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  1. Hello, ive just done a system update on my samsung s7 edge did all the usual download, install, now it wont turn back on, tried the reboot procedure but nothing just a blank screen with a flashing blue light top left. Rang customer services and it is still under warranty, then they asked any visible damage, i said a small hairline crack on screen this cancels the warranty, even though the mobile phone worked perfectly for 12 months. Its the update that shut the phone down not the barely visible crack.
  2. Name on my NI Card, is not in full as on my Passport I was given the NI card with a short version of my name. Anyway I've have applied for a job, where I need to show my NI card (which are no longer produced) or NI Record, which I believe is no online, can I go online to the HRMC site register and update my NI record, so my name is now in full as per my Passport? Its not a name change, but update to my full name as on Passport
  3. ANY ADVICE PLEASE received parking ticket sept 2012 from vcs liverpool didn't admit liability ignored all letters from bwlegal , looks like they have now passed it to dcbl firm from can't pay take it away 6 years later any advice pls I've requested all evidence and proof of contract of landowner, anyone else received a letter
  4. Hi All, In 2014 - there was a clarification from the Information Commissioners Office - on whether the domestic customers were allowed to record calls with utility companies. The article states that the ICO - said this was permissible: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-2683569/How-watertight-records-calls-online-chats-case-s-dispute-later.html Now that we are in 2018 - and with all the new legislation that is being passed: Can we get a crystal clear update about what we are allowed / not allowed to do? This should cover - if/how/when we can use our copy in the pursuit of settling a dispute. I think exploring this topic will help many of my fellow community members - as it is one of the very few ways consumers can demonstrate their honesty. My sincere thanks to any, willing to help map this out.
  5. Hi, Hope everyone had a good bank holiday. I (and three others!) missed crap signage and got a Contractual Breach Charge from Ethical Parking on my windscreen over the weekend. Just double checking that it is currently still best to do nothing until a notice to keeper arrives (between 28 and 56 days) before I take any action on one of these? Then if it (NTK) arrives on time post photos of it and signage on here for assistance? Just don't want to get it wrong! Thanks!
  6. Its a long first post, but please bear with me...desperate? In 2001 i had a major epileptic seizure while at work, i have never had a seizure before and was taken to hospital.(where i spent the next 4 days) Over the next 6/12 months i was having quite a lot of tests done to see what brought on this seizure. In 2002 my wife and i bought our ex-council property,when we took out this mortgage we took out PPI i disclosed my illness which hadnt stopped me from working, and the seizures were now only partial and unfrequent there was no pattern to them at all. I was perhaps having maybe 1 or 2 every 3/4 months. When the PPI was taken out as i said i disclosed the illness, it was a fixed term of 3 yrs and they contacted the hospital and my GP for eveidence. However in late 2002 i was eventually diagnosed with a ''cerebral brain tumour of the right temperal lobe which was causing the seizures'' The insurers were made aware of this i think at the time i was paying around £62 per month PPI. In June 05 i had a call from my insurers they said my fixed term was now ending and did i want to contuine it, also had my condition chnaged at all. I said yes i did want to contuine it, and yes my condition had got worse. The reply was ..well as you havent claimed against this policy before there is no need for any further medical eveidence. But my premium was now going to be £65 per month, thats ok i said. My seizures were now getting very frequent and i was having 2/3 per week i was taken back into hospital for tests. Where lucky enough they caught this one on VT test and it showed that i was blacking out but having only partial complex seizures (not full ones). I was advised by the hospital to stop working and they would go for removal of the tumour (i was having regular MRI scans that showed the tumor was not growing , not cancerous, but was sitting on a part of the brain that was giving me seizures) and the removal of it was the best option, it was in a good position to be removed. Because my mortgage was taken out after 1995 i would have to wait 28 weeks before i got any help from the DSS. I wasnt unduly worried as i had the PPI...But they neglected to pay out!!! Their get-out-clause was A) It was a pre existing medical condition. B) it was a new policy? It wasnt a new policy i had just carried on the old one, and they knew of my medical history ...so what were they covering me for and why was it a higher premium? I went thru the Financial Ombdsmen/LLoyds back and fourth went the letters and then they changed the reason they were not paying out to: ''they didnt ask me to go for a medical i wasnt covered for the only thing that was wrong with me''?? Where can i go from here as to trying to get redress from either the insurers or brokers (was the policy mis-sold)? Anyway late 05 the mortgage company try to reposess and take us to court, the judge awards them 28 days? I borrow some money and employ a barrister who takes it back to court and this time we get a good judge who sees we have done all we can to resolve things and allows 3 months to sell the property, which we do in a week and are now in rented accomodation. We have a 17 old at college and a 13 yr old at school. When we were in court on the second time the mortgage company sought reposseion or £146k settlement. That was the figure they asked for. When we get the last statement after the sale we see they mortgage company have taken £156k, They say £8k on early settlement figure £2k on fee's. IMO an early settlement is the same as penalt clause in this situation (ie we were forced to sell) and therfore a penalty clause is NOT ENFORCEABLE in a court of law. I have now asked the barrister to look into this, he said the Penalty clause is NOT ENFORCEABLE IN A COURT OF LAW, but they are trying to get round it by saying it was an Early settlement figure, which they would be intitled to ''if i moved mortgage companys to find a better rate'' for example. Does anyone know of a case like this? What was the outcome? ANY help would really be appreciated, although we could really do with the money i would rather the barrister had in fees, than let the mortgage company have it!!! Thanks for taken the time to read this long post...appreciate it! well second like an idiot i posted in the wrong forum i posted under ''general consumer issues'' insted of looking at the site properly, so appologies to the MODS and other users of this board. please have a look in the general forum under ''repsosesion/PPI/early settlement'' I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look at for me or if the MODS could possibly move it to this forum. I never knew so many people had probs with gmac/eversheds llp (solictors) Thanks again all and i will update if i get some news from the barrister Three threads merged
  7. Update on the infected blood inquiry READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/update-on-the-infected-blood-inquiry
  8. Update for Carillion workers: claiming redundancy payments READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/update-for-carillion-workers-claiming-redundancy-payments--2
  9. Update on the future of DWP jobcentres READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/update-on-the-future-of-dwp-jobcentres
  10. Hi I need some advice please. Recently I replied to a direct mailshot from a Manchester-based PPI claim company called Consumer Claim Line. I had had a credit card some 20 years or so ago (Capital One card) and I wanted to find out if I had paid PPI on the payments. I returned the paperwork and thought to take advantage of their advertised "no claim no fee" offer to get this investigated. A few weeks later received a reply saying that their preliminary findings were positive and that I should sign the enclosed form authorising them to investigate my claim further. With this same reply paperwork enclosed was another form asking me to list any banks that I may have had accounts with in the past and they would look into these accounts too. I signed the authorisation forms for the Capital One account and sent back the other form listing the Clydesdale bank although details of this and the Capital One account I was not able to furnish as I had no paperwork and no recollection of any details. They said that details weren't important as they had ways of tracing accounts. A fortnight later I received correspondence from this company stating that their investigations showed that the Capital One account had previously been looked into (sometime in 2009 or 2010) and since I had not informed them of this they were invoicing me for a Cancellation penalty fee of £360 for wasting their time. Along with this invoice were two additional "letters of authority" for two Clydesdale bank loans (taken out sometime in the 1990's (I think) which they wanted me to sign and return to them. I telephoned them to explain that my claim on the Capital One account was made in good faith and that I had no recollection of having this investigated before (I have good medical reasons for general memory impairment which I explained to them) I asked them to therefore cancel this penalty fee they were demanding. I also stated that as a consequence of the outcome of this first experience I didn't want to return the forms for the Clydesdale bank investigation as because of my memory impairment I could not guarantee that this case had not also been investigated in the past. I had no recollection of this being the case but then again the same applied to the Capital One case. The supervisor whom I was explaining this to was not sympathetic to my position in fact he adopted a rather aggressive and threatening stance, threatening court action on non-payment of the penalty fee saying that for every subsequent reminder-letter they sent me an additional £20 would be added to the cancellation fee invoice . He further threatened that if I didn't send back the second set of "letters of authority" (for the Clydesdale bank loans) duly signed by myself a further £360 (each) of cancellation fees would be invoiced to me for payment. A few days later I received out of the blue a phone call form the company (from the same supervisor) saying that they have reconsidered and that if I go to my doctor and get him to write a letter confirming that my medical condition and strong medication I have taken (over a period of over 20 years) have indeed led to among other things severe memory impairment. I duly went to my GP and he wrote out a letter confirming what I had said, and I sent this doctor's letter in to the company. A week or so later I received another phone call (again from the same supervisor as before) and he now said that he would not accept my doctor's letter as he had met people before with the same condition that I suffered from and he didn't believe that it could cause memory impairment. In other words he completely disregards a doctor's medical opinion on a patient he has been treating for 25 years in favour of his own unqualified prejudiced and generalised opinion of the condition I suffer from (the condition is in fact Severe Clinical Depression). The decision stood he said and I now owe them 3 x £360 fees plus £20 further penalty on the first case ... a total of £1100. Can they do this ? Is there anything I can do about this ? If nothing else maybe this post will warn others of this companies practices. Regards, Jackthehat
  11. Last week a very important judgment was released in the High Court in relation to Part 85 'Third Party' claims. Given the importance of the subject, Master McCloud issued a draft decision, and invited the High Court Enforcement industry to provide comments and suggestions, based upon their experience in the area. The reason why the Master was asked to make the judgment is outlined in details in the following post. In this respect, I have referred to the recent news article from The Sheriffs Office.
  12. Update on the future of DWP jobcentres READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/update-on-the-future-of-dwp-jobcentres
  13. As you will be aware yesterday now Carillion announced it was going into liquidation Service Personnel, Families may be concerned about this which is understandable. CarillionAmey has placed an update on there website 15th January 2018 READ MORE HERE: http://company.carillionamey.co.uk/company-news/15-january-2018-update-from-carillionamey/
  14. Hi Ims21 did a fantastic job with FosRunningPPI v102.xls based on PS10/12. Does Ims21 or anybody else have any plans to do an update based on PS17/03? I ask as I am in protracted discussions with FOS over a claim and its worth, and they are discounting my calculations using FosRunningPPI. Their statement to me is below: "....It is not our job to audit the Banks calculation, there are periods of missing data and assumptions have been made, we feel this is fair when the business and the consumer don’t have full records. We check to see if the offer is fair and this offer is within our within our tolerances. I have asked you to supply credit card statement show the discrepancies in interest rates used, I've yet to see them. Your calculations differ from RBS' and your calculations are not in line with our guidelines..." Are they lying to me? The CAG warned that the FOS is totally committed to limiting any redress the Bank needs to pay, and I am very much seeing this first hand! I ask the above question as i really need to hit them with some nailed on maths which is beyond my skillset.. Thanks in advance
  15. Hi everyone I received this hand delivered letter today from Debt Management Services LTD. They say they are acting on behalf of Bradford and Bingley, I had a mortgage with them over 21 years ago and my house was repossessed. I have made payments on the account over the years but not anything in the last 4 years. The letter says they want to discuss any problems I may be having with the outstanding account. In order to bring my account upto date they want me to contact them. I can't find out much about them on the net, are they debt collectors or bailiffs ? Any help or info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  16. Hi I could someone please help. I have someone that I used to help with their benefits ESA, etc. Unfortunately I had to leave area for over a year and could no longer aid them. I recently returned and as the person in question is extremely isolated due to their issues, they need my help again. Thing is because I was their only ‘port of call’ they have made their situation far more complex. They forgot/ failed didn't have the capacity to inform HB of their new address. Luckily the scope of the room id address approximately soon after I left to a similar property i.e. single room. And the rent and the housing benefit is exactly the same. But last week it would seem that it has been stopped. We are not 100% sure yet as we cannot phone until tomorrow but evidently the rent should have gone in on Friday but hasn’t. They suffer from severe agoraphobia and similar and are completely disorganized etc. Before I left the area I did all the paperwork for them. If it has been stopped what is the procedure and what can we do to get it updated etc. Would HB have written to him (at his old address) to update details and because he didn't reply stopped it? Should we phone up and explain the situation? It’s not like the person in question has stolen any money, as the rent (same amount exactly) has been paid to the new landlord each week) His medical records prove his temperament etc. which the dwp have. I’m assuming HB as least would be sympathetic to this? The amount that is being paid is the exact same amount that would have been if re-assumed to the new address? he had no-one to act on his behalf, until now. Its a nightmare that could have been avoided had he some kind of support network. Can someone explain the best approach etc.? I’m quite happy to write a statement that I was the single person that always acted as their advocate and that without me etc. they were helpless/ useless etc. I believe that a next door neighbor acted on behalf with the move but failed to help him inform/ fill in new HB paperwork etc. And evidently because the new landlord doesn’t accept dss (he felt it impossible to sort out the situation himself and instead just kept paying the rent to the landlord) Can someone offer advice sympathetically (these forums can be harsh sometimes) thank you very much.
  17. Hi everybody, I've been pointed in this direction by a reddit user for help relating to a Parking Charge Notice. I took my car to my local garage to get an MOT check done on 01/09/2016. The owner then drove the car to the MOT garage and parked it up inside and then returned back to his garage. A few hours later I hadn't received a phone call yet to say it had been completed so I rang up to find out that my car was OK to collect. I then made my way there and collected my car from the (private) parking lot less than 30 meters away from the MOT garage. Fast-forward a week or so and I've received a letter in the post saying my car was broke the allowed parking period in the car park and I need to pay a fine for £100, I replied to the letter stating the address of my local garage and to take it up with them - I then received an email a month later saying that the time period had ran out and I had to pay urgently - I reminded them that I sent a letter in the post some time later I received this response I then replied with this email (1, 2) using a template I was advised to use. I then explained to take this matter up with my local garage and the MOT centre. I then received this. What should my next action be? I'm really not in a position to be able to afford £100 so close to Christmas. My local garage has told me that they can vouch that I wasn't the person who drove the car there/parked it in the space. Any ideas? Thanks in advance EDIT: I now have a signed and stamped note from the doctors saying I was there when this incident took place. I've managed to find my google location history showing the time I dropped the car off at my local garage and when I picked it up from the MOT centre, this is attached. My local garage has said if it goes to court they will provide further evidence that I didn't have the car after 9am until Also included text to girlfriend with date and timestamp. Omitted names etc for confidentiality EDIT 2 - it turns out I cant include links or images, any idea on this first?
  18. I have written on the forum over the past few years about the Ministry of Justice's plans to privatise the courts fines collection departments and in January a press announcement was released that (wrongly) stated that BT were the preferred bidder for this large contract. The article was not accurate. Today, it has been confirmed that the preferred bidder is the large US firm Concentrix. It should be stressed however that the Ministry of Justice have not as yet signed a contract. A link to the press article is below and for ease of reference, I have copied an extract of the article: http://www.theguardian.com/law/2015/jun/26/concentrix-ministry-justice-bailiff-contract-threatened-tax-credit-claimants?CMP=twt_gu PS: I am not around for most of the day and will post further information later on.
  19. Apple have issued an urgent iPhone and iPad software update (iOS 9.3.5) that included a patch for a serious security vulnerability. The vast majority of iPhone owners are probably on iOS 9 right now, but you should check and install that version right away The malware in question, which was detailed in a report from Citizen Lab and Lookout security, is a serious compromise that’s never been observed against iOS devices before. But you can guard your devices and your personal data against the latest security threat simply by heading to settings and hitting the update button. http://www.theverge.com/2016/8/25/12651206/apple-iphone-security-threat-update-now
  20. hopefully someone can advice....I have an xbox oone console with a just expired warranty. A forced system update has failed and I've been left with a bricked console thst is stuck in a continuous update failed loop....I have spoken for hours with microsoft xbox support and followed all their troubleshooting guides but to no effect They have informed me that they can repair it but I am responsible for the cost of repair but surely as it's a fault caused by their firmway update, they are responsible?....any advice will be greatly appreciated
  21. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/how-to-update-your-kindle-amazon-launches-critical-software-update_uk_56e12d29e4b096ed3adba4ed This article was sent to me earlier today, I can find no other information - Amazon hasnt made contact with me nor do I see anything on their website ?
  22. I am currently registered as a single person living at my address and I get the single person discount. My girlfriend moved in January 1st and I need to update my council tax. I want to check if I would get into trouble for not updating this sooner, can they back date it?
  23. For the full story see ..... HERE http://www.ibnlive.com/news/tech/microsoft-forcing-in-windows-10-to-pcs-what-you-can-do-about-it-1199507.html http://www.dispatchtribunal.com/microsoft-to-shove-windows-10-down-your-throat/13922/
  24. Hi all A quick update on my final 3 complaints regarding irresponsible lending all with the Financial Ombudsman Wageday Advance - complaint rejected by adjudicator. escalated to an Ombudsman who has disagreed with adjudicator and will give final response this week. Lending Stream - received e-mail from adjudicator upholding my complaint. She has written to lending Stream with her response asking them to refund all interest on all loans. They can refer to an Ombudsman and I think they probably will as they have been awkward throughout the whole process although she has said unless they can come up with more information then the outcome is unlikely to be different. PoundstoPocket - heard from adjudicator, he is hoping to provide a response by the end of this week. Nearly at the end of a long struggle with payday lenders. So far have had refunds from 7 out of 10 lenders and it looks promising for the other 3. Would advise anyone in a similar situation to make a complaint.
  25. Debt management firms We have written to debt management firms recently. This follows an increase in customers with debt management plans being transferred between firms. In a letter to firms, we reminded them of their responsibilities when buying or selling customers' contracts or contact details. In particular, the letter emphasised the need for firms, which are considering selling on their customers, to advise the FCA of this at an early stage. A copy of the letter is available on our website.
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