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  1. Hi everyone - I'm in a sticky situation. I went to live abroad for some time in 2015 and I'm back now. I was sure before I left that my UK HSBC account was at 0 but it wasn't due to some overdraft that I gone into without knowing which later led to the account being closed. I just received a letter from Cabot today saying that I owe them a balance of £1347.86. I spoke to HSBC earlier in 2017 and they said to me that the account in question was closed and that I owed something in the region of £200 due to overdraft. I can't remember the exact details but I assume they said the debt was written off, otherwise I would've paid the debt right away then. This also makes what Cabot are saying quite confusing because they're saying I still owe this debt and that the fee is larger than I was told by HSBC. I phoned Cabot right after I got the letter and they told me that it was probably Direct Debit that caused the fee to be so high. I had no Direct Debit and I never admitted liability. I asked whether they have the T&C's of the agreement I had with HSBC, to which they said no. I also asked if I could have evidence of the debt but they said they didn't have anything on their side and they'd need to make a dispute with HSBC. For that I said, I'll contact them myself and get the details so they'll put the account on hold. What do you guys think? Someone told me to get this all in writing sent to them either in email or post. Should I do that? Please let me know what to do since I have no idea! Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everyone I have an Energy Company giving data shares to a Credit Agency but the shares are not showing the outstanding amount or reduction in what's been paid every month. I was under the impression that to avoid breaching GDPR certain parts of the data share should include this to show a true reflection of the account and so other potential lenders could see where the account was up to etc. Some months inbetween others they wouldn't give any information! When I queried this with the Energy Company they then started showing the shares as an 'i' which I believe stands for Arranged Payment. Ok, so does that mean they can just show a status of AP every month still with no current balance and outstanding balance? How are other lenders meant to see when this will end? They also shared information via the Credit Agency during the dispute I raised that said I was responsible for the supply at the address with incorrect dates. As that's been sent to the Credit Agency in response to my dispute, would that breach GDPR?
  3. Hi I have a question that I'm hoping someone may be able to answer. Some years ago I undertook a degree course with the University of Exeter. Unfortunately I was unable to complete the course but did do enough to claim a Cert of HE. However I had a disagreement with the uni about some fees 'owed' for a field trip and they refused to issue the certificate .... so now we arrive at today - more than 6 years later, when thinking of applying to the Open Uni, I contacted them to get official proof of credits and they still refuse citing the 6/7 year old debt as the reason. I mentioned that the debt would be statute barred by now but they still refused. So I have two questions: 1) Are they within their rights to do this considering the debt is technically/legally not owed anymore? 2) Its possible that i may be having to apply for a DRO in the near future. If i was to do this, and add this debt on to it (even though its now not owed, would they then have to issue the relevant certs/info? If anyone has any info/knowledge/advice they can share I would be most grateful Cheers
  4. Hello all, Long time lurker, first time poster. The wisdom and knowledge of this forum has gave me the confidence to ignore all previous calls/threats but this latest letter is something new, that I haven't seen listed before, so feeling a little anxious. ARC have taken over my QQ account after QQ failed to accept my monthly standing order payments and insisted on a DD only (we all know why). I have since moved to another bank and get my wages paid into that new account. The old account still exists. I received this letter this morning. ARC have been phoning me 3-4 times a day but I have blacklisted all their numbers and it goes straight to voicemail. Any advice welcome. I have not sent the 3 letters, choosing to ignore all correspondence instead. Thankyou Kev
  5. Hi, I'm hoping someone can advise me on the above. I received a letter from Shoosmiths LLP Solicitors yesterday stating that they are acting on behalf of their client etc. and intend to take County Court Enforcement action within 7 days if no response. There is a CCJ of £12,703.99 outstanding that was judged on the 24/10/2014 which I've been unable to pay due to various circumstances. Not to give the impression of a sad story but a poor set of choices lead to a path of divorce, court battles, working two jobs, overdosing children etc etc. leading to suffering from depression and anxiety and have been on meds for some years - like many others out there, and like many others I haven't dealt with issues very well. I'm not objecting to the debt but I'm not sure how to go about responding to this. Can anyone advise me please? Some help would be greatly appreciated which I will gladly reciprocate on any part of my knowledge and experience. Spannerboy
  6. Hi folks - first post, as I'm somewhat annoyed/concerned that an issue I thought had been dealt with has reared it's ugly head today. Long story short, I used a parcel booking service to pay to ship a cardboard bike box overseas in October '16. This was all fine in terms of goods arriving, until I received an e-mail 11 days later stating my parcel had been measured by the courier as bigger than the stated dimensions and therefore I had underpaid by approx £50 for the volumetric weight. The service I paid for cost £30 so as you can imagine I was less than impressed! I was so convinced it was attempted fraud I reported them to Action Fraud and cancelled my bank card, as the small print of their T&Cs state they will attempt to recover the amount they consider outstanding after a short period. Their justification for the additional charge was nonsense after I disputed the additional cost, and even their own website disagrees with the way they attempted to justify it. I also liaised with the parcel carrier directly, but aside from intervening to try and get the booking service to see sense it just went round in circles. I asked for information that was never supplied, but eventually sent them the pictures of the parcel which I'd taken prior to shipping, with a tape measure in shot, in early December which they wanted to use to generate a refund to them from the courier before they would wipe out the invoice. All went quiet until early Jan when another copy of the invoice arrived by e-mail, which I quickly responded to. At this point I was told the opportunity to appeal with the courier was past and to pay up. I queried whether the photos I'd sent had been passed to the courier but received no response. I chased this again a few weeks later asking if no news was good news and if my previous e-mail had been received - again, no response. I assumed until today they'd either got the courier to refund and hadn't bothered to communicate with me, or they'd just lost interest. My last comms to them was end of Jan '17. Today, by e-mail, I received the following from an e-mail account called Admin Judges which I've anonymised a bit: I found this site by searching for the company name, but the references are quite old. I presume that rather than acting for the company concerned they have simply bought some packaged debt and are chancing their arm at minimal cost to themselves and see what they get back. I've had no letter in the post, but I imagine the costs and threats will escalate over time? I can afford to pay it - that's not the issue - but I begrudge the slimy way they've attempted to get extra money out of me - seems a common tactic for the firm concerned. Sorry for the long post and thank you to those that have read this far - what advice from well informed regulars on how best to deal? Many thanks
  7. Hello All, Today i received a letter from my local council leasehold team asking me to pay an outstanding amount within 2wks or face court action. i received what seem like a bill for 2 years in March 2017 i started to query this and they told me it was what was outstanding from a previous year - what year is this? 2015. Before i got to this point it took 2 months and it felt almost like a cover up, eventually someone explained what had happened. In 2015 i was sent a bill £ X, paid by 10 monthly instalments, but instead of applying my payments against the £X they applied it against £0 which meant at the end of the financial year i was in credit of £X 2016 next bill came - bill was less than previous years, i called the council and they told me i have been overpaying and this is why and i should reduce my future payments. 2017 they now want me to cough up for 2015/16 as well as 2017/18 My question is they made a mistake on my account in March 2015 by not applying a debit to my account leaving it at £0, and September 2016 was the first time they wrote about outstanding charges be it they didn't admit any mistake. Can they ask me to pay for something that was meant for 2015 in 2017 and also it has been 19 months after the mistake before they are ask for the payment. Does this section 20B give me a leg to stand on? http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1985/70/section/20B I actually don't mind paying just don't want to be harassed about it. Please if any bit is unclear let me know and i will try and be clearer Regards fro
  8. Morning All, I have been battling with Lowell for a few days now I am looking for a bit of advice. I'm not at all clued up on legal jargon so I'm not sure what to do next. In a nutshell, I'm a teacher just starting to think about buying a house. I've always paid off any contracts that I have and cancelled them under the 30 day grace period respectfully. Upon looking at my credit rating I noticed that it was horrendously low (503) I checked through Noddle why this was the case and Lowell have been defaulting two supposed debts... I have emailed Lowell asking what the debts are for the email states: Account Number Original Client Original Client Reference Current Balance Initial Contact Date 25* Three Mobile 9* £20.08 29th April 2013 15* Orange 7* £65.11 30th December 2013 The former Three Mobile account was opened on the 2nd April 2008. The client last receive payment for this on the 1st April 2011 for £20.08. The number associated with this is 0* the tariff was Broadband 5Gb (18/24 months). The balance is made up entirely of airtime debt. The former Orange account was opened on the 28th April 2009. The client last receive payment for this on the 7th March 2012 for £31.96. The balance is made up entirely of airtime debt. As you can see from the dates I have cancelled the contracts well over the 24months (I held them both for almost 3 years!) So when I cancelled I rung up and told them. I'm assuming they continued to bill me for an extra month. I asked for evidence of the Notice of Assignment. He has just forwarded two letters, not letter headed I might add with some glaring mistakes... This is the Orange letter: Dear Mr McGirr We hereby give notice of the assignment of the debt due to us (trading as "Orange") from you in respect of the balance of £65.11 outstanding on your account. On «ClientClRegdate» your account was sold to Lowell Portfolio I Ltd. It is essential that all future payments, correspondence or queries regarding this account be directed to Lowell Portfolio I Ltd quoting reference 1*. Contact Address: Enterprise House 1 Apex View Leeds LS11 9BH You'll notice the "On > as part of the letter... The second letter that was linked to the three account had the wrong address, four doors down. What are my next steps? I want this removed for my credit rating ASAP. it's 2008 !!! Thanks in advance, S
  9. Hi, My wife and I got a mortgage on a property in Ireland back in 2006 just before the property market collapsed over there. To make things worse the property ended up being in a dreadful area where we were regularly the victim of anti-social behaviour and crime. Due to massive negative equity caused by the financial crash we could not sell and so put up with this nightmare situation until 2012 where we finally decided to admit defeat and move back home to the UK. Yes, we were naughty and did not tell the bank but by that time we were desperate. We heard nothing from the bank until they caught up with us about a year ago saying that they had sold the property at auction and that we owed them over €200,000. I don't know how they got our address but the letters have continued for a year and have now ramped up a level saying that they are going to involve Cabot Ltd. I have learned from this forum that these people are debt collectors and would really appreciate some help on how best to proceed with this as our decision to take this mortgage out over 10 years ago is still blighting our lives. We will never be able to pay this money back. We're both over 40, have no financial assets and realistically, will never be able to own our own place so this feels like a real kick in the teeth. Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. A family member recently passed away suddenly with an outstanding balance on their personal loan a/c of £2,000, £400 in their current a/c and £500 in their savings account DWP have contacted me to inform of an overpayment of pension credit of £200 which of course must be repaid Next of kin has been in touch with RBS bereavement service, whom claim they can take the £900 in the deceased's RBS a/c's against the outstanding balance of the loan 1. Is this true? 2. What happens to the remaining balance of the loan? 3. Should we inform RBS of the DWP overpayment? & 4. Can the DWP overpayment be taken from the £900 in credit? Advice appreciated
  11. Hi Firstly, those in debt finding it hard to see light at the end of the tunnel, don't be disheartened, it can be done. After 8 years, I am within 9 months of being debt free. however, this hasn't been without issues and I could do with some advice on what should be my last issue.... Sorry for the length, just don't know best course of action... thanks in advance for any help I defaulted on an Egg credit card, they sold the debt to Arc Europe. Barclaycard bought Egg. Barclaycard transferred the debt to Moorcroft. I have consistently paid the agreed monthly amount. However, during the transfer from Arc to Moorcroft 3 payments went to Arc totalling c£250. In July 2016, Moorcroft sent me a letter stating an incorrect outstanding balance, incorrect by the same c£250 exactly. In November 2016, I wrote the following to Moorcroft (names & reference no's excluded, and amounts rounded to avoid identification).. In reply to your letter dated dd/07/2016 stating the balance was £x. I disagree with this balance, my balance is £y. This represents a difference of c£250, which equates to monthly payments of £z. My account transferred from ARC to Moorcroft in September 2011. At this time, my balance with ARC was £6k, before my September 2011 payment. This is confirmed in your letter dated dd/10/2011. I am not aware of missing any payments, can you provide a full breakdown of the account including any interest or charges applied please? Today, I believe the balance is £a. I will not pay any additional balance until I receive a full breakdown of the account including any interest or charges applied. Please do provide a full breakdown of the account including any interest or charges applied. Today, they have responded with (pleasantries have been excluded) Our client has advised that they have a balance of c£900 on their system. a letter is attached from our client as confirmation. The attached letter (on very poor Barclaycard letterhead and unprofessional format) says dd/12/2016 Dear Sir/Madam RE : My name - Account No. my account number Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, statements are no longer produced on the above account. I can confirm that the outstanding balance of the Account As of today is c£900. I trust this information is of assistance to you. Any queries, contact us, we are here to help. So in summary, I know why we disagree with the balance. Moorcroft won't acknowledge this. Moorcroft have created a fictitious letter from Barclaycard trying to pass it off as from Barclaycard. The debt is no longer on my credit file, it is clean. I suspect if I contact Barclaycard they won't recognise the account. All payments since Sept 11 have been paid to Moorcroft using their reference number, except the 3 made to ARC. what do I do? 1) stop payments immediately 2) report Moorcroft to FCA 3) subject access request to Moorcroft 4) send Moorcroft a firm letter as per - you are wrong. payments have been made to Moorcroft not Barclay - you are fraudulent. you should create fictitious letters using someone else letterhead. - offer 10% of the correct balance to go away? help please....
  12. -IDEM Services replied that debt is unenforceable as they are unable to provide CCA paperwork, but they refuse to release me from my financial obligations. (£2000) This debt does show my on credit file, defaulted 09/2001 Not sure what to do here, please any help info on next steps??? stop paying ? wait for it to fall off credit file? offer full & final???
  13. Hi. my balance and available balance on my HSBC account is a difference of £42 and i have no idea what this £42 is. My overdraft limit is £600. My account at the minute reads £364.74 and my available balance reads £922.74. it looks as though £42 is coming out of my account. But i have no idea what this £42 is. And i haven't bought/ordered anything for that amount. And when i go into standing orders or direct debits it doesn't list anything worth £42. Just my phone contract and car insurance which is £50/£54. Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Hi Guy's, I'm not sure how to play this one, I bought a property with my ex back in 2007 for around 95K (In Scotland) To cut a long story short we separated, she left and went into a "trust deed" Nram wouldn't remove her from the property and I was basically left to pay the arrears at the time and the mortgage while i wasn't living in it. I tried and tried to take the property in my name, my only chance was to then rent the property out pay the arrears.... moving on the house was repossessed about a year ago and they undersold it at 80K, no payments have been made for exactly 6 years! They only actually defaulted the account about a year ago! NRAm are after 105K - yes 105K which is probably about what we borrowed originally, I don't have a breakdown of the fees / costs / interest but I will request this tomorrow. They only just started to chase the balance today, and they are now telling me that they will now pass to a debt collector if I don't reply within 60 days I have no assets, and I am just out of work this week - so they are not going to get anything. I have tried to make arrangments in the past but they have always declined, they wanted to repossess. Facts The property was empty for 5 years No payment been made in 6 years I can't get hold of the ex to see what she thinks credit file should have been defaulted long before it was? Cheers
  15. Hi. I would like some advice on how I can go about claiming money that is owed to my father by my ex-partner. Whilst we were living together, my partner got into a lot of debt which resulted in the house that we owed being threatened with repossession. At that time, as I had already taken out loans to bail him out the first time I was unable to extend my credit any further so rather than risk losing the roof over our heads, my ex approached my father and asked to borrow approximately £9,600. With the aim of keeping the background short - when we broke up, I ended up writing off a lot of the outstanding money that he owed me personally. However, apart from owing money to me, he owed creditors who wanted to put an interim charging order against the house that was in his name - the same house my father loaned him money to pay the mortgage. As I had to go to court, the solicitor acting on my behalf prepared a statement to demonstrate that when we broke up my ex had no beneficial interest in the property. In that statement he also confirmed that the money he owed him was not included in the debt that he owed me. I have now managed to secure a mortgage in my sole name and have finally taken off my ex's name of the title deeds. Over the years, I have reminded him that he owes my father the money but until such time as the house situation was resolved I didn't want to risk anything. We are no longer on speaking terms recently my father approached him for the money. My ex has acknowledged he owes the money but says he will not pay it back as he feels I have been unreasonable. The only reason my father loaned him the money was because of me so as you can imagine I feel responsible. Plus £9,600 is a lot of money. I have approached a solicitor who has said that it will take approximately 2 hours at a cost of £225 per hour for him to write a letter to my ex - threatening him with court proceedings. I don't know where he lives or where he works so in order to try and find out it will costs approximately £300-£600 to hire a firm to try and get this information. All this BEFORE we go to court. My father is 75 so doesn't want to cause any trouble or fuss but he's content for me to act on his behalf. QUESTION: is there anything I can do to avoid this cost? My ex and I have a daughter which he has every Sunday. He drives a car which I don't know is in his name but its not a cheap vehicle (brand new its approx £115,000)!! All this and he doesn't pay maintenance either. IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO TO GET MY FATHERS MONEY BACK? Do I have to go through solicitors or can I do a claim on my fathers behalf myself? I look forward to receiving advice and happy to provide more info if required.
  16. Over 15 years ago I was self employed for three years, in the last year I earned £57k which created a tax liability. I was hit by a car and broke my back two months before the tax return was due which wasn't submitted or paid. It took 5 years to recover and in that time I earned nothing, I sold everything I owned and moved in with my sister to survive. I was also entitled to nothing from the state as I had a war pension of a few hundred a month after serving in the military for 10 years, slightly confused what the tens of thousands I paid in tax and NI was for during that time, anyway. Between 2008 and 2010, I was paying £250 a month back, until the crash came and I lost everything again, I've not been able to pay anything since. I have £2.5K left to pay and I will pay it, but I have a question reference the interest and charges which is nearly £17k. HMRC have given me until June 1st to start paying again.... I can give them £10 per month once my debts are gone, but I'll never be able to clear the interest and charges, which I feel is unfair taking my genuine circumstances into account. Any advice on how to approach this issue?
  17. My OH had previously been chased for an old outstanding amount of approx £3,500 in which she previously queried with HMRC requesting further details. No explanation was forthcoming and she received her new tax code details and in which they have deducted over £300 last month from her monthly pay in which has caused no end of problems and upset. Quickly looking at approx amounts it seems that they have set-up a repayment plan over 12 months, in which she cannot really afford at the moment. Can she contest the existing plan due to unaffordability and that it was previously disputed ? Shall I get OH to send a Subject Access Request to HMRC ? Any advice would be appreciated thank-you.
  18. Hi all. I recently made a straight swap with my Audi A3 for a damaged Fiat 500. The Fiat is much newer than my Audi, but with the damage I deemed it to be worth about the same. At the time, I performed a MyCarCheck on the car to see that it wasn't written off, which it wasn't. What this check didn't reveal, was that the car was actually outstanding finance. I'll never be making that mistake again... This was some weeks ago. I've now had the car fixed at a local bodyshop at my cost with the intention of keeping the car. Only now has the previous seller been in touch to say there is outstanding finance. I panicked and have now fully HPI checked to confirm this is the case. I am the third owner. The seller was the second owner for a short period. The finance is with the first owner. I've been in contact with the finance company to check that they are interested in the car still, which they are. From reading up on legislation, I believe I need to prove that I acquired the car in good faith. I have also read that because I have invested in fixing the car it should actually help my case. I have details of the advert screen-grabbed (no mention of finance), the V5 green slip, the seller's details, and the mycarcheck from the time. I also have various messages from the seller when we arranged to meet. I want to keep the car, but now I don't know where I stand even if I wanted to sell it one day. The previous seller has no intention of taking the car back, and my Audi is apparently gone elsewhere. Im worried because I swapped my car rather than purchased it outright it may make it may be a grey area. Whilst searching I came across a user with a near identical case, but no updated outcome. User: ctid1987 I cant message the user, or link to the post because Im a newbie.
  19. Hi guys, just a quick question... I advised O2 that I was unable to pay my O2 contract with them due to have recently been taken to the cleaners in a divorce. I also advised that I have moved to Germany and would attempt to pay back what is owed once I get a job here... well... its been 9 months, not been able to get employment yet, just been signed on the JobCenter here and getting the very basic in support. I am hoping to get employment soon, and have informed Westcott that I had advised O2 about this... Now I have read up on Westcott and find that they paid 02 the debt owed and no doubt will chase me for more than what the original debt was... on the grand sale of things, would they go to the hassle of getting a european court order for the sake of 500? End of the day they can... I dont have anything they can take from me as I dont own more than my clothes... Any constructive advice welcome
  20. Hi All. I bought my car back in November privately for £5500 cash. I asked if there was any finance outstanding etc which they said no. Just before Christmas I fell ill with my kidneys and now await an operation. Unable to work and having started a new job I do not get sick pay losing £630 per week. Now my rent is due along with lots of other bills. I made the decision to sell my car, downgrade and use some of the money to left to pay off rent and essential bills. I took it to a garage saw a car we liked. Arranged to swap my car and get £1200 back. The dealer checked my car out to find out there's an outstanding finance agreement. I spoke to the creditor, who is Barclays personal finance who agreed there is an outstanding agreement and they require some forms to be filled out which I have done. I had to write down where I bought it. How I paid. If I had a receipt. When buying the car the seller drawn out a receipt stating how much I paid for it and when and we both signed it. It also asked if I knew if there was any finance outstanding which I didn't and if I had done a hpi check which I did not. I have also sent copy of the log book showing Last owner. i also wrote Down I bought the vehicle in good faith , which I did. Now that was a few days ago. This car is the only thing what can same me my partner and our 1 year old getting kicked out. We had some savings but that went on last months bills and Christmas. I need to sell the car but now I may lose it and have nothing. I took out a loan to pay or the car initially so we may lose the car and pay for something we do not have. I have read that if you declare the car was bought in good faith and you have a receipt of some kind they will let you keep the car . However I am unsure about this. Someone said just sell it anyway as they will just remove the hpi mark as I bought the vehicle in good faith. Is there anyone who can help me with this as I'm making myself more I'll worrying about this and my family getting kicked out. I am a hard working person. Pay my bills and provide for my.family and now this has happened. My family can't help as they are elderly. I just have no where to turn to. CAB were useless, as where the finance advice line. all I keep being told is to seek financial help from family. Which isn't an option and we can't get loans as I went bankrupt a few years back due to my employment going down after a bunch of break ins. Please help
  21. Hi all, Following advise from these forums I have now cleared the majority of my debts. I am now looking to remortgage sometime this year and would like help/guidance in this area. I currently have 1 CCJ outstanding on my credit report for £7000 dated 2012, from what I've read I am unsure if I would benefit: - From paying off to get marked as satisfied ? - Attempting a full & final offer, I understand this would be marked partially satisfied if accepted? - Leaving as 5 years old? I would have to borrow £7K from a family member to clear. If paid would I still have to wait until I apply ?? Many thanks
  22. Hi, The wife got a letter from CSS collect on behalf of DWP for an outstanding amount of £50, this was a fine for allegedly not telling them a return to work date which meant they overpaid 2 weeks ESA. We did accept that she was paid 2 extra weeks by mistake and promptly paid that back but disputed the £50 fine for failing to inform them of change of circumstances, we tried to speak to them many times about the matter and was promised call backs that never happened then we would call back etc and this carried on for a few weeks and we felt we did as much as we could to resolve the matter but were ignored. My wife is now worried about this letter and wants to pay it i think the issue is still with DWP and we have not had any dealings with this CCS company and i don't think we should pay it as the original fine was for something that was not our fault. We did contact DWP and they said they cannot deal with this anymore. Any help or advice would be much appreciated Thanks in advance
  23. So to cut a long story short I part traded/took finance out on a car with outstanding finance on it about a month or so ago. The car was used and had some work needing done to it which was arranged with the dealership at the time. I have since put the car into the dealership and it was sent to a garage nearby to have works completed. I have been contacted today by the previous owner who still has outstanding finance on it and they have collected said car from the garage it was being serviced at. So if you look this car up on the AA website it has 2 finance agreements against it, one from a year ago and mine from last month. My worry is that the car I part traded in towards this vehicle is going to be lost on top of the fact I have an agreement against my name. Who has rights to the car in this situation? The previous owner hasn't been paying for the vehicle supposedly (according to them) and it would seem that she traded this in to the dealer, I assume with the intention of the dealer paying the finance off? Any advice would be appreciated, I am absolutely furious at this dealer. I should add that I was not made aware of any outstanding finance on this vehicle or that a key was with a previous owner even. - Joppsta "Motor Base Dyce" brings up the company, can't post links but it's the first result in Google. This is the company in question, looking at the website I should have a warranty "Will my new car have a warranty? Your new car will have a 3mth/3,000 mile warranty whichever occurs sooner, (unless otherwise stated). You can choose the level of cover you require. Basic cover is provided free of charge." But what this warranty entails is something I am unable to find so far.
  24. Hello, First time posting here - really need your guys help! About 2 months ago I saw an ad on Gumtree pertaining to a sale of a car. After questioning the individual selling the car - I was told there was nothing wrong with the car. He gave me the new keeper's form and assured me he just wanted to sell the car for the cash. My brother at the time was with me for it's sale. The car has damages that need repairing as it has a few dents (one pretty severe) and a couple of scratches to take care of. I purchased the car via a bank transfer directly to that individual's account. Three days later I attempt to phone the individual and it seems his phone has been disconnected... I had my suspicions so I did a HPI check and found out the car has outstanding finance. I called up the finance company, and they have stated they are financially interested in the car. Since the two months I found out: I have registered myself as the new keeper, called back to still find financially interested (I had hoped the previous owner would have cleared this by now), gone to a free law advice service to draft a letter to be sent to the finance company and done a few repairs on the car (holding off on the major one for now). Today I received a 'slip' from Armstrong Nationwide Ltd (which I googled to find out to be a recovery service). I called them up and they asked to meet IN PERSON to fill out a questionnaire. My question is this: What do I do?
  25. I have a Very account and my wife's uncle asked me if he could purchase a £700 fridge freezer which he then sold without my knowledge for £250. When I found out I wasnt best happy and he told me it was none of my business so long as I got paid it would be OK and then asked me if he could order another £1000 worth of stuff which I point blank refused. Since then he has not been making monthly payments he agreed and making an excuse everytime but now it is coming upto the end of the 12 months interest free credit period so I've told him it needs to be paid or I will be placed in a debt I can not afford. I made sure that I used messenger so that I could get a copy of what he has to say. To which he said pass on his details to Very and they will collect it from him, unfortunately I know this is not true because this a personal credit agreement between me and Very and I am liable but since I knew he had moved address 3 months ago I needed his new address so played along with him. I asked him for his address and he messaged me back to tell me and gave me his old address from 3 months ago. As I have said I know that I am personally liable for the debt and am having to borrow money to pay more than he actually made, what I want to know is can I have him arrested and charged with selling goods that were not paid for and still have outstanding HP on and also the fact that he was giving me false information in order to dupe myself and Very ? And what legal channels can I follow to claim this money back I have also received threatening messages for asking for the money to be paid .
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