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  2. Well done Paul...delighted you have managed to resolve this. Andy
  3. It is usual policy to commence with a short tem lease, then when this ends to go onto a mothly renewable arrangement. As far as your safety is concerned it will be the same as it has been since the end of your short term tenancy. There is procedure to reclaim the property, but that is through what is called, the section 21 procedure, unless there is arrears, This gives you plenty of notice, talking months. If you are worried , the best thing to do is to talk to the new owners or their letting agents. It would be good to see the new contract the agents have given you.
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  5. Thank you. Threads that point to success - or to mistakes - are very useful for motorists that will come on here in the future. What you have done is utter insanity. Despite being given on a plate two threads where motorists beat Athena in the same week as your case you've gone and handed over money to the fleecers. It doesn't take much to work out that (a) not handing over money you don't owe to conmen is a better strategy than (b) handing over money you don't owe to conmen then trying to get it back. The amount was never "going up" from £45 to £90 because it was ne
  6. Same reason Councils like to use Agency workers at sharp end.
  7. Not a fan of outsourcing in general, as I think control is lost. And the companies used, can have problems meeting the standards required, as HB states above. But I can see why it is attractive, as then Government department or principal company does not have additional staff with pensions and all of the other costs. If you needed say 200 staff to cover work that would last a year, it can make sense to outsource the work, depending on what is required.
  8. That's what gets me, BN, unless these three companies have a monopoly between them. At least two of them have been fined or had financial penalties for messing up, haven't they? And yet they still get the next job, possibly with no tendering in the current climate.
  9. An update! I took all the advice, Social media, contacted the cottage direct ( mail and letter) sent an email to the CEO and the UK Director of customer service Booking.com, Halifax re charge back. Oddly, this morning Kalvin got a text message saying they tried to contact him months ago ( yeah right) offering him a refund or alternative accommodation!! So, to keep inline with data protection ( that was mentioned in the text) they can only reply to him. Offered his money back or another date. He agreed to a refund within the next 7 days. I really apprec
  10. If not serco it would have been G4S or capita, they don't seem to look beyond those choices ever.
  11. you would think that given that 'experience they would be better at it You would also think that given the poor experience we always get from them, someone else would get the work
  12. BankFodder. I made an SAR to Creation on 24 August and have had an email asking for ID, which I supplied. Since then I have heard nothing, despite chasing it. What should I be doing please? I have 0 idea about this aspect of things.
  13. Thanks for the help. I'll put in a claim against them, see what happens as you suggest I doubt it will be a walk in the park. It is just another avenue, to be honest their entire attitude has been not to engage - lets see what happens - happily come back and provide updates.
  14. Hello, Initially I had a standard short term lease and put deposit with the landlord but after a year, he gave me back my deposit and he said he didn't worry about another new lease as he trusted me and so have been renting here for 10 years without a lease/contract and just paid my landlord rent.
  15. And there are moves for Welsh Independence, it a mainly cardiff thing at the moment, as North West Wales is aligned miore closely economically with Cheshire, the Wirral, and Greater manchester, than the denziens of Cardiff Bay. https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/new-yougov-poll-shows-highest-18832964
  16. HB, is the Kent/France issue related to current arrangement with French border officers in Kent and UK border officers in France ? Not sure whether this arrangement will change from 1/1/21, if there is no deal. Given previous actions by French farmers and industrial action by others, then with UK out of the EU, I can see problems ahead. Could there be blockades at French ports, with UK unable to exert much pressure through EU ?
  17. Very good, UB. I'm not clear on the status of Kent now. People are talking about it being part of France, etc, but how is tht when the 'border' only applies to lorries?
  18. Campaign starts ? Independence for Kent, so it becomes a separate customs area and can charge a tariff on goods transported through its territory. With the money raised, citizens of Kent might then have little or no income taxes to pay. I could see this campaign being started and it could grow in popularity. Would be funny if Brexit led to break up of UK and break away by some English counties.
  19. SERCO seem to be a default company that Government use to perform contact centre type tasks. So any department faced with a problem, say a sudden increase in incoming phone calls, which they cannot handle, because they are dealing with more immediate issues such as making payments to the public, may in the short term involve SERCO. SERCO seem to employ a lot of security cleared, DBS checked, financial checked etc employees, so they seem to be equipped and ready to manage tasks on behalf of Government departments. No idea just how much work SERCO does on behalf of Govern
  20. Well, we’ve found something we agree on. you’ve described the unfairness, but haven’t said what (realistically!) you feel your options are.
  21. There's a campaign against Serco and in favour of local public health people. Apologies for one bit of language but it's a memorable slogan. https://twitter.com/i/status/1309910583790252037
  22. my options are if they can be shown they have some responsibility as they did earn commssion and the resturant has its payment. so both parties and paid and i lose out. if we can show they have some moral if not legal obligation then maybe they can give me some refund if not all. imagine how many others being screwed over too? beacuse it is online are we to be cheate for now untill goverment decides to govern this area of ecomerese or something? i dont have a clue.
  23. the letter simply says these are you accounts...ONE of them you are not paying.. not this one. dx
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