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  1. Name of the Claimant? JC International Acquisition LLC Date of issue – 4th September 2018 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1. The claimants claim is for the balance due under an agreement with Talk Talk Limited dated 29/05/2013 which was assigned to the claimant on 31/03/2015 and notice of which was given to the defendant on the 31/03/2015 and which is now all due and payable. The defendant agreed to pay monthly instalments under account number xxxxxx but has failed to do so. And the claimant claims the sum of £115. The
  2. Hi all, Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong category. I’ve been with TalkTalk a few years now, not had a problem with them in all that time until my youview box stopped recording a few weeks ago. I called up and made an engineer appointment that I missed as I was stuck in traffic when the engineer arrived. It was no big deal, I called up and re arranged the appointment. My complaint is, when I first booked the appointment the agent explained the charges for missed appointments. When I rearranged the appointment I was told I wouldn’t be charged, they would wai
  3. Hi all, Sad (but happy!) to be back on the CAG - as it means another legal issue. For my sins I took out a contract for fibre with TalkTalk a few months ago. Previously I was with BT directly and never had problems. Once the switch was done to TalkTalk it was dire and never worked fully since - dropping connection, slow speed, awful CS, and so on. I initiated a complaint with them internally and they gave themselves 28 days to fix it; over a month later it still isn't fully fixed so I have given up with them. I have written several letters and CC'd them to the CEO but just get boi
  4. Hi all, Today March 30th 2017 i have received Northampton court claim forms for a Talktalk debt of £63.86 its been raised to £68.96. The form is dated 28th march 17. They date it back to 30/10/2009. They also state i agreed to pay this by instalments, but failed to do so (which is news to me). I vaguely remember when we ended the contract with them the paid me money that was owed to me. Moriarty Law are acting on behalf of JC international. Ive checked my credit file and cannot see any closed accounts or otherwise with Talktalk. Im reluctant to call these companies
  5. Hello CAG Readers I was looking for friendly advice on what I can do or how to go about my situation. on march 21st 2017 my mum changed provider to TalkTalk, who guaranteed a strong and stable Broadband and phone line Since day 1 we have had a broken package. We were members for 6 months and since having it we had issues with everything. For starters the internet would constantly disconnect for no reason, turning itself off when the phones rang or when it rained (living in the uk meant practically everyday) , not reconnecting for potentially hours. The home
  6. Hi all. I am in the process of moving my mum from the awful Talktalk to a company more reliable and trustworthy. However, it has come to my attention that Talktalk have been taking not one but THREE payments a month from her account. What's more, it looks like this may have been going on since 2013! Things are not making much sense to me I need to dig a little what I know so far is this... There are two amounts being taken for Talktalk and one for Talktalk mobile. She does not have a Talktalk mobile and certainly only one phone/internet line. I recall seeing a p
  7. This is quite an amazing story, starting back in 2014. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-4422682/How-went-war-TalkTalk-won.html and finally won a whopping £1,500!! The battle tips later in the article are no less that CAG have been saying for years
  8. I enquired about joining BT in December. While I was still with TT they kept sending me 'don't leave, speak to our loyalty team to see what they can do' messages...so I did. 28 Dec - agreed a new deal 10 Jan - not heard anything so rang them. New deal hasn't been processed because I'd 'missed Jan's payment' (it's DD so it's their fault they didn't take it!) made me pay Jan's bill there on the phone. Couldn't talk about new deal because payment hasn't been processed 12 Jan - they rang me back & agreed new deal. Later that day I received confirmation e
  9. Been a customer with TalkTalk for a fair few years, and have three phone contracts with them. One of these expires next month, and I've decided is surplus to requirements. Though I would get in touch today to let them know I won't needed it renewing. Well that proved to be harder than I anticipated ... My complaint below, and the online chat exchange with Sharon, gives all the details. Sir/Madam, I contacted TalkTalk this morning via online chat to give notice that, when my mobile contact for sim 07xxx xxxxxx expires next month (18th March), I do not wish for it to be rene
  10. I was thinking of watching a movie the other night and went on blink box added it to my account and then realised that I had already seen it. I asked to cancel the movie without having watched any of it, they know that. They have offered me what I think is the worst refund I have been offered!! And for a virtual product!! They want me to choose another movie of the same value within seven days or the credit will expire and my money will be gone!! I have contacted visa debit and they have told me that there is nothing they can do, but do I have any options when it comes to my UK cons
  11. Hi All I know there are a number of talktalk threads but I couldn't find one that addressed our particular problem and I'm hoping somebody on here can help and advise. The situation, in brief. My girlfriend was with TalkTalk and had been for quite sometime. She was not in any contract period etc. she was moving house and decided to switch to BT after having had a dreadful quality of service for quite sometime, including dreadful phone and broadband quality coupled with industry leading poor customer service practices. after spending hours trying to find a wa
  12. Hi, Looking back at my TalkTalk bills, I've seen a few late-payment-fees of £10 as I pay my CC after I've inspected the bill. The problem seems to be that TalkTalk only give you 7 days to pay the bill or you get docked the fee. As it stands, I should only be paying £17.99 a month for my contract, making the Late Payment penalty a whopping 56% of the actual bill. INHO 7 days is an unreasonable time-frame. Can they enforce these charges? In some cases, the payment is only literally 9 hours late and *zap* I get another £10 fee. This seems to be a new trait of TalkTal
  13. Hello. This is my first time on here so please excuse me if I get anything wrong. I would really appreciate any help when dealing with TalkTalk. I have had trouble with the broadband service and started calling the fault department in March. By July it was not resolved and so I made an official complaint on 4th July 2016. I was told if this was not resolved in 28 days I could leave the contract without paying a penalty. since that time, I have phoned them on several occasions and have spent many hours on the phone to them, only to get different replies from each
  14. I've recently paid off a loan and checked my credit record to ensure it was correctly settled.. when I've seen a default from TalkTalk dated Feb. Despite clearing off a £4k loan in 10 months, I've been screwed by a £65 default courtesy of TalkTalk. Essentially I cancelled my TalkTalk package in August, prior to moving house. I thought nothing more of it (and received no correspondence) until this mornings discovery. Apparently I've defaulted on £65, I presume the final payment? Now my issues revolve around the fact that I had no knowledge of this situation, and - to the best of my kn
  15. Hello everyone. I used to be with talktalk for phone and broadband.We moved house on 3rd February of this year. When I told talktalk we were moving house,they said I had to go into a new contract with them. I asked how long it would take for the internet to be "live" in the new address,they lady on the phone said to be it would the 8th of February.So I thought that's not bad. After getting to the new address I received an email telling me the go live date was march 26th ! After a few phone calls to them I decided to leave talktalk. they then said I owed them money o
  16. Hi there... Talktalk will be offering my pensioner dad some type of compensation package for mistakenly disconnecting his phone line in error after his wife passed away but despite me taking 6 weeks desperately trying to get his old number back, they've finally told me it's not possible due to technical issues of his 30-odd year old number being on an old exchange and they operate on some new exchange. Believe me, I fought to get his previous number back (and spent a heap of money calling their 0870 number and being placed on hold for ages), even consulted BT about it and actually tried
  17. Telephone and broadband provider Talktalk saw profits more than halve following a hack attack on its systems last October. Profits fell to £14m compared with £32m a year earlier. That fall is partly due to the costs of last year's serious cyber attack, which cost the company £42m. TalkTalk confirmed that 95,000 customers had left the ISP in direct response to the cyber attack. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36273449 This is a huge wake-up call for every company that stores customer details. If they don't take security seriously, it will cost them dearly.
  18. In January 2015 I was persuaded by TalkTalk to upgrade to a tv package. At the time I didn’t know this was what I agreed to I was stuck with it. I also agreed to an 18 month contract. Last September I changed my address. At first I was told me I had to enter another 18 month contract. I disputed this and TalkTalk accepted that the original 18 month contract beginning January 2015 would continue with any additional contract. In February 2016 Sky offered to refund me the contract breakage fee of £99 if I signed up to Sky broadband and landline. TalkTalk said they would calculate the exact
  19. In October 2015 I entered a contract with TalkTalk which expired in January 2016. As part of this contract I was sent a Freeview Box EVEN if I stated that I did not want it because I had no TV set. When the contract expired I was on a rolling contract until on 11/02/2016, when I decided to join Virgin Media. Before leaving TalkTalk I repeatedly contacted the staff by phone, chat and online to make sure my contract was indeed expired and to be advised on what to do with the Freeview Box. I was always told the contract was expired and I did not need to return the box.
  20. Just looking for any advice. I've had enough of TalkTalk with ever increasing prices and better offers made to new customers rather than loyalty being important (yes I know they are all the same) For an as yet unknown reason I can't port my home number across to a new provider. So this means I either get a new number and all the hassle that entails or have to stick with TalkTalk. In typing this I realise they don't need to show loyalty to long term customers. Holding the number is enough to stop most people switching. In this digital day and age I can't see any reason for it not be
  21. Hi all, after years or problems and increasing charges with talktalk I decided o change to a new provider. At first I called talktalk to discuss the new charges being applied as of 01/10/15 but was advised that I did not have a contract with talktalk as my old contract was cancelled on the 31/07/15, this was due to me moving home and I used their online service to change my address. So during my incredibly lengthy phone call to them I asked the representative more than 4 times "if I cancelled my account (notice I said account, as apparently as the representative advised I did not have a co
  22. When Talktalk were hacked last year, they offered customers a free upgrade as compensation. They were able to add one of the following to their existing services with the group: TV content including movies, kids entertainment and sports; A mobile SIM with a monthly allowance of free texts, data and calls; Unlimited UK landline and mobile calls; A broadband health check by experienced engineers Turns out that far from free, Talktalk have been charging some customers TalkTalk customers should check their bill closely if they accepted a free upgrade, and make sure th
  23. Greetings Since the last talk talk data breach I have been having nothing but phone calls from people pretending to be talktalk with most of my personal details to hand. When I have been declining their services I have been called all manner of things - Insert Swear Words Here! I am still in my contract but what is the likellyhood of me leaving them and sueing them for loosing all of my data.
  24. o prior to my line going active on the 19th, I was given an offer for 6 months half price line rental to try and keep me proceeding with the order as Sky had offered me a good deal to stay with them. I was happy with this new offer so obviously told sky I wouldn't be sticking with them. It was at this point they threw out a great offer to which it was back to TalkTalk to tell them I wouldn't be proceeding. On the 13th January, on the live chat, an advisor named Reshan stated ; Reshan: The order is 6 months half price call plan, with line rental and your package. Reshan:
  25. Following the hack of their website, Talktalk are offering a free upgrade for all their customers. The type of upgrade offered would depend on the kind of package customers already had. For example, customers with TV packages might be offered a sports channel that they did not already have. Customers will be able to choose their free upgrades between 1st December and 31st December In addition, a new bundle of online and telephone security features to improve your protection from s cammers, malware and cold callers will be offered free of charge. http://www.talktalk.co.uk
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