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  1. Thanks guys very helpful. I'll assume I'm in the clear but will keep a SB letter handy. Donation coming your way, this site has been a godsend...!
  2. Thanks it's been over six years now since the default with no court proceedings. Guess this is the end of it?
  3. Thanks dx just wanted to let you know, the OD is completely off my credit record. Does that mean it's statute barred now?
  4. Understood, I'll start calculating the figure and let you know if the letter appears. Thanks again for your patience dx.
  5. thanks so much dx, that makes a lot of sense! Cabot is trying to get a sum that is still in dispute and if they tried to go to Court then they'd be chasing fees on top of the actual figure? Is that right? Sounds like a catch 22 for them lol.
  6. Sounds good dx though the debt isn't all unlawful fees. I initially thought it was because they mixed it up with credit card debt (which wasn't sold to Cabot, hence the £200 figure in my OP) but it turns out a lot of this debt is cash withdrawals. Surely the interest argument won't work anymore?
  7. Thanks dx this is going to take some time... But I'll get back once I've done it. What's the steps after that?
  8. Hi all - finally got the SAR. Looks like the statements from HSBC match up with Cabot's. There also seems to be credit card debt but it's not clear whether that was sold to them or not but the OD definitely was. What do you recommend going forwards?
  9. Got it - that's actually helpful to know. Cheers dx.
  10. Don't they share info with each other? I always figured Cabot was under HSBC's control but do the things HSBC can't publicly be held liable for. Either way, have sent a chaser and ignored BPO. They are way over their 30 days at this stage. I'll take it to the ICO if they don't respond after this. Thanks again Dx.
  11. dx, all - sent on the signed request for SAR, nothing from HSBC yet... However Cabot have written to say they've now passed the account over to BPO Collections because we've "been unable to reach an agreement". Guess the SAR got them spooked? Either way, seems like it was a hot load of nothing if they're that willing to pass it off! What do you think???
  12. Sorry dx, just read it again. Will sign and send on! I'm just being cautious but will take more cafe when asking for help, thanks again
  13. Thanks dx, I haven't read all of em. So I take it I don't send them the signature but ask if they can provide another way of verifying identity?
  14. Okay finally, they got back to me. The letter is responding to my email. They say they'll provide everything but I need to give them a written signature. Does this sound ok? I know CAG are a bit wary of signing anything for these banks... Cheers!
  15. Alright I'll try again with the new address in a few days. Thanks again!
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