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  1. Received response from ICO regarding this matter and again they dont really seem to care that my data is being breached. Because i have sorted the matter of having the wrong information removed from my credit file myself they see it as job done. With regards to the third party information i received they are going to deal with this directly with Volkswagen and have no further dealings with myself as this concerns another person. So much for this new GDPR, the whole system is a joke.
  2. In the past ive had this problem with all 3 agencies. This recent bout of mistakes are with Experian and call credit. Experian knew that the linked addresses were wrong but refused to remove the links even though the company (O2) had removed the accounts because they had put them there in error. Call credit added 11 accounts that were not mine either CCJs/Defaults or accounts in arrears, they also changed my name on my electoral roll and i have had many of email over the past few months trying to sort this. They state my electoral roll entry had changed because the majority of the accounts on my credit file had the middle name (not my accounts/Dont have middle name). All credit files are currently clear due to data being suppressed but i have been warned they could reappear at any time. Just adding to the stress and anxiety of when they are going to be added again, which could come at the wrong time if i apply for credit or remortgage etc. I am still having this other persons searches being carried out on my files and because my file is now clear he will probably be granted more credit. For whatever reason his files dont seem to be getting searched because if they were there is no way in a million years he would get credit.
  3. Hi , yes it was made pre GDPR, but not looked at until it came into force.
  4. The CRA is definately responsible for giving out my details , but they state this is only a possible match and is up to the company to carry out the appropriate checks to make sure they have the right person. I have made a complaint to the ICO and they have found what the CRAs are doing is perfectly fine, my arguement being is that they know the data they are recording is wrong and have admitted that it is wrong but refuse to remove it with out the comapnies permission, however they see it as the companies fault and the CRAs are just a third party recording the data. In my ongoing case with O2 the CRA have removed the wrong data after some months without the permission from O2 because they seen a complaint made by me on social media, ( i can only assume this website).Again this was my arguement to the ICO but again this was seen as the CRAs doing no wrong. As explained in other threads this has been going on for years and this other persons details keep getting merged with mine to the extent of just in the last few weeks i have had new searches on my credit report for this person trying to take out new credit cards and also car finance. Because my credit file is clear at the moment from the mistakes then these companies are seeing a report which they think is for this other person applying for credit and he will be granted the finance/credit cards etc based on my clean credit history, then months down the line when he defaults i will end up with all of these accounts on my report. It will then take me months or years to clear my name again and when i do he will just do it again. It is a never ending circle.
  5. Hi DX, The letter has a phone number but no email address. I will try ringing and asking for the person on the letter but i very much doubt i will get to speak to that person. Thanks
  6. Just received a final response today from Capital One. They have been unable to locate any account for myself with the details i have supplied, with this they are unable to supply me with a SAR. They have requested DOB, previous addresses etc to assist them locating an account and also request a screenshot of the account showing on my credit file. Never done a MCOL before so may need help, or should i ring them and try sort it over the phone ?
  7. They have said they have contacted the company and the company stated the information is correct. The information i have requested is what evidence have they supplied to Experian to prove they are correct , and if they have not supplied this information then why were Experian refusing to remove the information. Experian have told me to contact the company O2 to sort the matter out myself, what should happen is say hold on , you have added this data incorrectly and the customer has disputed it, can you now provide us with the evidence that you think this is correct. But NO , what Experian have done is made no checks whatsoever, told me to sort the mess out by telling me to contact the company, (no name or dept references to help) and then added there own entry on my credit file with the linked address. Then whole system is a shambles and to say it only happens in a small amount of cases is absolute rubbish.
  8. SAR received from Experian, however most of the correspondence has not been sent with the SAR, im assuming this could be because it was issued before most of the follow up emails have taken place, so i will fill you in with the information. 1/5/18 Email received stating accounts had been removed from my credit file by the lender. However the linked addresses were left on my report and Experian stated they would not remove them without the consent of the company, even though they know that the information is a mistake and could further damage my credit reputation. 1/5/18 Complaint logged with ICO for inaccurate information being recorded on my credit file even though Experian know this information is incorrect. 7/6/18 Email to Experian asking for the information between the CRA and the company reporting the wrong data. 7/6/18 Email received from Experian stating they do not share information regarding 3rd parties, (even though this is about me so should be part of my SAR) After a lot of dealings with Experian over the past 15 years regarding the same mistake being made 4 times and the same person being added to my credit report ruining my credit and every time Experian stating it is the responsibility of the company reporting the information to add/remove/edit, they have stated they can not under any circumstance remove this data without the companies consent. 29/6/18 Email received from Experian stating that i had made a complaint to them on social media ( i have never made a complaint to them on social media) , email stated that they were now going to remove the incorrect address links without the companies consent. So all this time and all of this needless worry, they remove the data themselves even though they have stated they can not remove it without the companies consent. Case currently ongoing with the ICO, still awaiting response from Experian My concerns about this situation now and for the future is: As stated by Experians head of consumer affairs " We always check information before it is added to credit reports and we take our data accuracy responsibilities very seriously indeed. We work very closely with lenders to identify and minimise errors from occurring. For example, we carry out hundreds of extensive checks on all information before any detail is added to someone’s credit report. " They have now failed 4 times in not carrying out checks concerning my credit file over 15 years, does not say much for there checking systems. Because i have this other persons accounts/information on my credit file i can see all of his details, SO he can also see all of my details. Data protection breach. Stated numerous times that it is the company at fault for the incorrect information adding to my credit file and Experian can not remove this without there consent. I have dealt with this for 15 years and each time costing me hours and hours writing emails/letters/phone calls. It should be the responsibility of the company to prove to the CRAs that they have the right person and produce the evidence for this, when i have disputed the data i have not once been asked to produce evidence of why this is not ME. And told to sort it out myself Is it the fact that the companies pay the CRAs and the consumer does not pay them that they take the companies side in these matters ? Because the wrong information is being recorded on a credit report, it then opens the door for other companies searching there debtor to start hounding the wrong person. I have started to receive collection letters and receiving phone calls. On my credit report in April the source of the link is O2, In Junes report the source of the link is Experian, they have even added a further link dated April made by Experian So who really is at fault here ? O2 have added one link incorrectly and a further link has been made by Experian. Are they both at fault ? The information has now been erased but again the damage has been done, has all of the companies that have searched my report been informed that the information they have been looking at is incorrect , or will it be the case that in a few weeks or months to come i will have another default/CCJ or worse added to my credit report. Whatever the outcome with the ICO i think it might be time to start court proceedings to get the answers i am looking for, let the judge decide who is at fault and try and find out the exact workings of a CRA. Again whatever the outcome from a court room i hopefully will have the answers i want. What do you all think ?
  9. They certainly gave me no time when they decided to destroy my credit report and start harrassing me with debt collection letters so simple answer to that is no im not willing to wait 8 weeks.
  10. SAR received in time, letter of complaint sent regarding why they keep changing my electoral roll, this is there response on this matter which i find unbeleivable that this could happen, “After investigation, we can confirm that we are now making arrangements for your credit report to be amended. You will now appear on the Electoral Roll as xxxxx xxxxx. However, because there are accounts on your report in the name of xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx, this may re-appear. If this is the case, you would need to contact the lenders that are supplying the name xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx and have them amend their information. This amendment will be completed within 14 days.” Spoke to ICO regarding this matter and they state only the local authority can change my electoral roll with my say so. Sent another complaint to call credit giving them 7 days to come up with a proper answer and if it has been changed by a company , then to give me the companies name so that i can deal with them. There 7 days have passed so i will be logging a complaint to the ICO Updates to follow.
  11. 14 days LBA sent on the 26/6/18 5/7/18 letter received from Capital One stating they will investigate which could take upto 8 weeks. Advice what to do next ? press ahead with claim or give them time to investigate. Thanks.
  12. just to let you all know what is happening regarding the matter with Barclays. They have failed to even acknoweldge my SAR, i have my signed for receipts obviously and want to know what the procedure is now, what i have read online does not make a great deal of sense as regards to unanswered SARs, according to the ICOs site i must now send them a reminder and give them 28 days to respond ?? I thought the whole purpose of these new GDPR rules was to get a full response within 30 days otherwise they would be in breach. Advice appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Just an update to let everyone that is following this thread know whats going on so far, Lloyds like all of the banks i have dealt with have requested a further 60 days to produce a SAR. Ill post again in September.
  14. Thanks for the reply mrabody, yes the forms were quite lengthy but i reluctantly filled them out in the hope i would get the information i had actually asked for quickly. As of today i am still waiting for that information.
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