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  1. A friend of mine recently had a problem with Enterprise Rent a Car attempting to deliver a hire car to one of his neighbours. Whilst undertaking the delivery they managed to crash one the hire cars into his fence causing damage, then assessed the damaged to the car, looked at the fence and chose to do a runner. Fortunately my friend has excellent cctv and captured the whole event. Laurel and Hardy springs to mind!!!. They made no attempt to find out who the fence belonged too nor left a note on the fence. My friend has subsequently been to the local office to try and resolve the issue and although they admitted liability, but only after being shown the footage, have failed compensate him as agreed. Initially they wanted him to obtain quotes for the repair and quite rightly he told them to gather the quotations themselves as they have caused him enough inconvenience already. They couldn't be bothered to do that so my friend priced up the bits and bobs required and a retired friend has offered to repair the fence for £150. He went back to the office to find out what was going on and again they fobbed him off, so he suggested they pay him the £150 so his friend can undertake the repair. The said they were happy to do that and for him to gave them his banking details. That was 3 weeks ago and now after yet another visit, they are saying they are not going to do that unless they have business receipt, yet they agreed to his friend fixing it! I think they they are messing him around so much that hope he will give up What would you do? Report the incident to the police to investigate criminal damage and leaving the scene of the accident? Put the cctv footage on social media for everyone to watch these clowns at work? Or does anybody have Enterprises Rent a Car CEO email address so he can give them one final chance to resolve things, as I don't think this incident has gone any further than the local office. What makes me laugh is if you have even a minor bump/scratch with this lot you will lose your deposit in a flash, yet when they cause damage to your property it's like pulling teeth. They certainly don't adopt their own policy of any damage must be reported immediately !!!!
  2. I bought a second hand car from a dealer 7 weeks ago. They had a new MOT done & the car passed but with advisory that the rear coil springs, both sides at the back, were corroded. I asked the dealer to quote me for the work & went ahead to have them replaced. The day before I picked the car up I rang to make sure it would be ready & during this call I mentioned about the receipt for this work. I was assured it would be there when I went to collect it. They don't have a workshop on site & contract it out to a garage locally. I do not know the garage details. When I collected the car I paid for the coil springs work & was then told the garage hadn't, as yet given him the receipt but he would email it through to me when he received it. I then contacted the dealer 2 weeks later & was told again it would be forwarded to me in due course. What is a reasonable time to wait for this to be given to me & what can I do it I don't get it? I cannot go to the dealer as the distance is too far from me now. Thanks for any replies
  3. hii i have been caught in john lewis store for shoplifting of £42 been stopped by security and they had called police was told will be called by one of the colleague i had a called and been interview under caution was having no idea about that yesterday had interview but was not aware of all this i had admitted that i had done it as i did it so dont want to get a penalty and a note: i had been caught shoplifting before and had paid a penalty as dont want to risk it but i m being destressed after this so kindly need your help like how much time for investigate and what's the result type thanks
  4. Hi We paid a deposit for a new window to be made in an existing wall, it was £600. The builder has constantly not turned up and is ignoring calls. A review of someone else having the same problem has gone up on google. What do you do when the builder has done nothing at all, other than take your deposit? Thanks
  5. Helping someone . I bought my house in a auction and knew the house was suffering from some sort of damp problem. I never had a survey done as there was no mortgage and there was a damp problem. I have managed to sort that out and will be having a damp course done in a few weeks time. However now some 16 months on cracks have started to appear on inside walls. These are vertical ones and are very thin. I have checked the wall above and because it has wall paper on cannot check if the cracks have gone up. I did however contact my insurance company who took down the claim an are in the middle of appointing a Surveyor to come out and inspect this. Do i have anything to worry about if i cannot produce a survey ?
  6. Hi everyone, please be patient with me as i am new on this site. My partner divorced his ex wife a couple of years ago and it cost him over £1000 but at the time did not have more money to be able to resolve the financial side of things ie selling the property and a clean break order, so we spoke to a solicitor a couple weeks ago and she said that it can cost him between 3 and 5 thousand pounds to go back to court to sort out the financial side of things. we can't afford this kind of money as we dont have any savings etc, so we are going to attempt to do this ourselfs, the story is as follows and thankyou in advance for any help offered on here as we dont have a clue on what we are doing:-D... As mentioned he divorced her, she lived in the mortgage free property as they paid the mortgage off before he left her due to her drinking, her abusive and unresonable behaviour 8+years ago, he also did alterations and extension to the property before he left, they have a son together that also lived in the property with his ex wife up until over a year ago when she kicked out her 17yr old son and tried to get him done through the police for actual or grivious bodily harm, the police took the minor to court and she was basically laughed out of court by everyone as her allegations were unfounded and it turned out that she had smacked him and he tried moving her of him when she struck him but because she was severely drunk she fell and hurt herself, the child then went to live with my partner at the grandparents house, she has been harrassing with callls and messages for a number of months now wich has been reported to the police in the past and she got a telling off from them but she keeps doing it, anyway we just want her completely out of our lives now and my partner wants to sell the property that she is in still so that he can secure a home for himself and his son who is now 18yrs old . I went to the courts today and they gave me a CPR Part 8 claim for to fill in. My questions are: 1. Is this the correct form? 2. Are there any templates that i could follow to fill it in as there is not much space where it says details of claim. 3. The deeds of the property shows them as joint tenants and he is entitled to half of the house in theory, so how quickly and likely is it that he will get a house sale order? 4. We know that if the judge agrees to him having the property sold so he can receive his share we know that she will try to put prospective buyers off, so can something be added by the judge stipulating that she is not allowed to put prospective buyers off and can he be there when people go to view the property?. 5. Can we send a estate agent round to value the house as we dont have a clue how much its worth so we can add this to the claim. 6. We were also told that after this he has to apply for a clean break order so that she wont be entitled to any of his finances, pensions etc, any ideas on how we go about doing this? Any advice will be very welcomed as we cant carry on with this situation any longer she is making our lives a misery, we have even offered her mediation so that they can come to some form of agreement to sell the house but she point blank refused as in her eyes its her house and he is not entitled to any share of it!!!
  7. Hello, I’m trying to get an answer regarding the changeover from dla to ESA/pip. My friend’s mother suffers from severe borderline personality disorder; she has been on dla for over twenty years! and did have until recently home-help (Although I believe this is no longer the case) her daughter recently took her to a atos/maximus assessment from which I understand it was specifically because Dla is changing to pip and they are medically ‘re-assessing.’ People that are changing over? 1 is this correct? 2 I assume if this is correct will she afterwards be on esa + PIP, as other claimants are? Or just PIP. 3 she recently (because of this changeover) was asked to attend a medical assessment for PIP. From what I gather the PIP assessment is different/ more difficult than the esa assessment? Is this correct? 4 I believe that her daughter does not know how the assessment really works? The main question is if she fails (as we have been told many people do, first time around), are the procedures for preparing for the tribunal and/ or mandatory reconsideration the same as ESA? 5 In case of FAILURE, are the papers you request i.e. details of assessment, assessors etc and papers and forms and the names, codes of the paperwork, assessors etc exactly the same protocol as if you were requesting documents if you failed an ESA assessment? I.E if she fails could she be on no money until her tribunal appeal? thanks 6 I have also been told that the onus of providing the paperwork, evidence of the claimant’s illnesses is the responsibility of atos/maximus/ capita / etc rather than the claimant? Is this correct? 7 I also believe my friend was not armed with the correct information regarding assessments to benefit her mother as well as required- can anyone suggest anything? Thank you very much
  8. Hi everyone, this is not the usual thread about tackling a speculative invoice, so if in the wrong place please move or delete! It's always struck me that the private parking cowboys are a particularly British phenomenon. Yesterday I stopped in a shopping complex in Mestre, which is the mainland town opposite Venice. The complex is near the bus station, near the train station, near the centre, and near the public transport routes to Venice, and I would suspect a place that non-customers could easily want to park. So, for once, there is a need for proper private parking control. So how do they do it? Well, with a barrier system, like an airport. There is free parking for two hours. Who overstays that for a short time has to pay €0.80 for the extra hour. Who stays there for hours and hours has to pay €0.80 per hour. So genuine customers pay nothing, if you're a bit late you pay a bit, and if people want to use the car park for non-shopping purposes they have to pay the owners more money, but still a very reasonable amount. If that can be done in Italy, not known for its organisation, why not in Britain?
  9. Hi all Nearly 6 months ago my Father in Law was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The Palliative Care team at his Hospital immediately requested that the council fit a level access shower in his council flat. 4 months later, his wife had heard nothing so rang the Council up. Was told that the adjudication Panel had rejected the request! The next day his daughter phoned to plead with them to reconsider. They immediately phoned back to say they had granted the application. No reason was given for the refusal or the reconsideration. She was phoned in August to say they would start work on shower on the following Monday. They never turned up. No reason was given. He passed away mid-September. The shower was never fitted. For the last few months of his life he refused to leave the flat because he was worried that he smelled. This despite his wife washing him frequently using cloths and bowls of soapy water. I have registered a formal complaint and I'm awaiting the response. I have had a phone call from the Director of Adult Social Care who apologised but refused to provide any explanation. He told me to register a formal complaint if I felt his apology wasn't sufficient. I have made FOI request for the minutes of the Panel meetings. However, I am now considering legal action to seek financial compensation for his wife. Would she have a case and if so, how would I go about it?
  10. My daughter asked O2 for an early upgrade which they agreed and and said she had to pay £100.00 which she did... She at the time asked the live chat person 4 times within the conversation that she would like to use her police discount which was 30% of the monthly charge and 4 times he said no problem on the new contract.... When she completed and 5 mins after it was all agreed she then asked him again about the discount at which he said he COULD NOT give it to her. SHE WAS FUMING...... She has contacted customer services twice now after waiting 20 mins... They read back to her the chat with the idiot and they agreed she had said this 5 times. They cut her off after 15 mins. This a I believe is a matter for the Police (fraud) of Trading Standards and The Regulator.. Can I get to anyone with a brain higher up the chain... TY Paul
  11. Around a year or two ago the an underground ditch drain pipe started to leak and come up after some heavy rain, my parents who were living here at the time called the council to get it fixed. The council then dug up the drain but left it as an open ditch on our land, without asking us first... (we would have said no) The council refuse to correct the damage done, and say we must pay to repair it ourselves or pay them to do it. We never asked them to dig up the ditch. They did that on there own accord. Do we have any legal backing to force them to correct the damage done? And can this work be classed as criminal damage as it was done without our blessing?
  12. Hi all, Im at a complete loss. I got a ccj claim and thought id filled it all in correctly - wasn't entirely sure what the debt was, Im thinking a payday loan that I abandoned. I filled in acknowledgement of service and defended the claim using information I found through researching my problem and using an appropriate template from here or so I thought. I got a Notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track and have to reply in a few days and I don't know what I have done. Or more importantly what to do. Ive buried my head in the sand and Im just at a loss with it all. I think Im getting somewhere with my debts and then I go and mess it all up (sorry I know that is very woe is me) Having a really tough time at the moment with home life and anxiety and this is just pushing me to the edge. Just sold our home to move into rented accommodation and the last thing I need is a ccj causing me issues with renting a place Can anyone please advise? Many Thanks
  13. just wanted to give a shout out to Mr Lender and Swift Sterling ive quite a few debts and rather than going pop im trying my hand at sorting a payment plan. both the above companies have frozen my debt and to reduced payments, BRILLIANT and a massive help. i'm awaiting a few replies but these guys did all this with 12 hours of my initial email. SO DON'T GIVE UP HOPE IF YOU TREAT THEM FAIRLY TOO THEY DO TRY TO HELP
  14. Hi, I wonder if any of you IT buffs might know what the remedy to this is? I opened the PC - a Dell Optiplex 745 to change the little round battery. I noticed these capacitors (I think) which appear to have leaked. Can anyone tell me if these are replaceable/repairable or is the likely end of my motherboard? Thanks
  15. Today's show. He spoke to the Parking Prankster and Patrick Troy. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05xbsts HB
  16. took a little battering around but.. ordered a treadmill from tesco direct, fullfilled by sportshq ordered the friday and paid extra for delivery "on or by Saturday" come saturday and no delivery, spoke to customer services and they tried to expain that it "wasnt their fault it was sports hq's fault" emailed ceo office, 30 mins later phone call, explaining they cant get it that day but would look into it and make sure we "were not out of pocket" monday email saying it had been delivered to a neighbour could we check it was ok and they were looking into it as their contract said mon-sat delivery sportshq claimed it was mon-fri tuesday email after we confirmed it was ok, sorry for the inconvenience, we are looking into the contract and have sent a money card for """""£50""""" was expecting £2 for the extra cost of delivery, not most the cost back..
  17. 12 months ago we bought a vehicle for the company. we knew it needed work to bring it up to mot standard and make it serviceable so we took it to our usual hgv garage. we have used this garage regularly for the last 5 years and have never had problems but this truck took a month before we got it back as they were busy. we got the truck back and took it for mot.....it failed. this mot cost us £138 for the truck. we returned it for further repairs and took it for a re-test at another £78 retest fee. other work not completed.... no fuel gauge no hydraulic fluid in external tank steering wheel not straight (obscuring view of speedo) auxilary lights not working headlamp aim (mot fail) siezed pins and bushes in equipment front fog lamps not working no 12 volts for radio etc no greaseable parts were greased (when other mechanic greased everything it was full of OLD black grease) tacho graph not calibrated fuel and oil filters not replaced (photo evidence) initialy we made an upfront payment OF £500 expecting the bill to be approximatly £1000 maximum as it seemed there wasnt much wrong with it. a further £400 was paid around the time we collected it. a month later we recieved a bill for £1800 !!!!!!! charging us for wiper blades we supplied and fuel filters that were never fitted at this i refused to pay any more. the total labour charge was for 28 hours !!!!!! about 20 hours more than required accourding to 2 other mechanics. we responded to court papers within the correct time frame but due to other reasons we didnt get the defense and counter claim in on time (i did ring northampton and they said if we got the docs emailed over before 4pm it would be processed) the next day i got a notice of judgement from the garages solicitor.....before i even got the notice from northampton. what (if any) are the chances of this getting set aside? how do i appeal this decision ? can i make a counter claim still ?
  18. I know a woman that has been fraudulently claiming tax credits using her mothers house for 3 years now. I have reported her about 10 different occasions during these past years as has another friend of mine.. Absolutely NOTHING gets done. She lives 200 miles south in a cottage with her working boyfriend and three children. With the Tax Credits and the Child benefit money She's pulling in close to £900 a month. Before the predictable "you're mistaken" replies come in i'd just like to emphasize the fact that i KNOW without a shadow of a doubt. I have a mutual friend who has also reported her, and she's also tried to get her to help her with more benefit fraud - Asked to falsely "rent" her house and split the housing benefit money. I can only imagine how many other people out there are doing this and getting away with it. Apparently they only investigate 5% of fraud reports - I can believe it!! If the DWP/HMRC employed more people to combat this, i'm certain they'd make massive savings from lost money and fines etc.. Anything else i can do? Write to MP maybe? I'm so annoyed seeing her holiday pictures from Jamaica on facebook
  19. I am a 53 year old woman.live alone, working 20 hours a week on minimum wage. get a small amount of tax credits ..Pay full council tax and only get £19 of my rent........after i then pay all my other bills and monthly bus fares I know i was definatly better off on benefits... However i need to work for my sanity Back to the original question I suffer with Restless leg syndrome and take Topamax and Zopiclone... Do i qualify for a perscription excemption certificate and if so how do i apply.. At the end of the month i have barely enough to eat let alone get my percription,but without them i would be in trouble!! And i wear glasses and have a nhs dentist that i am happy with both of which i would be unable to affored were i not helped in some way... Thankyou for advise.
  20. I am really needing some help. I have a house valued at £110,000 and a mortgage of £105,000 which I may need to sell. The only problem is I have a secured loan of £34,000 on my home through Picture (or whoever they are now) which has arreas of £650 and they will only get bigger as I am no longer able to afford the loan. What I am wanting to know is am I allowed to sell my home even though the secured loan won't get paid off. I am intending to rent if I can sell my home. Any advice would be much appreciated. I don't want to sell if I don't have to but will Picture?? take my home even if they won't get any proceeds from the sale.
  21. Hi. Cut a bad story short,,,Tenant never paid rent for 6 month then left property overnight leaving a trail of destruction for my mate to resolve, now my mate has collection agy chasing him for unpaid gas and electric? they say he is responsible? Who is right and who must pay ? Thank you
  22. Morning techies. I am in the process of obtaining a grant to purchase a computer for the use in a communal lounge of the sheltered accommodation I live in. The PC will be used by the residents (after some basic training) to do online shopping, skype and various email plus other stuff. The problem I have is that although there is a phone line in the lounge, this is connected to the wardens office and they already have BT as their ISP. The only other provider (that I have found-so far)that does not require you to take their phone line is Plusnet Can two ISPs share the same line?
  23. Hi guys!! last night, I did shopping from a fake MK website, the website was so realistic that i caught by the big discounts they were offering. I made a payment for 53 pounds by my visa debit card, but i did not receive any email for the confirmation, post that i checked my account but it was not deducted from my account. Today, i called LLYODS bank and checked the status of the transaction, according to them the money is out of my account but it is not been accepted by the fake company so the money is in middle somewhere. When i asked the bank to take the action, they said till the time company does not accept the payment we can not do anything as they dont have any details, post that we can try to ask for refund. My question is in this case is there is any possibility for me to claim the money back. Bank said let us know as soon as your statement shows its deducted. Kindly suggest
  24. hello I need some help please. I have been working for a driving agency for a few months and whilst out one night with friends and family a friend of my auntie who works as a hgv tanker driver for a milk dairy told me if interested he could get me some work as a driver, I said ok and the next day I went with him down to the yard he works at, whilst talking to the manager in the office he asked if I wanted to do this type of work to which I replied yes the then said to comebacin 1 week, go out with a driver on a shift and if I liked it he would start to train me to do the job. 1 week later I went with a driver on a run got back to the yard spoke to the manager and told him I would be interested in doing the job, he told me to stay the day and learn the computer system of the milk pump which I did. at the end of the day he told me to come back tomorrow which I did. I spent a total of 9 working days learning the job, and on my way home I checked my mobile phone messages when I received a message saying that he has been told not to take any new employees and not to bother coming back the following day. I telephoned him back to see what this was all about which he explained because the dairy was being bought out by another company the head office said not to employ anyone else, so I asked am I going to be paid for the work I did during learning how to do the job, he said probably not he would check it out, but I haven't heard back or had his calls returned to me. I need to know if this is legal and where I stand. should the company pay me for the work I did and if so how do I go about getting this from them if they refuse. (its possible they may say they never employed me but I have a digital tachograph card which records details of the wagon I drove of theirs also an anlogue tacho of my last day I drove their wagon). please advise me of where I stand.
  25. Hi just a little advice please, we are currently in the middle of selling our house which we had valued at 140, 000 from when it went on we had a viewer every week we dropped the price to 135000 as we wanted a quick sale after finding our dream home. We currently have a buyer who knocked us down to 130000 and also asked us to pay half their stamp duty which we agreed to as we didn't want to loose the buyer or our dream home. They have now had a home buyers survey done which has told them that our house needs a new front door and frame ?? Guttering needs replacing and our conservatory needs replacing or knocking down. The buyer has been to see the house twice before they offered and I do agree the guttering needs replacing and also the conservatory ( wooden frame single payne ) Needs the frames and roof replacing and this is clearly visible. But considering I have already been knocked down over 5000 and I cannot go any lower as we would not be able to purchase the house we want. Does this make me sound unreasonable not budging on price as my thinking is the buyer seen the house twice before offering and haggled us down quite some.
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