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  1. yes, but when I wrote to CFO I was told Harrisons (Harrisons - Business Recovery and Insolvency) are now in charge as CFO lending is now closed. Harrisons said to me speak with MMF...
  2. no, it ended up in MMF and FOB complaint dept and they reply was: From MMF: We understand your concern to be that you feel CFO Lending did not carry out sufficient checks and were irresponsible in approving your loans. Prior to any loan being issued, CFO Lending required potential customers to provide the following data at point of application; employment status & job title, income, household & financial expenditure and tenure. This information was inputted via an online form. Based on this information, we are comfortable that affordability was sought by CFO Lending. Upon purchase of these accounts, MMF took the decision to remove all interest and charges and reduce the balance to principal amount only. This means that we are only asking you to repay the original amount which you borrowed. Conclusion Having reviewed your complaint and based on the information detailed above we can advise that your complaint has been rejected. We would like to think the action taken and the decision made will be to your satisfaction. However, this is our Final Response; if you remain unhappy with our reply we are enclosing a leaflet about the Financial Ombudsman Service. You have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, free of charge – but you must do so within six months from the date of this letter. If you do not refer your complaint in time, the Ombudsman will not have our permission to consider your complaint and so will only be able to do so in very limited circumstances. For example, if the Ombudsman believes that the delay was as a result of exceptional circumstances. If you would like a copy of this response by post including the leaflet please let me know by return email. Customer Relations Officer Motormile Finance UK Ltd (MMF) Here was reply from FOB The FCA did indeed instruct Cfo Lending to refund some of their customers for unfair practices and the redress offered included some of their customers’ outstanding balances being written off. Cfo Lending needed to contact all the affected customers by March 2017, unfortunately if you haven’t been contacted by them by now it would suggest that you aren’t one of the customers affected by these unfair practices. However, I can see on the link you provided that it states that if you believe you were affected by any of the issues in the link and may be entitled to redress, you should contact them on 0203 583 6303. We can contact the administrator on your behalf and ask them to look into your complaint. But unfortunately we won’t be able to help further. I hope this information helps, but if you have any further questions please let us know. Yours sincerely *Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR
  3. Hey Bazooka Boo, this was done I believe. Letter was posted by Royal Mail to FCA.
  4. Dear all, I have received this from my friend : Good afternoon Further to our previous emails regarding the statute barred status for this account: Lowell Ref xxxxxx I can now confirm that following a review, the decision has been taken to close your account and we will not be contacting you again regarding this matter. Kind regards Lowell Agent __________________________________________________________ Many thanks to all again.. :)
  5. hi and sorry ericsbrother! i read your post. just confused now. hopefuly my friend wont go to the court..
  6. thanks, oh so what action need to take then? or shall wait and see what they reply with?
  7. Hi Andy, No problem. DCA is just saying at the moment that the default date for this account is 1st January 2012 then the account is not statute barred. According to credit report that was ran by friend of mine the last successful payment was in July 2011. Then August 2011 - 1st missed payment, September 2011 - 2nd missed payment, October 2011 - 3rd missed payment, November 2011 4th missed payment, December 5th missed payment, January 2012 - defaulted thanks for help, we will report them as well to FCA as per dx100uk suggestion
  8. Hi Andy, 2011 July was last payment 2012 Jan default date was recorded
  9. thanks dx100uk, I guess Lowell is an expert in legislation
  10. thanks dx100uk Lowells so replied to email and I have a copy of their response: Good morning, Please be aware that the statute barred timescale commences from the most recent of the following events: the default date, the date of the last payment or the date of any judgement on the account. As the default date for this account is 1st January 2012 then the account is not statute barred. As previously advised, your account is under review and we will be in contact again in due course. Lowell agent
  11. hi ericsbrother so consequences can be that thy will still issue CCJ for my friend? sorry im lost here now
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