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Found 7 results

  1. I work as an IT Consultant, the programme I work on decided to employ Ernst Young consultants and release a lot of us early from our contract and gave 2 weeks notice. On 24th May I was told my contract was finishing early, but he said I could bill to the end of may and bill 2 weeks of June to cover the notice period. I submitted 2 time sheets one for the month of May and the other for the 2 weeks in June, these were duly approved and returned to me copying in the Finance Manager who was present during the meeting, raised invoices to cover the time-sheets and submitted to my agency. I have now been told by the agency that the company is refusing to pay my May time-sheet as I had finished on the 24th May, I spoke to the person who authorized the time-sheet who was one of the people in the meeting and he confirmed his interpretation was the same as mine. I explained to the agency that I will not amend the invoice as it is in line with the discussion I had and reflects an approved time-sheet. Yesterday I received an email from the agency with a copy of my time sheet this time altered and they said they would now only accept an invoice based on the altered time-sheet. I intend to stick to my guns but would appreciate any views from you chaps in respect of where I stand. My opinion is that if I accept a retrospective amended time sheet that I have not agreed to that replaces a previous time-sheet that was properly authorized there is nothing to stop them doing that to any time sheet have submitted. Grateful for any views.
  2. 2 weeks ago bought car from Copart. Car was advertised as having 70K miles on clock, picture of odometer reading shown etc. After purchase VOSA database showed last years mileage reading as 132K miles. Contacted Copart - usual bull** as we are not responsible, we deny anything, we dont check mileage etc. One of call centre staff actually informed that they had MOT on file and Copart DID see mileage discrepancy but chose not to advise buyers of this. Any ideas?
  3. A small claims claim has been issued against me for breach of contract. The contract that I am supposed to have breached was cancelled in accordance with the company's cancellation procedure months ago. I am quite happy to defend the case on this basis, however, for a bit more ammo if required, I am wondering if there is any merit in the following. The copy contract supplied in the court claim by the claimant, is not the same as the original copy that I hold. The claimants supposed copy has been increased in monetary value and has been re-written. eg. the same person has signed and dated the copy but it can clearly be seen that the signature is in a different place to the original and other parts have been re-written or overwritten. I am interested to know how the court would view the Claimant tampering with the copy that they are relying on for their case? To my mind this is falsifying documents as it is not a true copy of the original? Will the fact that they are claiming a larger sum than was in the original enhance my defence? Any thoughts appreciated nn
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-34402322 A car park operator has been disciplined after some of its employees altered photographic evidence to unfairly impose parking charges. UK Parking Control, which operates more than 1,400 car parks, previously admitted some timestamps were changed to make it appear cars had overstayed. The company has been given eight sanction points by the British Parking Association (BPA). It could be expelled from the scheme if it gets more points. If this happens it will not be able to get vehicle keeper details from the DVLA, meaning it cannot pursue drivers for money. However, the matter is not being sent to a police force for investigation. An Action Fraud spokesperson said: "Contact has been made by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau with UKPC who have implemented their own internal measures to resolve the situation." The DVLA is still investigating UKPC and has stopped providing vehicle keeper details to the company while its inquiry is under way. A DVLA spokesperson said: "I can confirm that UK Parking Control has been suspended while we carry out our investigation. "We take our responsibility to protect information seriously. If it is brought to our attention that a company requesting vehicle keeper information may not be meeting the necessary standards, we will investigate."
  5. I have just read on another forum of someone who maintains that their ESA tribunal was heard in front of a judge (or not heard as in this case). Has anyone else heard of this - have they altered the way appeals are heard. From what they wrote, the judge failed to hear the case because he did not have representation. So his case was not heard and a new date set. I have asked them for more information - as this is first I have heard of a judge hearing these cases.
  6. Hi, I owned Audi in February and sold it month ago. New owner contacted me last week and telling me that actually cars mileage was altered in 2008! I originally bought car from car company and got all receipts, service book with mileage and MOT papers for last 3 MOT's and HPI printout (i did one myself and got all clear) - and all with correct mileage (as i sold it). Now he is threatening with small claims etc. Any ideas?
  7. hi guys looking for some advice regarding the legalities of changing a tenancy agreement in scotland. i have now moved out of the property and my landlord is saying i am only due 250 deposit. i have a copy of my original lease dated 11-11-10 which states i paid 550, my landlord has a copy of the same lease dated the same date but the deposit amount says 250. i also have a recipt for 550. my landlord informed me that the document was edited at a later date to account for rent arrears. can they legaly alter a signed contract at a later date without informing me, would my signiture be required on any alterations? cheers in advance
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