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Found 21 results

  1. got a pcn on my windscreen yesterday at asda newton abbot . Iwas working on site and didnt think i needed parking ticket . my van is a lease van and iam wondering whats my next move . i have seen a couple of other posts about the same site . they have had sucsess with letters .any ideas
  2. Hello, 2 weeks ago I bought a used car and all looked good. This weekend, after washing it and driving home we noticed a chip in the drivers view on the windscreen that was not visible before. Thinking this must have been caused by a stone on the way home we called AutoWindsreens out. However, the technician advised that it was in fact an old repair and there was nothing more that could be done to make it look any better. He did say that it was structurally sound. As this must have been present at time of purchase, albeit not visible (not sure if the autoglym products the deale
  3. I bought a Nissan Qashqui from a local independent dealer in June this year for just over £5k. The turbo went faulty within 30 days, after an initial appearance of indifference from the dealer they did indeed repair it and all was good. However, we now have an issue with the windscreen washers (both front and back) in that they just don't work. I can hear no noise when trying to use them which leads me to think this it is the washer motor (i have checked the fuse and it is not that). The washers did work upon when we first got it, but over the past few weeks they have stopped working. I c
  4. Hi guys I have an issue similar to a few others on here, involving the Swansea based Millennium Parking Services. My vehicle was parked in a residential area in Swansea, totally oblivious to any signs advising it was Private Property and Permit Holders Only. Received the PCN stuck to windscreen upon return to the vehicle. The original ticket charge of £100 has not been paid. As the registered keeper, I received the NOK a month or so later and have retained it. It has not been acted upon my me. More recently, I received a demand for £160 from Debt Recovery Plus.
  5. Hello, I just received a PCN from private parking firm NTC (the worst of the worst). The communal garage door was broken meaning I had to use a visitors spot and display a ticket. I had a clearly displayed valid ticket except that the I forgot to put the reg. number on the ticket. The past 5 entries had the same correct reg. number and CLEARLY this was a valid ticket but I had just forgotten one inane detail. Here is the evidence they have: imgur dot com/Q4q1GFN The prelude to Christmas has rendered me broke and the ruthlessly exploitative nature of this co
  6. I parked my car on 27th May at 20:28 Purchased a parking ticket and displayed it on my dashboard. Returned to the car at 21:55 to find a PCN stick on my windscreen. The Notice state the following ‘ Enforcement officer XXXX had reason to believe that the following contravention had occurred and that a penalty charge is now payable: Contravention: Code: 83 Parked in a car park without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket or voucher or parking clock. Time of contravention: 20:39 On further checking, I noticed the ticket had been blew off the dashboard and on the
  7. 10 Days I went for test drive of the approved car and it was great so negotiated the price and finalized everything including price and monthly payment etc and confirmed next Saturday I will collect the car. 2 days back I went to get the delivery of the car, signed the papers and did the formalities and finally when the guy was demoing the car's feature I noticed that windscreen in chipped and it is not that small but it is not massive as well... strangely if it was there at time of test drive I would have highlighted it. now, when I asked the dealer to replace the windscreen t
  8. I apologise if this is going to be a bit lengthy: thank you so much for reading this and I appreciate any advice I can have on my situation. I hired a car for a week before Christmas from LHR. I live in the middle east. Within one hour of collection, a flying stone on the motorway had caused a middle to driver side windscreen chip, about the size of a two pound coin. Upon arriving at my destination, I called teh accident hotline they supplied to ask for the chip to be examined and repaired because i was not sure that the car was roadworthy. They took details and promised to send someon
  9. Hi all. Well what a lovely end to the week! Very briefly... i went to a local mini retail park on Newport road in Cardiff. Spent no more than 10 mins in Argos if that. Put a large box in my car. Went to Aldi again no more than 10 mins in there (walked out after not wanting to que) and i come back to find i ticket on my windscreen. Now back tracking, i work somewhere i have to park in a supermarket car park where im constantly having my car banged and scraped. when i go to park in the retail park i know im gong to have a heavy box (was buying a desk chair)
  10. Hi All Parked in Brighton last Saturday morning. Placed parking ticket on dashboard, checked it was in place after shutting door and went off shopping. Returned to find ticket on car floor and Contractual Payment Charge on window. Charge states that 'ticket falling from dashboard' will not be accepted as grounds for appeal. I appealed anyway on the basis that: 1. Tickets are paper, not adhesive, so cannot be secured 2. Weather was windy 3. Stated that I cannot be responsible for what happens when I am not at the car. There are many reasons beyond my control that the
  11. Hi folks, New user; just signed up to see if anyone has any input on this scenario! Hopefully someone can enlighten me a little. I just purchased, off my father, his old car. He's a GP and his car has a valid (until the end of July) residential parking season ticket displayed in the windscreen that relates to the car registration. This car registration is actually his own personalised plate, which he is in the process of getting transferred to his new vehicle. My street has residential parking restrictions on it. It is my intention to apply for a residential permit on
  12. Well here we are folks, things are currently changing and the solution on how to deal with IPC windscreen tickets is here. Currently not needed for BPA windscreen tickets but the solution to the problem is here and it is now time for everyone to embrace it. No longer can the advice on any forum be to "wait for the NTK". This advice is a dead duck. The Problem The way IPC companies construct their signs (and the way in which the IPC operate their appeals process means its night on impossible to beat them at the IPC bar the obvious slam dunk reason (which are
  13. Hi there. I'm after some advice. My wife has a private parking permit for a parking space she uses for work. Yesterday, she received a 'parking charge notice' stuck to her window because her permit wasn't displayed. The truth was that the permit was visible but it wasn't in it's holder (normally stuck to inside of windscreen) because the windscreen has recently been replaced and the holder was damaged. she has been having to remember to place the permit on the dashboard the last few days until she gets a new permit holder. The reason why we are incensed at the char
  14. My car's windscreen had cracked right across the bottom the past winter. I had it replaced on my insurance by Auto Windscreens in Romford / Harold Hill. It was done at closing time on a Friday, and was told not to drive the car for a couple of hours to make sure it sets. Which I done. A couple of weeks later, I noticed that there was a whistling sound coming from the passenger side of the windscreen when driving on the motorway. It's very distracting and quite loud. Then today I took my car through a car wash, and water literally poured in from the top of the windscreen, litera
  15. Hi all, Will try to be brief - I have a 3 year old Mini One which was brought brand new in 2009 and is just out of finance. I brought the car out right at the end of the deal. - In May last year the car was fitted with a new windscreen after a crack appeared. The windscreen company were one which I had to use due to my insurance with Hastings. They are a National windscreen company. - 4 weeks ago, in the heavy rain, there was a huge leak in the car which caused the car to be soaked inside and not to start. many of the electrics went out. Mini garage (who I have used for al
  16. My Daughter took her car to Halfords to buy new wiper blades and have them fitted by their staff. when she was driving home shortly afterwards she noticed an hairline crack in the windscreen about 12 inches long my wife went with my daughter to complain to Halfords as the crack was not there before. They spoke to their customer care care centre and said its a stone chip which must have already been there. We spoke to the manager and he said he will try to call in some favours to get it fixed is there any course of action we can take if they cannot resolve this?
  17. During my trawl through the internet in searxch of advice for fighting off a fake PCN, i found a PDF file which was printable such that it could be cut into a small infomration leaflet that could be left under the windscreen of a car issued with a fake PCN. Has anyone else come accross this? I need a link to it to refuel my glovebox.
  18. Hello I am in need of some advice please I received a pcn for not displaying a valid ticket. but I had bought a ticket it had fallen off my windscreen and landed on my dash. I filled a dispute and they emailed me back saying can they se the ticket i sent email back with ticket attached, also i went in person with a copy of email and ticket. thing is the price is £25 pounds but in the email i received it says i have 14 days from the email date or it goes up I think to £50 Thing is I just don't know if to pay or not as they are taking ages and if they say know then I owe more money
  19. Hi all, just asking a question on behalf of a friend. He currently has Asda car insurance with the added windscreen policy. On driving home from work today, he hit a bump ( his words), on the A55 from chester into North Wales, and there is a crack in his windscreen in the lower right hand corner. it is an "S" shape and is a few inches long, although it is confined to a small area. The downside is that it does go to the edge of the windscreen so it most likely cannot be fixed. He has read the Asda Policy documents and understands he is liable for a £60 excess for a windscreen replac
  20. On the way back home from work 2 days ago, I was stopped by a traffic cop and fined £60 plus 3 penalty points for having a crack on the windscreen. I feel very harshly done by and I am considering appealing. A few facts 1. The crack is not in the line of vision and does not interfere with driving. It is 250mm long but only about 30mm off the bulkhead on the passenger side. 2. The offence code stated on the ticket is 1412 which is use of a motor vehicle in a dangerous condition. By the way his spelling of dangerous was 'dangeos'. 3. He first spotted me on the motorway but s
  21. Does anyone know anymore about this? I noticed that in my RHD smart, the windscreen wiper on the driver's side fails to clean an area of 10cm on the far right This reduces the available windscreen space by 7.5% which means 15% for the driver but the passenger's view is unaffected Checking out YouTube, the LHD smart has exactly the same windscreen wiper mechanism as my RHD so it fully clears the driver's side This seems to be a case of Smart not converting the wipers for a RHD version It is very annoying and Smart's advise is to keep the windscreen clean - but 1/5 acci
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