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  1. Hi silverfox 1961 I took out a 12month contract which is ending in a months time. I was giving them 30days notice that I would not be renewing the contract. I was not cancelling midway during a contract, the contract is ending.
  2. Thanks for the responses above. I am moving from the Uk and am unable to take up their service. I would have thought the end of contract cancellation charge should have been advised when I took out the contract with them. If I have to pay to cancel I will send in a complaint as "Blondmusic" did
  3. I am approaching the end of my 12 month contract with Plusnet Broadband Service. I wrote to Plusnet to let them know I did not wish to renew the contact for another 12 months they have e mailed to say there is a £30 cancellation charge to disconnect the Broadband Service. I cannot find any reference to this charge in their Residential Terms and Conditions. Can anyone advise if this £30 charge is legitimate or are they just trying it on.
  4. Thanks for the replies Lookingforjustice, I have forwarded your detailed response to the young lady who is going with her mother to meet her Manager and HR officer at 4.30pm. The meeting will take place at Starbucks and I let you know the outcome later. Thanks loring
  5. Hi My friends daughter has been off work for two extended occasions in the past year, she suffers with ME or something similar. She has been under investigations with the hospital and her GP. Whilst she has been off work she has always supplied her employer with sickness certificates. Today she has had a letter from her employer saying her manager and the HR department wish to visit her at home to put a work plan in place. Is this a usual course of action. The young lady is thinking this is some sort of attempt to intimidate her into resigning her job or perhaps they wish to pay her off.
  6. Hi I intend to move to an Assured Tenancy accommodation at the end of September. The new letting agent has had references form my 2 previous landlords and a personal reference as well. My previous landlords have confirmed that I left them with no arrears.the rent was always paid in full and on time etc. The new landlord now wants a financial reference and has requested me to provide him with full copies of my last 3 bank statements showing all monies paid into and out of my account along with details of where monies came from and where payments went out to. I feel this over intrusive an
  7. This company do a lot of work in the London area collecting debts on behalf of Veolia Water who used to be Thee Valleys Water.
  8. Hi Buzby I only purchased a SIM card from Carphone Warehouse for £4.99. There was no contract with it, when your credit was down to about £1.00 they would text you and tell you you needed more credit. You would take the SIM card to the shop, give them £10.00 and they would add the credit to SIM. There was no paperwork, later it was possible to add the credit online.There was nothing to question. I had no problem with the service and stopped using it in 2004. It was July 2009 when I found out they put a default on my credit file in September 2005. They never told me. loring
  9. Hi I am not sure if I have posted in the correct section of the forum. if not I would be thankful if someone move it to the correct place. I am looking for some guidance as to how I should handle this untruthful bunch. I wii explain the storey so it will be a bit long winded. In 2001 I bought a Fresh Mobile Sim Card costing £4.99 from Carphone Warehouse for a " pay as you go" phone which I already owned, just go in the shop or go online to top it up. In 2004 I stopped using it, and got a monthly contract phone from T Mobile. Carphone Warehouse sent me a letter claiming I had not p
  10. Hi Thanks for all the replies, I have spoken with this chap and asked him to dig out all his old paperwork. It appears he may have made a bit of a mistake about years ago. He was awarded DLA back then and it was for a one year period. He never reapplied again as he thought it was actually for just one year only. I think he should have reapplied immediately after the one year. His condition is getting gradually worse so he should at least receiving the same as he was back then. He may have misunderstood what they told him or they may not have explained it properly to him. I do not think
  11. Thanks Rebel 11, You are right, that is the lady who most probably would have the answer. I was surprised at the response he got from the jobcentre, but maybe they are right. Reading the government website he may not fit their criteria.
  12. Hi I am looking for advice for someone who is illi A friend aged 55 has suffered with Leukaemia for the past 5 years. He attends hospital roughly every 4 weeks,he was in receipt of incapacity benefit for about 2 years and his employer then terminated his employment as the hospital confirmed he wpuld not be able to work again. He receives a small pension and a reduced rate of incapacity benefit. He suffers from extreme tiredness/weakness and sleeps for long periods each day, has no immune system and suffers from colds/flu continuously and is permanently cold as his circulation is virtuall
  13. Hi I have just found this thread would say that Langester is on the mark when he suspects masonic influences in court proceedings and judgements. I can briefly report on a court case in London several years back. A very senior member of a Television Broadcasting company and also a senior mason had to appear in court on a drink driving charge, his 4th in as many years. In the middle of the night the gentleman drove his luxury car straight through the window of a shop and he was so drunk he was unable to get out of the car and the car remained inside the shop until the police arrived
  14. Hi I hope I am in the right forum. Last April 2010 I had to move flat and was awarded Local Housing Allowance of £175 per week. In May 2010 the local Housing Allowance increased to £180 per week and has remained at that level. The local council have told me that because I applied for Housing Benefit in April my Housing benefit will remain based at the April 2009 rate through to April 2011. Can anyone confirm if this is correct as I thought my HB would be paid according to the rate in force for that month. Thanks Loring
  15. Hi Scarlet Pimpernel Re Post 5 2 creditors cashed the statutory fee cheque and sent no information , that was over a year ago. 1 creditor sent me 6 years bank statements and nothing else. I wrote to all 3 of them a couple of days ago and advised if they did not supply all the information they hold on me including agreements, PPi details, default notices , termination notices etc I would apply to the court to obtain the information. I shall have to work out the costs of asking the courts, I might have to do one now and the rest when i have the money. Thanks Loring
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