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  1. Hi, I have a debt which was with Barclaycard originally back in the 90's, roughly £7k. I got into trouble a few years ago when I was ripped off by an investment company who put me out of business and stole several thousand pounds from me. I was advised to use Step Change in 2016 to sort out 4 debts in total. I was not aware that this system would only last for 1 year ( paying a nominal sum per month to each debt) and that afterwards I would be back to square one. After it ended I was abroad working for a few months and was not receiving my mail. Now I seem to have Link F
  2. Hi All I was issued with a claim on 9th January which I acknowledged through MCOL, i need to file a defence soon and needed some advice, am I correct in saying that my defence is due by the 11th Feb? The following are the POCs: date of issue - 9th January POC 1.By an agreement between CAPITAL ONE BANK (EUROPE) PLC & the defendant on or around 05/11/2012 ('the agreement') CAPITAL ONE BANK (EUROPE) PLC agreed to issue the defendant with a credit card. 2.The defendant failed to make the minimum payments due & the Agreement was terminated. The Agree
  3. Hi all, I started a previous thread to share my general issues, but am posting in this section for specific advise relating to First Direct. Previous forum address here if anyone is interested: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?458839-Low-income-6-year-old-debts-and-worrying-about-the-possibility-of-future-court-action I had an account with an overdraft, credit card and loan with First Direct (all pre Apr 2007). I defaulted on payments for the credit card and loan back in 2009, at which point, they closed my account, merging the credit card and overdra
  4. I took out 3 loans 96-99. I never repaid as I didn’t earn enough. I didn’t defer for the years 12-17. I got a letter to defer in 2017, when I did it, they said it was too late and it has been passed to link. I have been hounded for nearly two years. I am not in a position to pay it back. now they have said I have to reply within seven days or else. What can I do? If anything?
  5. Please can someone help. I have Link Financial writing to me about my deceased father owing them money. They have been sent death certs already but have now addressed a statement to him at 'my house.' The letter talks to him - saying 'behind on payments. They are lunatics. They have had (and acknowledged x2 death certs). I have written to them saying I believe that debt is statute barred and that my father has died. They waited months with no communication and now this. Shall I just return to sender?
  6. These seem to be coming thick and fast now.. Received the attached claim form on Christmas Eve! Name of the Claimant ? Cabot Financial UK Ltd Date of issue – 21/12/2018 Particulars of Claim 1.By an agreement between Vanquis Bank Ltd & the defendant on or around 16/3/2015 Vanquis Bank Ltd agreed to issue the defendant with a credit card. 2.The defendant failed to make the minimum payment due & the agreement was terminated. 3.The agreement was assigned to the claimant. 4.The claimant therefor claims £290.77 2. costs Have you receiv
  7. Hi all My wife recently received a County Court Claim Form which we have decided to dispute in full. I've completed the details below. I would be really grateful for your help with next steps. From reading other threads it seems my next move should be to send a CCA request to the Claimant and a CPR 31:14 request to the legals reps. Is this correct? Thanks --- Name of the Claimant: Cabot Financial (UK) Limited Date of issue: 09 Jan 2019 - Defence form submitted online on 24 Jan 2019 What is the claim for: By an agreement between JD Williams Ltd Re Fashio
  8. Hi i wonder if anyone can give me advice. I have received two summons from link financial ref to old defaulted ex barclay credit card debts. Can anyone give me any advice as to how to go about and what to do please? Any advice will be highly appreciated.
  9. Hi Guys, I am newbie here on this forum. I have been approached by the solicitor for Negligent Finance advise on the loan I have taken out back in 2006. Told me that this is NO WIN NO FEE and I don't have to pay anything upfront but If I win the case I have to pay 25% fee. Did anyone has used this service and especially on Negligent Finance Advise and how successful or unsuccessful they were. I am really sceptical I may limp into one problem into other one. Your advises will be much appreciated and thanks in advance.
  10. I owe one of my creditors £32000, (more than half of this is their solicitors costs) after speaking with Business Debtline and preparing a budget I offered them £440 per month. They got a order for me to attend court for questioning. I went to the court with the documents requested which were statments for all bank accounts, HMRC returns etc. Their solicitor was there and asked me questions regarding my income, (although they hadn't listed their questions before hand) After court the solicitor wrote and asked me to supply my bank staments since 2017, I replied they have seen a
  11. I have a debt with citi financial going back to about 2008, for around £3k on a credit card, i have been paying £1pm stopped when i moved house, the debt company Cabot have instructed Restons to issue court proceedings against me in order to get a charge put on my house which i now own outright. I have asked if they will accept payments of £40pm to prevent court action but they have replied saying that unless i repay the full amount before the 8th December they will issue proceedings. Is it worth getting a CCA request asking for a copy of the agreement to see i
  12. Hi there, I've been chased by CABOT FINANCIAL for several months now for an AQUA CARD debt. After ignoring the mass of phone calls which they also harassed my mother on a phone I used to call AQUA. They also sent a stack of letter with increasing plea's to contact and arrange some settlement. The latest now gives 14 days and threatens getting a solicitor involved leading to a possible CCJ. The original debt is around one year old and I have not paid anything back after the credit card company referred the debt to a collector. My parents are worried about the bailiffs k
  13. Hi, I have a BW Legal court case going on at the moment. Today I received another county court claim from BW Legal for a different company. This is fraud too. Name of the Claimant ? PRAC Financial Ltd Date of issue – 29/09/17 What is the claim for – 1.The Claimant's claim is for the sum of £300 being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant, under a loan agreement regulated by the consumer credit Act 1974 between the Defendant and Instant Cash Loans Limited t/a Payday UK under account reference xxxxxxx and assigned to the Claimant on 09/12/2016 notice of
  14. My partner started to receive letters from a company called Lowell financial a while ago. When I saw them alarm bells started to ring and I did a bit of research on here. From what my other half tells me, these debts were from well before we met so are probably 10 years or more old. The debts were from capital one, three, jd wiliams, and shop direct. We sent a cca request and £1 postal orders for all the debts. Lowells have acknowledged all the cca requests and closed the three account. It has now been a month since we have heard anything from lowells
  15. I've reached a ridiculous situation with this outfit . Under the agreed T&C's they may, subject to having given 28 days notice, change the T&C's. While there is no record of their having given any such notice, they have never-the-less changed the T&C's to the effect that failure on my part to complete an annual review entitles them to cancel the agreement They now claim that I have cancelled our agreement, but there is no record that I have ever done so. On the other hand they have warned that unless I complete the annual review before some time in December they will
  16. Hi Guys I have received a letter of claim from Restons solicitors for a debt bought by Cabot financial. I have made a complaint to the financial ombudsman that the original creditor ‘ a credit card company ‘ refused to deal with several mistakes on my account over a year before Cabot bought the debt and simply told me to deal with the 3rd party debt collectors. The ombudsman said that as they were still the legal owners of the debt they had a duty to deal with me and not pass the buck to the debt collectors. The amount Cabot are claiming is for £1800 when the correct amount a
  17. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, I need some debt advice please. I've been receiving letters from Lowell financial chasing me for two old debts for almost 4 months now. They were threatening court action, so I finally responded . One debt is for an old Tmobile account, (which I remember), the other is from Shop direct (which I don't remember). I sent them a statute barred letter the shop direct debt because I couldn't remember anything about the debt, I assumed it must be a very old debt seen as It doesn't appear on my credit file. They have since respon
  18. Hi everyone - I'm in a sticky situation. I went to live abroad for some time in 2015 and I'm back now. I was sure before I left that my UK HSBC account was at 0 but it wasn't due to some overdraft that I gone into without knowing which later led to the account being closed. I just received a letter from Cabot today saying that I owe them a balance of £1347.86. I spoke to HSBC earlier in 2017 and they said to me that the account in question was closed and that I owed something in the region of £200 due to overdraft. I can't remember the exact details but I assume they said the de
  19. Hi guys Any advice on how I can get rid of a CCJ issued by PRAC Financial? My credit report states that the default on my loan with Payday UK (whose debt Prac has acquired) is Satisfied as of Jan 2017. Another credit report says its closed. Unfortunately these clowns still want their pound of flesh. Ive received two letters. One from Northampton County Court about the CCJ and one from BW Legal saying I pay the amount of £1,029. I dont want to pay another £255 to set aside. I dont want to pay anything to remedy? What should I do? Maybe write to the court?
  20. Today my other half received a rather strange letter titled Notice of Transfer Of Proceedings from Cabot Financial UK Ltd that states this claim has been transferred to the county court at _____________ for enforcement. This was done apparently because she did not reply to N56 (form for replying to attachment of earnings application) within the specified time. She did not receive this form. The receiving court will arrange for the bailiff to serve N61(order for statement of means) The only CCJ she had was over 10 years ago and is now definitely statute barred. Is
  21. Good evening CAG, I am new to this site but I must say that I have heard how fantastic you are at helping, so, I am hoping you could point me in the right direction. I have received a claim form from Northampton which has been issued by Cabot Financial. Now they say that I owe money to Moneyway (a loan) and give an account number but, it has been issued to me in my maiden name which I have not used since 2007. Now, I dont ever remember taking a loan with a company called Moneyway so I am pretty amazed at this, let alone using a name I havent been known by for a number of
  22. Hello I've received a "Payment Due" letter from Lowell today. Stating " your former BT PLC account remains unpaid. I did have a BT line but cancelled it when moved house in September 2015 and haven't had any dealings with them since. Anything I need to do now as I am aware i cannot CCA a telecoms contract. Thanks DC
  23. Hi I need some help from you experts out there. A few months ago i received a letter from Lowell saying i had an outstanding debt in excess of £600 on a mobile contract. I sent them a letter asking for proof of debt after several months i have received a statement of account which runs from Oct 2010 to may 2014. The final balance on the account shows £400 not £600 with the last payment in Jan 2014. I do not believe i actually owe this money i changed my phone in the EE shop in late October 2013 as i was working abroad at the time and they got me a deal where i
  24. Are on stride still Euro cash net aka quick quid, I got a 4k loan from them in august last year, over 3 years, total to pay back £6500 - which before anyone starts, I don't care, I was grateful for being able to borrow 4k at a time when I needed it, I am repaying and never missed a payment, my query is, how was I able to borrow 4k over 3 years when their website says max loan 3k over 1-2 years, have they changed terms since August last year.
  25. I have been checking my credit files mainly Noodle and Clearscore but have found out that I have a financial connection on my account to someone I have never heard of on my Clearscore account. I sent in a dispute and realised that this is connected to Equifax. They did not answer my dispute when I informed them that I do not know the individual which is highlighted as connected to me and asked how he is on my account when he does not appear anywhere else. My response to this was a pdf of my credit file showing his name as a financial connection which I was already aware of. Is there
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