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  1. Manxman - you are kind of correct! Temp nfa but everything still registered at previous address and on divert to a mailbox, so all good with receiving notification. Where I parked is definitely free on-street parking - apart from 2 sections which are signposted clearly for residents parking and the one stretch of road - a bit longer than one car - which is for some unclear reason DYL and not signposted at all - and that is the spot where I parked because leaves were covering the DYL! Upon reflection I think it best to pay the discounted rate and move on...
  2. Doesn't Intrum reply - as per the pdf scanned in post above - count as their reply that I need to now respond to?
  3. he has been out the uk for quite a while now due to ill health and business/ family reasons. He has assets here that need a UK bank account for payment of bills etc. I have suggested an online bank. I suspect he may still need a card and a UK mobile # though? I will keep plugging away and update when I have more news...
  4. I have suggested this before. He isn't very techy. he mentioned that Barc required a UK mobile # to be able to contact him for security. His UK landline is disconnected and - for some reason - Barc don't have that landline as his security # either He has no idea what # they have on their records and they won't disclose it for security reasons. He could change the # on his records if he could access online banking - but until he gets A card/ gadget he can't access Barc online banking. I have organised pin sentry gadget/card/pin - but he doesn't want me to post in
  5. Friend had barely any funds in the savings account - until DWP started paying pension into it. Now he has some funds he would like to be able to use them! In terms of the savings account - he can not use it to make payments - but he can call and make a transfer to an account. So on this basis he can now call to transfer some £s to the Barc mortgage account. But this is not ideal. Calls are expensive and he often gets cut off. I have organised a pin sentry gadget, a card attached to the savings account and a pin and all these can now be sent to him so that he
  6. Have attached covering letter reply to pap redacted not included all the financial statements - just the alleged DN screen shot which is dated in the same month of my 1st missed payment in 3 years of otherwise perfect payment history. Halifax-Intrum PAP.pdf
  7. Since posting above, I just went through all my old emails to friend and by luck found the letter from Barc, dated end 2015. Friend had 3 accounts: One account had a debit balance outstanding and Barc used the 'offset' rule to transfer funds from his current account to clear the balance. Barc then closed the account that had had the outstanding balance. There should have been a credit balance in his current account of several hundred pounds. However, Barc decided to send this credit balance to his savings account instead. And Barc closed his current ac
  8. I have had a reply. One reply re all 3 tickets. In essence - the council acknowledge that "the yellow lines were almost impossible to see" in the images I took on the day I collected. Though they argue that yellow lines are visible in the ceo photos. They continue that as the car was not moved for 2w they understand I would not have seen the first ticket and thus would not have known to move it. They maintain there is no evidence that leaves were covering the lines on the day I parked. Thus they are "unable to cancel the first pcn". But they will excercise discr
  9. He has a savings account with Barc. He also pays mortgage to Barc. This has been problematic w/o a current account and he is in arrears. He needs a current account to be able to pay his mortgage regularly every month. He would not want the pension paid into an overseas bank. He is unlikely to return to the UK for a long time due to age, health and lockdown. He did have a current account. Barc closed it ages ago - long before the brexit / expat closures. Is there a way to enforce Barc to reinstate his old current account w/o having to go into a branch?
  10. Sorry for the delay - been sick... on the mend now. I did a SAR ages ago. SO - the sar and my own accounting records show I paid correct amount at the start of each month. I had some financial issues in 2005. On a few occasions I missed the payment date - yet always made the payment later in same month or paid double the following month. There are a few £30 charges in 05. From end 05 to end 08 I didn't miss a payment. Nov 08 I missed a payment. From then on I only made token monthly payments. But at this point they would not have expected me to stop pay
  11. I have passed this on to friend! The issue he has - now - is that dwp are paying into a savings account which is his only account. His bank closed down his current account for some unknown reason a couple years ago. So now he's getting a pension but can't use it. I'm now trying to help. He can't pay for anything until he has a reinstated current account. Does anyone have any hints on how to pressure a bank to reinstate a current account? He can't go into the bank as he's abroad.
  12. I had a stroppy reply They have attached a screenshot of the alleged DN. They suggest this is now enough to take further action They still don't have the original If they don't have the original how can they provide a screenshot after all these year of not having any evidence? Could it possibly be manipulated ?
  13. Its taking forever, but I am starting to get there with my challenges... Will update again soon, but there's been some positive steps made.
  14. Will - You mean that's what you would do?? Why would I park on double yellow lines knowing I wasn't returning for a couple weeks? Of course i didn't kick them afterwards
  15. Hi - I went on to the council site and for each pcn submitted a reason against it. I assume this is the "appeal process" you mean? The site sent an auto-reply each time (x3) to say the fine was on hold whilst they look into my response. I attached photos of how the site looked when I collected the car - leaves completely covering lines. I hadn't taken photos when I arrived - there was no need to as I thought it was a free parking zone - ie leaves covering lines and no signs notifying motorists of restrictions. The photos they submitted partially showed some ye
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