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  2. it tells us the info we need to know to properly advise you. you haven't a clue what you are dealing with.
  3. Little update as of today.. Letter has been sent to said 'seller'. I have since found out he has another listing up with a van with the same miles and everything has been done to it basically word for word almost the same description. I have also spoke to action fraud today with regards to the case and they feel I have enough evidence against him to be able to put it to the NFIB which hopefully in turn will lead to a police investigation. I have passed on details also to the garages so they themselves can make claims against him which correct me if I'm wrong with strengthen my case with the fraud squad. Thank you for your time and advice, I will continue to update as we go along. I have done a detailed description with all pictures and linked videos on a file and will be ready to present it at any moment I get. Citizens advice have decided that I should pursue the claim as I have proof he is a trader of vehicles due to the amount of listings. I have today give him several chances to rectify this issue and I will leave it at that. He has chosen not to do this so i have no other option other than to go full steam ahead with it. In answer to your question regarding his ownership he is so brazen about this I have a feeling he will continue to do what he is doing so in time there will be items for me to collect to recover the debt. The van as it stands is worth probably £1000 at best. The fraud team also said they would want to see proof of the engine change as if he has 'clocked' it then he will not have a leg to stand on.
  4. The NTKs are from 16 months ago, I have no intention of paying them. I will look at the link shortly but can't see what good it will do. Thanks.
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    Amex Debt and NCO EUROPE

    Would appreciate some advice. I had £53K OF DEBT as of Feb 2019. I sent cca requests and 14 of 15 creditors stated they had no paperwork and was unenforceable. I ditched Payplan and stopped paying creditors and 5 of them sent me a letter writing the debt off......zero balance. Only one creditor produced the CCA AMEX. I sent an SAR request and they sent me all the documents including my original application form signed by me. I stopped paying all creditors Feb 2019 including AMEX via NCO EUROPE. I have had no contact from AMEX directly since they sent the paperwork. In the last 4 weeks i have received several letters from NCO EUROPE who are agents for AMEX threatening me with action. They have demanded that i must ring their office in Preston. My debt with AMEX is £5243.17. All debts are 20 years old. Could you please offer me any advice on how to proceed. Many thanks.
  6. I've put the word out to the person who is most experienced in this field @Ell-enn but I don't know if they'll get the message in time. Please monitor the thread
  7. Today
  8. HI. Let's take a deep breath and analyse this with you. Who is the email from please? HB
  9. Hi dx100uk, thank you for the quick reply. Okay that's a relief, I will ignore them and definitely not using the phone again regarding this matter. I've just noticed at the bottom of the letter it does say CRS is a Trading title of Harlands I've attached the letter! CRS.Letter.21.01.2020.pdf
  10. £170,000 that is one hell of a fund and you would never pay it off at 1000 a year. How did it get do high?
  11. I’m after some advice. I contacted my mortgage provider (was NRAM) today about the arrears. He informed me that there is a eviction date for tomorrow at 11am. Now this is the 8th or 9th time I’ve had a date and I’ve paid it off every time. Long story short hubby had a nightmare with wages and mental health and it’s caused financial problems. My question is I didn’t know about the date. We had a letter back in November saying that they had asked for a date but this was at the same time as them moving my mortgage from NRAM to Heliodor. From experience with the courts I know that I’ve always had about 2 notices from the bailiffs and they have always been hand delivered. Is there anything I can do?
  12. Did someone already post up the quote that Brexit has already cost more than we paid the EU in the last 47 years? I'm not sure who it came from.
  13. With you there London. My 11 plate and I did 160,000 happy miles, and I'm sure they are like the tardis and bigger on the inside!
  14. Bear in mind it was 10;days after before I found out I had no need to check ny bank because I had no calls Then got the shock of my life and even more when I finally found out it was her she had no idea what she was doing or how much was spenr
  15. She installed the app but deleted it before I woke up the next day and weridly enough she has no emails off ladbrokes
  16. Hi dx I originally had 2 Barclaycard credit cards and this must be for the second debt which is £2957.74. Thanks
  17. I booked a holiday through Thomas Cook literally the week they went into administration.paid a £50 deposit. The holiday was a Royal Caribbean cruise.with us Flying to new York and staying in a hotel there for a couple days before the cruise I find myself in a terrible predicament now as I thought when TC went bust so did our holiday. i received an email yesterday and today a phone call asking how we’re going to pay this. emailed RC as I didn’t know this holiday was still live and unfortunately our circumstances have changed we now can’t go . I receive one back today saying we’ll need to pay nearly 2000 for the flights and cruise.Regardless.. I’m really panicking and don’t know how to address this thanks in advance
  18. Hi, One more quick question. I was looking again at the ticket and the image evidence. The photos were taken at 22:03 and 22:06. The ticket just says that the car was observed from 22:04 to 22:04. Presumably one is allowed a few minutes grace to actually park and look for the sign? The contravention is code 01. Should the ticket show a period of time between which the car is observed and if so how long? I’m hopeful the ticket might be cancelled on a procedural error! thanks
  19. Well jess philips has dropped out, mind you she had a poor showing on the last leg as well the poor hustings and her sexist comments and, symbolic but ... The Welsh assembly has voted to withhold consent from the government’s EU (withdrawal agreement) bill. Following the Stormont vote yesterday, and a Scottish parliament vote earlier this month, that means all three devolved assemblies in the UK have rejected the legislation. However, these votes only have symbolic force and will not stop Johnson implementing Brexit.
  20. did she install the labrookes app? or if you goto the site on the phone does it not already have the log-in name filled in? dx
  21. ignore them totally. doorstepper DCA like all DCA's on any debt are not BAILIFFS and have ZERO legal powers . CRS are harlands. you say you have the letter, redact it convert to PDF and put it up here read upload carefully not sure where HGC come into this? and stop using the phone!
  22. A mobile phone mine while I was out watching the football with all the lads.
  23. Hi, Stumbled upon this website and I see the general advice is ignore CRS and that they can't do anything but thought I'd make my own post as I'm still anxious and don't want debt collectors to turn up at my parents home. Facts: - Joined Xercise4less in June, 2017. I paid £11.99/m - Finished uni in July 2019, so I wanted to cancel membership as I was moving back home and the closest X4less gym would be 50miles away. - I initially put in a freeze request (thinking it's to cancel). When I told my friend he said I need to fill in a different form to cancel the contract. - I was confused so I confirmed this with someone working at the gym. They explained even though my 12m contract has finished, in order to cancel the contract I would have to give 30 days notice using a form online and cancel my DD. - So I completed this online form that same week and canceled my DD a few days later. * Fast-forward to 20th January 2020 * - Received a letter (to my parents address) from CSR yesterday (20th). Asking me to pay £213.47 including their fee of £102.50. - I was at work when my parents send a pic of letter. Return address said HGC - a quick google search shows them as Hutchison Global Communications aka Three. - What did I do next? Since I didn't have the letter in front of me I asked my parents for the number & reference on the letter. - Then stupidly called CRS thinking its Three and it's regarding my recently cancelled phone contract. What I told CRS on the phone: - When I found out it was about my cancelled gym contract I explained in detail several times how I correctly cancelled my contract back in July 2019 and I will not be paying the outstanding amount. I didn't even use the gym. I did say I may be open to paying the monthly fee. - Advisor said Harland got my freeze request but nothing else, no proof = you must pay or they will continue to purse me. He also said outstanding amount is not negotiable and me not using the gym is irrelevant. - I asked for Harlands contact details, CRS refused to give it to me because Harlands will not discuss this matter with me. After 15mins of going around in circles, me explaining what happened and advisor saying I must pay, I finally I said I am not in the wrong here. I filled the form correctly, and it said 'submitted. If their system didn't receive my request it is not my fault and I cannot be held accountable for an error on their part. So I don't agree with the charges and will not pay it and ended the call. Other info: - CRS said the charge of £213.47 is for membership from October 2019 - Dec 2019 + late fees + CRS fees. - Told the advisor I no longer live at the address they sent the letter to. He asked for new address and I refused to give this out, so they will add an additional £36ish for tracing my new address. - Apparently they sent several letter to my old address but I know they didn't because I still have friends living at that address who would have told me if anything addressed to me came through. - I believe the system didn't acknowledge my cancellation request since a freeze request was in place but that doesn't mean I owe them any money and definitely not £213.47. Thanks in advance!
  24. This got me thinking. There are only 4 parking bays on the site. They charge 50p for 1 hour, £1.00 for 2 hours, £1.50 for 3 hours and £2.00 for 24 hours. Yes, £2 for 24 hours! How is this site profitable? Do parking companies run these types of sites with a business model that is focussed more on issuing PCNs that intimidate motorists who lack knowledge of the law into paying up?
  25. Hearing of Boris' problems ringing Big Ben, Jeremy K. Hunt; in an effort to ingratiate his way back into government; offered his services .... He said he would offer to run the injured parties to hospital, as long as they had medical insurance
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