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  1. I have received a Claim form from Reston Solicitors representing ARROW Global, who has bought the debt from HSBC. This debt goes back to a loan I had with HSBC which was taken out sometime in 2010 , but I stopped making payments on it in 2012 when I became unemployed. Since then, ARROW have been contacting me but I have not responded. I do not know if a default notice was issued since I have been ignoring all debts except priority debts since 2014 when I started working again. I am now in full time employment, have a spouse who unfortunately is not working, and two children. Only mentioning this as background info. My question: Is it possible to avoid a CCJ if I call Reston Solicitors and agree to a feasible payment plan? Or is the CCJ inevitable now that the claim form has been issued? P.S.: I have called STEPCHANGE.
  2. Hi, I've just found myself in a situation, whereby I was caught without money in my account on the day by DD was due - and now I'm being charged the £25. However, I would like to carry on using the gym, - and not pay the £25 - is that possible? Very annoyed, as I really am enjoying the gym - particularly because it's a good hobby when I don't have much money! However, my integrity is swelling, and I can't bring myself to let them rob me.
  3. Invoiced by A S Parking at Hayle beach. It is coming up to 21 days ( argh missed the 14 day early window). Terrible weather and annoyingly had checked and flipped the ticket once but then someone must have shut a different door and it flipped again. Company clearly state they don't care about any mitigating circumstances. Very steep charge £100 (£60 if id paid early). Is there anything i can do? They haven't written to the reg keeper yet (which is also me) would i get another discounted period then? The only ticketing error/issue i can see is that the printing of the car park name is virtually non existent on the original ticket that i paid for. looking for light at the end of the tunnel, thanks
  4. I am on the new style loan and after moving repeatedly I haven't had any contact since 2015. I now live in France and was wondering if anyone has ever successfully lost student loans? Would I be unable to return to the U.K if they have lost me?
  5. Evening Peeps, newbie here. I used to be a member a long time ago and found the info on here very helpful. So thankyou ! I have now got a clean bill of health on my credit score, but still owe debts to various DCA's. My question is - can a DCA still try and issue a CCJ, even after say 8 years of the original default account ( notice of default has been isssued ) - my accounts have ALL dropped of the various CRA's as they all defaulted many years ago ( over six years ago ) - I am still paying them via a DMP. To summarise all debts are over 8 years old now. And I am still paying them. They just dont appear on my Credit Reference Agencies. Are these debts still enforceable in a court of law ? Lets assume than none of the DCA's have the original CCA's ? Thanks for any info, will be much appreciated, but cannot find this information, having trawled the forums. Big love and respect ! x
  6. After the bad weather a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a damp patch on the ceiling in one of the bedrooms, and upon further investigation, several smaller patches in the back bedroom. So I went outside with my binoculars and had a good look at the roof front and back... I could see no damage, loose/slipped tiles or anything obvious. I got the step ladder out and pocked my head into the loft, and discovered that a load of the roofing felt has ripped away, exposing the underside of the tiles and batons. Contacted the buildings insurance and they arranged a roofer to come out and inspect things, and give them a report. This report is looking very unfavourable, currently awaiting a copy of it and the pictures he took. From what we've been told so far, he's claiming that there has been water getting into the roof space that has damaged the batons causing them to sag in a few areas. He's claiming that this is because the overlap on the tiles doesn't meet the current 75mm overlap. But refused to answer my question about 'when' those regulations came into effect... and he's also offered the 'theory' that there could be condensation occurring. But is admittedly guessing in that regard. My house was built around 51/52 and the only building regulations I can find are the ones that came into effect in Feb 1966, these were the first ever national building regs according to my 'limited' research abilities. I contacted the national archives to see if they could help, but it's not the kind of info they store and I should try a local archive for my county. It's worth noting that the rest of the roofing material not damaged, looks in near perfect condition. The overlay on the tiles at the bottom of the roof and at the top varies between 70-85mm, but it's the areas were the batons have sagged due to moisture that the overlap is much lower... He told me in person it was as low as 45-50mm, but in the report he's claiming it's now 25mm. We are now faced with the prospect of a 4-5k repair bill if the insurance refuse to cover some or all of the cost. The tiles are reaching the end of their lifespan of 80yrs being around 66yrs old now, and it's in the best interests of the property to replace them with newer ones. So what I need to know... is what to do next if they try to avoid helping with the costs... We're quite prepared to contribute to the cost aside from the excess of about £250 we'd be happy to pay for all of the replacement tiles and even include some roof vents 'just in case' there has been condensation... Er on the side of caution rather than risk the 'theory' being correct. From some rough figures I arrived at (approx meter squared area and tile coverage per mt squared. I estimate this to be in the region of £1000 with between 1000-1200 tiles required at an approx cost of 74p per tile (if ordering more than 500).. I worked this out from the rough footprint and then added 20% to account for roof pitch. Approx footprint is 70-75m/s and around 15 tiles per m/s. Roof vents are around £15-18 each depending on type and I assume I'll need 5, 2 front, 2 back and one for the small porch. What are the procedures I need to be aware, do we have to follow a complaints procedure, should we get independent reports done... If they point blank refuse to pay anything... who do we take it too next, and because of the risk of further damage due to the current state of the roof... should we have the work undertaken to current building standards and then pursue some form of recovery of some of those costs. I'm actually lucky that I had my c/irESA claim sorted out and backdated 3 yrs recently... so I've got a little cushion to cover some of this expense. But I'd need to borrow the rest from family as a loan to be paid back. Right this moment... I'm not panicking... that could change very quickly if things look bleak.
  7. Later this month, the long awaited Mersey Gateway will open to the public. The Mersey Gateway and the Silver Jubilee Bridges will both be tolled. The tolling system is called Merseyflow and will be operated by Emovis who operate the Dartford Crossing. In the same way as the Dartford Crossing, if payment of the toll is not paid by midnight the day after the crossing a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued for the amount of £40 (plus the unpaid toll fee). This sum will be reduced to a discounted rate of £20 if paid within the first 14 days of being issued. If the Penalty Charge Notice has still not been paid after this 28-day period, then the fee that must be paid is increased to £60 if it is paid within the following 14 days. If the Penalty remains unpaid beyond this 42-day period, then the penalty will be registered as a civil debt and if unpaid after another 36 days, recovery action will begin. In the same way as the public can open a Dart Charge account, motorists using the Mersey Gateway will need to open a Merseyflow account. Their website is below https://www.merseyflow.co.uk
  8. I started an important thread earlier today concerning a recent court judgment where a debtor was ordered to pay £7,000 in costs after losing his claim against Harrow Council and their agent; Newlyn. The background and Judgment can be read by way of the following link: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477808-Paying-the-creditor-direct-to-avoid-paying-bailiff-fees-has-landed-a-debtor-with-a-%A37-000-cost-order.(32-Viewing)-nbsp To ensure that the original thread does not go 'off topic', discussions about the judgment can be posted here.
  9. When the enforcement regulations were overhauled in 2014, they provided a radical change whereby, a debtor could repay their debt by way of a payment arrangement (usually over a period of approx 3-4 months). Such payment arrangements need to be set up within the very strict time frame outlined on the Notice of Enforcement. This period of time is referred to as the 'Compliance stage' and as long as a payment arrangement is agreed by the date and time given on the notice, an enforcement visit will not be required, and this will save the debtor incurring an enforcement fee of £235. The ‘compliance stage’ is also the period when cases of ‘vulnerability’ should be bought to the attention of the enforcement company (and evidence provided where possible). When the Notice of Enforcement is sent, a Compliance fee of £75 will be added to the principal debt. It is important to make clear that the Compliance fee (of £75) is not a fee for just sending a letter. It is a fee that covers many different costs incurred by the enforcement agent including the setting up of Welfare Departments, training and setting up and managing payment arrangements etc, etc. The second radical change introduced in 2014 was the provided that where the proceeds of enforcement are less than the amount outstanding, that the payment should be distributed on a pro-rata basis between the creditor and enforcement agent. With the ‘Compliance stage’ allowing for short term payment arrangements, the government were concerned that this could cause enforcement agents to operate at a loss until the total debt was paid (and they recovered their fees) and that this could undermine the fee structure and could lead to enforcement agents acting in an aggressive manner in order to recoup the entire debt. It was for this precise reason, that the regulations provide that enforcement agents should be paid the compliance stage in full first, followed by a pro-rata division of proceeds. This is explained in more detail in the following Explanatory Memorandum supporting the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2014/1/pdfs/uksiem_20140001_en.pdf It has been interesting to observe over the past 3 years the way in which 'debt avoidance' websites reacted to the compliance fee with literally hundreds of Freedom of Information requests being made to councils around the country questioning how each council dealt with 'direct payments' and whether they retained the payment...or forwarded it to the enforcement agent. The advice from these groups has remained unchanged...pay the council direct online the principal debt (minus enforcement agent fees). With Magistrate Court fines, in every case where a payment is received after a case had been passed to an enforcement agency, the court will forward the payment to the enforcement agent so that they can deduct the compliance fee (of £75) and apportion the balance in line with legislation. If the debt in question is a local authority issued penalty charge notice or a liability order, some councils manage direct payments in different ways. Some forward the entire payment to the enforcement agent....some forward just the compliance fee and others keep the payment. Regardless of the internal procedures, the fact remains, that paying the council (or creditor direct) does not avoid paying bailiff fees and this has been the subject of an important legal case details of which are posted below.
  10. If you are self-employed and you are owed money from a company (construction) for an unpaid invoice and you start court proceeding's can they close the company down before it gets to the court date and if they can is their any way of stopping them doing this Thanks
  11. The Local Government Ombudsman's office has just released the following decision. Re: London Borough of Haringey. The complaint 1. The complainant, who I shall call Ms A, complains the Council allowed her to make payment towards an outstanding Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) although it had passed the matter to its enforcement agents (bailiffs), incurring additional costs. What I found 4 The Council issued Ms A a PCN for a parking contravention on 29 September 2015. Ms A did not pay or make formal representations against the PCN so the Council pursued the debt against her. It issued a warrant of execution and passed the debt to its bailiffs to enforce on 16 June 2016. 5. Ms A made a payment of £97 for the PCN using the Council’s online system on 23 June 2016. However by this point the Council had already passed the case to its bailiffs, incurring further costs. Ms A says she paid the fine so bailiff action should cease. However, the Council says she is still liable for the bailiff fees. Ms A says the Council should not have allowed her to make a payment online when the case was with its bailiffs. The Council confirmed it passed the debt onto the enforcement agency on 13 June because it had not received payment and sent a Notice of Enforcement on 16 June. 6. Ms A complained to the Council that she had not received the statutory notices the Council says it sent. The Council confirmed it sent the notices to the registered keepers address. These included the Notice to Owner, the Charge Certificate and the Order of Recovery. Each notice summarised the amount due at each stage. The Council said Royal Mail did not return the letters as undelivered so considered them served. The Council included copies of the notices it sent to Ms A in its response to her complaint. 7. A motorist may make part-payment towards a PCN debt and there was no reason for the Council to refuse Ms A’s payment made on 23 June 2016. Ms A sought to challenge the Council’s action but was unsuccessful, and the Council is therefore entitled to pursue the debt against her, including by passing the case to its bailiffs. Ms A made payment only after the case had been referred to bailiffs and the Ombudsman cannot therefore say she is not liable for the bailiff’s fees. The Council’s acceptance of Ms A’s payment has also not caused Ms A an injustice as it has been put towards the cost of the PCN and bailiff’s fees incurred to pursue it. http://www.lgo.org.uk/decisions/transport-and-highways/parking-and-other-penalties/16-008-073
  12. My husband recently engaged The Claims Guys to do a free PPI check for him (much to my horror) and surprise, surprise, they are now demanding payment of over £2000 for the first compensation pay-out (30% plus VAT). I object strongly to paying these jokers anything at all, but despite interrogating my husband, I can't seem to work out how they got from free check to binding contract. I believe he only signed letters of authority for 2 companies (he can't remember which ones) but we have already been contacted by 3 companies so I really don't know what is going on. Is there any way we can get the contract cancelled? Is it worth me trying to fight it? (On the grounds that they did not make it clear to my husband that he could do it himself or that he signed it under duress) Is there anything at all I can do, or do we just have to pay up and find some way of keeping my husband away from all paperwork in future? (For what it's worth, my husband is quite a successful professional - he is just hopeless at admin and anything financial...)
  13. Hi , I heard a legend about something that happened to a friend of a friend: They were stopped on British Rail allegedly without means to pay and intent not to pay, They changed address. Summons Letter went to the wrong address They missed the court date. (A month ago) Only recently. the occupant of previous address notified them of the letter. They have been advised to do the following steps: 1. call the court ask for Statutory Declaration to re-open the case. 2. This will trigger an interview to decide on re-opening and they will be asked for their plea.. 3. Do not submit a plea - but say they want to get legal advice. 4. This will adjourn the case ? This is the bit where the story gets cloudy - does it sound right ? Now its adjourned, they can petition , plead with the rail company to settle out of court and avoid a criminal record? If the rail company refuse then they get one of these 'fare dodger' specialists to help mediate for out of court settlement. Hows that for a story?
  14. I normally manage to avoid the store exit reps, those who are selling double glazing, conservatories etc, However, yesterday whilst I was at the Range, I got caught by a lady working for a law firm offering an hour's free advice on how to avoid assets being gobbled up by Care Home Fees and Inheritance Tax. I have already written a will, as has hubby, with the help of our own solicitor - we are tenants in common on a mortgage free property and have both nominated our son to inherit our share of the property and assets in the event one of us dies before the other. The chances of our having property value and assets that would create a need to pay inheritance tax is in the realms of fantasy (unless we come up on the premium bonds or win the lottery). The lady who was making appointments for her firm seemed to bat back my responses to her questions making like despite the plans already in place, that the authorities would still be able to place a charge on the home in the event one of us requires admission to a care home - despite the other still living in the home ? I have had a read of the following article in the Guardian and used their calculator using a hypothetical situation. According to the result of the Q/A - then if only one of us required admission to a care home and the other left still living in the property then the person who was admitted would not have their share of the property included in any calculation for fees.. this was not what we were told at the Range ? https://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/aug/28/tenancy-common-care-home-fee-solution I have also looked at Age UK's website http://www.ageuk.org.uk/ I believe that I might have been misled by the above person in order to secure an appointment. The flyer I have been given indicates that there will one hour's free legal advice worth £200.00 VAT. I am assuming that if we were to go ahead with the appointment then any time outside of that hour will be charged at that rate. I will not be taking the Firm up on their offer, instead, I will contact my own solicitor on Monday to ensure that we have covered all bases, but would still be interested in hearing if anyone else has been caught out like this ?
  15. Today I received a PCN for a bus lane violation from Brent Council for straying into the bus lane on 15/08/16. The picture clearly shows me in the bus lane. It also clearly shows a truck parked in the opposite lane which is forcing an oncoming car into my lane, thus I have to move into the empty bus lane momentarily to avoid going into the oncoming car which has clearly strayed into my lane. This is all evident in the picture so how can this be an offence?! According to the PCN there are only 4 grounds for appeal: 1. Recipient was not the owner 2. There was no breach of the bus lane Order or Regulation 3. The vehicle was taken without consent 4. The police are already taking action Surely avoiding an accident has to be grounds for momentarily moving into the bus lane? In my simple mind sheer common sense should apply here, but common sense and local authority bureaucracy don't always go hand in hand. Anyone know if I have a point to force an appeal even though it is not listed in the PCN notice? Should I appeal (notice says I have to wait 28 days for 'enforcement action' before I can make 'representations')? Should I pay up first (fine is £65 if paid within 14 days, or double after that) and then fight?
  16. Serious problems with my online savings account. I set up a post office online savings account 5 months ago because of the 1.20% interest rate. From day 1 it's been a nightmare. Firstly they have 2 options for depositing money. Direct debit or payment via a debit card. My first deposit was via direct debit and took 6 days to clear. My other deposits were made via debit card and they usually take 3 days to clear. It wasn't long back I needed to transfer some money from my savings account back to my main bank account. I entered my details and was met with an error..... "Transfer cannot be applied at this time". I tried multiple times a day for a week to transfer money yet had that error every single time. I looked at how to contact them and no phone number was given due to it being an "online only" account. I used the webform to contact them and after 10 days I still heard nothing back from them. In those 10 days I carried on trying to withdraw money multiple times again, yet still had that error. A few days ago I phoned the number which is meant for discussing non online savings accounts. Finally I got through to someone and explained the situation. They told me their system is updating so theres nothing they can do and that they would put me through to someone who's system wasn't updating. I waited for 15 mins and spoke to someone else. I explained my situation again to them and they said exactly the same thing... That they can't do anything as their system is also "updating". I put the phone down and opened a complaint with the post office yet haven't heard anything back yet. I have now done research online to find out a lot of people have that error and it's the post offices fault. If I had seen this before, I wouldn't have bothered to open the account. I just trusted the post office. A warning to all thinking of getting an online savings account with them. The interest rate may seem good but it takes ages for money to be transferred to them, customer service is useless and of course you can't even access your money when you want it due to th e "Transfer cannot be applied at this time" error message. Anyone else had the same experience with them?
  17. The ABLE GROUP provide property maintenance services, ie glaziers, locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, drainage, gas, heating, pest control, etc. Please note however: If you need any such services, I suggest you look elsewhere. I have had the most horrendous experience with them and I hope my post helps others avoid going through the same horror story. Booked them to clear my house external drains, was quoted £114 to have them 4 drains unblocked. On the 7th of April, their Eng. came out, informed that the drains were now in good working order. My other half took his word for it and why not... They are supposed to be the specialists. After weeks of rain, I took time during last sunny weekend to clear the garden in prep. for the Summer and noticed that two drains had not been touched at all and were still blocked. Called their Customer Service, a few days ago, no reply. Called today and they refuse point blank to rectify the issue unless I pay again £114.00. What an outrage this company is really. I am absolutely furious with this disgusting bunch of dodgy people, taking the mickey. My advice to anyone is very simple: Learn from my experience and definitely engage an alternative company.
  18. Pension s cams, in which criminals cheat people out of their pension pots, are increasing. There are different types of s cam. They often begin by someone giving you a ‘cold call’ - contacting you unexpectedly about: an investment or other business opportunity that you’ve not previously spoken to them about taking your pension money before you’re 55 the ways that you can invest your pension money A cold call doesn’t have to be a telephone call. It can be any type of contact they’ve made with you unexpectedly, eg an email. S cammers may offer you tempting ways to invest your pension pot, eg investing it in a new hotel being built in an exotic location. Most of these offers are fake but can appear very convincing. Their aim is to get you to cash in your pension pot and transfer the money. Once you’ve transferred your money into a [problem], it’s too late. You could lose all your pension money as well as face tax of up to 55% or huge additional fees. How to tell if it’s a s cam Watch out if an individual or company: cold calls you about your pension money through a phone call, a text message, visiting you in person, or in other ways says you can access your pension money before 55 and that they can help you with this encourages you to take out a large lump sum, or your whole pension pot as cash, and to let them invest it for you asks you to transfer your money quickly, even sending documents to you by courier - never make a rush decision about your pension money uses words like ‘pension liberation’, ‘loan’, ‘loophole’, ‘free pension review’ or ‘one-off investment’ offers you an investment described as ‘unique’, ‘overseas’, ‘environmentally friendly’, ‘ethical’ or in a ‘new’ industry https://www.pensionwise.gov.uk/[problem]s FCA steps up s cams campaign ahead of pension freedoms The FCA has stepped up consumer warnings over investment [problem]s as the 6 April pension reforms deadline approaches. People should reject cold calls, check the FCA’s warning list and take financial advice to tackle fraudsters targeting their pensions savings, the regulator says. The regulator urges people to use its dedicated S camSmart smart.fca.org.uk/"]website to spot the warning signs of a [problem], view a list of suspect firms and smart.fca.org.uk/page/get-independent-advice"]find an adviser through directories.
  19. With bailiff enforcement, goods belonging to the debtor become 'bound' from a certain date (more on this later). In simple terms, this means that unless the person who acquired the goods did so in 'good faith' .....for 'valuable consideration' and most importantly; 'without knowing about a warrant' then the transfer or sale will not be considered valid and accordingly, the goods (mainly a motor vehicle) can be seized by the enforcement agent. It is becoming a very common situation indeed for debtors to attempt to 'sell' (or transfer) a car to a friend, partner of relative after receiving correspondence or a visit from an enforcement company and given the frequency that this is happening, enforcement companies are naturally requiring 'evidence' of the 'sale'. By way of an example, the following is an ongoing case that was posted on a very large social media site on 5th February: Background: The poster stated that she had received a visit from a bailiff representing Marston Group in relation to one penalty charge notice. She confirmed that she knew of the debt. She refused to speak with the enforcement agent and as a consequence, her vehicle was clamped. Given that the vehicle cannot be removed unless a period of two hours has passed, the enforcement agent left the property. She was encouraged to deflate the tyre on her car and remove the wheel clamp. She did so. Stunningly, she then posted on the site to ask whether it was true that if she took the clamp to the police station, that she would not be prosecuted !!! It would seem that she was another person who believed JasonDWB's (The Guru's) inaccurate theory. She was told to move her car and keep it hidden. The following day, (February 6th) she posted that the enforcement agent had located her car. It was removed to the vehicle pound and the debt has significantly increased by way of the sale stage fee of £110 and she is now also being charged storage fees.
  20. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35925146 And of course the number is much higher than the ombudsman has recorded – and it is probably very much higher than anyone can possibly imagine. Vodafone is competing with npower for the worst possible systems and the worst possible customer service. Anyone considering getting a new mobile phone contract would do well to avoid Vodafone.
  21. My mate that is a copper asked me a really strange question regarding this subject. He had stopped a vehicle in this case no VED (tax) that had its owner listed at a mail box. The owner said he was homeless and living in the car. Unfortunately for this driver there was a warrant out for their arrest for non-payment of fines. (traffic offences) unfortunately he was arrested and put before the Courts the next day. As for hiding his home address behind the mailbox we discovered that under the DVLA rules you have to register a vehicle at a residential address. The rules for this are in the DVLA site if you care to look for them try looking for how to fill in your application form page four. In EU law these are covered in Article 7 of the second European Directive on driving licences (91/439/EEC), see here for more details >> http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:31991L0439&from=EN More information regarding the subject of DVLA enforcement can be found here >> https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/403028/Vehicle_Enforcement_Policy__revised_.pdf Document published – February 2015 Review date – August 2015 This is also an interesting subject for enforcement of various Court orders and the like. Also that by hiding behind the mailbox the debtor tried their best to keep their home address secret. It failed on this occasion. Finally there are the offences relating to not providing your correct address on your license and V5. Both of these carry a large penalty. As you can see you are making much more trouble for yourself in trying to hide where you live, if you have an EA that has a warrant for lets say a PCN. They can still clamp the vehicle anyways. Then you have the same issues if you have outstanding fines and try to leave the country by normal means the Police and BA can detain you as well. See the article by the BBC some time ago here >> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-28056950 More information on proving your identity and residence regarding licenses and or a V5 form can be found here >> https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration/new-registrations One of the many questions regarding hiding behind a mailbox is that of enforcement and trying to hide goods that maybe subject to being controlled by an EA. Your thoughts please...
  22. We were palmed off with these cowboys by the Mortgage point (Liverpool) when we first moved house. What we were not told was that we were stuck with this outfit for the first three or four years on a two year fixed rate meaning the extra years were being charged at a much higher interest rate. Due to illness I can no longer work so changing provider is more or less impossible, we are stuck with them. We tried to get solar panels to cut our ever rising energy bill but GE refuses to give permission, one of only a very few companies to not allow this because, and I quote, " we (GE Money)own the house till you have paid for it". Avoid at all costs.
  23. Knowhow Coverplan is the worst company I have EVER dealt with. I bought an expensive computer in PC world as I am currently a PhD student. It was approx 1200 euro and covered it with them. It was stolen in Athens in June. I filled in the documents and had a police report etc etc and sent it all in. Weeks later I had heard nothing and contacted them. After a long wait I got a guy who said it had been processed and they had sent me a cheque but that it could take TWENTY EIGHT days to arrive. 28 days to get from England to Ireland ??? I was very specific with him about whether it was a cheque or voucher as I said I would but a new laptop now if it was a cheque as I needed it for my studies but I would be forced to wait if it was a voucher. 28 days later still no cheque - so two weeks after that again - today the 25th August - 3 months after it was stolen I rang them again. I was put on hold for over 30 minutes after which I was told there was a "glitch" in their system and I had been sent nothing. They then told me they would give me a voucher number over the phone - no cheque. A voucher is obviously of no use to me now as I have already bought the laptop. All I was told was that the guy I was dealing with shouldnt have told me he had sent a cheque as they dont do things that way. Somehow he cant be traced as he has "conveniently" deleted his login details for the conversation ! I asked to be put through to the customer complaints department whereon the person put me through to the general services department who cant deal with complaints ! He then transferred me back to the coverplan people who I had been originally talking to, but after 30 minutes no one answered the phone and it cut me off. How does a company like this manage to get away with this type of thing ? How does PC World continue to use a company like this ? Obviously a voucher for 1100 euro is no use to me as a student now that I have replaced the laptop - it looks like my only recourse is to contact my solicitor a nd sue them to have them refund me the money rather than give me a useless voucher.
  24. I looked around and it looks like Kwik Fit is very "kwik" to cancel unilaterally car policies. Obviously they must be making a good profit out of that, right? It happened to me too. I get paid weekly, and Direct Debits which are imposed as the only payment method by most insurers, are maybe good for monthly salaries, but matching a date of the month to a day of the week when I get paid weekly, is a total nightmare. So, after a text message telling me of the usual 7 day notice and asking to get in touch, I sent Kwik Fit an email via their website for customers, on Tuesday 16th of June that due to payment mismatch date, the instalment would be paid on the Friday of that same week, 19th of June. That's just 3 days away! I always get paid weekly on Friday. Kwik Fit did not bother to get in touch, but I did not expect them to get in touch because they never do. This kind of date mismatch happened on two previous occasions with Kwik Fit and it was not a problem. Anyway, on Friday 19th of June I called Kwik Fit, as promised in my email to them 3 days earlier, to pay the insurance instalment. The Customer Rep was not able to process the payment and had to investigate. I was put on hold. He then returned to the call to tell me that the policy had been cancelled. I called them again an hour later and was put through another Customer Rep and had a massive discussion about this. He did not reinstate the policy. A few days later I got a demand for £430! Now, the matter has already been passed on to the Financial Services Ombudsman. Basically, I really do not care about what the rules say! Whatever they say, it is clearly unfair to the Consumer and the rules are far too easy for the companies. It is clear they hammer the consumers left, right and centre! I actually suspect Kwik Fit did not respond to my email on purpose, then let the policy cancel in order to then claim an outstanding balance. Good strategy for Kwik Fit, maybe. But as far as I am concerned, I will not pay this. I understand that if I did not bother to contact them, then they would have a good reason to act like that. But I DID contact them and promised to settle the instalment on Friday, just 3 days away. And I fulfilled my promise to pay because I DID call them to pay the instalment on that Friday! I just find Kwik Fit utterly despicable to do this. I find those in charge of regulations also at fault for not changing rules which run against the consumers all the time. :mad2:
  25. Hi all, I am an IT developer and my work is to write software for my employer's website. I am having a bit of trouble at work. I recently finished 2 years with my current employer. My head of department has started first phase of a capability process. It means he discusses with me issues and will observe my performance for one month. He has put two points 1. My interaction with the team and 2. Do it right first time. I recently worked on a project along with another developer. I took lot of initiatives on this project and did 80% of work. So it was kind of assumed that I am responsible for this project and I was being called in all the meetings. There were very few defects during Testing phase. But unfortunately there were some issues in the project because of faults of System and Testing people and couple of defects from me which were not caught by Testing. I had few arguments with my head of department during the project duration and I believe he is just witch hunting. Meeting happened on Monday and I was told that Head will set objectives for me which I sign off. But I haven't being given objectives yet. Next process in capability process is first written warning if there is not progress and then final written warning. Please advise.
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