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  2. Thats the whole of it so far isnt it? No detail included. clepto and daughter 'seem to be ignoring that the good friday agreement was intended to maintain peace in Ireland, not maintain the DUP and Tories in power. I still think its just BS bluffing brinkmanship which will be a lot of wind and noise and naff all else of real significance. Even if clepto and daughter do unilaterally declare 'we can send our sausages to NI even if nobody wants them and even the DUP wouldn't have them with a full English, what is the UK going to do at all the other ports if the EU declare that the UK has in doing so effectively revoked al
  3. Oh Is there anything i can do given this predicament?
  4. All the directions on how to prepare are in your Notice of Allocation N157 which probably went to your previous address.... you have not served your WS on the claimant or the court either...and their statement is most probably at your previous address. The claimant is not responsible for updating the court with your new address...thats the defendants responsibility. Very unlikely you will get an adjournment...but very likely they will get judgment.
  5. HI Stu, Google search yielded nothing so i called the number...no response and I have not heard from A2 at all. Seems like they aren't budging.
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  7. Ahh Dx you hero! Thanks so much for putting my mind at ease. I thought this might be the case but just wanted to be prepared in case. I'll join the meeting tomorrow, produce proof that i have informed them of my change of address and never received their WS and ask for an adjournment to prepare properly. Any other thoughts about what i might need to do to be prepared or just go with this trail of thought? Thanks a million as always!
  8. That's good enough The claimant failed to send you a copy of their ws. Tell the judge you want to adjourn as you knew nothing about the hearing Dx
  9. sorry but they are still saying this date was the initial breach?? I can confirm that the initial breach occurred on 28 October 2016, as outlined in the attached Witness Statement.
  10. well that was a waste of 3 hours! Ok, will do. Is there anything worth salvaging from the above?
  11. Just checked my proof of posting to be sure but it was just the claimant and not the sols...
  12. load of ole twaddle take to point i raised earlier and your statement on your N244 and pull each point of their WS apart as i have done. do not repeat your defence as you have about pointout why drydens are WRONG on each of their points. bottom line is the debt was SB at claimform issuance. and that DN statement.
  13. Good afternoon Please find below the Microsoft Teams link for your hearing listed at the Weymouth Combined Court, 18th May 2022 at 2:30pm. To join the hearing, hover your cursor over the link below, press the control (ctrl) button on your keyboard and click the left-hand button on your mouse. Microsoft Teams Link: Kind regards Miss Caroline Marshall Tribunal Clerk, CVP Administrator, Digital Support Officer, CFT Administration Officer Weymouth Combined Court | HMCTS | The Law Courts, Westwey Road | Weymouth | DT4 8BS Phone: 01305 752516 Mobile: 07889 410444
  14. put the email up this doesn't seem correct to me. dx
  15. I usually clear my credit card balance by direct debit each month. On 23rd December I bought some wine which I hopped would be added to my January statement for payment in February. Unfortunately, I miss calculated and the wine was charged on my December statement for payment in January. I made three payments in January which were not enough to pay the full amount. I was left with a negative balance of £272.60. I also made a purchase of one item which added £7.50 to the balance. Since I had reinstated my direct debit payment in time for my February payment, the full balance was cleared on 18th February. By my calculation, the £272.60 was in deficit fo
  16. Hi Caggers, Heart in mouth moment! Just got an email through for a teams meeting tomorrow for a hearing at the combined courts.... With regards to the thread of this post last year in April i did the mediation which didn't work out as expected and then all went quiet on the western front. I moved house about 6 months ago and i updated all of my creditors but didn't think like an absolute imbecile to do the same for the court. I haven't prepared a witness statement, nothing! If this email hadn't of come through i wouldn't of had a clue this hearing was even due to take place. I feel like a right numpty!
  17. I am guessing at a link to PPI as HMRC won't send my anything pertaining to the investigation in writing although I've asked for it. This matter is already supposed to have been investigated by HMRC so this is all post investigation and I've been told to cash both cheques on the phone today. I received two tax calculations form HMRC both saying the tax repayment was from Savings Income, the amount on both these calculations is actually slightly different to the amounts on the corresponding cheques, just a few pounds out. As you can no doubt tell I did not received a huge amount of savings income / or interest from my savings more like
  18. Re-reading your post I'm not clear whether you have cashed either of the cheques yet. Normally HMRC cheques are only valid for 6 months from the date of issue (the date on the cheque). If you haven't paid them into your bank yet the one you got last November may already have gone out of date. If it isn't out of date yet pay it to your account quickly. If it has gone out of date you'll need to contact the taxes helpline to get a replacement cheque sent. 0300 200 3300
  19. Go back 1 page scroll down to the pinned topics https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/6-barclays-bank/
  20. So they've calculated that you overpaid tax for the tax years 2019-20 and 2020-21. The two cheques appear to be for different tax years. As well as the cheques they should also send you a tax calculation for each of those years showing how the tax refund has been calculated. Because the tax calculation document and the cheque are sent out by different bits of HMRC I've often had the cheque before I got the tax calculation. Call them and ask if they are sending you the tax calculation. That should tell you exactly how they arrived at the amounts they've sent you cheques for. Incidentally if you are ever discussing your sav
  21. Maros Sefcovic has issued a statement after Liz Truss announced a new bill to override large parts of the NIP. https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/statement_22_3142
 ERUDIO STUDENT LOANS LIMITED – AND – DEFENDANT xxxx WITNESS STATEMENT OF xxxx I, xxxx of xxxx, being the Defendant in this case will state as follows; 1. My student mortgage style loans were taken out in 1996 and 2000. I had deferred payment on time annually up to and including December 2012. 
 (I also have an income contingent Type 1 student loan taken out in 1999 and an income contingent Type 2 student loan in 2014. These are deducted directly from my pay). 2. Each time I moved house
  23. whereabouts are these stickies??
  24. Ah. I misunderstood the process. Do you think I could submit as an updated statement? will post at text shortly px
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