Hi All. I was recently travelling home from London on a Southeastern train after a few drinks with my work colleagues. Due to the onboard toilet being out of use and me bumping into an old friend on the train we decided to exit the train and use the station toilet in the knowledge that the train may depart and we'd have to get the next one. As i left the toilet the train was about to depart, and although i can't remember exactly what happened due to the drinks id consumed, i may have swore a few times asking them to hold the train. My friend, however, was still in the toilet long after the train had left the platform. Next thing we knew a policeman grabbed my friend as we stood on the platform and started to drag him out of the station, all the while accusing him of kicking the train and swearing at it (later changed to swearing at the rail staff). My friend denied this completely but the officer insisted it was all captured on cctv - somehow? When we got to the station entrance another officer joined the party as well as a rail staff worker. The story then changed to it being me who'd sworn at the rail staff as well as apparently banging on the the doors and the windows. Since my friend was with me (we'd bumped into each other two seconds before we got to the station as we were both looking for the onboard toilet) he was being ejected/ and also they still insisted they had us both on cctv committing the offence. In the end we gave up arguing after the threat of an arrest on the basis of Bylaw 6 - Unacceptable behaviour on the railway. I am now in the process of making a formal complaint as I don't feel the actions of the officers on the night was appropriate. I accept that my case is weakened by the fact that I don't have a perfect memory of all the events that happened BUT my friend does and whilst i admit i may have sworn as the train left, I strenuously deny doing it in anything other than jest based on the mood i was (and that we'd already preempted this the train leaving) and i certainly am not one for kicking inanimate objects, drunk or not. Furthermore, when the rail staff who i'd supposedly sworn at arrived at the exit I had never seen him before so I really think it's a case of mistaken identity - which is evident from the fact they originally grabbed hold of my friend (who is tall, skinny and SriLankan) mistaking him for me (I'm shortish and I'm told my Irish heritage is clear to see!). The investigating police officer has assured me that if the cctv evidence proves a crime was committed they will prosecute - which feels like they are trying to blackmail me into not pursuing it. I'm now stuck needing advice as to what to do next. Ordinarily i'd leave it and put it down to a bad experience but being stuck 40 miles from home after midnight and then having to pay £100 in taxi fares means I feel I should pursue it. Even if i did swear, I feel it would be totally reasonable given that we'd left the train to use the toilet, when most other people on the train were just using the bins or the seats! I don't feel they'd have sufficient evidence to prosecute me or if there is even a prosecutable offence for that matter? but they may try and use this as a way to ban me from using the train services in the future, which will be much more costly than £100 when i have to find other means for getting to and from work. However, ignoring my issue, my friend has clearly been picked on for absolutely no reason, other than maybe his ethnic appearance and anything they said about having cctv of him is an absolute lie. I don't think it is reasonable that someone can make a wild accusation and the police simply side with them without first checking the supposed evidence themselves. Any thoughts appreciated!
  7. Hi guys having some strange behaviour by Link Financial for a BC debt that is 3 years old. the time line is as follows Default issued by BC 2011 NOA issued by BC 2013 Link financial now are the renta cop, I am helping a friend with this and know the rules, so I gathered all of the paperwork and delved in to this debt, not much paperwork tbh. Next stage was to send CCA off to Link. Link return Po as incorrectly filed out, (was to BC) CCA was addressed to BC in a separate letter link say they will not send off CCA or PO to BC Link are acting obo of a different DCA called IDS I think (off the top of my head) Since BC state I must correspond with their agents in all matters I Will wait till Link send me back the PO and re-issue it to BC and start the 12 day clock again Unless the original time continues from my failed CCA request. The debt from BC is full of charges and a is CC debt. I have requested the CCA to see if they have a copy then take it from there. Once the CCA is back then I will be doing a SAR to get the statements to reclaim. So the advice is can the DCA refuse to forward on the CCA request and wil the time clock be restarted Thx MM
  8. For a number of years we have had a mortgage with platform, we have never paid late or missed a payment, in 2008 the property became unsuitable for our needs due to other commitments, there was no chance of selling it as the mortgage was way too high and values had gone through the floor, so we asked if we could let the property. Platform agreed to this. They charged a annual £35 "Tenancy Review Fee - As part of us agreeing to let your residential property we have the right to conduct a review. If we choose to do so we will tell you at the time of the review in writing. The non-refundable fee is to cover the administration cost" According to the current Tariff they also charge a £72 Letting Application fee, I cant remember how much I paid. When pressed recently what this "administration" is they write to tell us its due and receive my letter and the insurance which I send them, they then scan them to my file, I do more admin than they do. For the first year they wanted this fee every 6 months, which was ridiculous, they then agreed to do it every year. This year on the 24th April I received a letter telling me the tenancy is due for renewal and they need to see a tenancy agreement (same tenants for past 4 yr) and payment of £35 or they will class the tenancy as unauthorised and increase the interest rate by 1% This had to wait until pay day came around, in the meantime in the 2nd week of May I received the same letter again but this time asking for £55 over 50% increase, when I rang to question I was told that the rate went up on the 1st of May, when I questioned exactly what kind of administration could possibly cost £55 all she could say was writing a few letters and scanning them, when asked how they could justify such an increase there was no response, nor was there a response to the fact I had only just over a week before the end of May had a request for £35. She did say its all covered in new tariff of charges that I received, but when I said just because you have sent me a list of amounts that does not make them fair or right, I could write anything and send it, that doesnt make it right, lawfully or morally. They have also been causing me headaches over my buildings insurance, they demand to see a copy of the policy schedule each year which I have no problem with if it wasnt for the way they go about it. I have a landlords insurance policy and have had from day 1, this year on renewal I received a letter asking for a copy of the schedule, I faxed this to them for some reason I also had the hindsight to note the date and time I sent the fax, 2 week later I received a further letter from Platform stating that as they had not received any insurance detailts from me they had gone ahead and arranged their own policy which I cannot claim on nor would I see any documents, this would be charged to me at a cost of £21.20 a month and a £10 administration fee had been debited to my mortgage account and will accrue interest at the same rate as my mortgage (for the next 23 years!) I called giving the exact date and time I sent the fax (without this they would never have found it, as they didnt even bother to process is) she looked through the fax system and found the fax, looked over the policy and said everything is fine the charges will be removed straight away, she could offer no explanation as to why despite me doing my part, they had failed to carry out the simplest of tasks. You would think that would be the end of it ... not a chance, when they wrote telling me the fee was now £55 they also demanded confirmation that the buildings insurance covers residential letting and confirmation of the sum insured, both of which were on the policy schedule, which they checked when they previously told me everything was fine. Then last week I received a call saying there was no date on the policy schedule which is ridiculous, I pointed out exactly where the date is to be told that she couldn't actually see the documents I had sent as they weren't on her screen anyway and she was just going off what the system said, why was she calling me without confirming the facts first? I reminded her that the policy was checked while I was on the phone after they claimed they didn't have it but all she said was maybe the pages didn't come through clear ARGH So yet again I faxed the policy schedule off to them. Can companies lawfully use "administration fees" to profiteer, which is clearly the case, if not I want to be an admin worker for them as they must be earning an awful lot of money, what they do they cant do right. Do we really have to keep being shafted like this. Incidentally the rent doesn't even cover the mortgage, insurances & upkeep so its not as if we are doing it to make money. I hate this company, the Mortgage point told us that these will be the only people we could use at the time I had 1 default on my credit file which should never have been on my credit file (and has been removed now) my wife had nothing on hers, Mortgage Point also made us take up a specific life insurance or pay a massive amount of money on top i believe around £1000
  9. [sorry, haven't figured out how to qoute from another thread] {and as if by magic - it's quoted!! - Erika xx} I've been on the 'assessment phase' of ESA since November 2008 and should have a Tribunal hearing sometime after March the first. My understanding is that, as I don't yet get the disability premium, I'm not eligible for CWP. My last spirometry test showed my level of COPD at 'severe'. Cold weather is not friendly to me! The reason I've suddenly hit a bit of a crisis was due to having to renew my car tax [£104.50 for 6 months] a few days ago. If I take my time I can walk ok'ish but there is no way I could survive without my car. I live in a country village with minimal public transport. [it's a four mile round tip to my corner shop!] There seemed to be very few options left for me to try to skimp and limp through the next few weeks. Already skipping some bills but others have to be met. The most crippling thing at the moment is the electric. [No gas out here]. I'm on a key meter, Economy 7 night storage heaters. This is costing me over £25 a week. That's probably less than most people but it's a lot to me. I only have one cooked meal a day and have three heaters on. Apart from a few small appliances that's pretty much it. So I turned off the heating. Not an easy decision tbh, but I thought I can always wear a coat to bed! I know key meters are expensive but I don't want a quarterly bill I can't afford to meet. However I've got to reduce this outgoing somehow. So I phoned Southern Electric to enquire how I can change to a quarterly meter. They said they'd have to do a credit check first of all. I knew I wouldn't pass that and promptly burst into tears! I ended up having to explain what I'd done and, to be fair, he was pretty appalled especially with the state of my health. He arranged for me to be added to their list of 'heat dependant' customers. One of the benefits of which is that they bypass the credit check. They also run a rebate scheme for the vulnerable which he's sending me details about. And then he said he'd spoken to his Manager and he was sending me a new key with £20 credit to make sure I had heat for a while. [That was yesterday and the key arrived this morning! So I have been able to put the heating back on]. I'm grateful to Southern Electric for their help and I'll soon be off the key meter. I do have an appointment with CAB on the 12th regarding my Tribunal and I'll be speaking to them about what else I can do. Apologies for the mega post but, if someone else is in a similar situation, I hope my experience can help. Rae.
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