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  1. New one this for me...a little help required?! My Wife has a TSB credit card, has had it 17 years no CCA at all. Have nt heard from them for over 6 months. Have sent Resolve Call, Moorcrofts and 2 others letters in the past asking for CCA AND Letters and they all give up and say they have passed it back to Tsb. Today though we receive this new one "We have been instructed by our client to recover the overdue debt. We DEMAND that the sum stated be sent direct to this office IMMEDIATELY using the payment slip below. Your failure to comply could result in a DEBT COLLECTOR calling upon you for payment or a COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENT being registered against you. Yours sincerely swiggly autograph! By the way this is from the DEBT ENFORCEMENT OFFICE in Whitchurch, Bucks. I am quaking in my boots....NOT! Any help what road I go down please with this one Is it same approach as the previous four and has any one heard of this company?8)
  2. Did you know Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) has a Fraud & Frequent Complainers Team? If you make one too many complaints to LBG, they will refer any and all future complaints to this team to complaint manage! I have recently had cause to complain to LBG about a number of issues (e.g. not putting service first and not being treated as a customer fairly). Having contacted LBG to find out about the progress of my complaint, I was informed by one of their Customer Service Advisors (CSAs) that my complaint was taking longer than normal, to be allocated to a complaint manager. When I enquired as to why it was taking longer than normal, the CSA advised me it was because my complaint had been reallocated to one of their specialist teams. I asked for some clarity around what that meant and also what specialist team, they were referring too. The CSA then advised me that my complaint had been passed to the PCA Fraud & Frequent Complainers Team. I have seen internal documentation, which shows LBG refer to this team as the “F&F Team”. So for clarity, if you make several complaints to LBG, at some stage they will stop dealing with your complaint as a normal everyday customer, and start allocating your complaints to one of a small team of Case Complaint Managers, within this “F&F Team. To give you some sort of indication on the possible trigger point for this “specialist team” I have probably put in about 9 complaints over a 20 year banking history with them, so I assume the referral threshold for allocation, to the “F&F Team”, isn’t that high! As a result of this experience, my impression is that LBG must have an automatic flag marker system in place. I would be really interested to know what their policy is on this and whether the processing of this data is manual or automatic. On a separate note, one of the Data Subject Access Team’s CSAs, has recently advised me that LBG customers can now submit SARs online. This is done via an Online DSAR Form. https://apply.lloydsbank.co.uk/personal/a/gforms?formId=F010&prodType=GN PROs You do not have to pay the £10 statutory fee, it’s free! I have used this new service twice and it is much quicker in comparison to the conventional route of submission (i.e. recorded delivery directly to the DSAR Team or via your local branch in person). CONs Once you complete the Online DSAR Form, it moves to the next screen and tells you that you have successfully submitted the Form. However, it doesn’t give you a URN to prove this, and it doesn’t send you a copy of the Form to your email address. You then literally have to wait for the DSAR Team at LBG to write to you and acknowledge receipt of your DSAR. I am not saying this is the best thing since slice bread, but certainly another option for us consumers! They don’t advertise this new SAR submission route, and even there CSAs aren’t aware of it.
  3. Ok, sorry, its me again Andyorch, Another Northampton Court Paper has arrived Ive attached details below Name of the Claimant ? Cabot Date of issue – . 12th August 2016 What is the claim for – 1.The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balances (set out below) which the Defendant have failed to pay as required under Contracts with the following particulars Acc No XXXXXX Acc No XXXXXX between the Defendant and Lloyds TSB dated on or about Sept 18 1993 and Oct 06 2005 respectively The Contracts were assigned to the Claimant on Nov 02 2012 Particulars - Acc No XXXXXX Acc No XXXXXX 16/07/2016 - Default Balance - £4500.22 16/07/2016 - Default Balance - £9340.55 Post Refri Cr - NIL Total - £13840.77 What is the value of the claim? £13840.77 Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? 2 x Credit Cards When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? Before 2007 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. Assigned to Cabot and yes they have issued Claim Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? No Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Don't think so Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? Don't think so?? Why did you cease payments? Lack of work What was the date of your last payment? Defaulted in 2010, but then was paying £1 for a few years, then ceased this about a year ago Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? Don't think so Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? Yes I wrote to them in 2010, and offered them the £1 per month Ok, please can you help me with what to do next 1. / I need to acknowledge the claim form - I haven't done this yet and intend to defend all of the Claim???? Haven't been able to access MCOL all weekend! 2. I presume I send off another CCA Request to Restons? 3. Send off a CPR 31:14 to Cabot 4. Please can I ask if the 6 year timescale is from when the Debt started in 2010 or when the £1 contributions ended? Your help and advice would be hugely appreciated again with these Court Papers
  4. This is what Lloyds have sent me, clearly not the original as the font is exactly the same as on the new 1 and it looks like it was literally printed yesterday, shocked really as I only sent the letter friday but theres a copy of this, the current terms and a statement. Now i'm no expert but I think this is probably what they send everyone, how do I know this is what I agreed to?. Confusing as hell though, "see condition 8" etc. Clearly deliberately written with the intention of making little sense, but please can someone have a look.
  5. Hi all, Right! - this could be a difficult one. My wife has a Lloyds bank Trustcard credit card which goes all the way back to 1988 and has PPI on it throughout the 30 years it's been in existence. Now, the CC is still active although the balance is now zero as i managed to finally get it all paid off around June 2013. The card was originally issued as a Cheque Guarantee card for her current account. This was issued when she opened the current account. What wasn't initially obvious was the fact that it was also a credit card with a separate credit card account. I have a quite a few questions - so be gentle with me 1. My wife never applied for a CC only a Current account with TSB and had no idea that the subsequent CC account carried Payment Insurance - is that grounds for a PPI miss-sell? 2. We have scoured the house for monthly statements and have pretty much every one from 2000 to 2013, most of 97-98, some of 96 and some very sparse copies from 91 and 92. We have nothing prior to 91 - except believe it or not the actual original plastic card with issued in 88 on it. So as you can see we have alot of missing years in between. What can we do (if anything) to try and fill in the missing years? Is it even possible or permissible to extrapolate the data. 3. I sent an SAR and received back alot of paperwork but nothing back further than 2000. So that was no real help - is there anything else i can request? 4. If it is a case worth pursuing and bearing in mind that it runs across some 330 months up until 2013 when it was paid off - is there any spreadsheet i can use to try and assertain just how much we might (if successful) get back? 5. Do i make calculations up until the balance was brought to zero or until now? 6. What's the best approach for this - FOS, letters to bank, Resolver?? I've had success with resolver on bank loans with PPI but they were simple things in comparison. I'm a bit clueless as to the best approach on this one as CC PPI seems to be so much more complicated. If anyone could guide me along this path I would be very grateful. Answers on a postcard Thanks in advance Kholo
  6. i recently requested a SAR on my lloyds tsb accounts as i needed info on the valuation that was carried out on my home in order to give security for a loan. i have received a copy of the file which included a copy of the valuation, but even though it refers to an instruction letter from the bank to the valuer, the instruction letter is not in the file. it is not even attached to the valuer's report even though in his report he comments 'instruction letter of xxx 2004 attached appendix A' is there anything more i can do to fro lloyds to disclose the instruction letter?
  7. Hi all Hope everyone is well. Had this back recently - after months on inactivity on all accounts. For a Lloyd’s credit card This is the one and only sheet sent back from Idem. Looks like an application form to me ? Any help much appreciated. Thanks for looking and Bon weekend ! Here is correct picture Lloyd’s scan 2.pdf
  8. Hi I started a Ppi claim with Lloyds a few weeks ago there were 9 old loan account from 1992 to 2000 with Ppi. I should have my response in Aug. But this week I have received 2 letters in the same envelope to old address even though Lloyds have new my address due to claim. One is from Lloyds saying they have sold my debt to asset link the other from asset link. I know there's a Lloyds charge on my old house from 2006 (ex wife and kids live there but my sole mortgage) as its on land registry. Any one know why I've been sent letter? I assumed they would offset against any debt anyway. Any advice on what to do I will upload letter off asset link. PDF Photos 16-07-2016.pdf
  9. Hi All, I applied to Lloyds for an SAR. The SAR was correctly made and accepted by Lloyds. I contacted Lloyds SAR Team via telephone, several times (at least three times) during the 40 day statutory period, and on each occasion, they advised me that there were no issues, and that they would be dispatching the SAR data, within the 40 day statutory period. The day before the 40 day statutory period was due to expire, I contacted them one last time. On this occasion Lloyds advised that because I had phoned them 3 weeks into the SAR period, and asked for specific information (i.e. PPI and Loan information), they had reset the 40 day statutory period, and that my SAR request would now not be sent until the end of this month. When I phoned Lloyds asking for this specific information, I firstly clarified with them, that by asking for this specific data, there would be no delay in the original SAR date. The SAR Team advisor i spoke to confirmed that there would be no delay. The whole purpose of asking Lloyds for this specific information was so that they didn't have to trawl through years and years worth of data. Had i been told at this point that there would be a delay or the statutory 40 day period would be rest, i would have left the SAR request as is, and got them to send me everything. My fault for trying to be helpful towards Lloyds. Lloyds stated that they had sent me a letter advising me that they were delaying the SAR disclosure. They stated that they had sent me the letter on 7th March 2018, yet as speaking to them on 12th March 2018, I had nothing through the post. I eventually received a letter from them on 16th March 2018. My issue here is, if they had known they were delaying my SAR when i originally phoned them (3 weeks into the SAR 40 days), why did they leave it for over 2 weeks to notify me that it was being delayed. Also, i have phoned them on a number of occasions and at no point have they advised it was delayed. The 40 day statutory date has come and past, so i issued Lloyds with a Letter Before Action (LBA), giving them an extra five working days to send me the SAR. They failed to do this so i have now issued an N1 Particulars of Claim for breach of SAR Request. This was done via money claim online. I have confirmed that Lloyds received the N1 Particulars of Claim, via a signature on special recorded delivery. I have also submitted an N215 Certificate of Service in relation to this. I have now received correspondence from Lloyds who have instructed solicitors on their behalf and are defending the claim. I am not sure on what actions i need to take next. I am not legally trained and have limited knowledge of civil court proceedings. Please can i have some advise and help on what i need to do next. Aside from the N1 Particulars of Claim, i have also submitted a complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office, for the breach of data protection.
  10. Hi All From recent activity and instilled confidence boost - going through all my SAR's and have literally hundreds ££ of charges to be reclaimed. SO - Initially Thinking of reclaiming unfair charges for a Lloyds CURRENT a/c running through Sep 2001 till 2007. The current account is now closed and has been sold to DCA. Just wanted to confirm ( as not many recent threads on this subject ) is the best route to take ( as over six years old claim ) is : - 1 ) Court Action ( MCOL Claim ) ? including Pre-Action protocol. Just read from from an old post c.2013 from Slick132 - Getting charges back on a bank current a/c is not likely unless :- 1. There is Financial Difficulty (or hardship) involved, and there is lending (eg an overdraft) in which case you could use The Lending Code to reclaim charges from March 2011 onwards. Is this still the case ? Many Thanks
  11. Good afternoon all I have taken a very vital case against Lloyds and this time it will be us (consumers) who are in a stronger position than the Bank. I have taken them to court and despite the fact that they have tried everything to drop the case; the Judge has given us a date. They are throwing money at me to stop the case "as a gesture of goodwill" I am a very specialised Financial analyst and I believe that I caught them in a fine line which will potentially cost them millions of pounds hence wise they are trying to close all the back doors for others to follow me and changed their T&Cs in legal phrases. Now can anyone please explain to me what is the difference between "Planned" and "Arranged" in legal terms? the phrase in banking term will be "planned overdraft" vs "arranged overdraft" Secondly can anyone please guide me where it is referenced on Government's websites for the phrase of "Business Days/working days" as well as "Bank Holidays" Thank you in advance for your help Regards
  12. Hi all Looking for some quick advice on a court claim from Lowell dated 5th Feb who have a Lloyds overdraft debt sold to them in 2015 although it was around 2013 that Lloyds kept adding more and more charges and fees etc. The POC is as follows : Author Document Debt assigned on 24/11/15 by Lloyds banking group PLC and the claimant claims 1. 3595.98 2.Statutory interest persuant to section 69 of the county courts act ( 1984) at a rate of 8% per annum from 24/11/2015 to 02/02/18 287.68 and thereafter at a daily rate of 0.79 to date of judgement or sooner payment Ref ****************** ( there ref number here ) I will be defending fully but was thinking of using CPR31.14 but the claim does not mention any documentation. Also is it worth sending a SAR request today to help my defence. As stated I know there are multiple charges on the account, I also do not recall receiving and NOA or documents asking me to bring the account up to date in a set timescale. Also as a side not I am currently self employed under contract work until the end of Feb so if it does go to court can I still receive a CCJ for being self employed or possibly unemployed if I do not get any contract work in the coming months .. Thanks...
  13. Hi there. I disputed a credit card account by LloydsTSB back in May 2009. At the time I was receiving numerous phone calls to multiple households regarding this. Firstly I requested paperwork to be able to arrange a payment plan based on my incoming and outgoings. this form never arrived. I requested a proof of postage as i did not believe this form had been sent out. i never received this either. My closing statement was this: "Therefore I am requesting that you send me a verification and validation of the debt, I understand that you are required to send this to me by law upon request and that all collections activity must cease until the requested information is provided - this specifically includes any and all phone calls to any number regarding this issue. Upon receipt of the requested information I would be happy to consider arrangements to repay any money that I legally owe." The letter was sent recorded delivery and from the date of delivery I received no further communication from Lloyds regarding this. All phone calls stopped and no more letters were sent by Lloyds. Two (apparently) independent debt collectors wrote to me regarding the account and I wrote back informing them that I was still awaiting documents from Lloyds and that until such documents were received could they please ensure that they were acting in an appropriate and lawful manner. Neither company wrote back. 2 letters were sent to an address in the last 2 months but were returned to sender. Today a letter arrived from IND acting as claimant for this account with a vastly increased amount now totaling over £5000 This seems to be the standard claim form from IND. Northampton Crown Court. I disputed the claim back in 2009 and have not acknowledged it since then. If I respond to this letter then am I not acknowledging the account again? If I ignore this then what is the worst that can happen? A CCJ? Can I question the legitimacy of IND to even be acting in this way with no CCA or signed contract to be found anywhere? As soon as we reach May 2015 this is 6 years old and null and void. is this just a last ditch effort to try and scare me into acknowledging this debt? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  14. Hi All I have instigated a PPI claim to Lloyd's bank regarding credit card PPI. I have sent paperwork including a copy of my CCA where the PPI box is ticked. They now wish to speak to me on the phone as they need further information Is this a wise move to answer them and can I shoot myself in the foot by answering questions incorrectly. Many Thanks
  15. Hi all, I have had a LLoyds tsb credit card for sometime, but have fallen into financial difficulty. I have been making reduced payments through CCCS for the last 6-7 months. Arrears have built up on this account and i have now received a default notice. The link for the default notice is below:- http://s740.photobucket.com/albums/x...yds%20default/ The above link also includes the credit card agreement which was received with a new updated card. I believe this was in may 07. Can anyone advise me as to the eligibility of the agreement and/or the default notice? many thanks for any help/advice. Ricky
  16. Hi, I have an old Bank loan from the early 2000s that I was making small payments towards until about a year or so ago when I ended up out of work. I think it was with Lloyds but I forget now as I had a lot of debt at that time and paid off a lot of it but not all. The balance is £3,7xx. Having receieved a lot of letters from Cabot since I stopped paying (which I foolishly ignored) I have now received a letter from Shoosmiths saying that :- "your agreement with our client is terminated and our client requires your proposals for payment, in the short term. PLease treat this letter as notice that , unless an agreement is reached within 14 days of the date of this letter, we are instructed by our client to commence court proceedings against you ....." They say their client is cabot financial and the original lender is Prime CRedit 1 s.a.r.l. I am wondering whether it would be too late for me to go down the route of sending them a CCA or such like as although I was making payments for years I'm not sure Cabot ever had authority to collect on the debt, but at the time I was too scared not to make an arrangement with them. I'm not even sure if cabot even had authority to pursue my debt or whether they simply bought it from Lloyds when Lloyds contacted me to say they were writing it off, but I had wanted to make payments anyway. I'm back in work now but struggling each month as I have 2 young kids now. I could start paying again but it would be small amounts each month, whereas the letter suggests they want full payment. I'd appreciate any advice. I went through the whole CCA procedure with an old debt and they never responded and I heard no more about it, but I wonder whether it's too late for that here since I was making payments for a few years. Many thanks.
  17. I have had a Loan, overdraft and credit card with Lloyds bank which they have agreed to freeze the interest on. They’ve had said that from this I will then have 1 default on my credit file on 6 years and within 35 my account will be passed over to the collections team and then the recovery team. What does this mean? It totals about £10K but I’m worried about bailiffs!
  18. My partner has a llyods loan and has had 2 holiday payment breaks in the last year (contract stated 2 in 1 year) she is at the maximum but is finding it hard financially after having a baby. She ideally would like to put the loan on some kind of a hold until she goes back to work full time (around 6 months time) Is there anything that she can do? it would help massively as the loan repayments are around £400. If not she will just have to soilder on thanks guys
  19. I sent a SAR to Lloyds as we have an overdraft debt we were paying through cabot ive started to receive statements off Lloyds for loans taken out with them over the years today received a cabot annual summary of my account for overdraft with "If you don' not pay off the full amount outstanding ,we will allocate your payment to the outstanding balance in specific order,which is set out below..... what do I need to do at this stage please what information do I need to get from the SAR do I need to post it? Thanks
  20. Lloyds issued with legal directions for PPI breaches READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/lloyds-issued-with-legal-directions-for-ppi-breaches
  21. Help needed on lowells fastrack 14th sept '18. lowells are chasing me for £15,500 for a non secured lloyds loan. i defended a lowell ccj in northampton ccbc via mcol and aos, i have received notice of assignment but not deed of assignment, lowell are going for the jugular and i have had enough, not just of lowell but the depression i am suffering is stopping everything but work and worry. I have redacted copies that will give details of everything and my poorly advised (i think but not sure) fast track response denying debt which I'll upload either in pdf or jpeg format as needed and an other info prior to the upcoming case. needing best advice available on cag in the final stages please. jazz.
  22. Hello Try to be brief. had a ltd company back in 2005 with an overdraft linked with a personal guarantee. The company is now dissolved and Lloyds obtained a CCJ against me for the bank overdraft of £7900. I did not know about this until I searched Land Registry and saw a charging order on the property. The charging order was dated 2009 I contacted Lloyds who inform me that they no longer have the debt as they sold it and passed liability first to Hillsden and then to Cabot and lloyds. I have requested from lloyds all the copies of the original loan details, Ts&Cs etc. They have refused to pass on these documents as i am "Not Entltled" to these documents as the company does not exist. I have had no communication or updates from Cabot. Lloyds say that I must ask Cabot to release the charging order although in the name of Lloyds. Is all this correct? Any advice appreciated
  23. Hello people, Its been a long time since I've had to do this so I'm looking for guidance. My Partner has received a County Court Summons dated 22 March2018 for a Lloyds credit card. The card was taken out in 2000 and the last payment made was in 2014 - according to the particulars the agreement was assigned to Lowells in March2015. I am presuming there will have been letters from them but my partner WILL have ignored them, which is why I am guessing they have gone down this route - hoping this will be ignored and then gain judgement by default. The total claim is £2126.77 Obviously this is now time sensitive so I need to get moving with it - How do I reply to the summons and then how do I deal with Lowells? Sorry its so sporadic but I do a lot of travelling with my job so sometimes its difficult to get things achieved. Any advice, as always , gratefully received. regards OOT
  24. Ill start by stating i have never had any dealings with Lloyds Bank in my life but they have registered accounts on my credit report. There is two accounts on my file one mortgage for an address which is not mine and also a credit card again which is not mine. The mortgage is in serious arrears and the credit card is listed as defaulted.I am also receiving debt collection letters. I have had problems with Lloyds in 2010 - 13 where they also had a CCJ against me. They also sent a letter from there solicitors to my address stating i was a fraudster. (see attachment) I managed to get things erased from my credit file eventually through a lot of hard work , and eventually i went to the newspapers and FOS who helped me sort it. I received a disgraceful amount of compensation for what they had put me through and now they have managed to wreck my credit file again. I have sent SAR off and i am awaiting response. Again this is for a person with the same name and DOB as me but this person has a middle name and i do not. Any help or similar experiences with this kind of thing would be good to know so i can again chase them. Thanks. Sorry attachment here from mentioned above. see my other links https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?488056-Barclays-default-not-mine-!!!&p=5129009#post5129009 Lyons Letter.pdf
  25. Does anyone know of a website that I can use to refund my money from a dormant back account as I had an old TSB bank account now Lloyds which has a small amount of money which has since been closed (tried mylostaccount.org before). I've already been in my local Lloyds branch today and they advised to me to reclaim the money. Thanks
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