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  1. Understood, sir. I will not respond unless this letter arrives.
  2. Hello everyone. I got another letter from Cabot today. They claim I could send them a final settlement offer which 'will see your balance paid off at a reduced amount, and it will be marked as such on your credit file'. Is this worth disussing? I understand they won't win in court but will paying off make a credit report look better? Thanks!
  3. Okay thank you! I was told the sum was way lower by HSBC so I'll probably need to investigate that. Any thoughts on what I should say RE: showing evidence of repayments?
  4. Sounds good. Is it worth mentioning that the DCA have jacked up the owed sum and that they haven't asked HSBC to find out the actual sum? My worry is that the vetting team will look for evidence that I'm not avoiding the debt/I'm making means to pay it. Obviously I shouldn't pay it based on your previous advice but I do want to look as good as possible to the vetting team. Any thoughts?
  5. Okay thanks a lot dx100uk! If I get the job a big donation coming you guys's way. The OD was around 2015. But on my credit check it's still pretty recent thanks to Cabot buying it a few months ago. Does that affect things? Ah looking at it now... The default for the OD was in 2016 but Cabot seems to have listed it only a few months ago. I literally have a string of 0's until it pops up for the last few months
  6. My bad, thanks for that! I will do for the future. SC is a security check for certain jobs? They check your criminal and credit history amongst other things.
  7. Hi guys. I made a post before here about my HSBC OD fees being claimed by Cabot. Recently I got a job offer but need to do an SC clearance. I heard my default from here will come up on it. The problem is HSBC originally closed this account and because of Cabot it still registers as default with a highly inflated fee that I supposedly owe. Is there any way to mitigate this? I don't want the people reviewing the SC to think I'm ignoring this debt nor that the number Cabot shows is correct. Thank you so much!
  8. OK that sounds even better. Thank you. Would you recommend I send a CCA request?
  9. Understood! Thank you so much. You've helped me a lot, I'll get a donation in after I find myself employed again.
  10. OK, understood! And about court claims - what should I do in this situation?
  11. Thank you sir! I'm new to this world so all your help is greatly appreciated. Am I right in understanding that if the account was closed due to overdraft fees etc then there is no legal basis for them to chase me?
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