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  1. They gave no direction at the end of the question gathering. - - - Updated - - - The solicitor asked how long they had to respond and they said 14 days.
  2. I've not had anything back from court, just emails from creditors solicitor.
  3. I thought they would have to accept my offer or proceed to bancruptcy. Do they have the option to investigate my past finances?
  4. it's for rent arrears, It was an N316 order to attend for Questioning. They gave me the form to fill in before I was taken into a room with the court official and creidtors solicitor. The court official read through the form checked some information, then asked me to read the oath. The solicitor then asked some questions, "was that my only income", I pointed out where all my income was on my bank statements. She asked about income I had while I was renting from her client. I told her it wasnt on the remit for questioning. She asked a few more things but I can't
  5. I owe one of my creditors £32000, (more than half of this is their solicitors costs) after speaking with Business Debtline and preparing a budget I offered them £440 per month. They got a order for me to attend court for questioning. I went to the court with the documents requested which were statments for all bank accounts, HMRC returns etc. Their solicitor was there and asked me questions regarding my income, (although they hadn't listed their questions before hand) After court the solicitor wrote and asked me to supply my bank staments since 2017, I replied they have seen a
  6. Someone is calling me and telling me that they need to meet with me to hand me sensitive court documents. I have no idea who would be taking me to court or what this is concerning would they tell me this over the telephone and do I have to meet them?
  7. Thanks so much for all the input. The removal was arranged after the eviction, and I would have been able to get all out had the driver turned up, but I think sadly I may have to abandon what's left.
  8. I did, I thought I;d responded to it, landlord says he;s met his obligation. From your link I have no chance with anyvan.
  9. It was the landlord who gave me the time to go in, but said the sheriff told him just to give me 45 minutes, so he feels he has met his obligation.
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