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  1. Thanks for your reply, and that's the answer I was expecting, but thought it was worth asking. Brian
  2. I entered into a Trust Deed in 2009 through a company in Edinburgh that I finished paying 3 years ago, but have still not been released because of PPI claims. I recently received a letter from them stating that they are now (finally) about to enter the process for closure of the case. Attached to the letter is a statement of the PPI claims received and so far this amounts to just over £4,000, but there is also a note stating that they have received £1,810 from BoS (quote) "but does not match any of the accounts above" (end quote) Does this mean they are still legally entitled to keep that money or can I claim it as it is not connected to any of the accounts under the Trust Deed?
  3. Hi Dusary, I had thought about MCOL, but it all seems a bit complicated with addresses and such.....I don't know anyone down south that I could ask....and the travelling down there for court appearances etc, so it's looking like the FOS is probably my best route? Good luck with your claim!! Cheers.....Brian
  4. Thanks for your reply Rory. Yes, I would be claiming through the Scottish Courts, and I certainly don't want to go down the Ordinary Cause road!! I have been thinking about using the FOS first in any case, if BoS don't settle after getting my LBAs, which I doubt they will..... Cheers...Brian
  5. Update: Received replies to my Prelim requests today, stating that they have declined my request for repayment. So, I suppose I'll just have to send them my LBA's on Monday I have a wee question though that's been niggling away since I sent the 2 seperate preliminary requests (1 for each account). I'm fairly certain that I've since read on one of the forums here that both accounts should come under one claim. Is that right.....and if so, can I or should I now combine both claims at the LBA stage? Cheers....Brian
  6. Congrats bongobaz and well done!!! Citi have had a few 'bloody noses' lately :D
  7. That's brilliant news. Well done Gizmo, Congratulations !!!! :D:D .....and good luck tomorrow bongo
  8. I'd just posted the link on the Scotland Forum seconds before finding this one . I think it's brilliant news, and well done to Judge Mackie. Brian
  9. I've just read this on the BBC website and thought you'd be interested. BBC NEWS | Business | Judge warns 'unreasonable' banks It certainly sounds good to me, but I bet the banks won't be too impressed Cheers....Brian
  10. Well.....finally got my statements from BoS and totalled up the charges: £1,905 from one account and £771 from another, so Preliminary Requests (seperate ones for each account) will be posted tomorrow morning
  11. Hi elkay115, Your benefit payments are protected under the Social Security Administration Act (1992) section 187, so yes you are entitled to your money back. Brian
  12. :D SUCCESS:D After a bit of a fight and more than a few phone calls they have finally agreed today to give me my money back!! Thanks for all your advice and support!!
  13. HI, For that amount of money my choice would be to try the FOS route, although going with the FOS means you won't be able to apply interest to the claim. Going through the courts would mean that you would need the services of a lawyer, whose fees would almost certainly cancel out your interest anyway. Even if you went through the English courts there is a limit of £5,000 on small claims. So, all things considered, I would definately try the FOS first, but wait until you receive a definate "No Way" from the bank before you do, as the FOS cannot approach them until the bank have refused to satisfy your claim. Hope this helps......Brian
  14. Hi ricky, I think just about everyone here at CAG has had the same form to fill out. Citi's Data Protection Officer has to be 100% sure he's sending your information to the right person, so they are perfectly entitled to send the form asking for ID. I'd fill in the form and send copies of the ID they've requested, and it might be worth including a wee reminder that their 40 days started from the date they received your original request;)
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