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  1. Thanks for replying, I can't let them get away with this. Also, their website is back up and running. www.urbanpushchairs.com
  2. Hi Bankfodder, I will be issuing the claim today. My research tells me that the company will receive a CCJ which will be detrimental to their future dealings. The debt can also be enforced which is even worse for them. Royal mail can verify that the letter has been delivered safely to its final destination, whether or not they choose to collect the mail is their own problem. This process is worth it to know the company will be penalised in a bigger way than just paying me what they owe. I have seen evidence that the company likes to google themselves and make false positive comment
  3. Good afternoon Bankfodder, I had sent the letter of claim by recorded post, and it appears to have been redirected (for redelivery) to their local post office ready to be collected. I have had no reply as yet however, I am unsure as to whether I will be notified when it is collected (because it may already have been), or if the fact that it has reached its final postal destination counts as it being 'delivered'. Not sure as to what I should do next. I cannot make a person open their mail but I do know it arrived safely and a 'something for you' card would have been left.
  4. Ah, thank you! So I will print out and sign the letter of claim for special delivery. It will arrive on 24th October so I think that is the date I am issuing the claim? Since that's the day it will arrive at the address. (Unless I'm supposed to just put today's date.) Next break I get I will work on a super brief particular of claims letter. Thanks Bankfodder! x
  5. Hi there, Firstly, I have read your post on going to small claims court. Thank you! I've been working hard and have finished the letter of claim. Is it too detailed? (see below). I believe this is what will be posted by special delivery tomorrow to arrive on Friday 24th. So I put on MoneyClaim 'date of issuing claim' 24/10/2020? Or is this the info that I put for 'Particulars of claim' on Moneyclaim, or is it both? Or should the Moneyclaim particulars be much more brief? I paid £50 for the wheel on 20th March. For Moneyclaim is this 'the
  6. Good morning, Ok so, I have emails from the pushchair company that refer to themselves as 'URBAN by BEBYLUX pushchairs'. So they confirm that Urban is a (sub)brand under Bebylux and I have an invoice from them clearly showing 'Bebylux (+ website), Ainea International Ltd.(+ address). Its like Dairy Milk being a brand under Cadbury's. They have put this in writing to me themselves. I will actually ask for the postage costs along with the £50 wheel cost since its further money I was forced to spend because of them. If it goes further is that where I would add £50 petrol c
  7. Hi Bankfodder, thank you. OK so I need to write that I'm claiming against 'Ainea International Ltd. trading as Urban Pushchairs'? So that covers all titles. Someone mentioned earlier a link to a template letter, this would be very helpful. The invoice they provided me states Ainea (full address), has the Bebylux logo and website, and then the item for purchase states 'Urban' replacement wheels. Have they not tied their companies together through the invoice they sent? Further to that, on their Bebylux (car seat) website, there is a drop down box
  8. Hi, again please excuse any delay. I will respond as soon as I get a chance. I have gone through the emails and my bank statements: The pushchair payment (online Visa debit) was made to: Urban Pushchairs on 24 October 2019 The wheel payment (bank transfer) was made to: Ainea International Ltd. 1 Northfield Road, Harpenden, AL5 5JA When the wheel broke we were without a pushchair from 16th - 24th March (8 days) I was advised to refrain from using the pushchair on: 10th June And the 2 replacement back wheels were delivered on: 3rd August (55
  9. Hi, thanks again for the responses. Please excuse any further delay as my baby is awake and I have to tend to her. Many years ago I sued a landlord for withholding my deposit. I won, hence the Moneyclaim account. I definitely need help in this scenario. The pushchair (travel system) cost £649.95 I'm not sure how much I'm out of pocket. £50? And yes £50 for the original wheel. Car would have been the only way to transport baby, and sorting a new schedule so my partner (also inconvenienced) could take the bus to work if I needed the car. I ca
  10. Thank you for your responses so far. Urban Pushcahirs aka Bebylux aka Ainea International!!!!! I didn't want to sue a small business but I have tried so hard to explain why they should refund me several times. So I am fully ready to type this letter before claim today asap between my baby napping! I do have an account on Moneyclaim. I (we) fit the wheel myself, it clicks in and out quite simply. It wasn't safe to use the pushchair for 8 weeks under their advice, so few more car journeys and but also being stuck at home during the h
  11. Yes of course, (typed this way so they cannot search themselves and find this post, unless I'm being paranoid) Ur. ban. Push.chairs .com They make baby carseats under Beby. lux (all one word) And are registered at Companies House under Ain. ea (all one word) International ltd. Yes I have a paper trail (photos, all emails, never any phone calls). I purchased directly from them online after viewing at The Baby Show. I paid via Visa debit card for the pushchair initially. I paid via bank transfer (as requested) for the replacement wh
  12. Hi all, I bought a new pushchair in Oct. 2019. In March 2020 1 wheel snapped off while I was out with my baby. I was informed it was not faulty, just MY fault and to pay £50 for a replacement ASAP before the factories shut for lockdown the next day, so I did. In July 2020 I received a long email stating that customer's wheels had been snapping off, "please refrain from using your pushchair" and to await newly designed FREE replacements with "free delivery included." I received the 2 redesigned wheels and responded with an email asking for my £50 refund for p
  13. I'm sorry, I'm not sure. All I know is that I sold my flat in June 2014. I instructed my solicitors to pay off only the mortgage portion and they did. (I was then homeless and needed funds to survive and rebuild my life due to an abusive ex.) I never went back to that property so have no idea if I was ever contacted again. I have moved a few times since then but only now have registered to vote so am on the system. Thats all the information I have
  14. Hello, Today I received my first contact from NRAM in over 5 years. Next July will be 6 years with no contact - so approximately £13,000 statute barred unclaimable debt. (I sold my property and due to personal circumstances I could only afford to pay the actual mortgage and not the unsecured loan part.) What should I do? I have only recently moved and registered to vote, hence the contact probably Should I return to sender, no such name and ignore the letter? Should I open and read it? Only a few more months, I was shaking with anxiety when I saw
  15. Hi, thanks for your input. The debt is pretty much all fines for late payments accrued from when I was too young to understand being self employed. Tax Aid is a charity and have examined everything and I trust them, so I think I have to look towards what year I can actually pay this off! Due to the large sum, I'm just not sure how to approach the repayments within a reasonable amount of time. I feel I need at least 3 years! (sigh). Its gone past the collections team and onto the Task Force who have the power to seize money from bank accounts. So I need a plan. Thanks
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