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  1. Hi everyone I have an Energy Company giving data shares to a Credit Agency but the shares are not showing the outstanding amount or reduction in what's been paid every month. I was under the impression that to avoid breaching GDPR certain parts of the data share should include this to show a true reflection of the account and so other potential lenders could see where the account was up to etc. Some months inbetween others they wouldn't give any information! When I queried this with the Energy Company they then started showing the shares as an 'i' which I believe stands for Arranged Payment. Ok, so does that mean they can just show a status of AP every month still with no current balance and outstanding balance? How are other lenders meant to see when this will end? They also shared information via the Credit Agency during the dispute I raised that said I was responsible for the supply at the address with incorrect dates. As that's been sent to the Credit Agency in response to my dispute, would that breach GDPR?
  2. THREAD NOTE: the OP talks of a CCJ this is infact a DEFAULT MARKER ignore the reference to it being a CCJ. dx - siteteam ........................................................... Hi All, the is my forst post on CAG. I have a question, which im hoping the community will be able to advice me on if it is legal, and if not the steps to take to resolve this. 7 and a half years ago, i split with my X wife, which was quite a bitter split. In her wisdom, when we split and put the marital home up for sale, a few weeks later my x wife took the house off the market, stating i had never asked for her permission to sell the house, and she refused to sell the house even though she had moved out when we split. Consuquetly, the house was repossed and a CCJ was rejistered against me. I did try and come to an amicable agreement with the Natwest where by i was responsible for half the debt (£16,800), and my x wife was responsible for the other half, and once my half was paid off it would show as settled on my record, which they rejected. So, i thought i would wait out the 6 years, for the CCJ to expire. During this time we have moved twice, and i have not received any letter from anyone for about 2 years relating to the CCJ, so im actually unsure who actually own's the debt (Natwest or DCA) The debt did expire on May 31st 2013, and did 'dissapear' off my credit file. I pay a monthly subscription to experian so regually check my file. Last week the payments started showing again on my credt file as 6 months in arrears and deliquent. After alot of research i was under the impression that once the CCJ had expired after 6 years, that was that, unless of course they tried to re-rejister to the courts for a CCJ. Im thinking of getting legal advice, however before going through the cost i thought i'd see what my options are on here. So my questions are: 1. Is it true the Natwest or any DCA can rejister these late payments that have just appeared on my Credit Report after the six years 2. If not, what are my options to have these removed from my credit file? We where hoping to buy a new house in the next 6 months, however that is going to be impossible with this on my file All help is VERY greatfully apreciated in advance
  3. Hi All, I am disputing SB status of an old CC debt with default date of March 2010. No payment or acknowledgement was made ever since the default date to any of the DCA's who chased this debt. The DCA currently chasing me had threatened court action to which I responded with the standard SB letter quoting the Limitation Act. However they have come back stating it is not SB as the original creditor had received the last payment in July 2014, which is absolutely not true. The only payment I made was in July 2014 of £1 fee to the DCA chasing at the time to produce the CCA and I had clearly noted in the letter then that this is only to be used as fee for the CCA and that I do not acknowledge any debt. It was not towards the debt and certainly not to this DCA. The interesting this is the outstanding amount quoted by the then DCA and this DCA remains the same, i.e. they have not applied the £1 to the debt (and they should not any how). Can someone please advise what should be my next action? They seem to suggest in the letter that I shall be getting Claim forms soon. Thanks in anticipation.
  4. Hi I hope i have posted in the right place. Am new here, as needed advice. Sorry if this is long, bear with me. 2 months ago i applied for a job which was advertised as Receptionist for a glamping business, i still have a copy of the advert and job description. The role described was to deal with customer bookings, admin and check ins. I was offered the job at £10 per hour for 5/6 days a week 10-6pm but was told i had to be self employed. At the time i had no problem with this as the wage and hours were great. After the first week, it was clear to me that i was not a receptionist but a cleaner!! My role is to clean tents, change linen, clean fires, clean toilets and showers, fetch wood, do laundry and iron linen. That now is my sole job and the only admin work i have done is my employers VAT receipts. I am 52 year old lady and this work has been physically demanding as the site is built on a huge hill and i have to wheel barrow everything around. Despite this i decided the money is good so persevere. Week 1 i worked 40 hours, so all the aches and pains were worth it when i got paid. Every week since my hours have diminished gradually so that now my best week is 27 hours and still going down. After 4 weeks i tried to register as self employed but was told my status should be employed as i am working for one employer and using their equipment etc. I spoke to my employers and told them i had to be employed. They bury their heads in the sand and refuse to give me an answer as to what they are going to do. Finally last week, after pushing them they told me that they will employ me but on a zero hour contract and that my hourly rate would go down. Obviously i am not happy with this as i know i have less control over my hours and salary. To date that conversation has not been mentioned again, no contract and this week even less hours and yet back breaking work to try to fit in everything in my schedule. I have days off at short notice, hours cut daily, wages not paid on time and having to give constant reminders, they are never there so i have to deal with everything. There is so much manual work to do on site and I'm expected to do it. Don't get me wrong @ 40/48hrs a week @ £10 an hour, its worth all the aches and pains but with an average now of 25 hrs a week if I'm lucky and still no employment status, i feel I'm being taken advantage of and at the end of my tether. My question is this: Do i have a case for a employment tribunal? Any day now i can see me quitting as i cannot continue to work illegally for these people and certainly do not want to be on a zero hours contract. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  5. I'm assuming there is a precedent to this. I have a debt to the Council for back Council Tax which I have been paying back as and when I can afford it. Today Bristow and Sutor sent an enforcement agent (who told them he was a bailiff) while I was out and luckily they did not let him in. Nothing, apart from a few items such as my bed and an old stereo which is worth pretty much nothing, on these premises belongs to me as I am just a lodger here and the room is furnished by the landlords. I have never denied that I owe something but the amount is in dispute I have told B&S this previously but they have ignored all my letters. The bloke cleared off when it became clear he wasn't being allowed in but I suspect he will be back. Apparently he was eyeing up their car and I would obviously hate for them to become involved when it is nothing of their doing. Do these people have any claim to anything on the premises and where do we stand if they return in the future? I have spoken to the Council but they say it's out of their hands now although I suspect they could do something about it if they wanted to. Thanks in advance for any help and advice
  6. I wonder if anyone can help? I received a PCN for parking in a disable bay at a private residential underground car park. I challenged this through both the appeal routes (parking operator and The IAS) based mainly on lack of clear signage at the bay. The ground markings are small and painted in red which were not visible while reversing in to the space and not visible once parked. There was a sign on a pillar however this was high up and to the side of the space and again not visible when reversing. My argument is that signage should have been directly behind the space in keeping with signs at other disabled bays in the car park. There was a perfectly pillar immediately behind the bay that a sign could have been attached to. I believe the current signage is unsatisfactory and amounts to "predatory tactics". What are people's thoughts? I also wonder what thoughts people have on on terms and conditions signage at the car park stating that the parking operator is a member of the BPA and appeals are heard by POPLAR when it transpires that they are not as they a new members of the IPC who use the IAS to hear appeals Does this incorrect signage have any baring on the arguments I can make at Court?
  7. I currently work as a Deputy Manager (one of 300) for one of the big four supermarkets, and they have recently announced a new contract change that comes into force on Monday 18th April. In effect we are being demoted to a lesser position, that being of a duty manager. They argue that our job role is not really changing as we will still be doing the same job we have always done and they will not be reducing our pay. However it is a HUGE drop in status as our current contract states we are 'autonomous decisions makers' which classes us as senior business leaders and opts us out of working time regulations. On our new contract we are not classed as this and we are therefore opted in to working time regulations. In addition we also recieve free fuel and a car allowance which will also be taken off us although they have given us over a years notice before they take this away. However this is in our current contract that this can be removed at any time so do not think that we can argue the point much there. The main issue is as Deputy Store Manager you are above all the other senior managers in the shop and now will be dropping to the same level as them so surely this counts as a drop in status, even though my salary will not be affected. It also effectively puts my career back 10 years as I was doing that job 10 years ago! There have been various 1-2-1 meetings held with the outcome already decided, however I asked questions weeks ago which have still not been answered and I also have not got a copy of my new contract as yet. From what I have read online if i work on Monday then I am effectively accepting the new contract and will have no means to put a claim in, in the future. Do I have a case for constructive dismissal?? Please help!! Thanks in advance
  8. Hi Guys, got some previous help from people and was hoping for just a little bit more info as I try to get myself out of this mess specifically what would be the impact of having an partially satisfied debt on my account when I have a CCJ on it already? CCJ was on 06/08/2014. making repayments on this and it will be satisfied fairly shortly. plus have the intial default for this debt which is 31/01/2013. A default for a overdraft dated 31/05/2014, will be making a full and final offer soon and lastly a credit card debt with a default 05/09/2012 for an amount of £323. For the debt of £323 lowell have offered to accept 50% payment but the debt will marked partially satisfied. I just want to know how much this would actually make a difference. Because of the low amount I could just repay in full and have it marked satisfied but would this make any difference to other lenders? Would it help to have at least one debt as satisfied or is it really a case once I have 3 defaults and a CCJ then it makes no difference? getting abit confused by all the info out there about this really not sure if having 2 satisfied debt/ccj and 1 partially satisfied debt is any better then having 1 satisfied CCJ and 2 partially satisfied debt any input would be greatly appreiated
  9. Hi All I have an account with an outstanding balance still owing which is now status barred as it is 6 years since I last made a payment , I originally CCA the original solicitor for the bank whom stated they could not located the CCA so the account remained in dispute, about two years later they then sold it to a DCA to which I wrote to them stating that the account was still in dispute with the original solicitor for the bank as they could not locate my CCA and sent the DCA copies of the letters I'd sent to banks solicitor and their reply so I was a bit perplexed as to how they could sell it on when it was still in dispute. another two years pasts by and then out of the blue I received another letter from the DCA stating they now owned the debt and asking for my proposals for payment, again I sent them the same reply as before as regards the account being in dispute or to provide a cca to which I have heard nothing since. Question is I know full well that I had a good amount of PPI attached to this loan but would I be implicating myself by putting in a claim for PPI or does the status barred scenario only take into account when the last payment was made and therefore not implicate me for applying for PPI on the account I also had allot more loans with this bank with ppi which I paid up in full, but I don't want to rock the boat if this will null and void the status barred ruling on the account that was still outstanding and leave the door open for the DCA to be able to reopen the case as I have heard that if you contact the bank regarding PPI if any of the accounts have been sold to a DCA they contact them! Any thoughts please. Tinks
  10. Good Evening, I need to know how to address an open issue with Amazon - UK. I have not been able to get any feedback on an order placed 6 weeks ago, note when I placed the order I received an email indicating that the order was shipped. Two weeks past before they informed me that the order was not shipped as the earlier email indicated, they wanted to know if I wanted to cancel the order however I said I would wait for the future delivery. Complete silence since that communication. Thanking you in advance for your assistance, Bob
  11. Hi all Ive finally managed to clear all my debts, however I still can't get 'normal' credit, having checked my file the only negative info is from barclaycard who last updated December 2011 and for the 26 months prior to that they have reported a status code 6 every month. I think they did this retrospectively when they transferred the debt to Cabot in December 2011. My question is am i able to ask them to remove the status updates as I was on a DMP which during Dec 2009 and December 2011 i was making the agreed payments. During may 2009 & Nov 2009 i was making token £1 payments but still on DMP. Or do I have to live with the status 6 as the payments weren't actually the amount agreed in the original credit terms ? Your help would be appreciated I am trying to prepare myself ready for mortgage applications next year. Thanks
  12. Here's a scenario I have recently encountered and I just want to run it out to see if my understanding of the system is correct. Mr Smith opens a takeaway and obtains a utility contract in the name of Mr Smith, at this time although the takeaway has its own name, all of the bills are in the name of Mr Smith Over the course of time a dispute is created with the utility company resulting in Mr Smith withholding payment until the dispute is resolved. in the middle of last year Mr Smith changed the takeaway into a limited company with himself and one other as company directors. As it stands today, the utility company is threatening Mr Smith with bailiffs etc even though the legitimate dispute is still outstanding and unresolved. Mr smith is still withholding payment. Question, given the limited status of the takeaway, is there any risk to it from bailiffs as the utility contract is in the name of Mr Smith. Would the bailiffs have any right to interfere with the Takeaway at all?
  13. Hi, I used to have a credit card at the Halifax can't remember whether it was cleared or whether it's still open with an outstanding balance. I have a load of statements here with around £600 in charges on it, not including interest. The account is most definitely statute barred now and I have no letters or details from them as I moved and they never chased so I really can't remember. I do remember them taking money out of my current account there for a year without my knowledge to make payments against the credit card. (I never opened my mail) silly me. Any suggestions on whether I should send a SAR to see if the balance was ever cleared or not. If it was I could claim back all the charges plus the interest. Thanks
  14. Hiya all, My wife has a debt with the Sheriffs Office in which we are currently liaising with them - total debt is £6200 She suffers from severe anxiety following a violent attack for which she is receiving currently police referred counselling and we have a police reference for. We have provided details of both of these to the Sheriffs Office but have just got an email back to say that despite this we cannot have the 28 days we have asked for to pay this in full and that enforcement will commence immediately Is there anything we can do? If people turn up it is going to lead to her to have anxiety attacks and miss work I was under the impression- probably wrongly- that the new guidelines indicated that vulnerable people would be dealt with in other ways Is there a template letter we can send them?
  15. Hello all, Had a look around and couldn't see a similar case so here goes... MMF have been doing there usual annoying calling / email / ignore thing but i started up a Noddle account for a basic idea of my credit. MMF is listing a debt on there of £474, from Quick Quid that I am sure i paid years ago. Date of default is 14.5.2010 but its on the settled section of my credit report as from 1.10.2010. It also lists my debt as a student loan, which is odd as I have not been a student since 1992 and never had a loan. Any ideas how I go about getting this off the record from the point of view of it showing as settled or the student loan aspect? Any info much appreciated. Thanks.
  16. I am trying to achieve clarification on this as to the legal status of a multi drop driver and the wearing of seat belts The law at the moment allows a delivery driver in a goods vehicle to travel no more than a maximum 50 metres in between drops without wearing a seatbelt. Exemptions are allowed for the holders of medical exemption certificates and those making deliveries or collections in goods vehicles when travelling less than 50 metres (approx 162 feet). RTA 1988 sects 14 & 15, As to thse Regulations, it states "GOODS VEHICLES" So my question is how do you define a Goods Vehicle? Is is an LGV, or can a CDV be classed as a goods vehicle Some statutory links would be nice to nail this down Thanks
  17. hi I have got afew accounts which have had charges on , i have not made any payments to these accounts for just over 5 years now so i believe these are status barred if i goto reclaim the charges does that reset the status barred time again , also if a company has not got a signed credit agreement can they put a default on credit file . many thanks for the help
  18. Dear forum members, I am wondering what sort of national and/or European transport regulations apply to Eurotunnel. Following a delay of around 1h30 on a Eurotunnel train recently (on a journey of 30 minutes), I complained to the customer service by comparing the service that we experienced to the transport rules stated by Regulation 1371/2007 (regulation on rail passengers' rights and obligations). Although I did obtain a (small) compensation, the customer service states that Regulation 1371/2007 doesn't apply to Eurotunnel. For any future Eurotunnel problem, I would like to know whether this statement is true, and if it is then what are the transport regulations they need to stick to? I have been searching for the answer of course but can not find anything. The Eurostar website does mention it but not the Eurotunnel's one. Thank you in advance.
  19. Hi Guys Someone recently asked me on a forum about the possibility of a CCJ while in trace status with a DCA. It got me thinking. If the DCA doesnt have a valid address for you and they cannot find you, does it mean they cant serve court documents to your address? I think you may see my logic here... Although am i guessing they could also send documents to your last known address? (Of which we see many CCJs set aside due to incorrect address for court documents etc) What if for say they didnt trace you within 6 years, wouldnt it hit SB status?
  20. Hi,Can someone please help me? I have recently been having issues at work with a verbal contract argument which i have posted a thread about on here,i am now at the 1st formal stage of the greivance procedure but the extension date i have been given to sort out said issue is approaching 30th June.When my grievance was envoked 3 weeks ago there was a status quo clause in it which means everything involved stays as it is until the grievance is exhausted but i have been told today by my union rep that my employer NHS is trying remove the status quo element of this procedure.So my question is will they have follow through the status quo clause with me as my grievance has already been in place before any changes have been or will be made?My union rep seems to think they can do this but this seems unfair as i'm only at stage 1 and my dismissal date is 30th June and nothing has been dealt with yet this could go on for a while.cheers
  21. I have a slightly complicated situation and I am trying to find out if I have the same rights as the other people I basically work alongside - both agency and directly employed workers - whilst I am employed by a 3rd party company who have a contract to supply someone in my position. The company we all ostensibly work for, I shall call K. My Direct employers are N. We work in a warehouse environment handling K's products and I follow out requests by K's staff to move trailers around the warehouse and yard (there is only only person there at any time to do this job, 1 day shift, 1 night shift) and I also operate K's forklift trucks carrying out the same job as K's directly employed staff and also agency employees. K even put me and another colleague through a forklift refresher course at their expense, just as they do with their own staff. K's direct staff and agency staff have kitchen facilities and a canteen, whilst N's staff (myself or whoever else is on duty) are now banned from these premises and relegated to the drivers room. I fail to see why K have the right to discriminate against people who are paid by N when we are essentially the same as agency workers. There are also delivery drivers employed by N, but as they are not classed working at the warehouse, and I know the rules governing delivery drivers are different and separate so I can see why there is a case to be made that they may not be allowed into certain areas, but when there is only 6-10 people working there on a night shift, all working together , sometimes doing the same job.... Opinions are always good, but some case law would be excellent Thanks for any help.
  22. I have an ongoing dispute with E.On in respect of a Final Bill that is turning ugly. They are claiming that an online copy of a Paper Bill [they have admitted they have not sent] marked as "COPY - Not a Tax Invoice" is a demand for payment - whilst I'm holding out for the final Tax Bill so I can reclaim the VAT. Does anyone know the precedent of whether a Not for Tax Purposes Bill is a valid invoice..? Would/could delayed payment of such a "bill" be grounds for adverse credit reference reporting, i.e. just when does a Copy "Not for Tax Purposes" Bill become enforceable..? Regards, Mike
  23. evening all, I have noticed that on my credit file i have a default from Arrow global ltd that is 6 years old. would this now be classed as status barred and could i get them to remove it from my credit file? many thanks, Danielle.x
  24. Hi All, I was hoping someone could give me some advice please. I have got a chequered credit history due to illness 5 years ago - including 2 defaults (2007 & 2009). Over the past 3-4 years I have no missed payments and 12 months ago managed to get a vanquis card and a capital one card to try and re-build my rating. Anyway to my question..... when I apply for finance - I put my address in and then it asks for residential status. I privately rent the house I live in with my wife however I do own another house (with mortgage - which my ex-wife lives in and I can't come off the mortgage.) As I don't own the house I live in I select 'private rent' - is this correct? Thanks for your help! Cheers Steve
  25. Good afternoon everyone Today I have had a letter from EquiDebt LTD stating they have sold my account to Portfolio the amount is £7063.52 and this debt was sold on the 08/10/2012. I have checked an Mcc credit report and this is what the info on the credit report says Company name: EQUIDEPT LIMITED Account type: Current Account Started: 25/09/2001 Default Balance : £7,063 Current Balance : £7,063 Defaulted On : 02/07/2007 Status History 8 I think the 8 which is in red donates the missed amouts of months payments, so would I be correct in thinking that come next month this will be status barred??
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