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  1. I dont understand why you would want to even talk to them? it was prob a flag on the system and agent said fraud instead of flag move on
  2. How long you been resident in scotland? If over 3 months a quick jurisdiction dispute would have quashed it
  3. I cannot find anywhere in their terms about a cancellation fee. I would ask them to to point out where exactly this term is. I cannot see any other company apart from BT under certain circumstances making this fee either
  4. where did you copy and paste that from?
  5. Sky do not record on credit files either. You could contact sky to verify any balance? and reason
  6. Sorry but I cannot see what any of the diagnosis you have listed would have any effect on a move. To be fair the council seem to have been reasonable and can offer more reasonable options. If you do not want to move and have adaptations to your current property then you would need to speak to social services who can re-evaulate your current circumstances
  7. you would need to prove this has been caused by the breach
  8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?180427-rrfcfan-in-court-with-WF-All-on-again
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