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  2. So even with the bonkers amount of meds I have, including sleeping meds I am wide awake stressing and anxious at 3.20am....I will get hold of that bloody case manager if it kills me. I hope someone answers me on that damn journal tomorrow. If not I will be on that helpline again and asking for a case manager.
  3. I hope someone can advise I am appealing a caution for sickness. The appeal manager appointed is friends with manager who issued caution and all work in same office. Also in past have had dealings with manager and had to go to head of hr about him and his dealings which I was found to be correct and him incorrect on advice given - he advises he has changed and a different person now. today he had a pre meeting appeal with me and advised if I was his daughter he would tell her to accept the caution. that all mental health formal meetings for long term sick end up in a caution as there is no end date, the only time it would not is for example you had been in a car crash as this would have an end date. continuing that have to be consistent with everyone regardless of disability. He advised I shouldn’t worry about a written caution they were normal and most of his team had been given them. he went on to ask why I felt need to state 15 years service with no prior sickness meetings was a point in appeal or why I had stated that incorrect number of days stated an issue as only if out by a couple oF months out. it is a large company I work from with many offices in area can I ask for another independent manager not n my office? He advised his decision will be based with hr but the lady who deals with hr for our office is same lady who worked with previous manager so she is not going to against her own advice.
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  5. I wouldn't enter into pointless letter tennis yet safe to say you informed the retailer it was faulty and unfit for purpose within 30 days.
  6. no its not the original creditor will mark the debt settled upon sale. the debt still shows under the entry for the DCA/debt buyer...claimant. tell us about the debt then we might find one retitled and moved to the legal forum
  7. why are you using email? block and bounce them back if the worst comes to worst. go BK in AUS it can be done FOC by the internet.
  8. 2 sep claims post the stuff up here 1st it might help you in not getting this delayed by sending the claims to the underwriters is to sar them first?
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  10. Not yet at the SD stage, still with CC who haven’t emailed for a few weeks after I said I had no means to pay. Had you spoke to SD or just ignored the letters?
  11. its a global substitution order changing the claimants name on claims. so you have an active court claim against you from hoist?
  12. Thanks DX.. Just one point I had 2 cars from YCC would I need to do 2seperate claims or input them on separate sheets... One was £75.00 a month and the other £26.00 a month in insurances approximately Thanks again for you reply
  13. Excellent, thank you. I have not rang them on this issue. I'm just still a little surprised at the lack of response as they have been good to their word on all other complaints and communications on this issue....until now. Okay, I'll head over to your thread and pick up some tips on how to get started......
  14. you don't merge on the scanner read upload mergepdf is listed there and multiple on line sites that do if free dx
  15. VCS 14.pdfVCS contract page 1.pdfVCS contract page 2.pdf Final page of WS together with 2 page contract. Just a few immediate observations, they havent provided any planning consent docs from local authority, The contract states it is a 3 year fixed yet their WS states it can be rolled over yet I couldn't see any evidence of this in the contract. The Company registration number on the VCS contract is incorrect and differs from Companys House. The contract is with Ashflame Scunthorpe Ltd which was dissolved 10th October 2017
  16. If they've sent you 20 years' data, count your blessings and work with what you have. Many others receive only 6 years' data initially from the bank. Can you also confirm WHY you say this is about PPI - e.g. is it a bank loan a/c that has PPI ? And what charges are you saying the bank is still charging - bank chgs or PPI ?
  17. VCS 1.pdfVCS 2.pdfVCS 3.pdfVCS 4.pdf Please find attached the first 4 pages of their WS. Apologies but my scanner wont stack
  18. found an old link https://cse.google.co.uk/cse?cx=partner-pub-0964707606882478:652l7hswbgv&ie=UTF-8&q=Yes+Car+Credit+/+DAFS+&sa=Search+CAG#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=Yes Car Credit %2F DAFhttps://cse.google.co.uk/cse?cx=partner-pub-0964707606882478:652l7hswbgv&ie=UTF-8&q=Yes+Car+Credit+/+DAFS+&sa=Search+CAG#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=Yes Car Credit %2F DAF
  19. pop each one on its date in the CISHEET enter their avg int rate in cell d15
  20. whats was the credit this applies too? thread title updated for clarity
  21. Bit of advice if possible? We have rented our house since June 2005 from a private landlord. The property was initially let by a local agent and we signed a tenancy agreement with them but they didn't 'manage' the property for the landlord. After two years, the landlord decided he no longer wanted to use the letting agent and said to us that the tenancy would just be a rolling agreement based on the terms & conditions of the original contract. We've had very few issues over the years - we are very good tenants as my husband can basically fix anything and if anything has gone wrong, we've done the work ourselves and paid for it also. The landlord over the past couple of years has turned up a few times saying that he is being advised by his accountant that the property we rent is undervalued. We counter-argued that we have a boiler that is over 20 years old and no double glazing. He said that if he did those things for us then he would be charging us a significantly higher rent and so we kind of came to a stalemate where it was agreed that we would increase the rent by £50 per month/£600 per year - each year and he wouldn't do any work on the house. He arrived again at the weekend and said that he had been told by the letting agents that, due to new regulations coming into force this year, we now have to have a tenancy agreement and he was arranging this through them for a contract to be signed. The letting agent rang to ask us for photographic proof of id and to come in to sign the contract. We asked what these regulations were and they didn't know and said that it was the landlord that had asked for the tenancy agreement, nothing to do with them. We're now worried why he is doing this as from what I've read, if he wanted us to move out, he doesn't have to have a tenancy agreement in place to serve a section 21 notice. Sleepless nights... begin P.S. Just wanted to add, we've never missed a rental payment in all these years.
  22. I have two questions below, 1. I have just received a letter from the court with instructions re: expert report permission request, "If the claimant wishes to rely on expert evidence, he must make formal application on form N244 supported by evidence, to be filed and served by XX April" I don't fully understand the response or process here. It was my understanding N244 is for specific orders, is this is standard procedure? Does it mean the report needs to be submitted with full evidence and a witness statement, for potentially a separate hearing to be arranged before the main hearing? And what order/information should be included in the form in this case? (more fees...) 2. CPR Part 18 for further information Can I make a request Part 18 for further information with regards to "missing" documents disclosed as attached under the other party's defence and counterclaim?I have also read this request is used for asking questions for clarification to another party.
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