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  1. Could someone let me know exactly when a statute barred timer starts with student loan defer? Is 6yrs started when the defer finished or when it was asked for? Also I've noticed when searching for answers a recent "Doyle v PRA Group ruling" in Jan19 for statute barred debt. Does that affect old student loans? Anyone knowledgeable on this? Can't find a clear answer elsewhere atm For my situation statute bared would be latter part of this year unless that new ruling has any effect. In the meantime drydens have sent some requesated documents following a pap (even t
  2. Evening, I recently obtained my credit file from noodle and found A CCJ from 2014 on my account (genuinely don't recall this). Did some digging and it was for a capital one credit card back in 2012. I sent a CCA request to BWLegal who provided me with a copy of the agreement and a statement. Here is the details below; Account Opened - September 2011 Last Payment Made By Me - April 2012 CCJ Registered - August 2014 I have had nothing to do with this Credit Card since my last payment to it in 2012. The balance is relatively small. What are my options. Would this not be cl
  3. Have a loan with Lloyds which have successfully achieved statue barred ststus. It has a significant PPI cost. Should I start a reclaim? Intend
  4. Hi all, Some help and advice would be amazing on this! I have a defaulted payday loan with Instant Cash/PayDay Uk which is now owned by Prac/BW Legal. The account started on 10/01/2012 and the default occurred on 1/7/2012. I did not make a payment at all towards this or respond to any letters or phone calls. As you can see this debt is very close to being statue barred, if not already. I went through some old documents and discovered a letter of claim from Prac/BW Legal for this debt. This was sent to my current address (which was different from the address on the account,
  5. Hey, Got a bit of a strange one here - I have today received a green letter from Lowell Solicitors saying that I have not paid the £50 instalment on a CCJ they have obtained on a VERY old Orange mobile phone account. This is the first letter I have ever received about this naturally, it made me check my credit file where low and behold - a CCJ has been placed under my old address (not lived there in almost 7 years). This letter says that I have got until the 11th December to make the £50 payment or they will recommend enforcement action. My issues are as follow
  6. Hi I have received a claim from Northampton County court business center, for a debt I am certain is statute barred as after checking my credit report online the last payment I allegedly made was in June 2009 I say allegedly as I was unemployed at the time and had been for 6 months, hence why payments had stopped. The debt was on a Barclaycard which had payment protection on, I contacted Barclays when I was made redundant to ask them to stop the interest and make a claim on the payment protection, they refused both of these requests and asked me to phone their in
  7. I was 20 when Halifax said hey, fancy a £10k overdraft limit and a £7,000 loan at a large APR. Stupidly I said yes. I tried to keep up, but failed. We're 11 years down the line, the debt has passed around from place to place. I moved a few times, they chased, but I never answered a single letter or phone call. 2013 it went to Arrow global, after that I found letters from capquest offering negotiations, Arrow again seemingly, then a month ago Blake and Morgan claim to have purchased the debt and asked me how much money I earn. I ignored and today received a
  8. Question regarding Statue Barred If you have been overpaying on a unsecured loan and then stop paying, but because you have been overpaying you have built up a reserve balance of money which then continues to service the accounts minimum payments for the next 6 months. When is the statue barred date? e.g. Physically stopped paying money into the account August, but the minimum repayments were being serviced by the overpayments balance till March the following year. Also can someone confirm (as I have seen conflicting information on various websites) is it SB from the last p
  9. I have a qestion one of my friends have recieved a letter stating Baliffs will attend in 14 days to remove property for a very old debt from HSBC which was sold on to PRA Group Ltd. After checking her credit file a CCJ was issued against her for her debt by PRA Group Ltd in Oct 2016. The thing is the debt was Statute Barred when the CCJ was issued so surely it is not enforcible, any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatfully received.
  10. Hi all I have received a claim form from Restons Solicitors on behalf of arrow global for a debt from 2003. Arrow say they purchased it in 2011 and I remember a claim form from them in 2012 with Bryan Carter. I'm pretty sure it's the same alleged debt but it was statute barred in 2012 it still is now. This debt is 14 years old. They've tried before it's no different now. I've asked them for the prove it and also made my defence of statue barred. I just wanted to know, can they keep filing claim forms with Northampton county court? or is this
  11. Hi, I'm in am unusual position, I think. Back in 2003 I had a cracking salary and mega limits on my credit cards (46k) I was made redundant after I became mentally unwell and so went back to uni. I *asked* the credit card companies to reduce my limits (not wanting to get rid of my cards altogether) but they refused. Point blank refused. Later that year I became ill again and was diagnosed with bipolar. I managed to spend £21,000 in 3 months, with very little to show for it (or take back!) The banks refused to help. I paid back just under 1/2. I now hav
  12. Hello Long time lurker who now has to step out of the shadows and is requesting help please Long story short I have various debts that due to breaking up with a partner and being made homeless and leaving the house with just the clothes on my back i could not afford to pay. This was in September 2008 and at that point I stopped paying all of my monthly payments because i simply couldn't afford them. I have not paid or acknowledged any of the debt since then but up until that point i had made the appropriate payments to the accounts as per the agreements. I have
  13. Hi I received a letter last week from Mortimer Clarke regarding an old debt from 2005/6, it was an overdraft. I replied stating this debt was statute barred I have now received another letter stating that last payment was made on December 2014. This is absolutely not true. I have never made any payment towards this and certainly not in 2014. What do I now? How can I prove this?
  14. Hi All, Need some Advice please from you knowledgeable bunch. Back in Sept 2007 I defaulted and stopped my payments on an Argos Store Card which i had due to financial issues, I had the usual debt collection letters for approx 1 year which i ignored and made no payments on due to not being able to. The default was registered on my Credit File as Nov 2007 and disappeared off my file in Nov 2013, by which time the debt was Statue Barred, During this time no contact was made with any DCA and NO payments were made to the account, and none have been made since
  15. Hi Would like some advice about 2 loans that I took out in 2005 with egg to consolidate credit cards, car purchase etc after getting a mortgage in 2004. Both loans were for just under £25k each and it was more or less implied that if I took out PPI that the loans would be easier to be accepted for and that I would be able to claim if I was not able to work for any reason even though I was self employed. Roll onto end of 2008 where my ex wife and I started having relationship problems and I started struggling to make the repayments but feeling that I had a duty to repay I struggl
  16. Hi, I just learnt that the Legal Service Commission was closed on 01 April 2013, so what happens to the Statue Charge they had put on my property. They have not demanded anything from me in past, but I made some payments in July 2012. Does the debt move to new Legal Aid Agency? Or could the charge be removed from the Land Registry? Any information regarding this will be much appreciated.
  17. Evening all, Don't know if this is posted in the right section, but here goes. I haven't acknowledged / made payments to any of my debts ( unsecured ) since Sept/Oct 2007. I am not on the voters roll and have not been since I left my house in Sept 2007. My father has just rang me to say that their is a letter for me ( 1st letter in 2/3 years to his address), which I asked him to open. Its from Lowell Portfolio to inform me that HSBC and HFC have sold my bank accounts to them. I am assuming that these debts are ( or very very near ) statue barred, but from what I u
  18. M&S debt (preference account) - CCA Feb 2009 which produced an unenforceable application form, no terms et c - M&S were advised with no acknowledgment of debt from last activity in Feb 2009. Defaulted by M&S Oct 2009, which fell off my credit record Oct 2015. Debt was sold on by M&S in 2012 to Marlin, whom via Restons issued a court claim dated 2 December 2015, for the full amount. Sum is a little over £5k and is the same amount that the account was defaulted for back in 2009. I received the papers on 4 December 2015, I immediately acknowledged via MC
  19. Hi, I would greatly appreciate help with a defence. Below is a summary of what has transpired: Contacted by solicitor about an old, pre 2007 debt with Ambrose Wilson. This debt is believed to be possibly not legitimate or alternatively possibly Statue Barred. However, to be 100% sure, CCA request sent and proof of delivery of letter obtained. No response to CCA request at all, not even an acknowledgement. Further request for payment / threats of court received whilst I was out of the country. Received court papers from court, again, whilst I was out of the country. Ac
  20. Hi everyone some help if possible Barclays Credit Card debt default date on my credit file 11/02/2010 i believe the default date to be 30/08/2009 as on that date i received a letters from mercers debt collections limited stating they were dealing with me on behalf of barclays... how can i 100% make sure this is correct? and deal with it? also on my credit file i have 2 entries for the same default from a lloyds overdraft one from lloyds the other from lowell how can i sort this? cheers actually i have just found a letter from mercers stati
  21. Hi, quick background, I am being hassled from Cabot for a debt that is is over 10 years old and nothing has been paid for 8 years. During this time I lived in America and had totally forgetten the debt. I returned to the UK in December2014, after losing my Father, and am now my 91 year olds Mothers very sick full time carer. Even if this debt is still live I am only on Carers allowance and have no means to pay it. Cabot would call daily hassling my mother, and me, and sending letters weekly. We dont engage with them, other than the once when I told the
  22. I brought a car from honda in may 2004, it was a a ex show room car, and I was offered £1000 off the price of the car . How ever Honda finance increased their interest rate from 11.9% to 12.9% to get the cash back from the £1000 discount from the car. Also the copy of the consumer credit agreement I was given is unsigned by honda finance , so would i be correct in that its a unenforcable CCA cheekyone
  23. [ATTACH=CONFIG]56956[/ATTACH]Hi there, This is my first post here. Firstly, I live in Scotland and know that after 5 years a debt is statue barred and after 6 years it drops off your credit report. Six and a half years ago I had a 2nd job as an Ann Summers Party Rep. I didn't pay off the rest of my account with them when I finished parties in Nov 2008. Now this company has started to chase me for the money. This account has NEVER shown on any of my credit reports. I received first letter and as I knew it was over the time frame, I replied with
  24. If a debt has been statue barred and the creditor has agreed this, how long do I need to keep all the paperwork regarding the debt. I have mountains of paper and would like to shed/burn it. Thank you
  25. Hi Can anyone help me please, I am being chased by solicitors on behalf of cabot for a debt that I know is stature Barred because I have had no contact with or made any payments for over 6 years I have sent them the stature barred letter but they have come back to me saying it is not stature barred because the agreement was terminated on 12.4.2013? The original company was Welcome Finance who appears to have sold the debt to Cabot, all of this without my knowledge, but never the less I still standby the debt being stature barred. Can anyone advi
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