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  1. Hi all, After some advice regarding my rights. I purchased a damaged car from copart advertised as a Cat S a month ago. Applied for the logbook via dvla and i was informed the car is a cat B. I have spent a lot of money repairing the car and absolutely gutted finding out it is a cat B. Does anyone have any advice in regards to what i can do to get my money back from copart?
  2. Hi All, I have recieved the response below following my email to motorhog: "The sale cannot be cancelled you won the vehicle you paid for the vehicle you would need to collect your vehicle or alternatively you can enter the vehicle as a private entry" This is the second email from them both stating the sale cannot be cancelled. I will be charged storage charges soon if i dont collect the vehicle, does anyone have a draft email i can send to them as one last attempt in trying to resolve this with motorhog?
  3. The auction site is car transplant, they have said they only list vehicles on customers behalf and i have to go direct to motorhog who own and listed the vehicle on car transplant. - - - Updated - - - I paid via debit card through car transplant
  4. Hi, I purchased a car from motorhog via an auction site. I wanted to cancel the sale but i am being told by motorhog that because the vehicle has been paid for i cannot cancel the sale. Just wondering what my rights are and whether motorhog are actually telling the truth? I am within 7 days of purchase and i also agreed to pay a cancellation fee. The vehicle i purchased has mileage issues and motorhog stated there is no guarantee the vehicle will start and drive upon collection eventhough the listing stated it does. I am taking responsibility for not doing an hpi check prior to biddi
  5. Hi, I have an ebay and paypal account which are both blocked and can no longer be unblocked. I have requested for both accounts to be deactivated and my details removed as i can still login to both accounts. Both ebay and paypal have stated they cannot remove my details or deactivate the accounts, but the accounts are blocked and i cannot use them. I was just looking to see if anyone has any advice for me in regards to whether the above is correct from ebay and paypal?
  6. Hi all, An update on the above. After chasing PIA who to date have not responded to my claim, i reffered my claim to the CAA. Today i recieved a response to my claim: "Unfortunately, Recital 6 of the Regulation establishes that the protection accorded to passengers departing from an airport located in a Member State should be extended to those leaving an airport located in a third country for one situated in a Member State, when a Community carrier operates the flight. As PIA are not a Community carrier and you were departing from an airport situated outside the European U
  7. Hi, An update on this thread, the order date was in fact the 5th sept 2017 so the payment due date was correct. Just a shame i have been charged for being 2 days late.. Has anyone had any sucess in very reversing buy now pay later interest?
  8. Hi, Just after some advice regarding parking on my local road. A business operates on my road, it is generally a quiet road with about 15 terraced houses on each side. During opening hours of the business the customers literally use both sides of the road to park leaving very little space for residents who live on the road to park their cars. It has causes so much traffic on the road and stress to the residents. I have spoken with the council and they have said there is nothing they can do. Does anyone have any experience in dealing with this kind of issue?
  9. Well i guess i will just carry on the way i am making monthly payments.
  10. No address change, papers were sent to my current address at the time but i honestly did not get them, i only recieved the judgement order papers. N245 for was completed on 3 ocassions for missed payments. So the ccj falls off my credit in march, if i stop making payments the claimant can take me back to court to apply the ccj again or for non payment?
  11. The claim was for a bank account with llyods tsb which had an overdraft facility. I was a student at the time and did not pay the overdraft. I was given a default at first by Lloyds, the debt was sold just before the 6 years elapsed for the default i was hit with the ccj. The ccj papers were issued approx feb 2013 from what i was told by the courts and ccj granted in march 2013. I make payments to restons solicitors, the courts initially set the repayments amounts. I contacted the courts filled in a form and reduced the repayments to what i could afford. I cant
  12. Just to clarify, approx 1k of the debt is made up bank charges and court fees because a couple of times i was late by 2 weeks on payments so the dca decided to take me back to court for non payment. I intend to pay exactly what i owe which is approx 1.5k When the papers were orginally served i didnt receive them, i only found out when i got the judgement papers, i didnt do anything at the time. Changes nothing, so there is nothing they can do if i stop making payments?
  13. Hi All, I have a CCJ on my credit file which is due to come off in a few months. I am making monthly payments towards the debt which will remain unpaid once the CCJ is removed. Just looking for information in regards to what the DCA or the courts can do if i stop making payments once 6 years has elapsed. I still owe approx 2.5k which i cant clear anytime soon.
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