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  1. Tanks BazzaS, I see what you mean. How would she find out if he is 'potless'?
  2. Thanks for your response. I have told her to send him a letter asking for a refund and give him 14 days, (we got his home address from companies house) and to let him know that if she doesn't receive the refund within that timescale then she will make a claim against him. “If she won a claim would she be able to enforce it?”. - Do you mean if he hasn't got any money to pay?? I suppose we will cross that bridge when we come to it. DX100uk - the cheque was cashed a long time ago so that's not an option.
  3. She paid him the cheque in February/March time. The check was made out to him personally.
  4. Hi All I am looking for some help/advice on behalf of my mother-in law. She had a new kitchen fitted last year. Earlier this year she had a new boiler fitted need a new cupboard. She contacted the installer directly and asked if he could source one. He said he would have to order from abroad so stupidly she paid him in full. (over £900 pounds) That was February and she still hasn't received the cupboard. He does not keep in contact and she leaves messages which he never replies to. He has a shop a few miles away but it never seems to be open. The last time she spoke to him he promised delivery a few weeks ago but it never arrived. He has his own company and I checked on companies house yesterday and it was dissolved in July. I think she paid him directly and not his company. She has reported it to the police but they seem reluctant to do anything. Could she make a claim against him to recover the money she has paid and if so what would her chances be?
  5. Hi I sent my complaint to the Ombudsnan in November. The adjudicator asked for a copy of my credit report. It was about a month after that she contacted me to say Quickquid had made an offer. Reading other threads Quickquid generally seem to make an offer once the adjudicator gets involved if you have a valid complaint. I received just over 4k so don't think the amount will delay things. Good luck, shouldn't be too much longer now you have had contact from.the adjudicator.
  6. Thanks Citizenb. I had a lot more than 7 loans so don't know, they were random amounts. Just glad I got it and its all over.
  7. Payment received from Quickquid on Saturday. Sent it in 7 different payments. That's me finished with payday loan companies forever. Reclaimed a lot of the interest I paid over the 5 years I used them. Doesn't compensate for the 5 years of hell I suffered but my life is back on track. Good luck to everyone currently claiming, stick at it. Its a long process but worth it in the end.
  8. Thanks, did they contact you to arrange the transfer? I've heard nothing from them.
  9. Had an e-mail from adjudicator confirming the figure Quickquid have offered which is roughly what I worked it out to be so I have accepted. Just waiting for Quickquid to confirm transfer, not sure how long they take. Ombudsman say they have 28 days.
  10. Hi Everyone Good news regarding my complaint against Quickquid. I referred it to the Ombudsman after receiving their standard response they did all the necessary checks etc, etc. I loaned from them constantly from Dec 2008 to Sept 2013 when I requested a repayment plan. Had a call from my adjudicator at the Ombudsman to say Quickquid are willing to refund all interest paid from October 2010. Just waiting for her to confirm the figure. My initial loans were fairly small so I can accept they were affordable but from 2010 onwards the amounts escalated each month. If their figure is anywhere near mine then I will probably accept it. This is the last payday loan company I have a complaint against. Had a 100% record against the 10 claims I made and am happy to say have been debt free for 2 years. Just want to give encouragement to others just starting their claims, its a long process but keep at it, it will be worth it in the end.
  11. Thanks Neil. Sorry, I thought you said you had a complaint with Fos currently. I only ask as I used Fos a couple of times last year and it only took a few months to be assigned an adjudicator after which they contacted the lender. Just seemed a long time to wait and the waiting times have increased dramatically in such a short amount of time.
  12. Hi Neil. Can I ask when you submitted your complaint to Fos and if you have been assigned an adjudicator yet? I have a complaint with Fos against Quickquid and have been told it will be 8 months before an adjudicator is assigned??
  13. I have one final complaint in with the Ombudsman against Quickquid. I received an e-mail from them today saying due to the number of complaints they are dealing with it could be up to 8 months before it is assigned to an adjudicator. I have had a couple of complaints with them before and the turn round has been quite quick. Has anyone had recent dealings with them? Can that be right - 8 months???
  14. Yes you can only reclaim the interest and charges as they say you have had the benefit of the actual loan which is fair enough. Also ask for all information on the loans to be removed from your credit file.
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