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  1. Well back again after a number of years following your success in getting unwelcome finance out of my life forever. I have been receiving emails from lantern relating to a quick quid loan I admittedly did not fully repay as I was at the time backed into a place where my only way out was to stop paying the payday loans and then deal with the fallout or lose everything. Just at that Time I had loans with Wonga, Myjar, quick quid and pounds to pocket using one to repay another and getting deeper and deeper in. Anyway Wonga wrote off their balance in full with no comebacks follow
  2. I had a quickquid loan back in 2012 didn’t end up paying it back. It doesn’t show on my credit file. Quickquid sold it in 2013. It’s currently with PRA group who chase me for it sometimes. Now I was on a payment plan with payplan with last payment being in July 14. I asked payplan for records of who I was paying and I cant see anyone listed as quick quid theres one on there called Mackenzie Hall and cash window there the only ones I cant remember or are not sure who I might have been paying, I’m worried PRA might go to court before this is potentially stat barred(if I did make a
  3. Anyone else had one of the emails reporting a data breach by Trusted Quid? Have I got any recompense towards them over this?
  4. Hello Everyone Would any one be able to offer any advice on my situation please ? Went Bankrupt 6 years ago, all unsecured debt. One of the debts was a payday loan by Quick Quid. All creditors amended their entries on my credit reports to show that the debt was satisfied and the default dates were on or before my date of bankruptcy order. These are the ICO guidelines. All well so far. Quick Quid have recorded my account as Defaulted which is correct but the date of Default is 3 years after my Bankruptcy order. This is against ICO guidelines. I wrote to call Credit and
  5. Dear all I wonder if you can help? Last week I received a letter from our friends at MMF chasing a quick quid loan and threatening a CCJ. This made me take my head out of the sand and decide to do something – but I fear I might be too late I had 15 loans from QQ from December 2010 to the last one in (which was an extension of an existing loan taken out in Dec 2011) in March 2012, which I didn’t pay to break the cycle. I have paid over £3k in interest. I took a loan out every month which was an increase or an extension. At the time they lent to me, whilst I wa
  6. Hello all, they have never provided me with full list of loans ( i think I had more than 15 with them) here is their final word... QuickQuid Customer ID: xxxxxxxxxx We are in receipt of your complaint dated 16/08/2017 where you allege that QuickQuid irresponsibly lent to you. Specifically, you mention: • The loans were unaffordable • You were dependent on short term lending I’ve investigated your complaint and would like to bring your attention to the following points: Under the Financial Conduct Authority’s rules, complaints cannot be made where they concern an e
  7. Hi, so like many over the past few months I'm new to this site and have received a letter from Moriaty Law stating that I owe £877.55 from a loan I took out with Quick Quid back in May 2012. As I'm already paying one debt off with Moriaty I contacted them straight away and questioned it. I probably should have posted about this earlier before taking any action, but here's what's happened so far: I've asked them to provide all/any documentation they can in regards to the load as I genuinely don't remember taking it out. There's a fair chance I did as but I'd like to see proof first.
  8. August last year i was struggling for money, stupidly i applied for a payday loan from QQ at the time of taking this out my credit rating was appalling. i made the first payment but after that found myself struggling to continue making the payments due to several factors. the loan was for about £400 but since then it has gone up to £700+ . i emailed them a number of times asking to consider writing of the debt and gave them the reasons why including low income, loss of benefits / job, stress of debts, bad credit score etc. I also pointed out that the constant phone calls a
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/jan/01/new-12-sided-pound-coins-royal-mint-currency
  10. Hello everyone, I had not even realised that people were reclaiming charges and fees from the like of Wonga and quick quid. Back in at the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 I had lost my job (just as well since they owed me thousands in wages) and been out of work for several months. With the new job I had i was earning £300 a week and was being chased by debt collectors and the courts for outstanding debts (thankfully sorted thanks to CAGGERS amazing help !) I took out several loans between 2012 and 2013 they are listed below. Does anyone have a template or any comments/input/advice at a
  11. Hi guys, just a quick question... I advised O2 that I was unable to pay my O2 contract with them due to have recently been taken to the cleaners in a divorce. I also advised that I have moved to Germany and would attempt to pay back what is owed once I get a job here... well... its been 9 months, not been able to get employment yet, just been signed on the JobCenter here and getting the very basic in support. I am hoping to get employment soon, and have informed Westcott that I had advised O2 about this... Now I have read up on Westcott and find that they paid 02 the debt owed
  12. Another one falls... CashEuroNet Who operates Quickquid and Pounds2Pocket is to offer redress... Remember folks... Read closely... Loans AFTER 1st April 2014 affected... HERE
  13. Hi I have payday loans with the above dating back to 2012 and despite Being in a IVA at the time I was accepted for the loans which were rolled over numerous times. I hold my hand up and should never have taken these out but I feel they did not carry out correct checks which would have shown I am in a IVA. They were not willing to accept payment plans which then resulted in the debts growing. I have managed to get 3 other pay day loans written off. QQ is highest at £1,900 from a loan of £400. Does anyone know if I can get these written Off? QQ confirmed my account is not one of the recent 4
  14. Not a huge dilemma, not in my life anyhow, but merely an observation really. Whilst I was wheeling myself around my local Asda earlier I picked up a bag of Bananas marked up for a £1, then wheeled off passing one of those weighing scales for customers, just decided to place them on there and check the weight, and it printed off the ticket for 54p (fifty four pence).. So put the new price ticket on the bag of bananas and put them back deciding I'd gone off nanas today... Just made me think how much other stuff they have marked up at 'bargain' prices, but in reality all your payin
  15. Hi all. Details are 16 months ago I took out a £850 quick quid loan and due to job loss was unable to pay a penny back. After a few months they passed the debt to arc Europe it's £1483. As of the other day it has been passed back to quick quid I can still log into quick quid and it says £1483 outstanding due on the 23/05/2016???? Don't get that. I have checked all 3 credit reference agency's and it is not showing on any of them but there are 5 other quick quid loans on my call credit all paid and settled. I am now in a position to pay the full amount can I use any of this info t
  16. I had a very bad experience recently. The car I had taken on rent suffered scratches on the doors. Over the weekend while the car was with me, I went to some garages and they told me that they could fix the dent and the fresh paint for 150 quid. I decided that it was best to report to Enterprise since you would prefer to get it done from your approved garages. The branch charged me £ 1000 excess and said that would take 3 weeks to settle invoices and refund the amount after deducting repair cost and other charges. Also, I was told that I would be shown
  17. Hi All, Here we go again, this time Quid Market. A little bit of background info first, loan taken out September 2013 due for repayment September 2013. Struggled to pay it back and as with all my creditors wrote to them advising them of my situation making an offer of a monthly payment that was affordable. Various emails back and forth, eventually I commence a monthly payment in February of this year. I make the monthly payments, to date I have made 5 monthly payments including one after the claim was issued. During this time i did receive a few emails asking me to pay more and
  18. Been playing ping pong games with Uncle Bryan for a while now - I get free paper and stamps. They wanted payment proposals.. so offered them £1.00 per month for two months.. they accepted £1.00, but said it would be reviewed in 90 days.. I pointed out their error and reminded them it was for 2 months and not 90 days.. But my offer was still on the table. They got their crayons out to say they have passed the account back to CrapOne.
  19. Hi guys so I spoke to somebody from QQ on live chat a week ago and they told me I had to talk to collections to sort out a repayment method on the date repayment was due.. so today is that day, I have just spoken to somebody (via live chat) from collections (Loretta) and I gave her my story and told her I had sent an I/E form to the collections team and the hardship team, and that I just need some bank details verified so I can start making my payments immediately... so the fun begins in this cat and dog chase where I want the details to make payments and they keep saying they
  20. Hello all. I have used QQ to make ends meet in the past and although I have yet to miss a payment I'm in a situation where I have no idea where my next payment is coming from because I have several debts, etc. How would I approach them to sort this out, I'm totally new to all of this and don't understand any technical jargon surrounding debt laws. Any help as to what I should do and what I should write to them would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Used Payday loans for a couple of years, I find them handy and a way of managing my finances, never had a problem. Recently updated my bank, so contacted QuickQuid to update my details. They took my card information, which was ok and I paid my latest amount in full as usual. I then asked to update the associated bank account as well, a normal everyday thing I would have thought. All of a sudden they want ID, Bank Statements, you name it. When asked why they were happy to take my new bank card and payment, but not the bank account number they claimed it was "two seperate systems" a
  22. Has anyone got QQ bank details for SO or online banking please? Cha Cha Cha
  23. Hello I am hoping someone will be able to give me some advise. I took out a loan with Quid Market and defaulted to to a change in financial circumstances. I have offered to set up a payment plan which was declined. I have now received a text message advising me of a home / work visit which terrifies me. How should I deal with this. All help greatfully received.
  24. Hi all, In september i got myself in a position where i applied for a loan with Quick Quid. The loan was approved but the funds never appeared in my account. When i queried this they told me i had put an extra digit into my account number online. to cut a long story short i never received the money after chasing numerous times i got fed up. Got past the rough patch with money and forgot all about it. Now they are chasing me for payment. I have spoken with a manager in resolutions department today and he confirmed that the money won't have been funded
  25. Hi all, in a panic over my finances. I took out two pay day loans due to debt I couldn't pay and I'm now on Job seeker's and realised I have made my situation a lot more worse than it was before. I borrowed £400 from both and payments are due one on the 27th of this month (quick quid) Quick quid want 450 and the other 6th October. Wonga will want 540 or thereabouts? I'm really getting worried. I understand I need to cancel the CPA but have read nightmare stories about cancelling them as banks..I bank with Barclays aren't always very helpful in regards to doing that. There is no way I
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