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  1. Update!!! The mediation failed eventually as I was not agreeing to settlement. The court then sent a letter of details of the hearing to be end of September. 2days ago I received a letter from lowell solicitor informing that their client has informed them to discontinue the claim and a copy been served to the court. Oops! What a great relief reading that. I cannot thank you guys enough for your support especially your speedy responses, glad I found this forum.
  2. Am a bit in a panic as I have the telephone mediation tomorrow and don't know if a deal will be reached as the claimant had failed to supply me with the requests I had asked for about 4x now.
  3. Am sending the letter off today. Today also, I have just received an E-mail for invitation to mediate via telephone service, my question is 1. Should I still send the cca off 2. On the email I received, it stated if I can answer yes to all the 3 statements mediation is available. One of the statements is "I can confirm that I have enough information about the claim to allow me to enter into negotiations and that I do not require any further evidence from the other party before I can mediate" my answer to this will be no as lowell is yet to send me
  4. I will try and send a request for the cca and the CPR. When I received the DCA's letter informing me that a claim had been filed in the county court I had replied them requesting them to send me proof of last payments/contact to the account but not fully worded as the CCA/CPR request samples on the forum
  5. Thanks for your patience. The account number is 14 digits which the bank told me it was the combination of a sort code and account number but does not exist not even under my name.
  6. Sorry to be messing about, my defence was based on the info I gathered from the court when the blank form was emailed to me. I have just seen the info been the particulars of the claim as follows. 1) the defendant entered into a consumer credit act 1974 regulated agreement with hbos plc under account reference xxxxxxx ('the agreement'). 2) the defendant failed to maintain the required payments and a default notice was served and not complied with. 3) the agreement was later assigned to the claimant on 07/08/2012 and notice given to the defendant. 4) despite rep
  7. As I mentioned in my earlier message I didn't receive their claim form, the court only emailed me a blank copy of the form when I was advised to contact the court can't say precisely what their details are.
  8. Pls explain what you meant by "particulars of the claim" Thanks
  9. I went in to the branch but unfortunately it was a total different case I found out. I was told I only had 2 savings accounts with few pounds in them still active, 1 credit card which had been closed. Could not get a statement of the credit card account as I was told to contact the collection agent as it was already sold to them. The collection agent name is different to who am dealing with at the moment so maybe it had been passed on. What surprised me most was that I was told the account number I had from lowell couldn't be found on the bank database. I am p
  10. Will try and pop into a branch tomorrow as when I called was told they can't give information on the phone for a closed account. Will update you as I get on, thanks.
  11. Thanks so much for your prompt responses. I will fill in the dq, ring the creditor. I have aso checked my credit file and that debt isn't on my file as it dropped off I think 2015/16 or so. Definately not in 2017.
  12. The details of my defence was that I didn't acknowledge the debt, I had written about 2-3 times to them to send me the proof of last payment into the account which up till this moment it has not been responded to. My defence was forwarded to lowell solicitors by the court and they replied that my request was been looked at, until they get anything from their client my case is on hold Where it all stands now is that I have to fill in the direction questionnaires
  13. I don't know the date of the claim as I did not receive the initial claim form just a blank form that was emailed to me when I requested for it from the court so don't know the full details of the claim. This I responded with my defence then later received the questionnaire direction form which was sent on 14th June but yet to fill that. The original agreement was before 2007 but can't be specific as I don't know the exact date. I stopped payment because things were tough, had no job and was struggling then.
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