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  1. Really really annoying - the reply from the council was negative. The assessor did not accept my argument. He said, in so many words, that a) I should have driven ahead anyway and made the other car, accessing the main road from the side road, stop and get stuck in the yellow box instead! b) I should have pre-empted that the other car was about to pull out in front of me and should have stopped before starting to drive forward! He didn't accept that I started to drive because my way forward was clear (as per the highway code). I was on the main road and there was enough space for a car the other side of the yellow box. The car coming from the minor side road snuck in and took that space. What could I then do? I don't have the patience to argue this. I am sure if it went further I could possible argue and win. But.... instead - £65 down the drain Grrrrr
  2. I believe student finance is linked with UC? Any excess paid by UC would be deducted from SFE payments? I think all is up to date from UC, bar one week owed. Best then to communicate asap anyway with UC Thanks UncleB
  3. Thanks UncleB. Not in an exception category... Just not sure when the payments will stop? If receive UC, say 20 Sept, and Uni starts 27 Sept does the UC payment cover all the weeks up to 20 Sept and then will get one more week of UC, say 20 Oct? I know payments are made in arrears - so it would seem that there may be 1 more week owing ...
  4. I've been researching but can't find an answer. If you are on UC and start university on 2 full grants for tuition and maintenance (to cover rent & lifestyle) when do the payments stop? Is it the very day uni starts? Or do they continue to pay something? And do they pay during breaks - ie Xmas, Easter, summer - if not working?
  5. Thanks. I agree. The contravention did occur only due to the other driver. That car moved quickly though and I was able to move forward. That's also shown in the 30 seconds video Keeping fingers crossed
  6. Dealt with this online. Quoted Rule 174 of the Highway Code which states "enter a box junction only if your exit road is clear" and stated it was until a driver from a minor side road snuck into my clear space . I hope I get a sensible sympathetic response
  7. I made another call to BG to try resolve This time I got, firstly, a sympathetic employee and, secondly, someone in the debt department who DID resolve with zero fuss. The previous call I had last month I obviously caught someone having their own bad day who projected it on to me - they were vile and brutal. Basically BG have what is known as an 'extended payment plan'. They can string out your arrears over 5 years. The key issue is that anyone with payment problems must pay and clear the standing charges. This will halt angry action. So - this nice person advised that NO warrant had been applied for - there had been no court date set - and there was no date organised for meter removal either. The previous vile person had just been trying to make me "panic pay". I now have a monthly direct debit for lowest possible £ amount set up for 5 years. If things change then I can pay more in-between. Of course - this payment plan only applies to my old consumption up to 2y ago. There should be no consumption now. But I know there has been by 'others' - which will be subject to alternative (legal) action...
  8. I will !! I only wondered if others had experience of similar incidents successfully appealed
  9. Their video is 30 seconds long and it clearly shows a car snuck in from the side road into the main road I was on and took the space I would have driven forward into. I can't quite believe they issued a ticket. It's a borough that's become very aggressive with their penalty fines in recent years
  10. Been sent a PCN for allegedly driving in yellow box. This is something I am always very very careful to not do. The photos on the PCN sure enough show my front tyres and half the body of the car in the yellow box. So it looks like "guilty". YET - when I checked the video it is very clear what actually happened. 1. Driving slowly 2. Car ahead drove over yellow box and it is very clear that there was plenty of space for my car to follow and go beyond the yellow box too. 3. The video clearly shows the car hesitate and then stop. 4. A car from the left side road pulled out and took the space that would have enabled me to continue and miss being in the yellow box. To be fair - I can't remember if I hesitated and let the car pull out in front of me or if it just pulled out meaning I had to stop ??? Is this a good enough reason to query and ask for the penalty fee to be waived?
  11. The letter was just from "your BG team" Their letter is covered by the rights of entry act "54 Property has full security and alarm. Will be interesting if they do force entry when meter is external...
  12. Gas appliances will be internally connected. No-one should be inside and using any utility. But things are connected. Not an expert on this - but years ago BG turned off the supply cos of a suspected leak. They didn't turn off anything inside. Why would they need to go inside if they have the ability to switch off the gas outside?
  13. Pipe, meter and lever are all external. BG said intention is to replace existing with prepayment meter Property is now alarmed. Are you suggesting they may go inside anyway?
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