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  1. Hello, I employed a builder to do a loft conversion, and renovate my house which I had just bought. He quoted £72,000 to do the work including all electrics, plumbing, plastering etc. The quote was itemised and he visited the property twice and priced up materials etc before emailing it to me. He said that the work would be completed by the end of last summer. He requested an initial payment for materials into his wife's bank account quite a while before any work was done. When he started he told me that he didn't have a lot of money and that I would need to give him money for materials w
  2. Builder estimate for renovation work on our house was £7,500. Work included removing window & replacing with patio doors, removing two internal walls, fitting insulated plaster board in bedroom, laying hardwood floor, converting a bedroom into a bathroom, including external pipework. We paid an initial £5000. He took over seven months to do the work, with very long, unexplained absences throughout (the longest was 9 weeks). During the work, we also asked him to fit respatex in the shower, board out the new bathroom with plasterboard (uninsulated), he added coving in the kitchen and s
  3. Hello I am suing a builder, without legal representation, so it has been a very steep learning curve! Late November, and most of December 2017 I was ill wilth Flu combined with Shingles - the latter affecting eyesight. I know this was a stress thing. My question really is that documents should have been exchanged on 14th November 2017, i attended Defendant's solicitors (partly to keep my costs down) at the correct time and date and saw defendant's Solicitor's assistant - Solicitor was busy! I duly handed over my information, none forthcoming from the other side.
  4. Hello, I had work done by a builder about a year ago, but since then I have had nothing but problems. The beams in the roof have not been installed correctly, causing major cracks in the loft room and below, the windows have not been installed properly and many other issues. Does anyone know if this sort of thing would be covered by a builder's product liability insurance? He built and installed my roof incorrectly and also installed my windows wrong, which in turn has affected by brickwork. Given that he built and constructed my extension, does that mean any faults fo
  5. I have a potential legal issue with a builder - Is this the correct area to post? To be brief: a (project manager) builder quoted for a job 1y ago, the job was never done but he is now claiming I should pay him for his time to measure rooms and draw plans. I have so far refused on the basis that the measuring and plans he did do were awful and I could not use them. Without correct plans no other parts of his quote could be carried out.... He has now threatened me with legal action - which I wish to prevent - somehow.. which is why I am posting here...
  6. Hi All, Thanks in advance for any help ! We received a claim from from our builder because we have withheld payment of the final instalment as he as breached his contract with us. He sent a claim form asking for the money to be paid (approx 1667.00). We are now trying to work out the counterclaim and having serious difficulties in understanding what to do. Any help appreciated. problem outlined here. (ignoring court fees and interest at the moment) Final installment withheld by us is 1667.00 BUT this value is incorrect as he is trying to charge us for mor
  7. I am currently in dispute with a builder over a patio - there have been several attempts to remedy the situation over the past 12 months the patio has been re-laid but there are still significant issues. Last time the builder was on site I unfortunately swore about the situation not directed at the builder. The builder became very aggressive and intimidating - shouting and swearing at me. I asked him to leave the house and he continued. Fortunately, at this point my wife came home with my daughters and she could hear the builder shouting from outside the house.
  8. Hi, I recently commenced small claims court action against a builder who I contracted to do some work at my property summer 2016. Having telephoned him repeatedly about poor and unfinished work, I was finally able to get him to come out and visit me where he agreed he would complete the work by the end of the following week - as I had grown very suspicious of his intentions, in particular the ignored calls I recorded the final conversation on my mobile phone as voice memo without his knowledge as I could perhaps use it or a transcript as evidence should I need to m
  9. Hi i am new to this forum and i have big issue please some one help. i have structure issue in my house have instructed builder to do some work. Builder has quoted me £5000 for full work which include reinstall steel beam, new flooring, electricity and bathroom work. thought its a good deal entered into agreement with him and he started work. one month later when work was still continuing i found out the builder did not install the load bearing beam not correctly i had vibration in my bed room wall on first floor. Now the builder is refusing to look into
  10. Hi, just found this forum, look like some professional people are here to give help. I want some advice on how to calculation of damages. I am pursuing a builder for breach of contract. Currently a surveyor came and reported that the site have lots of problems -need to come down and rebuilding. I want to ask if I am entitled to claim: contract price is 35000 paid by instalment on completion of each stage of work, so far paid 15000 new contract price for new builder is 42000 demolition fee is 12000 do I entitled to claim: 1.
  11. Hi We paid a deposit for a new window to be made in an existing wall, it was £600. The builder has constantly not turned up and is ignoring calls. A review of someone else having the same problem has gone up on google. What do you do when the builder has done nothing at all, other than take your deposit? Thanks
  12. I’ve started a small claim against a builder to recoup money paid in advance for work not done. I’ve sent two letters as per process and he disputed the claim, saying the money paid in advance was put towards cost overruns on other work he did for me. This was not agreed with me in advance. I’ve since hired another builder to complete the work not done. Now legal action has been launched he has decided not to dispute the claim. However, rather than acknowledge the claim he has contacted me directly to say he is selling his house and he is willing for me to have a charge on the property to
  13. Dear All, I come to this website by searching for some advice for a serious dispute with my cowboy builder recently. Please bear with me with my long nasty story: We hired the builder in late April 2017 and agreed to make stage payments in contract. The whole project was quoted £35k We paid him 10% deposite and the first stage payment £9k in advance (what a mistake I know). The first stage payment is supposed to cover the material and labour cost till bricks are laid up to roof level (which was not written in contract but agreed verbally). I did get 3 references
  14. I needed to get my drive block paved, a friend had just had his done and was pleased. I called the chap and he came over gave me a quote and said he could start in 7 days. Showed me various pictures of work and his FB page. Gave him £1300 upfront via bacs for materials. He gave me his address on the quote and I have various text messages of him discussing the deposit and when he is starting work. He said he would be over on the Friday, then text to say his mother had died so he would need a couple of days to sort things out, then another text saying he was sorting funeral stuff off, final
  15. About a year ago we had some building work done which has now turned out to be sub-standard. I have tried to get hold of the guy, but his home phone and email no longer work, and I suspect his mobile number has changed also. All I have is a name, a bank account/sort code, and a post code. With the beauty of hindsight I should have never used a tradesman who didn't put his full address on his paperwork. I have done a WHOIS lookup on his website, and I have a registered address from that, which is different (but close) to the "contact us" details on the website.
  16. Thank for taking the time to read. The story below involves a serious case of Builder Breach of Contract/Fraud and Malcicious Damage. The location is East Cheshire. In May 2012 we employed the services of an Architect to design major extension plans for an existing bungalow. These were approved by the LPA in July 2012. By this time we had also employed a Structural Eng and Building control surveyor, all were local to the build. We were recommended a builder by our Architect firm after meeting numerous other builders and we decided to go with the Architects recommend. A contract
  17. I am taking a builder to the small claims court who breached an agreement arranged by Trustatrader who were useless. I did the application on line and there was only a small section that allowed me to briefly describe my claim. He has been served and I have received a Notice of issue so he has until 27th March to reply. I have seen there is a N1 claim form that seems to have more space to state the claim and you can send extra pages if necessary, this seems to be a postal application. My question is what happens now? He is claiming he is now out of work because he has been removed
  18. HI All, I am at my wits end with my builder with whom I signed a contract agreeing the scope of work and duration of work (8 weeks). I am in the 8th week of the contract and the work completion is not in sight. He has delayed the work all along sighting every possible reason and I am genuinely concerned that the work will not be over by the end of the week. Do I have legal recourse against the builder ? Any possible help/guidance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Happy to provide any more information if required. Many thanks, Swaroop
  19. I’ve had a builder refurbishing a rental property for over a year now. The original work was estimated to be around 4 months. Work has virtually ground to a halt since end of August. The property has been empty for six months and counting so I have lost over half a year’s rent. I have finally lost patience with the builder and obtained a quote from another builder who assures me he can finish the property before Christmas (at quite a lot more expense than the original quote). The problem I now have is that I paid the first builder up front for most of the work. He sai
  20. Hello, I'm new here. In April, a builder started a small extension and some internal work to knock through walls. The building inspector visited in May, and was not happy with a number of aspects of the work. The builder did not agree with the feedback, and walked out. I have spoken to a solicitor who advised me to get a RICS survey, which I am currently organising. I will be a litigant in person, but am taking some legal advice at key stages during the process. As the amount is unlikely to be over £10k it will probably go through the small claims. I have paid the builder in
  21. In January 2009 we hired builders after checking several companies, getting referrals and looking at their work to build an extension. We realized later that their referrals were friends of theirs who were in on the [problem]. We did staged payments and only paid into a bank account electronically. The council's planning department knew early on they were cowboys, but never told us until the builders walked off the job with claims they were being harassed by the planning department. We found out they did not use insulation, the roof was only plywood and the electrics and plumbing put in ran to
  22. Hello, Sorry, I really tried to keep the description as short as possible: On 03/03/2016 we called some conservatory companies in Devon and finally made appointments with two of them for the next day for a viewing. In the afternoon we sent them a floor plan with detailed measurements and other information about what exactly we wanted. BTW We had even searched the web for reviews about the companies and found nothing negative - just one positive review. On 04/03 an employee of the first company arrived in good time, and we noticed he had the document (which we had emailed the day b
  23. Hi all Our windows need replacing with double glazing and our builder who has done a lot fo work for us quoted £4500 and asked for £1500 up front to buy the windows. The works quoted for were for a new carpet and a set of windows. The builder promised faithfully that the windows would be made ready for the 9th of May. When that date came, he said that they weren't ready. This was his reason/excuse for not starting everyday up to Friday 20th May when he said they would definitely be ready for Monday/Tuesday and he would update us. We left numerous messages for him yesterday and
  24. Hi, After a full house renovation (including a loft conversion, new heating and hot water system) that has taken many months, my family and I moved back in just before the Easter Bank holiday. Unfortunately there is a major a problem. When I turn on the kitchen sink tap it takes over 3minutes before the water becomes hot enough to wash the dishes. In that time I have filled large kitchen sink which I have to drain away and refill with hot water. I now use the kettle to heat the water to wash up. All of my taps are affected (I have 3 bathrooms and a WC room on the ground floor). I now
  25. Hi I'm hoping this is the correct thread, if not (mods), please move it Need some advice please. I put an add on ratedpeople for someone to fix 2 bay windows as they were leaking. This was late Dec 2015 A guy called me within hours and suggested he could do this, and will guarantee his work for 9 years. He asked for some pics and then quoted £400 I know this is high but with 9 years guarantee, you can’t go wrong. He also had some good feedback. Went ahead with the job He came a few days later, spent about an hour by painting some fiber seal on and took £400. I the
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