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Found 18 results

  1. Environment Agency seeks Boaters’ views sought in consultation on proposed charges READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/boaters-views-sought-in-consultation-on-proposed-charges
  2. Hi, I am defending a multi track case and i have the DQ form: formfinder.hmctsformfinder.justice.gov.uk/n181-eng.pdf Am ok with the rest of the form but it is asking for draft directions, i have looked on google, can anyone point me as what draft directions i should be looking at putting forward?
  3. I'm currently living in a privately owned residential road / estate. A management company was formed last year which then purchased the common parts of the estate, ie roads and footways etc. The company has indicated it's intention to issue fixed penalty tickets to anyone parking there without a permit. This of course raises several questions, such as whether these charges would be enforceable. There are also various practical issues which I can envisage arising, for example, if a legitimate visitor was to arrive unexpectedly, or outside of normal hours, with no means t
  4. Been In consultation, a protocol due soon. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/472908/pap-for-debt-claims-consultation-november-2015.pdf
  5. A special register allowing people to prevent charities from pestering them for donations will be created following the death of a Bristol poppy seller. 92-year-old Olive Cooke killed herself in the Avon Gorge last May after battling depression. Shortly after her death it was revealed she had been bombarded with thousands of messages from charities she supported. The Fundraising Regulator (FPS) hopes to launch the service this year, subject to approval from members. HOW WILL IT WORK? Users create an account and choose which charities they want to blo
  6. Having received court paperwork from hoist portfolio holding for a old HSBC overdraft And loan all merged into one account. Sent hoist solicitors a CPR request After hearing nothing submitted a holding defence I now have notice of proposed allocation to small claims track Do I need to tick no to small claims track being appropriate as they have failed with CPR request Can only find conflicting information looking online about what to put:boxing:
  7. Hi all, Im at a complete loss. I got a ccj claim and thought id filled it all in correctly - wasn't entirely sure what the debt was, Im thinking a payday loan that I abandoned. I filled in acknowledgement of service and defended the claim using information I found through researching my problem and using an appropriate template from here or so I thought. I got a Notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track and have to reply in a few days and I don't know what I have done. Or more importantly what to do. Ive buried my head in the sand a
  8. the law commission has opened a consultation to give consumers greater protection when taking out a logbook loan http://www.lawcom.gov.uk/unfair-law-fails-to-protect-logbook-loan-consumers/
  9. I have 2 court claims i am involved in at the moment. One of them the claimant has supplied the information required and i accept i can continue no more I sent a letter to the solicitor with an income and expenditure form as i am on ESA requesting that they contact their clients to discuss a Tomlin Order. Any judgement received will be subject to a redetermination and probably pay it back at £1.00 a week I requested a Tomlin order instead of a judgement as it would be beneficial on both sides. The solicitor has just written back to me requesting i contact the
  10. Hi all, Our LA is proposing to change waiting restrictions in our neighbourhood, supposedly on the prefix folk use our area to collect kids from school, which is not the case at all, however we do get a lot of white van man up the next road and some local business parking from 7am to 3pm ish.. maybe a few station parkers but nothing too extreme. But my main concern is A) the cost to me and B) the state of the footpaths and lighting locally, and C) this will push the parking to the next available road that has a width restriction to its already narrow entrance that goes out of the e
  11. We have received a N149B (notice of proposed allocation to the Fast Track) from the county court business centre with a questionnaire attached to complete and return. We must reply by the 27th April, the debt is for a Sandander Loan taken out in Oct 2006, but we have received a Claim from Hoist Portfoilio Holding (Solicitor Howard, Cohen and Co). I replied to the Claim on moneyclaim, and also wrote to Howard Cohen with the Status Barred letter. How to I need to act as regards to the N149B??? I am completely in the dark now Thank you Molley
  12. hi every one, New to this website and need some advice please. I am a chaffeur, I was issued a parking eyes ANPR ticket parking front of ( Holidays Inn Hammersmith Entrance ) to pickup a client. The ticket was sent on my old address. Based on the information on this website, I reply the Parking eye and told them that the ticket is not valid and they should cancel it. Also I inform Parking eye with my new address details. which they totally ignored and send me court summon on my old address two months ago. I read the information from this website and defend the claim a
  13. The price of London's Congestion Charge could rise by 15% under new proposals by Transport for London (TfL). TfL said the cost had remained static since 2009 and it hoped a rise from £10 to £11.50 for a daily rate would deter unnecessary journeys. Transport for London (TfL) regularly reviews the Congestion Charging scheme to ensure that it remains effective in reducing traffic and congestion in central London as well as improving the operation of the scheme. We are proposing to make changes to the Congestion Charging scheme. These changes include:
  14. I do hope somebody can help as i am truly feeling harrassed now. On signing the tenancy agreement we were told that we cant get a copy and that it has to be signed by the L/l. Later we were advised that it was with head office. They said that the deposit and months advance has to be paid in cash as Natwest system was down. This was not true having spoken to Natwest that day. On moving in it came to our knowledge that the washing machine, tumble dryer and kitchen extractor fan was not working. The cupboard in the smallest bedroom which my toddler sleeps in has a cupboard with exposed wire
  15. Hardly surprising given aftermath that recent computer problems have seen by 3 banks. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-19929376
  16. The Ministry of Justice has published a consultation to change the rules for Claims Management Companies (CMCs): https://consult.justice.gov.uk/digital-communications/cmr-rules-consultation-cp15-2012 The consultation proposes rules requiring firms to obtain written, signed agreements from consumers before charging any fees. Currently contracts can be agreed verbally. The consultation states: “The provision of a written agreement would provide consumers with more protection, by allowing sufficient time for a consumer to read and understand pre-contractual information before
  17. Stronger consumer protection laws are being proposed by the government that will take into account e-commerce. It is consulting on a Consumer Bill of Rights, which will update some laws that have been unchanged for decades. Shoppers will be give stronger rights to complain and gain redress for faulty services. Consumer Affairs Minister Norman Lamb said new laws were needed to cover the sale of digital material, where customers have little protection. "The UK's consumer law is complex and difficult for consumers and businesses to understand," he said. "We want consumers to feel confident
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