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  1. Hi All, I'm not sure if I have a problem or not really! I keep getting calls from people asking about our loan with First plus and whether it had PPI on it, with all of them I have told them that there is no PPI showing on my agreement and that was the end of it, but today someone called fom FusionConsumer solutions and told me that although it does not show on the agreement First plus may have been adding it into our payments!! She asked when I took the loan out which was approx 2006 for £100,000 and what our payments were, then she worked out that we were paying approx £500 per mo
  2. Hello everyone, I have recently issued a small claim against a company, but do not want to go through with it any further. The defendant did issue a defence and requested for Mediation, but subsequently changed their mind. I was wondering if I can still issue a Notice of discontinuance (N279) form before the case being allocated to a track? If yes, which court do I write down? Should I send this via post to the Money Claims centre in Manchester or via email? I have been utilising the new beta Money Claims service, which does not provide information on the matter. I wa
  3. Help needed on lowells fastrack 14th sept '18. lowells are chasing me for £15,500 for a non secured lloyds loan. i defended a lowell ccj in northampton ccbc via mcol and aos, i have received notice of assignment but not deed of assignment, lowell are going for the jugular and i have had enough, not just of lowell but the depression i am suffering is stopping everything but work and worry. I have redacted copies that will give details of everything and my poorly advised (i think but not sure) fast track response denying debt which I'll upload either in pdf or jpeg format
  4. Hi, I am defending a multi track case and i have the DQ form: formfinder.hmctsformfinder.justice.gov.uk/n181-eng.pdf Am ok with the rest of the form but it is asking for draft directions, i have looked on google, can anyone point me as what draft directions i should be looking at putting forward?
  5. I believed a debt was statute barred when I checked my credit file last payment was in 2009, now it has gone off my file. Lowell now demanding payment, I sent a statute Barred letter to them they replied that termination of service was in 2009 but payment was made in Sept 2011 so not making it statute barred which I totally disagree as my situation was so bad for that period and could not have afford to make any payment from 2009. I don’t have the bank statement, the account had been closed. I sent a letter to lowell to prove date of last payment but
  6. Hello fellow forum members: I’ve just received a Country Court Claim form : I’m a complete novice at this, I’ve never been to Court before - or posted on here before. I hope someone can give me some advice. The claim is from a gate installation company who have done part of a (verbal) contract made 18 April 2016 to make and install an automated sliding gate, around £5,600. I haven’t received any paperwork from the company (Contract, T&Cs, design, safety and compliance etc), nor have I signed anything. They laid the track for the gate in concrete on 01 June 2016. The gro
  7. About a year ago we had some building work done which has now turned out to be sub-standard. I have tried to get hold of the guy, but his home phone and email no longer work, and I suspect his mobile number has changed also. All I have is a name, a bank account/sort code, and a post code. With the beauty of hindsight I should have never used a tradesman who didn't put his full address on his paperwork. I have done a WHOIS lookup on his website, and I have a registered address from that, which is different (but close) to the "contact us" details on the website.
  8. Hi all Firstly I'm going to apologise for not making a proper introduction post, however I will eventually get around to it. I was just wondering if anybody can clarify if Fast Track collection orders (where payment is made online before visiting the store) are covered by the Consumer Contracts regulations (formerly distance selling regulations)?
  9. Hi, I am looking for a little advice. I received a claim form from the county court business centre from the claimants Pra group. I then completed a CCA request and CPR request, which the claimant and their solicitors did not fulfil. I filed my defence, and was updated by the claimant they would provide the documents in due course. The claim was then allocated to the small claims track, and mediation was offered. I had to refuse mediation due to not having all the documentation, which the mediators recommended. Within two days the claimants solicitors sen
  10. A new DWP website has been launched by the Pension Tracing Service to help people more easily and quickly locate their lost pension savings. There is currently an estimated £400 million in unclaimed pension savings. This is money people have previously saved for their retirement, and the new website will better help people to locate their hard-earned savings. The new DWP online Pension Tracing Service helps reunite people with their lost pensions, giving details of providers to help people track them down. Anyone who thinks they may be missing out on any savings ca
  11. Hi all, Im at a complete loss. I got a ccj claim and thought id filled it all in correctly - wasn't entirely sure what the debt was, Im thinking a payday loan that I abandoned. I filled in acknowledgement of service and defended the claim using information I found through researching my problem and using an appropriate template from here or so I thought. I got a Notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track and have to reply in a few days and I don't know what I have done. Or more importantly what to do. Ive buried my head in the sand a
  12. Greetings. I filed an N164 asking for permission to appeal about a month ago. I haven't heard anything back yet. I was wondering... is the N164 form, where you tick "I ask for permission to appeal", essentially a request to the district judge who has the case for permission? Or is the N164 with that option ticked essentially an appeal notice that will go to the circuit judge where they will decide on permission to appeal? I would like to proceed by filing an appellant's notice and ticking "No" in answer to "Has permission been granted?". Any thoughts?
  13. If a claim was dismissed, can the solicitors have a 2nd bite ? POC are identical ? Can you advise on CPR or any case law applicable. Old utilities bill circa 2010, value 1500.00 Final reading provided, final supposed bill paid. Came out of blue. Defended grounds back billing rules, produced final bill in court that was paid. Claimant wanted to not go before judge in meeting before hearing, I insisted we did. Judge dismissed case. Any help appreciated... C
  14. Saw this story on the news this morning - http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/17947/online-news/dcas-in-crackdown-on-foreign-driver-parking-fines But the news piece didn't really give much of an explanation and nor does the above story. So currently, councils cant access foreign car data (unlike our UK DVLA system), but they are going to employ DCAs (who we all know have zero powers even in the UK) to track down these foreign car owners (how ??), and ask them nicely to pay ? I cant see the success rate being very how, surely it will only end up costing councils ?
  15. God what a mess!! I will try and explain this as best I can but I have gone so far and don't know if I am doing this right. I have two accounts with Santander which makes matters worse coz I'm not sure if I should now separate them into two claims: 1 account I had a £1000 overdraft on it and I used to pay £20 per month for the privilege, I need to clarify this detail as they have removed the account so I cannot see the statements anymore but I think I forgot to pay the £20 one month. My wages were now with another bank but as long as I paid the £20 Santander
  16. Hi, firstly thanks for reading my post. The reason for urgency is that today I received a letter giving me 7 days to reply. It is dated 1st May, today is the 8th! Lowells/ BW Legal originally tried to get money from me and I sent them the official template letter saying 'prove it'. They ran out of time. They have now started something different saying 'Notice of allocation to the Small Claims Track'. I am required by the court to complete Directions Questionnaire regarding settlement/Mediation. They have included in their letter a copy of my alleged Littlewoods account statem
  17. Any advice gratefully received. I had a contract lease hire car for 2 years from a company, when the car was returned I received a further bill for about £900 which I disputed however they proceeded to instruct solicitors to pursue the matter which they did through the Small Claims Track. Fast forward 2 years and they have now served a Notice of Discontinuance (N279) 7 days before we were due to attend court. As you can imagine I have spent a lot of time and some money preparing and filing court documents etc, but as I understand it I cannot claim any costs for wasted time. So
  18. Hi just had a doorstep visit from debt collectors moorcroft my husband answered the door and nearly let her in i asked her to leave my property which she did no problem and just said she would put me down as a refusal i was just sorting out my ccas do i now send them to moorcroft or citicards
  19. We have received a N149B (notice of proposed allocation to the Fast Track) from the county court business centre with a questionnaire attached to complete and return. We must reply by the 27th April, the debt is for a Sandander Loan taken out in Oct 2006, but we have received a Claim from Hoist Portfoilio Holding (Solicitor Howard, Cohen and Co). I replied to the Claim on moneyclaim, and also wrote to Howard Cohen with the Status Barred letter. How to I need to act as regards to the N149B??? I am completely in the dark now Thank you Molley
  20. DWP have announced that they intend to make a second London borough a trial area for the Digital Service for Universal Credit (UC) If you want to know more please follow the link below (Published 15/05/2015) "Croydon to become second area in UK to undertake controlled testing of enhanced digital service targeted to deliver the flagship welfare reform" http://central-government.governmentcomputing.com/news/on-track-universal-credit-digital-service-set-for-summer-expansion-4578661
  21. Hi all, This morning I received a letter from EOS Solutions UK PLC quoting a previous address trying to track me down. The letter requires me to phone them to discuss a personal matter. A google of the company has highlighted several people with issues with this company trying to extort money from them. Ive read they are a debt collection company so I signed up for Experian and checked whether I owe anything but my credit score is 999 with nothing owed. Should I ring them as asked or just ignore the letter and wait? Could they be phishing for details?
  22. Hi, Basically i have an old debt with Capital one which has been passed onto Lowell DCA. I requested details of the debt under s87. DCA replied and sent a photocopy of the agreement with no terms and conditions etc. I then ignored the DCA to which northampton bulk centre stepped in and filled my defence asking for all GENUINE signed documents to be sent to me.. I have not received any documents from them since. I then received a notice of allocation to the small claims track hearing. The parties shall serve upon each other and file at the court 14 days before
  23. Hi This is probably a long shot. I have only just remembered I had PPI on some car finance I took out with a Ford Dealership in the year 1999 (I think). I have no paperwork at all left and the dealership is no longer at the same premises. I'm thinking it was probably Evans Halshaw, but not even sure of that. The dealership was on Station Brow or Stanifield Lane (part of same road) in Leyland, Lancashire. I have looked on google and it isn't bringing up a thing (even in images). 1. Would this dealership have been a franchise? 2. Am I flogging a dead horse? Thanks, as al
  24. Hi i wonder if you wonderful people would be able to help, my legal knowledge does not stretch this far. Last year we were sued by a customer in the small claims court which we lost.We had a date with which we were supposed to pay the claimant but he avoided our payment. I informed the court on every level and wrote and called them several times to inform them we had tried to pay. Eventually it went back to court and the judge said we had to pay within 7 days, we were given bank details and paid the amount. In the original case the judge said that when payment was made we were allowed to recov
  25. Hi folks, New to this forum. I fell into the downward spiral of payday loans in August and I now owe 3 companies money. (Myjar, the loan store and 24/7 moneybox) £700ish in total. Tonight I have emailed 2 (the loan store, 24/7 moneybox) of them thanks to a template I found on this forum, informing them of my financial difficulties, my right to cancel my CPA and wishing to do so. I have also informed them of my wish to enter a repayment plan and want all interest/fees frozen in the meantime. I've also informed them I will be contacting my bank tomorrow to cancel all CPA's, and th
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