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  1. Cheers Stu, I'll send him the link see if he will join the thread. Much appreciated
  2. My son along with his friend (due to work) rent an apartment in the City, everything was fine but after about 2 months or so one of the concierge was becoming difficult to deal with, he was hostile, unfriendly and unapproachable. During the next 8 month or so they started noticing items being moved around the apartment also in the bedrooms and bathrooms drawers and wardrobes being disturbed, once he came home his laptop was open and the quilt was disturbed like someone had been led on the bed next to the laptop. Generally strange goings on at times this caused arguments and confron
  3. Ive lived at same address all time, ive heard nothing since i gave them my bank details to set up a direct debit when i changed bank. until mortimer clarke about 2 month ago and certainly 1st time ive heard of cabot Thanks Hugo
  4. Thanks Do i contact mortimer clarke to get all details and set up new arrangements/payment etc or go by original order.
  5. yorkshire bank or allience and leicester cant be 100% sure until i get home. Ta
  6. Yes i rang up budget argued the fact that no such charges where on my original booking, i threatened them id be in touch with my credit card company, after a second call they knocked a day of the rental to compensate.
  7. Hello, About 16 years ago i hit a bit of a sticky patch, jobless etc, i had debts i could not afford, these ended up as 4 x ccj's, nominal payments of £1 per month where ordered on each of these. I set up direct debit payments to pay the orders and made regular payments for 10 years, about march 2014 i changed banks, i contacted all debtors to set up new direct debits all but 1 was successful, this has remained unpaid since way back in 2014 when at the time i offered them new direct debit mandate details. I am now being chased by Mortimer
  8. Hello i have just been charged on my credit card a location charge for my car rental from munich airport, i booked the rental on line with bookings.com/rentalcars.com, there was no mention of this on my agreement with rentalcars.com or confirmation from budget car rental. It was not explained to me at the airport, just added to my bill, amongst the confusion of foriegn language, people butting in, my rep talking helping her colleague on next desk.
  9. Up date I'm covered by insurance so it's been sent there £50 excess. It's the cheaper option, though under warranty just, Heres a thought though I know a few people whose phone as bricked either after a Samsung update or shortly after, suppose it may be in there interest to brick phones nearing end of warranty.
  10. Hello, ive just done a system update on my samsung s7 edge did all the usual download, install, now it wont turn back on, tried the reboot procedure but nothing just a blank screen with a flashing blue light top left. Rang customer services and it is still under warranty, then they asked any visible damage, i said a small hairline crack on screen this cancels the warranty, even though the mobile phone worked perfectly for 12 months. Its the update that shut the phone down not the barely visible crack.
  11. Still at adjudicators stage anyone had simlar
  12. Hello, We recently travelled to Goa India we booked a hotel on bookings.com pay on arrivel, i paid by credit card on arrivel at reception we where shown our room which was fine. We unpacked and decided to go to the pool/resturant area which was on the roof of the hotel, all the way up the staircase was rubbish open food cartons and plastic bags with used toilet paper in, at the pool a bin was overflowing with rubbish including on top a ripped open dirty nappy which birds had pulled apart, This was just 5 metres away from the resturant, the pool itself had no filter system and was a
  13. Anyone had same issue if so what's my next step. Help much appreciated
  14. my objection was that I provided enough information for them to stop making payments to me, and they did not act on this information this caused the over payment, we told tax credits to stop or adjust our payments but they insisted that all would work out at end of year. I explained this in my completed TC846. I still feel that if tax credits had acted on information on change of circumstance given at the time this would not have happened. Anyone been in this situation and what was the result
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