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  1. Hi Guys If you search Northampton Autosports here, you'll find at least one thread detailing how people have had bad experiences with the guy who runs this car retailing business, from an industrial estate just to the north of Northampton. Long story short, even though I Googled the guy's name and business, I found nothing untoward and went on to buy a vehicle from him last month. He's developing or already has a reputation for making false and highly misleading statements about the vehicles he sells and I suspect has a very long history of this. Unfortunately, I've also been caught out by this character and am just starting the process of seeking compensation. I know what this process involves and am not seeking advice, as such. However, if anyone has had similar issues with this guy (calls himself Rich) I would really welcome an exchange of emails, as I can't message on this website yet. I'd particularly like to talk to Holyjoemuttley as he has a long thread here, detailing how he eventually successfully secured his own compensation from this character. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?473227-CCJ-against-Northampton-Autosports-now-Performance-Trade-Centre-Can-i-Transfer-the-CCJ/page3&highlight=Northampton+Autosports If there's no quick resolution, I'll post updates here, if it might help anyone. Northampton Autosports is mainly selling selling via eBay currently and from the negative feedback, you can see that the involvement of Court Enforcement Officers previously, hasn't diminished his desire to screw people over. Thanks for reading guys!
  2. Hello everyone. I need an advice. Received a letter on 06 July this year from Lowell. It states I owe them £510.38 for an account I had with Three mobile years ago. As far as I remember from previous letters this alleged debt and another smaller one (60) with Three exchanged hands few times and are now owned by Lowell . The thing is I have no idea where this amount of debt comes from. I had 2 contracts with Three, one for mobile broadband (which i closed 5-6 years ago and dont owe anything) and another one which was opened 8 years ago and i kept renewing until I abandoned about 5 years ago and stopped paying. it is likely they put all sorts of charges etc. , for which i have no recollection of letters etc. But still the amount seems too too high and dont know if the original account number with Three they have quoted is mine. I think I need to request info from Lowells without accepting any liability or that the account belongs to me, as they might be just shooting in the dark. Kind of '' prove it letter'', instead of request for summary of account under the consumer protection act. The letter from Lowell : ''Dear Mr. source of income Your Three Mobile account remains unpaid. We are now deciding whether to transfer your account to our solicitors to take legal action against you to recover this debt '' letter continues with explaining what legal action is etc. etc. So in summary : - received letter from Lowell that they consider transferring my account to their legal team - i have no idea if that account belongs to me - i have no idea where the amount of debt mentioned is coming from, have no memory of receiving any letters with charges from original debtor (Three) - need to establish if account is mine and where this amount has been worked out Thank you in advance Also they put a new default date on that alleged debt in my credit file , although the original default date is years ago. How can I include a request for this default to be removed ? P.S. Having debt on my credit file doesnt mean I owe the debt, as I havent checked my debts and credit file for few years due to illness.
  3. Weve had a telephone call from Blackhorse today to say we can cancel our PPI but our repayments on the loan wont go down due to a previous claim we made. Is this correct??? Hadituptohere
  4. Moriarty Law have issued proceedings in Northampton County Court against me for a debt from 2013 from Mortomile Finance/Wage Day Advance. Now i probably do owe this debt but should i challenge that they actually have all the right paperwork to make this enforceable. The debt looks to me roughly 350 pound higher than it should be. What do you think the best thing to do should be. Notei have just got off holiday and came back to this so only have a few days to respond, so if anyone could reply quickly that would be great. thanks all
  5. Help needed on lowells fastrack 14th sept '18. lowells are chasing me for £15,500 for a non secured lloyds loan. i defended a lowell ccj in northampton ccbc via mcol and aos, i have received notice of assignment but not deed of assignment, lowell are going for the jugular and i have had enough, not just of lowell but the depression i am suffering is stopping everything but work and worry. I have redacted copies that will give details of everything and my poorly advised (i think but not sure) fast track response denying debt which I'll upload either in pdf or jpeg format as needed and an other info prior to the upcoming case. needing best advice available on cag in the final stages please. jazz.
  6. Hi everyone out there. I am seeking a quick bit of advice; and will try to make this as short as possible. On 2/7/2017 I got a Parking charge in the form of a letter (relevant),from Parking Control Management (PCM). The claim was that I had not paid a PCN they'd issued and they want £100. Two initial issues: (1) I did not receive any prior notice - eg stuck to the car. (2) This was likely due to the fact that I had never been anywhere near the place they claimed I was wrongly parked. I googled the place and discovered that it is a block of flats some 5 miles away managed by the same people who manage my block (L&Q). And both blocks have PCM in attendance - so tat might be a possible cause of the mix-up. Maybe I could have obtained clarification if I'd phoned PCM - but the advice I've gleaned over the years from consumer websites is NEVER engage with these people. So I didn't. Over the following months I got the usual piles of letters from debt collectots and then Gladstones solicitors - all totally ignored. HOWEVER a couple of days ago I got a claim form from the Northampton County Court. PCM are now claiming I owe them £335.76 (not inc court and legal costs) I'm hoping to get my defence back to Northampton by 22nd March - Please is there anyone out there who would know how best to handle this. Obviously my defence is that 'I didn't do it' - BUT do I just enter this on the form and hope for the best? Should I/could I get a Statutory Declaration? Because ultimately it's going to come down to who the Court believes - Am I being naïve to think a Stat Dec looks more believable? I would welcome any advice or comments a.s.a.p. Thank you Sandra
  7. Hi everyone I received this hand delivered letter today from Debt Management Services LTD. They say they are acting on behalf of Bradford and Bingley, I had a mortgage with them over 21 years ago and my house was repossessed. I have made payments on the account over the years but not anything in the last 4 years. The letter says they want to discuss any problems I may be having with the outstanding account. In order to bring my account upto date they want me to contact them. I can't find out much about them on the net, are they debt collectors or bailiffs ? Any help or info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  8. Good morning everyone! My partner has had recent contact from this shower, who are acting on behalf of HSBC. A while ago, my partner opened a bank account with HSBC. He admits to running into an overdraft of £200, and, because he panicked, has ignored a number of letters from them trying to resolve it. He realised he couldn't ignore it any longer when a text message came to my landline for him, and I happened to pick this up, and asked him about it. he did telephone them, and spoke to the ethereal "Chris", who said that, if he coughed up instantly (there's no way he can), he would only have to pay £240, and not the £308 that they'd quoted (£108 being the "penalty" for not paying back the original £200). He has never denied that he owes the £200, but trying to set up an arrangement to pay in instalments is proving difficult. He telephoned "Chris" again about a week after the original call, and got his ansaphone, on which he left a message asking to be called back. That hasn't happened, at least, we've not had a call from "Chris". Another text message came to my landline last Saturday morning, from the equally ethereal "Claire", saying that no payment had been received, and they couldn't hold off further action any longer. He immediately phoned the quoted number, and found that the office was closed, even though someone somewhere had triggered off the text message, and so he left another message, saying that he was going to be out of the country until 4th October (he's a continental coach driver, and often away for more than 7 days at a time), please would "Claire" phone him back then, as he wanted to make arrangements to pay. I am typing a letter for him to send to them, as I think we should now deal with this only in writing - I'm sick of having to deal with text messages, and tw*ts who don't phone back. I have already suggested that he offers to pay £10 per month - this is what I would like your views on. Should this be agreed, what would be the best way to make payment each month? Neither of us is keen on trying to set up a DD or SO - I've read too many horror stories on this site! I've offered to write a cheque for him each time, but he's worried that they'll then have MY details, too, and try other nefarious things. He likes the idea of a postal order. Your opinions would be very gratefully received. Thank you all in advance.
  9. Hi, yesterday I received a letter with a county court summons saying that I owe nearly £300.00. Can someone help me on this please, I have only just started to get my credit back to an average status and do not want a CCJ against me for this amount. What do I do now??? Any help would be much appreciated... Thanks
  10. Hi Im new to the site and am looking for some advice so apologies if this is posted in the wrong section. A few years ago I had a unsecured loan and overdraft from Halifax. I became ill and unable to work, did not have insurance and was unable to pay the outstanding money. Stupidly at the time I ignored the letters of demand and eventually they stopped. I obtained my credit file from experian about 15 months later and noticed that two defaults had been registered against me for each debt { the date of defaults was Aug 2002}. As far as I am aware this should remain on my credit file for six years from the date that the default notices were issued, can somebody just confirm that for me please? Also will it automatically be removed from my file or do I have to make an application to have it removed?? My main problem seems to be that since the deault was issued in 2002 that I have had no correspondence from Halifax at all, in fact I was not notified of the actual default notice, had the threatening letters which I ignored but never a letter to say they had gone ahead and filed one. The debt now appears to have been sold onto debt collection agencies, since 2002 I ve had various companies write and threaten home visits, bailiffs court action etc if I dont repay the debt, normally I write back 3 or 4 times explaining my position, inability to pay and request that they cancel the debt, I never normally hear back from them after about my 4th letter then normally 9 or 10 months down the line a different collection agency contacts me about the same debt and the cycle starts all over again. The latest debt collection company wrote to me this week and I have replied to them explaining the above, just out of couriosity I obtained a copy of my credit file and it shows the debt still listed as to the Halifax, same default date but says that is settled with a part payment, now I havent made ANY repayments so I presume this part payment is the payment received once my debt was sold on?? I can handle the debt agencies but my query is this, once the six years is up although the Halifax arent the ones chasing me will these debt agencies continue to keep passing my debt around?? None of these agencies are listed ANYWHERE on my credit file / report? Hope this all makes sense, thanks to anyone who can help me Thanks Jem x
  11. Hello Long time lurker who now has to step out of the shadows and is requesting help please Long story short I have various debts that due to breaking up with a partner and being made homeless and leaving the house with just the clothes on my back i could not afford to pay. This was in September 2008 and at that point I stopped paying all of my monthly payments because i simply couldn't afford them. I have not paid or acknowledged any of the debt since then but up until that point i had made the appropriate payments to the accounts as per the agreements. I have received loads of letters over the years about various debts from DCA's and filed them where they belong in the bin but unfortunately my new wife found the most recent one and got into a panic about it not knowing the rules on these things. So to allay her fears and knowing that everything should be SB from that time i (foolishly) sent the DCA the standard statute barred letter (sent recorded and signed for).. .. and recently received a response from them saying "Under the limitations act 1980 a creditor has six years to pursue for most unsecured unpaid debts. The limitation period starts from the time of your last payment or acknowledgement of the debt, not the total length you have been making the payments. The account was taken out on July 2007 and later defaulted on 28 December 2010 due to non payment. The above balance still remains outstanding as this is not statue barred so please contact us to arrange payment. If no response is received a claim form may be issued incurring costs. If you do not respond to the claim we may apply for a county court judgement....." Now I know for a fact nothing was paid or acknowledged in this time from me stopping paying my normal payments till the adding of the default to my credit file over 2 years later. As per usual with DCA letters i decided to call their bluff on this correspondence.... unfortunately yesterday i get a letter from Northampton County Court saying that they have applied for a CCJ and the relevant forms for me to fill in and send back, the date on the court letter is the 29th September 2016. Now in my mind i have narrowed the debt down to either a laptop or a sofa that was taken out on finance. The amount sounds more in line with the laptop i brought but that was through HFC who i know sold various debts but im not sure who to. The original debtor on the DCA letter is described as creation finance which is who i took the sofa finance out with but the amount seems to low to me for it to be the sofa.... as stated i know for a fact that i have not made payments for these items and hadnt paid any funds in front for it not to be defaulted for a further 2 and a bit years. What has really put doubt in my mind is the long delay on adding the default to my credit file (which i havent checked). But its such a poignant date and time of my life for me not to remember exactly when it was, even now.. .. unfortunately i have no access to the bank accounts i had back then to confirm when i stopped paying. So to the great people and contributors of the consumer action group i ask what you recommend i do from here please. . obviously i want to defend the CCJ as i feel it is statue barred but i have no proof other than my word that i know its statue barred... Should i call Creation finance and try to find out what the original payment dates were? Will a straight defence on the court forms be that i know it is statue barred be sufficient?...... Should i send the acknowledgement of service to buy me the time to decide what to do? I am fully prepared to attend court if needs be to argue this but would like to request that it is moved to a court closer to me as Northampton is an hour and a half drive away is this doable? Please help and thanks in advance.
  12. Hi all, I haven't been on here for a long time, as I thought my debt problems had gone away. . Until today that is, I have been sent a county court claim form from Northampton. County court the claimant is lowells, they are claiming for an old capital one credit card debt, this was an original debt of about £150 lowells are claiming for £389.90. This debt was way back in May 2006, so I'm guessing that they shouldn't be able to get a county court judgement against me? The forms look real enough but I was going to phone the court on Monday to see if it is actually a real claim. There is no court stamp on the claim form it just has a picture of a crown in a circle with the wording 'the county court'. The court phone number is given as 0300 123 1056. I don't want to call this number and start discussing the case if this is a "fake" form and I actually end up talking to lowells themselves. Any help or ideas on this matter gents and ladies? Many thanks in advance for all and any help. Regards Moonlandings
  13. I just received a claim form from Northampton County Court Business centre. The claimant is UKPC through their legal team SCS. I got several parking notices back in May 2013 for parking on an access road in a private residential area. So can anyone please help me with the defence I need to write on this claim form. On the form, there is also an option to tick regarding jurisdiction, can anyone clarify me what this means please. I also want this case to be heard in Brentford County court because thats only 2,5 miles from residential area in question. I don't understand why they had to go that far away. Thanking all of you in advance
  14. I need some help I have recieved a claim form off Lowell solicitors through Lowell portfolio for a Very (shop direct) debt of £1,684 I just need to know what options I have for this. They have been sending out letters to an old address which I no longer reside but have somehow got my parents address where the claim form has been sent to. I haven't admitted anything yet to them but wanted to know my options from them and they have told me that it's now £2,040 and needs to be paid off in the next 14 days. They then informed me they could extend this to 21 days but to Avoid a ccj I need to pay it in whole. They bought the account off very on the 12.12.14 Please can someone advise me. I haven't got the money to pay this outright but I'm also in no position to get a ccj that will last 6 years Help please
  15. Hi I'm posting this on behalf of someone else but need help regarding a CCJ letter that was received from Northampton CCBC for none payment of rent. The letter was sent to the guarantor and is for none payment of rent for November and December. First of all the rent was paid for November and there is evidence of this via bank statement so this should at least be partially disputed. Also the guarantor was originally doing this for his son but this was a shared accommodation. The contract was for 6 months but his son moved out after 3 because the other person was failing to pay his half of the rent. Despite this he kept paying to avoid any legal troubles. From what I have read he is still responsible for the full rent despite these events but could any additional action be taken? Thanks for any help.
  16. Hi All, In August 2014 I received a Claim from Northampton CC from Cabot. I wrote to the solicitor asking for a copy of the signed agreement as it would be something they would need to have anyway should the claim go to court. They agreed and I got the 28 days extension after acknowledging the claim. I sent copies of all correspondence to Northampton to attach to the claim but they have never supplied the agreement. here we are almost 1 year later and they have sent another letter, quoting the original claim stating that they sent two letters (both the same day) in April this year, one of which says they attached the documentation originally requested, the other offering a reduced payment, neither of which I can say I received. Is there any argument I can make to close this claim (I did have a look and it is still sat on Northampton with the last action being me acknowledging) as it has been open for almost 12 months. Additionally, the Claim documentation is signed by the solicitors not by the person who wrote the particulars and I am sure that I have read somewhere that it must be signed by a representative of the solicitors, "Mr Joe Blogs" for example and not as "A.N Other Solicitors". Is this true and how terminal is this to their claim, if at all. Any advice or information would be gratefully received. G
  17. Hi All, I'm the owner of a Ltd Company and I have received the dreaded pale blue County Court claim form. Basically, it's Companies House (or at least their representatives, Optima Legal) issuing in respect of £375 of late-filing fees that my company has incurred. I did file my annual return later so there's no question that I owe the money (as hard as that is to swallow, but hey ho). It states the options available which include: 'If you agree with all of the claim and are asking for time to pay" - Complete the admission form N9A and send it to the claimant....... Do not send a copy to the court. Entering an admission may result in judgement being entered against you. My question is this - if I return the form offering to pay over several instalments (say 3 or 4 months) what happens then? Will the claimant still go for a court judgement against me? Or to put it another way, what's to stop them accepting my proposal for staggered payments, but still proceeding with the court case? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hello this is going to be a really rushed thread because I decided to try and go this alone, but think I have made lots of mistakes I had a claim form through with the claimant: Cabot Financial (uk) Limited with the address for sending detail as: Restons Solicitors Limited I asked the court and they said all documentation and payments needed to be sent to Restons. I sent my CCA request there to which I have received this reply: Dear Madam Please find enclosed a draft letter which purports to come from you but which is unsigned. You will appreciate that we must ensure we are corresponding with the correct person and that anyone requesting information is entitled to receive it. Please ensure that all documentation is signed failing which we will not acknowledge receipt not provide any response. Yours Faithfully Mr S Bray, Litigation Executive pp Restons Solicitors Limited I think i have not only messed up by leaving it so late....my defence is due tomorrow, but the court recommended i send it today, but also by only sending a CCA request and nothing else. I spoke to Restons on the phone and they said i should have sent the CCA request to Cabot not Restons. Have i also messed up there? The court said that if a company has a solicitor working on their behalf then all correspondence and any payment should go though them. Although there was no mention of this in the letter, Restons only told me that on the phone! If there is anyone there ASAP that could help with what to write in my defence, which I have to fill out today, i would be forever grateful. Or do i even have a defence now?? thanks in advance Linzi x
  19. I received a claim form dated 12 Dec 2014 for in my opinion overdraft charges from HBOS plc I have studied the forum and acknowledged the claim on MCOL stating that I intend to defend, can you help me as I work my way through it Regards
  20. I've been chased by a debt collection agency since 2012 have replied with the 3 letters trick from another website asking them to validate their claim to the same company trading under 3 different names all chasing the same debt, requesting verification of their claim, by providing me with true and certified copies (NOT photocopies) of the original credit agreement the Deed of Assignment (Not the Notice of Assignment) and Deed of Novation. I have now received a court claim despite the fact that they had not supplied me with any of the information I requested? I also sent them a letter by 1st class recorded delivery advising them that they had clearly breached their own industry guidelines and had not followed the pre-action conduct practice direction. I received 2 days later by recorded delivery a copy reconstituted credit agreement without any signature, a copy statement and a notice of assignment on plain paper and no letter head with a scribbled signature that appears digitally printed dated 5th May 2011? I've also and them cpr 31.14 for disclosure with out any reply. I immediately sent them an Estoppel and then a Bill as per my fee schedules outlined in my previous correspondence. I've also sent them CC Agreement request letter. Can any body help me prepare my defence before my court deadline which is 17 days from 17th January 2015. Thank you in advance.
  21. Hi, we received a form from Northampton CCBC on 9th April, form dated 4th April. Its for a personal unsecured loan with Northern Rock the PoC states The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant(s) under a contract between the Defendant(s) and Northern Rock (Asset Management) Plc dated on or about xx/05/2007 and assigned to the claimant on xx/08/2013 in the sum of xxxx.xx (Over £10k) PARTICULARS a/c no: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DATE ITEM VALUE 10/02/2014 Default Balance xxxx.xx Post Refrl Cr NIL TOTAL: xxxx.xx I'm sending the CCA1974 request to the Claimant Marlin asap I've read in another very similar post that a CPR31.14 is not appropriate as the PoC is too vague. Is there anything else I can do? We're pretty sure this isn't statute barred although it wouldn't be far off. Should I send a SAR to NRAM? The only other point is that we're sure the date of the original contract dated on the PoC is out by a good year. Would that have any bearing? Thanks
  22. Hi, I recently received a Northampton County Court Claim Form. I have started reading here but as time is short i urgently need help to save myself from getting CCJ. Now, the claimant is Cabot Financial and Solicitor is Wright Hassall LLP. The original lender is CitiFinancial. Back in 2009 i made a CCA request to CitiFinancial but they didn't provide proper copy of signed agreement (they sent their standard terms etc) and therefore i have not made any payments for nearly five years now. The Claim Form Issue Date is 15 January 2014. I understand 15+5 plus 14 days for acknowledgement to court and a further 14 days to file defence. So i need to file my defence latest by 17th January 2014. I have already acknowledged to court and have sent a cpr31.14 to solicitor acting for cabot and have received reply within a week. I will post the reply here shortly. I really need help as to the best way to reply back to the solicitor and help in writing up my defence to court. I have also sent a CCA request to solicitor with £1 postal order two days ago. I will post the poc here and the reply to cpr31.14 that i got. Please put your input.
  23. Name of the Claimant - Lowell Portfolio 1 ltd Date of issue – 4th November 2014 Particulars of Claim – The Claimant's Claim is for the sum of #4xx.xx being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant under a non-regulated Communications agreement between the Defendant and Vodafone Limited under account number xxxxxxxxx and assigned to the Claimant on 13/01/2010 notice of which has been given to the Defendant. The Defendant has failed to maintain the contractual payment under the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served and not complied with. The claim also includes statutory interest pursuant to section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at a rate of 8.00% per annum (a daily rate of #0.xx from the date of assignment of the agreement to 13/01/2011 being an amount of #2x.xx. What is the value of the claim? Nearly £400 without fees, just under £500 inclusive of fees. Is the claim for a current or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Mobile Phone When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? After Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. - Debt purchaser Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? No Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Possibly, not sure (original debt was from 2008) Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? Definitely NO. Why did you cease payments:- Fell into financial difficulties due to the recession in 2008. Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt managementicon plan? No .................................. Hi all, this is my first post on the forum, I just wanted to say what a great place this is for helping people with all sorts of financial issues. Thank you all. This is an invaluable resource. around the 10th-11th of November I got a claim form from Northampton CCBC for the above claim regarding an old debt for a Vodafone mobile contract that I could no longer afford to pay since I lost my job around summer 2008. I was 3 months into a 24 month contract I am sure that the amount claimed is 100% made up of the remainder of the contract and not actual useage. A default notice was posted on my credit file around December 2008. Since then I have moved around quite a lot and forgot all about it till earlier this month. Moreover, the debt is within a couple of weeks of becoming Statute Barred I am not sure whether a statute barred defenCe is any good here as the claim was made before the debt falls off my credit file. I have been reading on here and many other forums about the timescales to respond to the claim form. I have already Acknowledged the Service of the claim. I am now trying to write my defenCe. Any help here would be appreciated.
  24. Hi Everyone. I have received a Claim Form from these crooked debt collectors for £1649 for an alleged debt with MBNA which was sold to Arrow Global. Issue date is 5th November. Im about 20 months away from this alleged debt becoming Statute Barred. Can someone help me with which process to follow? Do i put in a defence or do i ask them to provide the credit agreement and other documents before i do that? Thanks. PS im prepared to fight them. I have beaten alleged speeding offences on 7 occasions because i understand the law and system. But im new to the CCJ world
  25. Hi,all my wife has just received a letter from Northampton C.C stating that Bryan Carter solicitors LLP, are taking her to court and we have 14 days to respond over a debt of £175 plus interest then £75 court change total £270. i have no idea as to what to do now , it is my wifes debt but in her maiden name. i see that B.C has a bad reputation on here, all help appreciated , thank you
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