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  1. Good Morning to everyone here at CAG, another one of the many issues we've had to face at least it's not a council issue as before. I'm here to warn everyone and I have been a bit lazy and not searched the forum for any related articles, but I do feel this information needs to be passed on. This information concerns several business's and so I will Bold each one and to why I'm warning people of this. I will also provide as much information as I can, including links "BUT PLEASE DON'T USE THESE COMPANIES" The reason I'm posting this, is due to my wife. I run my own Small Business
  2. Hi to you all who have taken out loans with this company me also being one I feel we are all same unite here cos we are all similar cases loans done by the company mine has been too trauma to put on here its cost me dearly in my nerves etc I just want to say thank you for saying on here to each and everyone of you I know we all have experienced same things to do with this company, please hang on cos I believe there is now light at the end of the tunnel. BLESS YOU all and try relax , sometimes it just takes one more to move the mountain . I had to rem
  3. I found out yesterday that RBS have closed my account with no warning and they have said I can't get any funds out of the account. They say there is a letter on it's way - it leaves me in a bad way just a few days before Christmas. They told me to contact them in the New Year to see if there is any update. How long can they keep my money for? I had an old debt with Natwest going back 20 years - can they take this from my RBS funds??
  4. Banks have admitted that thieves are able to use contactless cards even if they’ve been cancelled – sometimes months after being reported stolen. RBS, Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays and Nationwide admitted that a ‘weakness in the system’ can allow fraudsters to use cards after they have been reported lost. The ‘tap and pay’ cards allow purchases up to £30 without requiring a PIN number. The problem stems from the fact that some shops complete purchases ‘offline’, without checking with the card issuer if a card is valid. Instead of checking ‘live’, some shops store transactions and
  5. A close friend of mine has come to me with an issue he has with these nice people. He is a very busy guy, so approached them to run PPI checks, he understand they take a wapping 35%. he had 4 results, cap one £160+, Natwest £700+ 300+ from another NWest and some other for £70+, He is YET to be paid out for the 2 larger ones, the other two sent the cheques to the claims guys, They called him up and informed him they would offset the smaller ones against what he owes on the other two, yet to be paid out, bear that in mind. minimum fees for the two lar
  6. Schools issue Snapchat Map warning READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-40509281
  7. I received a letter today from Collect Services regarding a penalty charge notice on the 16 May 2016. The vehicle was registered at a previous address where the person there an ex used my car and received a previous penalty charge notice for the car. I did not receive this as I spilt up with him and he did not give me any letters, it was not until later that bailiffs turned up at his property that he told me. Therefore I was scared to give DVLA my current address as I did not want bailiffs at my house. I now received a new PCN which i think was due to sitting in r
  8. I was caught using a child's ticket by TFL (although my friend who is 2 years older wasn't stopped at the same station...) after received a letter about it, telling me to write back to them and tell my version of events. I wrote back a pathetically grovelling letter of apology and have received a letter in response telling me I will receive only a formal warning if I pay £254.90. An extortionate amount, but I can pay (thank you student loan) and my question is - would a formal warning show up on a criminal record? I study PPE and hope to possibly enter t
  9. Having booked a 17 day Sydney 2 day hotel room only stay and 15 day NCL cruise of Austria and New Zealand for Nov 2017. As the tv presenters had stated if you want to add any extra days on please just call back after booking as we are travel agents also so will make sure you get the best price? We contacted Cruise 1st customer service to request a quotation to stay an extra three days earlier in our hotel and change our flights out date. The email reply I have received offered to change our flights for £100 each and the extra three days in the same holiday hotel would be for a room
  10. Hi My husband has had an account with JD Williams for the past 6 years, 4 years ago we experienced difficulties and they accepted interest free payments of £20 per month which we have paid religiously ever since. Last week he received a letter saying the account had been sold to Lowell and that all payments should now be made to them. I have no issue doing that but they have now started calling our landline (my hubby works nights so we could do without that really!) and we don't want to start being harassed when everything's been fine for 4 years. Is there anyt
  11. I recently bought a Origin Gaming Gift Card for my young nephew who is new to PC gaming. I bought it on the assumption that he (only being 8 years old) could activate Origins / EA games subscription service "Origin Access" which allows him to access a selection of EA games for a monthly fee of £3.99 I bought the card from a local Asda and thought it a great gift considering it stated clearly on the front of the card: " use this card for digital purchases - including full games, dlc & origin access subscription - no credit card required " (the key points of purchase
  12. A while ago I defaulted in paying a court fine due to mental health problems. I had a Bailiff come when I was out so called back and said that I had no money and nothing valuable to take and he could come and see. He said that the office would call me but they didn't. I had a letter in the post today regarding Warrant of Arrest warning. It is headed HM Courts and Tribunals Service but I have to contact a mobile number (I thought that was dodgy) and a name which is the same ne as the Bailiff that came. I know I was so stupid in defaulting and in no way am I refusing to pay
  13. Hello I had an old debt with HPH2 LTD (EX CAPITAL ONE) that was being handled by Robinson Way. The debt itself was settled back in 2005 but Robinson Way decided that they were going to continue pursuing it up until about 2011 when they gave up after being unable to satisfactorily prove that I actually owed them any money. I received this letter from them today... "It has recently been identified the above account should not have been sold to our client Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited ("HPH2") and as a result we should not have been assigned to the account for collecti
  14. I was having disciplinary hearing and has been giving first written warning. I have appealed against this decision. Is it compulsory for my employer to conduct the appeal hearing?
  15. Savers who put cash into the new Lifetime ISAs are being warned they could lose almost half of what they earn in exit fees. The Lifetime ISA is set to launch in April next year and lets savers put away up to £4,000 a year between the ages of 18 and 50. People will then get a 25% bonus on their savings from the government when they retire. But experts warn that if savers dip into their cash pile before they reach 60, for any other reason than buying a first property or because of critical illness, the government bonus is clawed back and a 5% penalty will be applied. Res
  16. Apple have issued an urgent iPhone and iPad software update (iOS 9.3.5) that included a patch for a serious security vulnerability. The vast majority of iPhone owners are probably on iOS 9 right now, but you should check and install that version right away The malware in question, which was detailed in a report from Citizen Lab and Lookout security, is a serious compromise that’s never been observed against iOS devices before. But you can guard your devices and your personal data against the latest security threat simply by heading to settings and hitting the update button. htt
  17. Hi This is my first post so please bare with me. My wife was issued a Private parking ticket for Payment not made in accordance with terms displayed on signage by CIVIL ENFORCEMENT LTD at The Parade Firmley High street GU167HY so I appealed but I got refused and in few weeks I forgot about it, as I got busy with my work and young baby. Few weeks ago a debt collection letter came through my door asking for £200 double the amount of actual ticket so I replied but there response just got worse and now I have letter from their solicitors asking for £236 or they obtain a County court
  18. http://cag.tw/1sha
  19. As the title suggests this is a warning post to drivers and their parents about car modifications. I was out the other evening and i noticed three young drivers with very heavily modified cars, with tinted window, sports exhausts etc. As they were only in their early 20's, if they had insurance with all these mods properly disclosed, it would have made the insurance very expensive. Many people carry out mods to their cars and don't even think about insurance. If you fail to notify insurers of any modifications to a standard car, you are at risk of the insurers not paying out for an
  20. Good morning all... I checked my credit files this week, and was rather shocked to see a default registered by Orange, last year for £65. Background is this: I have been an Orange customer for over 15 years, and towards the end of 2014 my handset stopped working and I decided it was time to upgrade and get a new one. Simple, or so I thought. I called Orange from my handset, and was quickly upgraded to a new contract by the representative who told me that my new contract was with EE but that it was all the same company and nothing would change. My account was not in arrears.
  21. Hi, Not too sure where to put this or if anyone has already reported it. http://www.hoax-slayer.net/dvsa-receipt-malware-email/ If this is in the wrong places please place in the correct forum(s)
  22. Now their latest released video is about their disappointment towards UK government ignoring the video prior to this one. They were very disappointed that the UK government underestimated them and their released statements. Now, UK government will get what they deserve. This actually sounds scary. What would be Anonymous’ next action? Let’s stay tune. Watch Anonymous’ video below. Greetings citizens of the world, we are anonymous. http://weshapelife.org/2016/02/24/anonymous-is-back-leaving-a-warning-for-uk-government/ Now i went to a Anonymous do a while back and met some protestors,t
  23. British Gas Smart Meters have issued a safety warning regarding the Power Adaptor for their Smart Energy Meter. The letter states the following; It goes on to say, that the actual Energy Smart Meter is NOT affected & you are to keep that aside. A replacement adaptor will be sent out within the next 8/9 weeks, along with a envelope for you to send back the old adaptor. Once the new adaptor arrives, plug the Energy Smart Meter back in. The letter does not state any kind of serial/part number or area, I live in Essex, so I've no idea who may be affected or no
  24. We live in a road, that is made up of privately owned houses and flats and which also contains around 15 social housing flats. These properties were built 5 years ago. This morning, a man from UKPC put up a load of parking notices, with various rules about parking in designated bays, displaying parking permits, time limits on parking in visitor bays and non return to visitor bays within 48 hours ETC. Charges are £100, reduced to £60, if paid within 14 days. None of the residents have been given prior notice that this company was going to be doing this! The road is a private roa
  25. CAG, along with many others have been steering people away from Pay Day Loans. Now there is a new tactic from one particular bank. I have personally condemned Vanquis for their high interest rates and being no better than a revolving Pay Day Loan. CAG has seen many cases of how easy it is to get into serious debt with this particular type of credit card. Now Money Mail are on the case....
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