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  1. Thank you so much for the reply, I will tell my husband (not good with computers ) what you suggest.
  2. My husband had a contract with Three Mobile for his IPad. He noticed that payments had stopped going out, this was in January 2016, so rang up to check why. Three told him that the contract ended last November, so that was fine and we thought no more about it. Until, a debt collection letter appears, claiming that the last two payments were never made, totalling £50, and that they now want £341! Never had ANY letters or emails or texts to say that payments weren't paid at the time, no reminders or bills, nothing. And no mention of this when my husband called to query why payments had stopped, only that the contract had ended months before. He rang the debt collection agent, who sounded like they'd heard this complaint many times before, and immediately handed it back to Three. He called Three who are digging their heels in, despite my husband offering the last £50 there and then to resolve. What do we do about these disgusting underhand tactics - and would strongly advise against anyone using this disreputable company.
  3. Yes, maybe it should, but I don't have any problem with them personally, because I have been able to manage mine with no problem whatsoever. I understand I may be in a minority! But what I fail to understand is why they are making such a song and dance about updating my bank account details, when they had my card details off me already. Why should I have to prove who I am, when they have had my personal details on their systems for 2 years and never had a single late payment or incident in that time. I'm utterly bewildered, and wont be using them any more.
  4. Used Payday loans for a couple of years, I find them handy and a way of managing my finances, never had a problem. Recently updated my bank, so contacted QuickQuid to update my details. They took my card information, which was ok and I paid my latest amount in full as usual. I then asked to update the associated bank account as well, a normal everyday thing I would have thought. All of a sudden they want ID, Bank Statements, you name it. When asked why they were happy to take my new bank card and payment, but not the bank account number they claimed it was "two seperate systems" and "it's what the system is requesting". No valid reason for this was offered despite me politely requesting. Understandably I told them I would blacken their name and they could stick their request where the sun doesn't shine. Avoid, avoid, avoid. If this is how a firm treats it's long standing customers (I have never missed a single payment ever), then I would advise EVERYONE to avoid them.
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