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  1. Ok here an update on situation. All but one of my creditors have put my accounts on hold until 22/11/21, which is fine seeing I was off work sick for 3 month, the time is given for me to get an up to date income and expenditure sent off. The one creditor has been adding interest and late fees on my account and ignored all letters I have sent, I get phone calls, messages, letters etc of them regularly, they have not responded to my original letters to them regarding my situation. I have now had visit of resolvecall agency. I was not in but a note was put in my letter box, I'm assuming it's from them. Do I make contact or ignore them or do I contact the creditor again.
  2. Hi Sent the 2nd libary letter off, none have accepted my 1st offer or even indicated they have received the first letter, getting phone calls and voice mails daily, (I've not answered them) I've letters coming weekly to phone them to discuss. Also late charges being applied to accounts.
  3. Cheers dx, thank you. Think they are ignoring my letters as I sent out 2 other letters same post changing my direct debits to insurance companies they have received them and processed them to my new account. Regards
  4. Hi people Been a week since i posted pro rata letters 1st class to creditors so they probably got them on Monday I was expecting phone calls or letters to come from them, I've not heard anything until a text message today from a card stating payment is due today if unpaid a £12 charge will be made. Should I phone them and tell them I've sent letters Cheers
  5. Hi, All letters sent out with offer of payments, expecting contacts from them in next few days nothing in default yet 18th of month will be the first missed payment on the loan. I wasn't ignoring dx100uk advise, maybe trying to save face and get some other kind of income. Loan 4 years old 2 cards over 5 years 2 cards approx 2 years Thanks
  6. Hi. dx No i didnt I crried on paying what I could using my income and savings, but the crap hit the fan about a month ago, first partner was off work then me. I tried to keep my credit record good but suppose in reality nothing getting better. Just drawing up income and expenditure won't be much left with ssp could be off 2 or 3 month. So letters will be off this week. Cheers for reply Nothing I can claim on benefits side of things, I will have to submit 2 different income and expenditure, one single ie my debt to the cards and another joint for the loan, bit confusing, what's lowest they will accept nothing left, maybe I can play around with it for to make a small payment. Cheers
  7. Thank you, I will look into this my partner has an income approx 1k per month, but she's not on cards only on the loan and mortgage. How does this affect income expenditure etc, do they expect her wage to come into the cards.
  8. Hi thanks for quick reply. All cards with oc mbna, hsbc, tesco, barclaycard, loan with tesco, never missed a payment but over last 6 month dropped down to minimum payment, due to 20% drop in income being furloughed 9 month last year, made redundant end of last year, took a lower paid job, now currently on sick leave on ssp, so very little income. So it's now come to a head where I have to send the letters of explaining my situation. Many thanks Mick
  9. Hi do I wait until the oc put my debts into default before I send template letters off to them, I have cancelled all direct debits this month. My connected post to this subject has been closed due to time lapse. Thanks
  10. OK thanks I'll give it a go see what comes up
  11. Ash ok I'd have thought they have to keep it for a while
  12. I'm thinking more on the grounds of redundancy and how it was decided who should be made redundant,.
  13. How do I find the template to sar a former employer, I can only find the templates to banks etc
  14. All with original creditors, no late payments, when my savings run out I won't be able to make payments Thanks dx100uk Much appreciated, are there any case studies how the creditors reply ie threat of charges put on house etc. Income and expenditure what are reasonable living costs i know everyone is different, limits on certain things ie shopping, utility bills. I don't want to over or under estimate.
  15. Hi I have 4 credit cards and a loan total 35k I have equity in my house that would probably cover it just. But then be homeless. No debts are secured on my home, only my mortgage, I was made redundant during the pandemic and got a lower paid job, my redundancy payment is running down fast trying to keep up paying them, getting worried about having to sell up.
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