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  1. Warrenbuffet I appreciate your response, but it isn’t about this thread which I agree I have had good help with my questions. It is about a previous thread nothing to do with this one. The hand that feeds me eh, where do I doff my cap to as I’m a mere peasant
  2. dx100uk, I thought that was a perfectly true statement to make,if you look through the thread there wasn't a great deal of help, even though nobody knows me from this forum certain individuals seem to have taken a dislike to me, for whatever reason, and it shows in the replys or, lack of them. This is a new thread, for an issue I'm seeking help with if you would rather I didn't use thus forum then please just say so so we dint have to go through all the silly games..... Many thanks Moonlandings
  3. Thank you fir your reply unclebulgaria67, is there a template letter on here that I could adapt for my situation? I will call them and ask for the information, this all happened in August 2016, is it ok to take action now?
  4. Dx100uk and unclebulgaria67. This was a price comparison site, I chose the best price read the policy information and then filled in the online firms and paid my insurance. When Hastings voided the insurance claim, they said that had they known about the sp30 they may not have provided cover. It turns out that Hastings had used a company called advantage to insure me. Should I just send an SAR or should I call Hastings and ask for any information that he have about me and my policy. Many thanks moonlandings
  5. Hi honeybee13, thanks for your reply, unfortunately I don't have any screenshots,the insurers were Hastings direct
  6. Hi all I hope you all had a good xmas and wish you all a happy new year. I had my claim for motor insurance voided because the insurers said I hadn't told them I had a driving conviction (sp30), I know for a fact that on my initial online application and in subsequent phone calls, I did declare my speeding conviction. I need to be able to get copies of all and any audio or recorded conversation between myself and the insurers, what us the best process to achieve this, and are there fees to pay? Many thanks Moonlandings
  7. Well the silence is defeaning.....kinda what I've come to expect on this forum really....I would like to thank you all for your help, but I can't,because you didn't.
  8. Hi all, well had the court case against money barn today, which I lost... .my defence was one of "frustration of contract " and some sections of the consumer credit act. The judge didn't dismiss my frustrated contract defence out of hand, but he chose to side with the claimant, who had quoted a case that a judge had made a ruling on, this dismissed any case that said that some events were "foreseeable " the claimants defence was that my car going on fire was foreseeable!! The judge today ruled that it was " foreseeable " that a motor vehicle could or would be written off ( however that may occur) hence the need for vehicle insurance. onto my other defence using section 90 & 91 of the consumer credit act. Which briefly states that if the goods are recovered by the creditor in contravention of section 90, then the agreement if not previously terminated will terminate, and that the debtor shall be released from all liability under the agreement, and shall be entitled to recover from the creditor, all sums paid by the debtor under the agreement. Section 90 © states 'the creditor is not entitled to recover possession of the goods from the debtor except on an order from the court'. I said to the judge that the claimant had effectively taken possession of the goods ( my car) by requesting the vehicle keys and documents, before they had issued a default notice, and, without an order from the court.this is in breach of section 90 of the act. The claimant argued that the goods were with a salvage yard and not in possession of the claimant, therefore they had not repossessed the vehicle. The judge did ponder this matter, but he again found in favour of the claimant. I left court today £4600 worse of ( I will pay off on a payment plan as discussed with the judge. I'm now going to pursue Hastings insurance. Any thoughts please on what happened to me today? And I will be seeking advice now to take Hastings to court to recover the £8700 they originally said that they were going to pay out. Many thanks fir all and any replies Moonlandings
  9. Having checked moneybarn documents this morning, they have sent, without me requesting them, a default notice statement of account etc, this would appear to be everything that a cpr 31.14 would request, these seem to be photocopies of original documents, the directions state that at the hearing, the original documents must be produced, my question is, would you still advise that I send moneybarn a cpr 31.14 request. I'm using the SAR template letter, to send to Hastings direct as I want to see what documents they have relating to my insurance claim, the reason that they didn't pay out is because they voided my insurance because they say I didn't declare a speeding conviction I know I did declare it. My intentions now are to pursue a claim against Hastings for the sum of £8,200 which is the amount they agreed to pay out before they voided my insurance.
  10. I posted up copies of the credit agreement (which andyorch kept refusing to allow for one reason or another) not only did he read them to pick fault with how I had posted them, but couldn't be bothered to answer my questions about the legality of the documents, come to think of it, nobody has commented on them, are they ok or not? Obviously lots of effort and time going into picking faults in the posting, but not enough time to give me an answer.....
  11. I answer the questions Do what things??? Why would I send cpr 31.14 or sar requests to the finance company, as I guess that is what you are having a dig about I do I disappear for a month because my job involves a lot o foreign travel, I don't always have access to documents I need. To be honest with you, I'm greatful for the help I have had from this forum, but I'm getting fed up with the constant digs I get from certain members, if you don't want to help just say so, or better still don't reply
  12. Hi theoldrouge, I haven't sent a CPR 31.14 request yet, I'm not sure who you send it to, Hastings direct were who I believed my insurance was with, but when they refused to pay out on the claim, they disclosed advantage as the actual insurers, and it was that company that said they would not pay out. do I get their details from Hastings and pursue my claim with them or, should I just claim against Hastings? Many thanks for all and any help.
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