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  1. Sorry dx, just read it again. Will sign and send on! I'm just being cautious but will take more cafe when asking for help, thanks again
  2. Thanks dx, I haven't read all of em. So I take it I don't send them the signature but ask if they can provide another way of verifying identity?
  3. Okay finally, they got back to me. The letter is responding to my email. They say they'll provide everything but I need to give them a written signature. Does this sound ok? I know CAG are a bit wary of signing anything for these banks... Cheers!
  4. Alright I'll try again with the new address in a few days. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks dx - I've given them a few days just to respond. If I don't get it, can I send a new one and put out a complaint to ICO for the old one? Sounds good on the DCA point. I mean, I don't think they've got any of the data either, which would be funny from our PoV.
  6. Dx why send a new one? Why not just attach the old one and remind them they're over the time limit?
  7. Lol... I phoned and they "have no idea" what my request is about and can't help (i.e. transfer me to a DPO department) without an account number. So... they told me to go to a nearby branch! I'm beginning to lose my patience with HSBC now! This thread talks about a similar situation and there's an email address there. Worth emailing them do you think?
  8. I had no idea! Just tried it and it seems to have taken me to the human queue. It's a bit late now but I'll give them a call tomorrow. Cheers dx!
  9. Dx, cheers - I tried that same number. You can call it yourself and you'll find it won't let you go further without entering account details.
  10. Thanks dx - just checked Royal Mail and it says the original letter was rejected and then rerouted to Coventry. This means they received it but should I just send one more chaser to that above address? Also anything specific I should say?
  11. What's the number? I tried the relevant ones on their site and they keep asking for account details. I sent the SAR to head office in Canada Square. Does the address matter? I read you can send it to any branch and they have to process it.
  12. Hi guys - so... been over a month since my last letter and no response. I've tried to phone them too but it only works for customers which I am no longer. Do I go to the ICO now (that's what I said I'd do in the letter)? If so, grateful for any resources CAG has on this.
  13. Got it! Helpful as ever. I'll chase HSBC on the SAR and see what Cabot do. Thanks again mate!
  14. Thanks dx, that's a good idea. In which case I'll do both, send a letter and ring them. Last question, what do I even 'update' Cabot with? Do I just tell them to **** off in polite terms?
  15. You have a way with words Thanks Dx. Shall I give them another month and if they don't respond then complain to the ICO?
  16. Sounds good thanks dx. And what if they still don't respond?
  17. Thanks BankFodder. So it's been over 3 months but no word from HSBC on the SAR. I sent them the template from this site and also by recorded delivery, so I know they received it. Cabot also just got back to me saying they'll 'hold' the account for 3 months to update them (which is laughable because it sounds like they haven't got the data either lol). What do now?
  18. Thanks DX really appreciate it. I'll wait on the SAR now and come back if it's bad news.
  19. Hoping it's the good truth. Can you guys still help with defence, if it goes court without the unlawful fees argument?
  20. All I know is when I went to HSBC in 2017 they said a figure and it was in the region £200 that I owed, hence why I assumed that I didn't take anything out but I honestly can't remember if I did because I had a different job and bank account abroad. After all this, is it likely they'll send a letter of claim out? I mean, in the first prove it letter they still gave me a 50% discount, so I'm having a lot of trouble believing what's true lol.
  21. Okay that makes sense. So for arguments sake, if the SAR does show that I took money out to the sum they're saying, then how screwed am I? I still don't believe the sum they're asking for is true but it sounds like I've got no defence if the SAR statements say otherwise!
  22. Dx, All, just a few more questions whilst I get this SAR ready... About the termination notice, it seems fishy mainly because it doesn't have a precise date for when they would have closed down my account just a threat of going to DCA if I didn't respond in 18 days. Does this make the debt unenforceable? Also they haven't provided T&C's or an overdraft agreement, that must make it totally unenforceable right? Or might an SAR provide this to me, if so doesn't this shoot me in the foot? Thanks again!!!
  23. Sorry lol, I forget how things worked here. Won't hit quote. Statements are from their software, not HSBC's headed paper. I'll work on the SAR. Should I get that done before I go the FO, S? Not sure about the withdrawal, it was long ago. Either way definitely not how much they're saying it is. I like to make Cabot sweat especially after they pulled the phantom payment. Default date is June 2016.
  24. That I have no idea. It shows that I've taken out funds during my time abroad, but that I don't remember doing or if I did it would've been negligible not to the sum of 1.3k.
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