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  1. I presumed it would be to ignore it. I posted in here because of the protection of freedoms act 2012 has been stated so it has worried me a little as to what to do next about it?! I contacted the restaurant a while ago to complain and he said that he’d complained numerous amounts of times previously and that he would back me up if needed. How does Highview have my details? I haven’t acknowledged any form of letter from them?!! Thanks
  2. Dear All, Update- following on from above posts regarding the charge notice in Decemeber, I recieved the attached letter on Saturday 2nd March, please advise as to what to do next? Many Thanks charge notice debt recovery letter 1.pdf
  3. Dear All, Update- following on from above posts regarding the charge notice in Decemeber, I recieved the attached letter on Saturday 2nd March, please advise as to what to do next? Many Thanks debt letter 1.pdf
  4. Dear All, I have taken above advice, calmed myself down from panic to a degree and read all of the advised threads from my post and also read other related posts and images of letters etc. I do feel a lot more reasurred about ignoring the charge notice and will come back here if I recieve a court letter for further guidance from yourselves. Once again appologies for numerous posts from myself and Thank you
  5. I have been reading everything in these threads D and I apologise if I am frustrating you by continuous questions and reassurance. I have two diffrent car park charge notices and am fretting a lot about repercussions of ignoring them, I don't have funds to pay out if taken to court which is why I'm seeking guidance and ressurance. Thank you Brassnecked for your comments and reassurance - I am so worried about it all, but feel I want to stand my ground as I think they are appalling and unfair charges for parking in a free car park. I feel completely torn as to what to do for the "best" an
  6. Can someone please tell me the worst case scenario if I ignore the charge notice? What happens at court? I am debating whether to skint myself and pay the £100 charge. I just don’t know what to do, I have until Thursday to pay it
  7. I have spoken to the business and they said that they would verify I was there if needed but if I did that Highview would then have my details and they will come back to say that I still over exceeded the stated time limit even though it was Poorly lit to which is I presumed it wouldn’t be implimented during unsociable hours
  8. Really? I truly hope not. These charge notices have opened my eyes for sure. I will keep you posted regarding this matter and the other charge notice for St Mary’s retail Park car park! Thank you once again to all for reassurance, quick responses and guidance
  9. No fine, I mean charge/ sum- all details are stated in the letter attachment. I understand fines are different to charge notices. Apologies D
  10. Would the resteraunt even have any power to do so? I haven’t contacted them no. I’m debating this. I have received a third letter today from them. The charge has gone from £50 early fine to £100 and now £125 with threaten of debt collectors. They have also mentioned in red about my credit rating may be affected. I’m honestly disgusted and don’t know what to do about it - I don’t want to pay it under principal of me parking there in unsociable hours for one!! Please see attached letter from today Update: I have contacted the resteraunt and he says he has had a
  11. I find these charge notices absolutely unfair and appalling. Many thanks Ericsbrother, your advice and points have been a great comfort and reassurance to me. I’ve been fretting over this and the other charge notice issued on Bradfield Road. Also on here. I have decided to take advise by yourselves and ignore the notices. I will keep you updated about how far they decide to take it- hoping it doesn’t go to court! Once again thank you very much
  12. Please see tatached PDF of all images, appologies if some of them are upside down, they were ok before I converted them. I have written a little to explain what the photos are also- hope they make sense if not, please ask. I don't know how to edit the jpegs, if possible- happy for admin to delete the post? Many Thanks st marys road car park retail .pdf
  13. Apologies. I have uploaded them via my mobile and don’t know how to upload photos via pdf? Help!
  14. Here are the photos requested. Attached is; The one way system that you have to go through to get get to DFS, the side road and then the entrance and one of the exits. The sign for the car park also is attached Please let me know your thoughts?? This is is the entrance only and one of the exits that lead back on to the one way system and main roads
  15. Please see attached photo. This is the only entrance to the car park. The photo is taken in between the entrance on the left and one of the two exits. This is the first sign you see as you enter via car and no it isn’t readable whilst driving. I had to zoom in to the terms and conditions section as previous photos show. Hope this makes a bit more sense? The charge notice have asked for early payment by tomorrow 24.1.19. Am I still advised to ignore it? Thanks again pix.pdf
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