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  1. Hi, 2 Years ago i received a parking charge for not parking within the lines. i had a valid parking ticket to stay on this carpark. I appealed against this parking charge which was denied. On the appeal i noted that i did park within the lines and that i did have a valid parking ticket.. the evidence given showed my car parked close to the line on the RHS front of the vehicle on 3 pictures.. On the 4th picture it showed my vehicle over the line.. i stated that the parking attendant has angled the camera to make it look like the vehicle was over the line. (in a hatched box in the corner of the carpark). i then set on ignoring this company.. they have constantly bombarded me with emails demanding money which i ignored.. it then got passed onto BW Legal Services LTD who did exactly the same. They then resorted to ringing my landline which i have never given them.. infact my landline is ex directory so how have they got this?? Today i have received claim form from Northampton bulk centre.. I will wish to defend this but not quite sure how i should word my defence.. is anyone able to advise ? P.s, i was the actual driver of the car but the claim form is not in my name it is in my wifes who is the registered keeper.. i have never state she was the driver.. Regards.
  2. Hi didy you get a defense in on this one my friend has got the exact same claim Got a claim for apparently wheel was slightly on white line. He needs help with a defense claim is exactly same as yours. Thanks
  3. hi could anyone help with a simple defence over 2 years ago my friend parked his car and paid for his parking ticket, a few weeks later he got a letter from parking awareness saying part of his wheel was on the white line he has ignored all correspondence from this company, apparently they have a camera on this one spot because they know its a tight handle to park. roll on 2 years they have now issued a claim through bw legal. we have read loads of complaints about this but cant find a suitable defence. particulars of their claim. 1.the claimants claim is for the sum of £100. being monies due from the defendant to the claimant in respect of a parking charge notice (PCN) issued on __/08/2016 at time at reads ave Blackpool. The PCN relates to car under registration ***********. 2.the terms of the PCN allowed the defendant 28 days from the issue to pay the PCN. but the defendant failed to do so. 3.despite demands having been made the defendant has failed to settle their outstanding liability. 4.the claim also includes interest section 69 act at rate of 8% per annum a daily rate of 0.02 from 13/08/16. 5.The claimant also claims £60 contractual cost pursuant to PCN terms and conditions. total claim £233.00 my friend has acknowledged the claim on Mcol so he needs a defence especially with this contractual cost. thanks guys CPR31.4 sent to solicitors
  4. Hi all, Fairly straight forward I'd imagine, from the text in question 2, but I thought I'd check with you guys for some actual wording for my appeal. For info: Company Car, and to make matters worse, I'm leaving said company on the 24th Feb and they'll take any outstanding fines from my pay. 1 Date of the infringement: 18/01/2017 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date]: 06/02/2017 3 Date received: 10/02/2017 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes, car entering and leaving, but not enough detail to read the reg, 6 Have you appealed? Not yet, wanted to take the right tack. 7 Who is the parking company? Total Parking Solutions (TPS UK) 8. Where exactly Brighton Road Retail Park, Redhill, RH1 6QL
  5. I run a small man and van business in September 2017 I was delivering some boxes to a customer from a storage center to a new apartment she was renting in the city centre. On arrival I noticed the National Parking Enforcement sign saying "no waiting and no parking" I called the number on the sign which I have done on many occasions with different companies all over the uk to let them know what I was doing and how long I would be however the number only took me to an automatic payment line so I could not advise them, any way there was 2 of us on the van so we unloaded into the foyer of the building and I drove round the block whist my porter took the boxes to the apartment. my van was stopped for 4 1/2 minutes which included telephoning NPE and unloading I have since had several letters even after I appealed the charge. I have also told them to take me to court for a fair hearing as the £100 charge Now increased £160 with charges in my opinion is unfair. As the car park at he rear of the building was full and the front of the building is on a very busy main road with bus lanes my only option was to park where i did. I have explained the reasons why I stopped where I did when I appealed however this was disregarded by NPE. Do you think I would win in court as my customer also told me I was ok to unload seems strange that apartments can be rented out and the removal company gets a ticket for actually doing a job.
  6. For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement 25/11/2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 30/11/2018 3 Date received 1/12/2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes. Looks like one photo of the car in the parking space, from behind, and one photo close up of the number plate from the same spot (maybe a zoom in from the same photo). 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] No, was about to give up and pay when I found this site. Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up 7 Who is the parking company? National Parking Enforcement Ltd. (PO Box in Wymondham, Norfolk) email/website for them is "parkingprotection" 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] They have put "177-195 Histon Road, Cambridge, CB4 3HL" It took me several hours and google maps to work out the spot - there is a row of shops set back from the road main road (Histon Road) accessed by car from a side street (Windsor Road) with a row of parking spaces. I have been parking there periodically to go to the Co-Op for about 10 years with no problems. On this occasion it was a Sunday evening and all the other shops were shut except the Co-Op and Golden Wok Chinese Take-Away. I did notice that there are now some yellow lines painted into the parking area to denote parking bays/spaces, but didn't think anything of it. I saw one sign when we left but could only make out the words "private land", couldn't read the rest from the car. We were leaving then anyway. For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. Yes, IAS ….................................. Hi, I am a new user - not sure how the forum works, but here goes. I have done the copy and paste for PCN through the post with ANPR pic, and answered the questions, below. I got a parking charge notice after spending 18 minutes in the Co-Op. I have been parking there for about 10 years no problems. There is a row of different shops and I always assumed the parking at front was shared. It was a Sunday evening and most of the other shops were shut. We didn't notice that they have now painted yellow lines to mark bays/spaces in front of all the shops except the Co-Op, and I had parked in one of these spaces. I didn't see ANY signs except one when leaving the area and all I could make out on that was the words "Private Land". We went back after receiving the PCN letter and there are NO signs as you drive into the parking area. There are other signs, but they are attached to all the shops except the Co-Op. Theses signs were in darkness as the shops were shut and it was dark, they were behind us when we were parked in the space, and we didn't see them because we didn't go up to any of the other shops, which were shut (sorry, I said that already). There is one sign attached to a lamp post (probably illegally and/or without permission from the council) in front of the parking spaces, which we didn't see, probably because it is too high to see from sitting inside a car. That sign anyway has a big blue square with a white P on it, and the small print refers the reader to the other signs. We have photos of the signage, although none are from the actual night in question (because we didn't know we were going to need any photos....) The blurb on the signs says the land is private, and that the bays marked with yellow are only for the use of patrons of the shops listed (Machine Mart, Premier Kitchens, McColls/Post Office and Golden Wok). I don't understand how they can tell which shops anyone who parks is using? We did think that maybe because the other shops were shut it is assumed anyone who parks is contravening their rules, but found out the Golden Wok was open.... Are they using CCTV to follow on film anyone who parks there and see where they go? Is this legal? One other thing to mention, is that the "Period of Parking" quoted on the letter has a "From" time later than the "To" time. They clearly got the two times (18 minutes apart) the wrong way round when they wrote the letter. Is this grounds to have it cancelled? And if not, any advice on how to proceed with this gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
  7. Help I have just returned from looking after my 96 year old mother in law from Christmas Eve until yesterday for her live in carer to have a break. Absolutely thrilled to open a letter from National Parking Enforcement. Just what I needed after 2 hard weeks . I had to go to the local Coop only a smallish shop as we had run out of bread and bananas. I parked in the only bay available which was the disabled one. I hadn't got Mother in Laws blue badge with me as I had come out in a rush and put her in the car . She is wheelchair bound and suffers from advanced altzheimers and rather than get her out I left her in the car and ran in quick. The time on the notice is 12.07Pm leaving at 12.16Pm. She was actually sitting in the car. If they magnified the photo they would see that. Where does this company get my address from. I checked Companies house and note that they have changed their name from Norfolk Enforcements. I still have the shop receipt. should i just ignore it advice would be appreciated.
  8. I'm happy to go down this route unsure how we prove which sign was up at the time. Where do I go for this advice? Would I email highview first?
  9. Hi All, Need a little advice as to where i stand and how to proceed. Myself and my partner moved into a new flat in July 2018 where the car park is managed by these clowns. We are one of about 10 who are fortunate enough to have a very big parking space where two cars can be parked back to back. We questioned this in the viewing and was told this was acceptable. The issues with countrywide parking started about a month after we moved in where we got a ticket on one of our cars for being parked incorrectly. This was appealed and of course, lost. It was then appealed to IAS and of course, lost. Since then we have taken the advice on here and i'm hoping that the letter received yesterday from BW legal titled Letter before claim is now the last from these cowboys The main issue i have is that since then, we have received multiple tickets on our vehicles (about 5 i believe) for the reason of "double parking". Thankfully, i have a copy of a letter from these cowboys that was sent to all residents before we moved in specifically highlighting that double parking was allowed in these spaces. This was thrown back at them during one of the appeals and yesterday we have received the appeal rejection saying that the block management have changed their mind, only single vehicles can now park in these spaces and that my appeal has been rejected on this matter (first i knew of this change of ruling). Firstly, where do i stand with appealing these and going forwards? One of the main reasons we moved in here was because it had the benefit of space to park two vehicles. There is no road parking around here that isn't charged so thats not really an option. I don't want to keep getting these PCNs. i know that CPM have never taken someone to court but i do not want to end up in a situation where they take us to court to make an example seeing as we will probably have a substantial amount of these by the time our lease is up! As expected, the appeal responses from them are pathetic, don't actually address the points i'm making and are going against their own signage and terms but i'm now starting to use a substantial amount of time dealing with these and whilst i'm taking great pleasure in wasting their time and money, id rather not have to!
  10. Hi, Sorry but this is my first time doing this so bare with me. I work for a catering company in which I load and unload stuff everytime with my own personal car. There is one sign that mentions of a 30 min loading time and there is also a parking sign in the exact same area. On the Parking sign it mentions that you can park up to 1 hour. I have been given a ticket by ParkDirectUK within the period of 10 minutes so this does not make any sense to me. At the time I was loading and unloading taking things to and from the car. I think I have been provided this ticket unfairly and I think it is ridiculous, I also spoke to another person who works within the same units me saying that he had also been provided a ticket 7 days ago for the exact same thing. I will provide pictures which I hope will give you a better understanding. If you need anymore information please let me know. Should I pay? Should I ignore it? Should I contest it? Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Ridoftickets
  11. Hi, New here, hope someone can help me. I received a Parking Charge Notice this evening, in hindsight, I should have noticed the sign opposite my car, but I didn't, so here we are. If you look at the image, the notice doesn't seem to explain exactly WHERE parking is restricted and I was parked by a kerb with no lines (yellow or otherwise) anywhere near it. The offence on the ticket is listed as "other" and scrawled on there is "no parking in garages" - I was not blocking any garage, it was on a side road which gave access to the garages but I wasn't blocking the way or anything. In any case, upon further inspection, the ticket has an incorrect reg. number on it (without giving my full reg they have written down an "M" which should be a "W" in both parts of the ticket) however the ticket does suggest that the offence was "filmed". My question is the obvious - what steps should I take now? I understand the advice is often to ignore, and given that they've incorrectly transcribed my reg I am inclined to do just that, however I am concerned that them having "film" of it may allow them to track me down anyway. Any and all advice most welcome (the charge is £100 or £60 if paid in 14 days, I'd rather not pay!) Thanks in advance! sign.pdf
  12. I've received a parking ticket from Highview Parking - See attached. It states that the visit contravened the terms and conditions displayed on the signage. I used the facilities and thought i was well within the terms and conditions but they do not seem to think so.. Would appreciate any help with how to respond to this letter as i think they are acting unfairly. Cheers, HighView PCN.pdf
  13. Hold my hands up I parked in a permit area after getting lost in Doncaster after sat nav problems and late for a course....long story. Just received a PCN for £100 reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days from a company called Debt Recovery Plus trading as Parking Collection Services Ltd on behalf of their client "creditor" JD Parking Consultants Limited who manage the land. The letter states that the parking charge was issued following the use of warden operated camera system. I presume the stated system is therefore operated by JD Parking Consultants Limited? As I understand, a company is required to register with the ICO if it intends to process personal data and failure to do so pursuant section 17(1) of the Data Protection Act 1998 is a strict liability criminal offence. If the matter was to proceed to court, the photographic evidence, i presume, would be inadmissible.?? Not sure of any other way to challenge this. Any Thoughts? dont they need to register with the ICO for a camera system as long as it doesn't take photos of any individuals. However, JD Parking must be included on the ICO register to process personal data.
  14. Hi I am hoping someone can give me clarification and how to approach as there is a lot of info out there and not sure if regulations have changed. I live in a block of flats where I own a flat and dont rent and have a designated parking spot. Stupidly I didnt stick my permit to the screen and just let it rest on the front and it must have fallen off. Regardless it went missing and last Friday morning at 6am I received a parking ticket from UKPC. I am not sure how to approach and whether I should email UKPC to appeal and explain my situation and hope they take some sympathy. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks
  15. Having received a parking invoice for parking on private land from UK Parking Management LTD, I failed to respond or appeal. As I am unlucky enough to be subject to another private parking charge , I had confused the two and thought I had appealed but it seems I did not..... ..I have now had a letter from Debt Recovery Plus asking for £160. I called them upon receipt and asked for copies of the original invoice and some other information (such as the address of the parking company - so I could write to them directly). All of my requests were (quite rudely) refused and I have now received a letter from them saying as it's at the debt recovery stage they are unable to consider any appeals. Where do I stand? (please)
  16. Hi, I have received a Civil Parking Charge Notice from Athena ANPR Ltd for exceeding the parking time limit in a Lidl car park in Barnsley. I registered my VRN in the store to validate my stay - I did not realise there was a one hour limit. There are signs around the car park but I did not park near one of them and I did not read them. The signs were not big enough to be read from a distance. How do I proceed with this?
  17. in a rush for a meeting today i parked in what i thought was a bay but on returning to the vehicle a parking charge notice had been attached to my vehicle stating "Not Parked in Allocated Bay" 1 The date of infringement 22/3/2017 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? N have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) Not yet 5 Who is the parking company? Premier Parking Solutions 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? Premier Inn, Southernhay Exeter
  18. Hello all. First of all thank you very much for supporting this website. It has given me some hope in what to me appears to be a very dishonest situation. Summary PCN received after stopping for 12 mins at the entrance to a P&D car park in which ALL 4 Spaces were blocked by a wooden pallet each with a notice saying the road was too narrow for parking and emergency access. Details Broadwater Street West in Worthing, West Sussex is a short, narrow L-shaped side street running along the side of Starbucks and to the left behind it and other buildings, giving access to lock-up garages and waste bins. It has 4 parking spaces nose to tail running from the entrance of the road. My passenger had a painful case of cystitis and needed to use the loo. Thankfully we saw a Starbucks and from the main road it looked like there were parking spaces free in the side street next to it. After turning into the street and letting my passenger out, I saw that each of the parking bays had a wooden pallet in them preventing their use. In addition there was a sheet of paper on the wall to the side of each space saying that access was required at all times in case of emergency, bin collection and deliveries and that the road is too narrow for parking cars and through traffic. This is certainly the case. Having entered this narrow street the only way out was too drive to the end of the L where there is just enough space to turn around and then drive back to the entrance. Unable to park I waited just short of the main road for my passenger to return. Although I had fully intended to pay, with it not being physically possible to park let alone legal, the whole place gave the appearance that parking was at least suspended if not cancelled. Hence it never crossed my mind that I would be penalised for stopping there. There is of course no one supervising to tell you. My passenger could have just run in to Starbucks, used the toilet and run out but being polite she chose to buy some tea. We had just left the vet after having spent an hour talking to one of their very kind nurses about the loss of our dog which has been heartbreaking. It was a very emotional time and with the cystitis as well I couldn't drive off and leave them; stopped by the entrance I could at least clear the road if for example an emergency vehicle required access. They returned after approx 10 mins and we left. What Happened PCN received for "Failing to Park Within a Marked Bay". Given the situation described above where I was physically unable to park in a marked bay, let alone do so without blocking emergency access I thought it was a [problem] and a quite ludicrous one at that. And for this reason I have not contacted One Parking Solutions. I have since received a letter from ZZPS Limited saying my unpaid PCN has been passed to them to resolve. The balance owed has now increased to £170. They have quoted Parking Eye v Beavis as a recent Supreme Court Ruling. I have spoken to them and they said I was parked for 12 mins. If I do nothing the matter will be passed to their solicitors.
  19. Hello all. Apologies for yet another UKCPM parking charge question. But I would like specific help if you are able to. I would be very grateful. I went to a place called the vista centre and it took me about 30 mins to pay for parking. I arrived at Vista Point at approximately 14:30 for a 14:45 appointment. The site had a ridiculous payment system (via installing an app or calling an automated number - where the computer didn’t recognise my voice) and caused me to almost miss a Drug and Alcohol test for a new job. Not easy for any user to pay for parking. No cash option was displayed. I called and downloaded the app, but both systems were not able to process my payment after several attempts. Eventually, I found the only parking machine and paid using cash (for 1hour). It was the only 1 on site, which was not displayed or obvious. I have email evidence and complaints to the drug and alcohol test company for not informing me of the difficulty. I undertook my Drug & Alcohol test, which overran due to my being late to pay for parking. (Also, you are not allowed to leave the room until the test in finished). Not being able to use the app or leave the room during my test, I could not extend my parking duration. I therefore returned to my car approximately 10-11 minutes after my ticket expired - finding a £60 charge. Without knowing about private parking charges, I wrote to UKCPM to appeal they said I need to appeal to IAS. Which I did - I also wrote back to UKCPM to tell them I wanted to appeal (this was done within 7 days). I also registered with IAS and for some reason they said (im not sure if I did or not) confirm my email address, therefore the appeal can no longer go ahead. 1) Should I pay the charge? 2) I write to them showing my address (and email). Is it too late? 3) If they write back, can I just write "Return to Sender, the Recipient no longer lives here" and forget about the claim? Many thanks, matt
  20. Hello all, in January I parked my car in the car park I usually park in which for many years has been 3 hours free parking, unbeknown to me (until I received the parking charge letter) in mid December the time was changed from 3 hours to 1 hour. Where I enter the car park from the road there is the sign stating the terms and conditions but no 1 hour sign, they are dotted around the car park but when I leave the car park I leave via the same entrance and therefore don't see that they have changed the hours. There was and still is no sign anywhere stating that the hours you can park have recently changed which in my opinion is a little unfair I could in theory have checked the signs on Monday and seen 3 hours, parked again on Tuesday without looking and they could have changed it to 1 hour, a bit like entrapment in my opinion. I appealed to POPLA and they rejected my appeal and I have now received a letter from Civil Enforcement demanding payment stating if it isn't received in 28 days they will have no option but to start proceedings against me and will charge for costs, interest and fee's. Do I have a leg to stand on regarding there was no prior advice when entering the car park that the terms had been recently changed or do I just pay up? And just as an aside I now live in Saudi Arabia and would like to write to Civil enforcement requesting they write to me here as I have only seen these letters from pictures my wife has sent from the UK.
  21. I parked in a no through road which leads to the entrance to a supermarket car park and a derelict building site, which after many years of standing empty is finally being redeveloped. The road is accessed from a main road, where there are normal road markings and no signs stating that you are entering a private road and there is No Parking or any charge if you do park in it. Shoppers often park in this road for a short time whilst they go the supermarket, even when there are spaces available on the store car park. One day I parked in the road because the supermarket car park was full. I parked for less than 10 minutes behind a car that was already there and didn’t think anymore of this until I received a PCN in the post from a private parking management company. I was shocked that this stated I had parked in an un-adopted road which was no parking allowed and had a £100 parking charge. The council confirmed the road is un-adopted whilst the site is being developed. The company had taken photos of the car I was driving, which was parked alongside a derelict building in the road. The signs stated Attention Private Land – The site is managed & operated for No Parking at anytime and that there is a parking charge of £100. These signs are not in the line of sight of a car driver and when you leave the car to go to the entrance of the supermarket they are behind you and there are no signs in your line of travel. You might see the signs on your way back to your car, but that is obviously too late. The signs are on the perimeter of the building site, which the derelict building is part of, and they refer to “Land” and “Site”, so you would assume they refer to the building site being developed, and not the road. If the road is included then there should be a sign at the entrance stating this is a Private Road and the terms and conditions that apply, as was in the Supreme Court case Parking Eye Vs Beavis. To make matters worse the signs on the derelict building are not illuminated and are less visible at dusk when I parked and when it is completely dark they cannot be seen at all! I disputed the charge with the management company because there were no signs at the entrance of the road and the ones on the building alongside which I parked had not been visible and referred to the building land/site. This was rejected because the IPS had approved the signs and location of them. I tried to appeal to the Site Owner/Director of the company who are developing the site, but he ignored my letters. His company finally did respond after my Father wrote to them. They confirmed that they had appointed a parking management company to control misuse of their land. I and other shoppers, unaware of that this is a private road with no parking, are hardly misusing the land by parking here for a few minutes! Even Police have been seen parking here and I am aware that at least one unmarked Police car was issued with a PCN. The management company have had many requests from the Supermarket store management and people like me to improve the signage and/or paint double yellow lines, to remove any ambiguity, but they have repeatedly refused. One store manager even complained that an employee of the Management company was parking by the derelict building, adding further to the misleading situation. In fact I am sure it was one of their employees whom was parked in front of me when I was issued with my PCN. It certainly was the same type and colour of car that I have seen driving around checking for parked cars. My Father did a study and saw 13 cars park there in one hour one lunch time, including an armed Police woman! I foolishly tried the IAS appeal process, knowing that I only had a 20% chance of being successful, because it is well known that this is not independent at all. True to form my appeal was rejected, even though I had pointed out and given proof that the evidence given by the management company was incomplete and the site plans and photos showing the signs were over two years old and not what were in place when my alleged parking offence took place. The Arbitrator dismissed these facts and still rejected my appeal and asked me to pay the charge within 14 days. I informed the Parking Management Company that I did not accept the decision of the IAS and the reasons why. I stated that I would not be paying the charge and requested that they followed the correct legal process and take me to court and not waste time and money passing this onto a debt recovery company. My letters, including to the MD were ignored and the charge was increased to £160, to cover admin charges. I heard nothing for four months then out of the blue I received a letter from a Debt Recovery company asking for the £160 to be paid. I have denied the debt, and asked them to ask their client to take me to court, so that this can be decided fairly. Their response states if the account remains unpaid it will progress to the legal stage and be passed to the solicitors. I would welcome further advice to what I have already received. This situation has been very upsetting and stressful for my family and I, especially when I am an honest, law abiding citizen, who has not committed any parking offences before. In the meantime, roll on the passing of the Private Parking Bill!
  22. My partner parked at a NPS (northern Parking Services) car park a few weeks back and the machine was not working. She could not pay for her parking. Today we got a ticket in the post. They have camera's there and must have automatically sent a ticket out. What are my options? Do I have to pay it?
  23. I received a parking charge dated 21 April 2018, I am just wondering do I really have to pay this and is there anything I can write back to refuted their claim, it seems like a bit of a joke as their is a sign on a gate which has been blocked up by a 2 tonne concrete boulder saying no parking as access is required at all times, or something along those lines... should I take this seriously? Scan attached. Best Wishes Billy
  24. My partners car was stationary in a car park on 06/01/2017. There is a fee payable of 50p for 1 hours parking. The driver of the car went to the machine, realised they didn't have change for it, and returned to the car. The car left. The Reg keeper wasn't driving. When they got back to the car, a plastic envelope with a piece of printed cardboard was inside with the name MyParkingCharge.co.uk on. It has a serial number on it and a date only, hand written. It has no offence date, time, day, location, penalty details, appeal details or registration number of the car. As far as I can see, reading the rules - PoFA 2012, this is an invalid NTD. The date on this card was 06/01/2017. On 19/01/2017 my partner as the Reg Keeper, has received a Notice to Keeper (NTK) letter from Excel Parking. This has all the day, date, time, location car registration and contravention details. The issue date of the NTK is 13/01/2017, but was only received on 19/01/2017. The NTK doesn't mention PoFA act. It states the appeal services is IAS, and Excel are a member of the International Parking Community - IPC. The NTK has no ANPR information or pictures of the car or contravention. I am composing an email to DVLA for the intentional abuse of the PoFA rules Excel and the DVLAs breach. As the NTD is flawed (in my opinion) approaching DVLA is improper and the issuing of the NTK within 28 days means the Reg Keeper is not liable, only the driver. Any thought for suggestion on how to proceed would be gratefully received. NOTE. There is no ANPR on this car Park.
  25. Hi all could someone please advise me on this matter. Today i have received a parking charge notice dated 26/09/17 stating my car was parked for longer than the period allocated and it states i was parked for 8hrs and 50 mins. My wife parks the car in this car park for work and quite clearly remember that on this particular day the machine was not giving out tickets but was accepting money as their was alot of people complaining. She phoned the number on the ticket machine but no answer so left a note in the car explaining the situation and no more was heard until today. Now she knows for a fact she would of paid for 9 hrs parking as she was at work and the ticket says she was parked for 8hr 50 mins so in fact she wasnt even late back. If i pay within 14 days i can pay 60 pounds but quite honestly i dont think i should pay them anything is it worth ringing them to explain what happened?
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