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Found 21 results

  1. I brought a 3008 Peugeot from hippo motors in July they have me A1 approved warranty for 12 months and that warranty ain't worth the paper it's wrote on I collected the car 21st July from hippo motors from up north got back to London after a few days noticed there was a shudder to the auto gearbox took and had a few other things that needed sorting like CD player which the warranty did sort on the 10/08/2017 after an arguement with them and they tried to refuse to cover labour costs I had to involve the finance company to get them to pay for the work that was carried
  2. Help, Please can anyone advise me where to turn to. I bought a 3 year old approved used Mercedes from a Mercedes dealership on Dec 22nd 2017. I was told verbally that the car was being MOTed the day prior to my picking it up and I was giving paperwork listing the MOT date as Dec 22nd 2017 - Dec 22nd 2018. I was overseas for a while in Sept / Oct and left the car in airport parking. Whilst I was away my car was damaged with some scratching to the bumper. I returned to the UK and amongst the admin I had was a reminder for taxing my car. When I tried to do this I real
  3. Hi, this is one for people who really know their contract law, specifically the consumer credit act. This is the scenario: I have a builder do me an extension. Our contract states the work will cost £100k. In order to get s75 CCA protection, I get the builder to give me 4 invoices. Invoice 1- foundations, £25k (price shown on the contract) Invoice 2- Roof, £25k (price shown on the contract) Invoice 3- Walls, £25k (price shown on the contract) Invoice 4, decorations £25k (price shown on the contract). £100 was paid for each invoice using a credit card. The tr
  4. I work as an IT Consultant, the programme I work on decided to employ Ernst Young consultants and release a lot of us early from our contract and gave 2 weeks notice. On 24th May I was told my contract was finishing early, but he said I could bill to the end of may and bill 2 weeks of June to cover the notice period. I submitted 2 time sheets one for the month of May and the other for the 2 weeks in June, these were duly approved and returned to me copying in the Finance Manager who was present during the meeting, raised invoices to cover the time-sheets and submitted to my agency.
  5. 10 Days I went for test drive of the approved car and it was great so negotiated the price and finalized everything including price and monthly payment etc and confirmed next Saturday I will collect the car. 2 days back I went to get the delivery of the car, signed the papers and did the formalities and finally when the guy was demoing the car's feature I noticed that windscreen in chipped and it is not that small but it is not massive as well... strangely if it was there at time of test drive I would have highlighted it. now, when I asked the dealer to replace the windscreen t
  6. Hi All, I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment, I felt I was finally able to afford my council flat that I have lived in for over 15 years, I put in my first RTB application March 2015, and a valuation was done for the property, after the valuation came out, I found that I was not able to afford it even after the London discounts so I didn’t take up the offer, fast track November 2016, the same year I made another application and this time around the price of the flat had reduced by £100k as per the new valuation done in November 2016, so I took up the offer, applied for a mortgage and g
  7. I wonder if anyone can help? I received a PCN for parking in a disable bay at a private residential underground car park. I challenged this through both the appeal routes (parking operator and The IAS) based mainly on lack of clear signage at the bay. The ground markings are small and painted in red which were not visible while reversing in to the space and not visible once parked. There was a sign on a pillar however this was high up and to the side of the space and again not visible when reversing. My argument is that signage should have been directly behi
  8. This is the very condensed version of the unbelievable and very poor customer service review that I have been subjected to by Synter BMW Birmingham. I started to type this up in detail but just the way that they secured the deal took me a page to write. The vehicle in question was a 2012 BMW E92 M3 in Santorini blue with competition pack FG12NUX a BMW approved used car. Thus is the attention to detail of Synter Birmingham most of the internal paperwork I have for this vehicle has slight variations on the registration. Friday 24th April - Test drove car, couldn't agree on a deal.
  9. Hi, I am new to posting but not new to the site. I cam on really for a little bit of advice. I am trying to improve my credit rating. A few years ago it was terrible so I've been paying things off and not applied for anything other than this card. I was declined....however, I then received a form through the post to fill in, one of their "invitations" so I filled it in and a week later I got a call asking for my bank details as part of verification. I then got another call saying that they have trouble verifying people who use my bank and so asked for my driving licence number. I ga
  10. Hi all My father passed away last month however a few months prior to that he had started talks with one of the "we will help you get PPI back" companies. I know what these guys are like and they have contacted my mother who is not up to speed on their tactics etc and she has agreed to continue the claim. However my query is, there is no official executor as he had no will, so how can they get the info they need from the institutions? Next of kin wont be able to access it will they? Also, am I right in assuming that any money they get from any claim sh
  11. Hi Son is 16, on approved training course. Returned completed form to Child Benefit before the cut off date in August, child benefit stopped. Wrote to Child Tax credits to inform them of approved training course. Tax credits also stopped. Would you advise what to do next? Thanks
  12. I wonder if anyone can offer any advice. I have a weeks holiday booked in november which was authorised by my manager in april, my manager is now saying i may not be able to have this holiday as it's during a busy period (surely then he shouldn't have authorised it in the first place) i know that employers can cancel holidays in some instances and i haven't booked to go away as such but have arranged to visit family on the other side of the country but my issue is that at this stage there is no availability left for the rest of the holiday year for me to change to another week and my employ
  13. Hi all I have been banking with HSBC for some years now. Last week I applied for a loan via on line banking. I was told my loan had been approved, but could not complete on line. They asked me to call to arrange a time for me to see the bank to sign for the loan. I called the number and was told I needed to take some ID with so I can sign the agreement. I did print out the screen telling me the loan had been approved. As it was Sunday and the banks closed, I went to pay £200 deposit for a car. When I went to the bank on the monday, they told me I had in fact been declined. Because
  14. Hello everyone, Seems like this is a good place to come for some initial advice. I went to look at a car on Sunday (2nd Feb 2014) and dealer told me he didn't see any problems with finance and i should be in the car by Tuesday (4th Feb) once he had approval. On Monday 3rd I heard back that one finance company had wanted further information but another had approved it. So Tuesday came and i picked up the car, leaving my old one as a deposit. Yesterday 6th Feb I got a call saying the mileage on the finance docs was wrong and I needed to go in and re sign. Having read about
  15. I was in an accident may 2012, vehicle was repaired at an approved repairer and went back about 4 times due to rubbish repair jobs (body work out of line, missing parts, fault parts etc.) all was rectified after several months. Now just over a year later I've come to changing the bulbs in my headlights (both of which are brand new headlights) to find that both of the clips on the wiring looms that go into the headlight are broken, one completely shattered and have just been bodged back on to the back of the headlights, also one of the "mushroom" reflectors have been cello-taped into the lig
  16. Just had this from MMF with the same subject as the title of this thread. Mr Goatan,your file has been approved for legal proceedings at your last known address. MMF rely on this SMS re legal costs. 01138876876 Ref: blah blah Fully intend to ignore but i though others should be aware also this game to my e-mail adress not sms and was placed imediatly into the junk folder. BTW would this count as threataning legal action if they never follow through?
  17. Hello, I bought an approved used vehicle 11 months ago and while I was driving the water pump failed which in turn caused the cambelt to snap and more or less destroyed the engine. Before getting the keys of the car the dealer did a 100 points check and MOTed the vehicle with no problems found. The car was 5 years old when I got it so it's almost 6 now. Moreover it had only 18K miles when I got it and now has 26K. To whoever I've talked to said that this should not have happened according to the age and mileage of the car. I took it to an official garage to check it and they are telling m
  18. Hi there, I'm currently in the process of a home insurance claim and would be very grateful for advice on certain aspects. The claim was initiated following an escape of water and the result is that the ground floor at my property requires replacement and a room needs partial redecoration. A Loss Adjuster visited my property following the claim and, along with estimates for the main works, requested that I also provide estimates for removal and storage of my contents to the whole of the ground floor of the property in order to facilitate the works. I should highlight here t
  19. I bought a 2004 BMW 330CD in April 2011 from a dealer, and paid extra for a 2 year warranty from A1 Approved, I also paid an additional premium for "Turbo cover". In August 2011 I had a minor problem with a brake caliper and the warranty was honoured. In July this year the turbo on the car catastrophically failed (with loud noises and lots of smoke). I stopped the car immediately, and had it recovered to a local garage. When the assessor came out to see it, he spent a couple of minutes testing to see if the shaft was broken (it wasn't), and left the garage with the impression that a
  20. Hi there, i have complained to the F.O.S about the mis-selling of the Motor warranty Insurance I was sold when I brought a car from this company. I was told at the time that the Insurance would cover all costs if my car failed an M.O.T or something major happened. I was then told a story of how a couple had brought a car from them for the gearbox to blow up 6months later and that because they had this insurance then they didn't have to pay a penny to get the gearbox replaced. I also have a form which clearly states what i would like from the insurance and it is a printed A
  21. Hi guys, I had a minor (sub 10mph) altercation with a car park barrier and have decided the best bet is to get my insurance company to fix it for me rather than source a bumper etc etc. The car was running fine apart from a light tapping coming from the engine so because of this a arranged for the repairer to Flatbed my car to them for repair. I arranged for them to come pick my car up at their leisure and take it to their approved repairer of my Mitsubishi Evo , Arnold Clark Vauxhall in Paisley . Fair enough I thought since its only some light bodywork that's easy to sort out,
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